2007-09-23: A Wanted Possession


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Mohinder tests Megan's ability some more with the help of Meryl. We find out that Megan is from Mars.

September 23rd, 2007:

A Wanted Possession

Mohinder's Lab

It's been a long day already, and it's not even quite noon yet in the somewhat stuffy loft. At least it's into September already, so it's not unbearably hot - there's air, probably, but the windows being open lets in a nice breeze.

Courtesy of Meryl, there's food everywhere. A sub, pizza, cereal, just in case someone wanted breakfast, and a thirty-six pack of Coke, a quarter of which has already been consumed - and most of that by Meryl herself. At least she's awake, which is a testament to how much she enjoys her work - especially on what was supposed to be a day off. Grumbly, though? Never. Standing by the window, she's holding Basil - he wanted to come along, too - close to the sunlight, and he's chittering happily as a guinea pig can.

"So let me get this straight," Meryl mutters to whomever wants to listen. It's an important topic of conversation, one which is pertinent to the moment! With this testing going on, she needs to know! "In Connect Four, you can actually win by going diagonal? I never know that before. I mean, you wouldn't think." …This is important to know because if she dies, at least she will have that knowledge.

Turning from the window, she puts Basil back in his cage. They've been working with Megan for awhile now - Hopefully Mohinder's happy with her progress. After this, Meryl has a huge favour to ask the Scottish girl. And it's not about Connect Four.

Mildly apalled by the food contaminating areas of his lab, Mohinder's put forth his best efforts to keep the food /away/ from his instruments and equipment. As for the guinea pig? He's used to finding small animals, namely Molly's chinchilla, around the lab in odd places. All of that aside, Mohinder is in fact pleased with the progress. No matter how slow the process feels and is, Megan's doing quite well. While he's courteous with his testing, others in the Company have not been. Despite his best efforts, he's not exclusively testing the woman. "Are we ready to try agai.." That would be the scientist trailing off to stare briefly at Meryl's derailed train of thought. Also, he can't say he's familiar with the game.

Though the work that's done with Megan doesn't look like it's exhausting - after all, to outsiders it just looks like she slumps over - Megan is slumped in a chair with a mostly untouched can of Coke sitting by her foot. She's been making progress lately and been able to do more than she could even begin to even imagine with her ability, but that doesn't mean she's still totally comfortable with it. Especially when it's not Mohinder running her tests. Moody and uncooperative with the other lab people, she's hoping that if she's just stubborn with the others and works well with Mohinder, they'll finally get the hint and put her exclusively in Mohinder's care. Honestly, she's grateful for the break. "If yer careful about it," she tells Meryl. "Never seen it actually happen, though. Other person gets wise b'fore ye get it finished." To Mohinder, she just adds quietly, "Can I have a minute?" She's trying to shore herself up for the next few attempts.

"Yeah, it just seems like a cheap way to get a win," Meryl says, wrinkling her nose as she grabs another slice of pizza. Then sticks a slice of sub atop it. Food in the lab is a necessity, Meryl believes, as she shoves this healthy mid-day snack on a plate and pushes it at Mohinder. He needs to keep up his strength, after all, for some reason or another. A piece of pizza is secured for herself before she returns to sit in a chair across from Megan.

She doesn't reach out to touch the girl - she knows what that can do already, but she does smile around bites of pizza. "Hrrphhnhhn?" she asks. Roughly translated: "Are you okay?" Because if Meryl had an ability like this, she'd totally spy on the guys in the shower. Then she'd worry about whether or not she was dangerous. After the guys in the shower.

"Of course you may Miss Deatley." Mohinder states as he smoothly replaces that can of coke for a bottle of juice. Enough soda for Megan. Meryl on the other hand, it's pointless to intervene. "You're doing extremely well. Better each time." It could be the exhaustive exercises and testing behind that, but we won't go there just now. The food that Meryl pushes his way is politely ignored. He brought leftovers from home, thank you. (When he remembers it's in the fridge.) Whatever is going through Meryl's mind, the geneticist is grateful that he isn't a telepath. Otherwise he might have a crippling migraine about now. "Just let me know when you are ready to continue."

"S'more like it's th'more strategic way, I guess." Megan didn't really play a lot of Connect Four as a kid. She didn't play a lot of games, actually. But, she's seen a lot of them in action and, well, she can guess. Taking a bite of pizza, she hmms slightly, chewing and swallowing before she answers either Mohinder or Meryl. "Yeah. M'fine." Over the past couple of weeks, she's managed to pick up on Meryl-ese for the most part. And while she doesn't spy on boys in the shower, she does still worry about her power being dangerous. If it's dangerous for others as well as herself. "Thank ye," she tells Mohinder softly, blushing just a little at the compliment and the juice replacement. Even if it's just words of encouragement to get her ready to be a test subject again. "I'll be ready in a few moments." Just let her eat and drink a bit first. "What happens when'm done?" Not just today, but with all these tests.

What's going through Meryl's mind:

I wonder if you painted elephants pink, if the whole world would think they were drunk? What's the square root of pizza pi? How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Roll pop, and who licks suckers, anyway? That's stupid. I wonder how the weather in Guam is this time of year. Christmas shopping for Basil is really easy. I wonder if I left the stove on? I don't have a stove. I have a microwave, though, and that's probably beeped by now if I left it on. Staples can be a painful reminder of why you don't put your fingers inside small spaces. I think I'll have tuna for dinner. I think I need a fish as a pet. I'll name it Basil…

Definitely a good thing, indeed, that no one is a telepath.

The ignored food will be put to good use later, in the form of a pizza/sub/tuna salad, when Meryl has pre-dinner post-lunch in about twenty minutes. Or maybe an hour or two, depending on how things go here. "Any idea how the weather in Guam is today?" is asked sincerely, as she sets her half-eaten slice of pizza on the floor and wipes her hands on her pants. "Actually, this one time when I was a kid, I painted all the pieces red. I always picked red, so I always won." THAT? Is strategy. "Well, when you're done— " She says, cutting herself off before she can give away the BIG SECRET. A glance to Mohinder, and she decides - for once - to keep her mouth shut. Except for one thing. "When you're done, we're going to Mars."

"That depends on you, and the decisions you make." Mohinder states. It's not as simple as that though. "It also depends if Mr. Madson or Bennett offer you placement or some other arrangement. However, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to return to your life as you knew it.. with some minor changes of course, based on your ability. I do hope that with time and control that you will be able to have physical contact again without accidentally possessing people." Meryl for the most part is politely tuned out. Oh he's listening to her, but not actively so. The woman has a very interesting mindset and condition, but there's little logic to what she says.

"Sunny, most likely?" Megan tells Meryl. She's used to strange topics from being close to her brother. He's an odd one at times. "How'd ye know the other person dinna win? Since ye'd both be playing as red?" That's Megan's sort of logic. Strategy? Yes. True. "Mars? How're we s'posed to get there?" A quirked eyebrow, she doesn't actually take Meryl seriously. It's kind of hard to. Especially when she's making comments like things to do on Mars. "Ye'd actually let me make a decision?" There's a bit of bitter sarcasm in that comment. The Company may have given her more freedom, however, they're not really that big on personal freedoms, she's found. "Guess'll buy myself some really nice gloves," she sighs. Just in case she's not able to control that part of her ability. In case she always passes out when her ability activates. "What d'ye mean, offer me a placement? M'no' going to some sort of adult foster home."

Sunny would make sense. Could be rain, though. Not that Meryl's planning a tri to Guam, but it's good to know, just in case.

Megan's question throws her a bit, because she never actually considered the fact that the other person could have won if they were both playing red. The look on her face says a lot, even if she doesn't outright admit that she has no idea how to— "I have no idea how to answer that," she says, beaming, because Megan is some sort of genius.

Serious topics, though! Meryl can be serious. Sometimes. "It's not all about control. S'what they'd like you to think sometimes, I'm sure. Just think about what we could do, though. Megan, there are thousands of people out there, and they get choices every day, and they're more than free to do so. But a person who can turn water into salt water isn't about to kill millions of people. You — " She starts to reach for a hand, but settles hers on Megan's shoulder, instead. We needed to know what you were capable of. That's why you're here. I'm sorry it had to…" Distracted, she looks off toward the window, where a pigeon is sitting on the sill just outside. When she looks back, her face is blank. "What was I saying?"

Mohinder smiles in good humor at Megan, and even laughs a little. "No, not like that. Employment. A job. Or other arrangements. It's not unheard of." There's a pause. "As trust builds between both parties that is." That smile is turned to Meryl, and he suggests helpfully, "You were explaining to Megan about her place here in a very simplistic yet profound manner. I couldn't have said it better myself." There. How's that for petting Meryl on the head? "Just let me know when you're ready to continue Miss Deatley." Letting the women collect themselves and speak, he's keeping busy with Megan's chart, and her test results. Going over them repeatedly.

Sipping at her juice, Megan looks between Mohinder and Meryl. She can't exactly forget the fact that she was all but kidnapped and locked into a cell for her own safety. "I dunno. Just was wonderin'." Blushing a little, she hides her face behind her juice and takes another bite of pizza. Build up some energy and strength. "'M'no' gonna kill millions of people. 'Ve got no idea how I could. Even if I can…possess," it's a strange word to use in relation with what she can actually do, "people, that doesna mean m'gonna hurt them. Anyway, I feel it if something hurts the body'm in." A job? Employment? With them? What in the world would she ever be able to do for them? "I donna wanna kidnap or hurt anybody." Frowning a bit, she puts down her drink and the remains of her food and shifts in her chair. "Okay. M'ready."

"Not everyone in the Company works in the field," she says to Megan, drawing on leg up underneath her, taking the prompt from Mohinder to continue. Meryl works on the field, because ironically, she'd do more damage behind a desk than she would looking for Evolved and bringing them in - and she's good at what she does. Considering the fact that she spent a year behind a desk that saw several important documents - copies, thankfully (usually) at the bottom of Basil's cage, they're trying to find the girl a partner so she can get back to work. "We didn't know that at first. Now we do. And we know you're not insane, which is important." Coming from Meryl, that means… almost nothing. When Megan indicates that she's set, Meryl looks up, too. "Ready to go," she states, with an unnecessary salute.

"No. You aren't going to kill millions of people. Not with your ability, or greater weaponry. There are of course people who could." Mohinder's tone is gentle as he speaks to Megan. "You might not be asked to kidnap or hurt anyone. Unfortunately when you work here, that might be something you are asked to do." Only not so much asked as told. "Sometimes, we have to do things we ordinarily would not do.. for the greater good. I would also recommend talking to other agents like Meryl here. About their experience, what they do." Another smile is given to Meryl as he moves to where he can observe both women as well as the monitoring equipment. "This time Megan.. I want you to try again with controlling Meryl's body." If he were incredibly juvenile and unprofessional, it would be something like make her pick her nose or similar.

Hm. Working for a group of people she's been trying to get away from doesn't seem quite like a viable option right now, however, it'll be in the back of her mind. Megan's pretty sure that her medical leave at the Law Firm she used to work at is quite over now. Meaning she's going to have to find another means of income. "N-no. 'M'no' insane." Even if she thought she was before while all those weird things were happening to her. At least she has some sort of explanation to them, now. Ready, she mentally prepares herself and then reaches out to lightly place her hand on Meryl's. After a second, the tell-tale slacking of her muscles shows that she's possessed the woman. This, again, being a passive one. Meryl should still be in total control. There's just an unconscious Megan in the opposite chair.
She always feels a little weirded out when Megan passes out now, because she has a decent understanding of what's happening. Less excitable and much less worried now that Meryl's aware that Megan's not dead, she takes a deep breath as Megan reaches out to her, green eyes narrowing just a bit as she tries to determine physically whether or not it's been successful. Right now, she doesn't feel anything. No attempts to move other than the ones she's making herself. "Megan, you okay?" She asks that every time now. Habit, almost childlike. Even if she's not freaking out, she's still worried. And then - "I remember why I always won. It's 'cuz I did." Just in case Megan was still curious about that.

"She's quite alright Meryl," Mohinder says in an effort to keep the agent from becoming excitable. "Megan, if you can hear us.. have Meryl scratch her nose." His attention alternates between observing the women and the beeping monitors. So far, everything looks good. Nothing out of the ordinary.

No attempts quite yet. However, when Meryl asks her question and Mohinder gives his command, Megan answers. She's still possessing Meryl, though, so the response comes out in Meryl's Australian accent as opposed to Megan's Scottish one. The phrasing is awkward and a little slurred, as if Meryl somehow had a stroke, but still understandable. "I'm fine!" Then, realizing that she's speaking through Meryl without permission or anything and that may be weird for her, she tries to apologize. "Sorry!" That still isn't helping, so he just sighs and slowly and deliberately lifts up Meryl's arm to touch her nose. After weeks of practice, at least that has gotten smoother. It's almost as if Meryl herself is the one attempting the action.

AAAAH SHE'S POSSESSED AAAAAH calmthoughtscalmthoughts. This is something she'll never really get used to entirely, it's just a weird feeling, knowing that you're speaking, but it's not you. This leads to Meryl responding to herself: "It's okay!" she reassures, looking up at Mohinder, relaxing her arm to allow Megan to move it without resistance. "How else are you supposed to tell us what's going on, huh?" Weird as it is, it's also really, REALLY awesome, like one of the ghosts from the stories that take control of people and make them jump off cliffs or retreat TO THEIR DOOM or something. "You sound a lot better already! Like my gramma after she's had a few too many." Pause. "If I could remember who she was!"

Mohinder laughs at the reaction, and looks very pleased. "That is alright. We're getting better here. You can now speak using her body. How do both of you feel.. answer one at a time of course." Meryl's words earn a chuckle as well. He hands a notepad and pencil to Meryl, "Take this.. now Megan.. I want you to write down your date of birth and where you were born." Something Meryl probably doesn't know.

AAAHH SHE HAS AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT. Megan is freaking out just as much about this whole thing as Meryl is. However, she's non-corporeal for the most part so the freak out is all internal. Very internal. While Meryl probably talks to herself all the time, this time she's talking to herself because the person she's responding to is, well, herself. "Australian?" Megan responds, trying to annunciate and sound normal. But nothing's going to sound normal to her because she sounds like Meryl and not herself. Slowly, after having gotten to know Mohinder and Meryl, her own sense of humor has started to manifest as well as her control over her ability. It's subdued and mostly done through sarcasm and quiet one-liners, but it still shows that she's gotten more comfortable around them. Which is probably why when she's given the pad of paper she scratches out - in mostly block writing - 3 September, 1976. No, that's not the joke. For her place of birth? She writes: Mars.

Meryl has whole conversations with herself, and they help her solve problems. When you're trying to work out something on your own, it helps to have someone else to offer an opinion, even if the opinion is really just a counterpoint to your own. It's looking at things from all angles. Sometimes Meryl turns in reports with things crossed out and the exact opposite statement written right next to it, for example.

She smiles a little when Megan notes the accent, though with the paper already in her hand, and Megan taking enough control to both move her eyes downward and start to write, Meryl remains silent. It's a rare moment, and she's not quite sure if that's Megan's doing or her own.

Of course, she's watching as all this is going on. They're born the same year! That's awesome. Excepy Megan's probably thirty-one, while Meryl is only seven - Leap year and all that. Then? Megan writes 'Mars,' and the agent cracks up. "I swear to god that wasn't me."

Mohinder looks over Meryl's shoulder at what's being written. His brows raise when he sees the place of birth. "How amusing. I'm not sure which of you wrote that last bit. Which sort of defeats the purpose. Megan, how about this.. tell me who brought you in?" Bitter subject, yes, but one that has to be gotten past. If he believes Meryl, he doesn't let on.

What's frustrating about not having gotten the hang of speaking with someone else's voice is not being able to respond as quickly as you'd like to. Though Megan does try to respond by saying, "Sorry! It was just a joke, Mohinder!" It comes out sounding more like, "Sofff! IffwahjjusjohMohiner!" It's almost like she just dribbled all over herself. Ahem. That's not quite what she meant. While she's embarrassed, Meryl might feel herself get a little flushed and then her face get frowny when Mohinder brings up the mention of who brought her in. Once again she turns to her pad and scrawls, "Nova, Max, Benjamin." She knows their names by now. Then, she holds up the bad of paper for the scientist to see.

While Meryl finds the response amusing, she also feels something she hasn't really felt in awhile - namely, embarrassment. Meryl just doesn't get embarrassed. It's hard to, when you'd be more than willing to run around singing The Song that Never Ends at the top of your lungs with no pants, and it's not a good feeling! HER EARS ARE HOT. "I think she's embarrassed," she says to Mohinder. Hey, they're doing research, right? "I can feel it. It's weird." That being the technical term. Though she's quiet again as Megan begins to write, feeling somewhat… Annoyed? Might be the word, when she sees Nova's and Ben's names on that list. Why does everything have to be complicated?! Well, at least she's not referring to Ben as 'THAT ASS,' which is a good step, right?

Mohinder is amused clearly by Megan speaking through Meryl. He is as amused as he is fascinated. A nod of his head is made at her words and what she has written. "Tell me, using Meryl, how do you feel about this?" It's more of a question for Dr. Eames, but this is still an exercise in Megan's practice. ".. Embarrassed? Why are you embarrassed Megan?" Or is it Meryl who is embarrassed and using Megan as an excuse? Oi, this could get confusing. He looks to Meryl, watching her carefully as if he could discern who is in control.

When Meryl points out to Mohinder that Megan is embarrassed, the woman only manages to feel more embarrassed. That hot ear feeling will spread to the cheeks and back of the neck. "No it's not…nevermind." The words come out slowly and muffled. Still slurred slightly. She doubts it's Meryl feeing embarrassed, she doubts the woman ever feels that way. "Feel 'bout using Meryl? Or the whole thing?" It sounds a little like she's putting periods at odd places in her sentence structure. But as she talks, it starts to sound more put together as she gets used to it. Still kind of like Meryl's been drinking, though. "It's weird. I can see myself over there. But…I'm right here."

It's a strange feeling when someone else is using her body like this. It's like one of those head-snake things from that sci-fi show… What's it called? As Megan speaks, Meryl's like a spectator, watching the world through her own eyes, and it's thoroughly disconcerting. That's a good word for it.

And all she can think of is how perfect this all is.

The transition from Megan's voice to Meryl's is almost flawless now, except that Meryl usually speaks through her mouth, so she sounds a little less drunk. "Megan, can you walk? Move around? Go from here to Basil's cage?" Just try it, please? "I'm… Well, I'm right here if you fall or something." Obviously.

"That's not what I meant, but good enough. You're doing better about motor functions." Mohinder grabs Megan's file, scribbles down some notes. "Megan, I would like for you to attempt to stand." The embarrassment is noted, but not commented on. Time to move along to other things. He moves over to stand in front of Meryl, in case Megan's control is less than stellar, as if he anticipates her falling over. He smiles at Meryl, "We're along the same mindset on this.." Which is a scary thing.

It's like they're sharing Meryl's body. Almost split down the middle, though Meryl obviously has better control over it than Megan does. "I can…try." She's never tried motor functions that complex. She'd be even more embarrassed to find to know that Mohinder is writing down her embarrassment. Yes. Mohinder and Meryl thinking along the same lines is pretty creepy. However, she takes nods once and slowly puts her hands on the sides of the chair and then starts to push herself up. Always pretty good with balance in her own body, it's not too hard to translate it into Meryl's if she goes slowly. Shakily, she stands. Keeping her arms out as if walking a tightrope, she manages to not fall yet.

Meryl's trying not to help - or allow that sudden sense of vertigo to make her sick when she doesn't stand, and yet she's somehow on her feet. This is almost stranger than the talking. "Crikey," she mutters, then falls silent again, as if realising that this isn't the time to tell everyone that she's seriously considering dying her hair purple and sticking leaves in it for halloween. It would be awesome. But— Later.

She's keeping her promise, though - staying half in control of her body, which means that every little move Megan makes is probably made slightly more difficult by conflicting signals. What does Meryl know, though? "Meg, what if I just, you know… Took a back seat? Gave you full control?" Would it help?

Mohinder wasn't notating the embarrassment. Much. He smiles encouragingly and stands in front of Meryl/Megan. "Take it slow and easy. Think of me as your spotter." He nods to Meryl and suggests, "That's an excellent suggestion.. Meryl, let Megan have control. I'm right here if she should fall."

Megan is concentrating very hard in trying to keep upright. However, when Meryl feels sick, Megan gets the same sense of vertigo from her body trying to regulate. It's like trying to walk through water that's chest high. She only takes a step forward before she has to stop and wobbles slowly. She can barely hear Meryl as it's taking most of her concentration to not just go back to her own body against all the resistance. Desperate, she just kind of attempts to break out of her little 'possessive' box and get full control. It's kind of like shoving Meryl back into the passenger seat while Megan takes the driver's. Suddenly not having Meryl to support her or fight against, Meryl suddenly slumps forward.

Okay, letting go of control. So far, she's kind of held onto the edge there… It was almost a fear that she'd somehow lose herself if she just gave Megan complete control. For this to work, though, she has to let the girl practise, right? It's okay, it's Megan. Megan's not going to hurt her, and just in case, Mohinder's right there—

And that is the last thing she recalls thinking.

Mohinder is there, ready to play catch. Hands outstretched, he reaches forward to steady Meryl on her feet. "There.. That's better. How are you feeling Megan? A little more confident? Once we get you straightened back up that is." Smiling at the woman, he assists her.

"Meryl?" Megan says with Meryl's own voice, a little scared. This is weird. There's no sort of feedback, no one talking back through the same body, nothing to fight against. It's like she's back in her own body. Only this time in Meryl's. Even if she's steadied on her feet, Megyl doesn't let go of Mohinder just yet. This is incredibly scary. The only person speaking is Megan. "Oh God, I don't know where she is. She's not answering. What'd I do?"

"You didn't do anything.. You've taken over her body, she's letting you have control." Mohinder's smiling as he speaks, encouragingly so. "I suspect, that you won't have as easy a time as this with an unwilling target." He doesn't let go until he sees that the woman is steady on her feet. A few steps are taken backwards. "Walk towards me."

Megan is still talking with Meryl's Australian accent and voice, even if it's not Meryl there any more. "But, what if she doesn't come back?" The panic has made her voice a little more slurred and high pitched. "What if I killed her or something?" She's not sure how this works. This is the first time she's ever done this. "Where'd she go?" While possessing Meryl while she's still there to ask questions of was scary, but much less so than now. When Mohinder starts to move away, she grips tighter for a moment, as if she's not going to allow him to let go. However, she allows her hands to slacken and the scientist moves away. A few shaky steps are taking forward. It's both harder and easier without someone else both trying to help and somewhat holding back.

Mohinder continues smiling, "Think of her as sleeping. She will come back once you are no longer possessing her." He moves slowly backwards, letting Megan get accustomed to controlling over Meryl. "Don't be afraid. For now? Her body is yours. You have control, the same as you would over your own body. She is the puppet, you move the strings." Speaking steady and confidently, he keeps talking to Megan, as if trying to soothe her concerns.

Not really sure if she likes the idea of being completely control over someone else's body, Megan walks mostly like someone on an icy pond without skates. Each step is careful, as if testing to see if she's about to fall through into freezing water. "But she's not a puppet. She's Meryl." Slowly but surely, she starts to make her way to Mohinder. It's kind of like a baby taking her first steps. A 30-some year old woman baby.
"I know that, you know that, but we have to put that aside if you are going to have more control." Mohinder isn't chastising her, just putting that fact out there. "Go ahead and return to your seat and willing leave Meryl's body, returning to your own. I think we've done enough for today."

The turn around is managed with an awkward shuffle sort of movement. Megan flashes Mohinder an annoyed sort of look, even if he's not chastising. "I know. I know." Just because this is supposed to help her doesn't mean it doesn't make her uncomfortable. In fact it makes her a little more so. Step by slow step she makes it back to the chair, leans back. The first time they tried this, Megan had no idea how to leave by choice. Now, though, she just shuts her eyes, concentrates and with a sort of pop of in her ears - as if the air pressure in the room suddenly changed, when she opens her eyes again, she's back in her own body. There's a crick in her neck from having her head lolled to the left the whole time. Gradually, she starts to shake her limbs out and raises a hand to massage where her neck meets her shoulder.

If she just— Just…

When Meryl comes to, she's just slightly slumped where Megan left her. There's a general recollection falling under, if she had to have a way to describe it, and then nothing. It almost reminds her of the anaesthetic doctors use before surgery, and the feeling of waking up with the sensation that no time at all has passed. To say Meryl's disoriented would be an understatement… Suddenly, she jerks back in the chair, front legs leaving the ground. Luckily, the agent manages to right herself before falling over. "Ah— Ah, what the hell…?" she wonders, blinking, eyes looking over toward Megan who's now awake. Out loud, Meryl wonders, "When did that happen?"

Mohinder returns to his equipment once Meryl is properly seated. Things are getting easier and easier. "Very good.. I'm pleased with the progress. Megan, you are getting better with your ability." He hands Meryl a Coke as she comes to, "Just now. Do you remember anything?"
Popping her ears again, Megan blinks a few times and moves her own limbs experimentally. When she has been attempting to move someone else around, it's a little strange to be back in her body. However, it's also kind of like coming back home. "Sorry. Just happened." It's also nice to speak with her own voice. Scottish brogue how she missed thee. After rolling her shoulders, she reaches down for the juice that she didn't quite finish from before and takes a long swig. "Thank ye. M'getting a little more used to it." And now found out that she can actually totally shut someone else down so that she has complete control. Scary.

Does she remember? How can she answer that question if there's nothing to remember? One moment she was standing and asking Megan if giving control up would help, and the next, she was seated. Something happened between then and now, but she can't remember it. She's has someone mess with her head before - sure, it was a really long time ago, but the feeling that she's missing— How long was it? Seconds? Minutes? An hour? "Uh." She looks at Megan, then at Mohinder. Biting her lip, Meryl tries to compose herself, but despite her years, she's really just a big kid.

To answer the question, she just shakes her head, then turning her attention back to Megan.

"That was SO COOL. Do it again!"

"Would you like me to have Dr. Eames pay you a visit Megan?" Mohinder offers as he sets to work on cleaning up his work space. "He can help you too. Eames is very respected and can help you talk about what is bothering you." It's as if he can tell what is on Megan's mind. At Meryl's exhuberance, he says, "No. We're done for the day. You both should rest. I'll take you both back to Hartsdale." He has work to finish there, then he has to get home to Molly.

"Ye werena out for more'n a few minutes," Megan explains to Meryl, a little tiredly. Not that she's tired with Meryl just from all the work. Rubbing a hand over her eyes, she shrugs her shoulders. She doubts this Dr. Eames will really help her come to grips with what she's going through since she herself doesn't really understand what's going on or the implications of it all. "I dunna think a doctor'll be able to help me," she tells the curly-haired scientist. "Next time, Meryl." There always seems to be a next time, too.

Done for the day? Meryl won't say it, but she's glad, even though she's clearly visibly disappointed. Unnerved and sort of spooked, she still offers Megan a smile - possibly one that's a little too relieved to be very reassuring - and stands. She'll take Basil back to Hartsdale with her, but she's leaving the food for Mohinder to clean up. Picking up the cage finding herself a little tired as well - probably from a combination of unwittingly resisting Megan and also from being freaked out - she decides that she can ask Megan to join the team next time. Maybe after a decent night's sleep. Notably, Meryl is almost silent the whole way back to base

"Dr. Eames is a psychologist, he specializes in helping those with abilities." Mohinder says as he tidies things up as best as he can for now. Megan's files and documentation are gathered up as he locates his car keys. "I don't recommend him because I think you are crazy. Far from it. I think you are quite sane. It is just his speciality and he might be able to talk you through matters. If you are not comfortable talking to him.. again I recommend those that you /do/ feel comfortable speaking to." He presumes that Megan has befriended a few people within the Company. Keys and papers in hand, he assists Megan up if she looks like she needs it. "Let's get you back. I'll make sure you get plenty of rest and no more practice today."

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