2008-02-19: A Way to Contribute


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Summary: Cam finds out Kory's missing, and after a short panic (angst warning), demands to be able to help.

Date It Happened: February 19th, 2008

A Way to Contribute

Secret Lair

It's a normal day at the Lair. People are playing their games, buying their books, comics, videos any what-have-you, and business is going as usual. KeLyssa is currently behind the counter, leaning her chair against the wall and just staring out until something happens…like geeks getting into a fight about which pokemon is the best (which is Snorlax, obviously).

Cam comes wandering in the door of the lair, looking around hopefully. He smiles some as he sees KeLyssa and quickly heads over, hopping up to sit on the edge of the counter as he says, "Hi."

KeLyssa manages a smile for Cam through her serious demeanour. "Heya there, li'l dude." She grins. "How're ya? Keepin' cool just fine an' all?"

Cam shrugs a bit and says, "I guess. Foster parents got mad at me a couple times because I turned off the heat without asking, but then they got me a fan for my room, so it's better."

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "Well, I suppose ya should ask b'fore turnin' down the heat, but they shouldn't get mad none. Bein' patient's a key part of bein' a parent'n all." She shrugs. "Least ya got a fan now." She smiles. "How's school? Had any other trouble with heat there?"

Cam shrugs and says, "They got lotsa rules there. They get mad a lot. I got grounded for not calling some guy they had visiting sir." He then shakes his head again, "Nope, furnace was fixed and everything's fine." Then he asks, "Seen Kory? I tried calling her a couple times and she's never called me back."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "Now that just ain't nice. They shoulda just explain to ya that ya should call 'im sir, they shouldn't've grounded ya for it. I think I need to have a li'l talk with these here foster parents of yours." She says with a firm nod. "Kory?" She goes even more serious here. "Well, she's…she's gone missin', Cam. We don't know what happened or where she is. We're tryin' to look for 'er though."

Cam shakes his head quickly, "No, it's ok. I'll figure things out. They did explain it, I just forgot." Then he blinks at the last, and he asks, voice shaky, "You… you're joking, right?"

KeLyssa nods slowly at the first thing, then slowly pushes her chair to its regular, non-tilted stance and stand up, going to Cam. "I ain't jokin' Cam. I know it's hard to believe an' all, but it's true."

Cam looks like he doesn't know how to react, and for a moment just sits there. He slips off of the counter, and looks up to KeLyssa again, and asks, "Is it my fault?" His voice cracks, and he looks close to tears.

KeLyssa kneels down in front of Cam, shaking her head. "It ain't your fault, Cam. It ain't never your fault. You did nothin' wrong. This has nothin' to do with you, okay?" She enfolds the boy in a hug. "We're gonna to make this right. We're gonna find her an' bring her back, okay?"

Cam hugs KeLyssa back and just holds on tight a moment. "But… first my mom and dad, then Niki, now Kory… it happens to everybody I…" He trails off, taking a few moments and clinging to KeLyssa as he does, but starting to pull himself together again. Finally, after a few moments, he says softly, "I'm gonna help."

KeLyssa lets out a soft, sympathetic sigh as Cam talks, holding on just as tight. "It happens to everyone you…love? Care about? Well it ain't 'cause of you. We think we know who took her, an' it certainly wouldn't be because of you." She whispers. "In fact, I doubt he even knows you really. But one way or another, it ain't because of you, okay?" She pats his back. As he pulls himself away and makes his little statement, she furrows her brows. "I don't know 'bout that, Cam. It could be dangerous. Ya might wanna leave this to the adults. We'll get 'er back."

Cam nods a little bit to KeLyssa's answer, and then wipes his eyes as he steps back. He blinks, "You know who took her? Who?" Then he shakes his head quickly, "Can't just sit around and wait again. Not with… I gotta help."

KeLyssa look sincerely at Cam, considering what she should say. "Look, hun, I know ya care about Kory. We all do, but if ya were to get hurt some, I'd never forgive myself for allowin' ya along."

Cam looks up to KeLyssa again a moment and says, "Ok." A little defeated, but at the same time not giving up, but I can still help. There's stuff I can do outside of going along to rescue her. There's gotta be."

KeLyssa smiles a little bit. "Of course there are, we can think of plenty of things for ya to do. Like…makin' posters an' stuff like that. Do ya think you could do that?"

Cam nods quickly to that and grins, "Sure! I can do that. I think. Um… never done posters before, but bet I can do them easy. Gonna need a picture, I guess…"

KeLyssa smiles widely. "Great! Now, I think we might be able to wrangle up a picture or two for ya. We've got a few layin' 'round here some, I do believe." She says with a nod.

Cam nods quickly again to that and says, "Awesome." He says then, "Gonna make really good ones too. Might have to ask Micah for help, but I'll get them made quick, promise."

KeLyssa places a hand on Cam's shoulder and nods. "Good, I'm glad. Now, you're playin' one of the most important parts. I do wantcha to know that, okay? This could be instrumental in helpin' us find Kory."

Cam nods again, seriously this time, "Ok. Do you got the picture now? I can go start right away. Gotta be kinda small, I think, gotta use the school copier."

KeLyssa thinks about this for a moment. "Lemme check quickly in the back room. Might have one there." She quickly heads out to the back. After a few minutes, she comes back out with photo in hand and a small smile on her face. "I think I found the perfect picture for the photo." She hands it to Cam. It's just a regular picture of Kory in her every day attire.

Cam takes the picture, looking at it a moment, and then nods quickly again. "Yeah! Ok, I'll go make the posters." He steps forward to grab KeLyssa in a hug and says, "Thanks." Then he's turning to hurry out.

KeLyssa enfolds Cam in the hug, squeezing him lightly. "Thank you Cam. You're a great help!" She smiles at him as she watches him go.

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