2008-01-16: A World Where Miracles Exist


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Summary: Cass revisits Pinehearst with more questions.

Date It Happened: January 16th, 2008

A World Where Miracles Exist

Pinehearst Research

Fort Lee, NJ

There's been a lot of strange things happening for Cass lately. Not the least of which being the job offer at Pinehearst. Or, maybe that may be the strangest thing that's happened to her in awhile. Lives in danger, she's done that. Fights with fiancees? She's done that, too. Job offers at prestigious medical facilities without a degree? How often does that happen? And while she knows it drives Lachlan crazy to be away from the hotel they're holed up in, she can't just hide forever from this offer and needs to confront it. Because that will mean that's one less thing to worry about, one way or the other. Not having set up an appointment - somehow believing she'll get a truer idea of what this place is about by surprising everyone - she kind of wanders through the hallways aimlessly, not really even sure where she's supposed to be going. Or why she hasn't been stopped for security reasons yet.

The reason Cass hasn't been stopped for security reasons yet is that, in some fashion, she's been watched the whole time. While a few employees give her a sideways glance in the corridor, she's gotten this far — they're curiously wondering who this new girl is, not wondering who the intruder is. The security cameras situated throughout the building may have something to do with how a certain figment knows where to appear — that is, in the office door several paces up ahead.

"Good afternoon, Miss Aldric," Mister Linderman's finely polished voice greets the hallway as his figure steps into view in the doorframe. The office behind him could easily be mistaken for his own; it's otherwise empty, decorated quite handsomely with a mix of modern and classic pieces. There's a subtle glimmer of amusement in the gentleman's wise eyes. "Enjoying your tour?"

Skidding to a stop, and almost tripping over her own feet in the attempt, Cass pauses and stares at Linderman. He certainly doesn't look dead. But, he didn't look dead before. He also doesn't look like a zombie or the like, so that's certainly a step forward. "There you are." Looking one way and another, she frowns and then looks back at Linderman. "I guess. If that's what that was. I was, uh, looking for you. Or, well, whoever was in charge. Is that…you?"

"Something like that," Linderman answers, but seems well aware of how vague and unacceptable that answer is; thus, he's quick to smile and clarify. "I speak for the man behind the scenes, as he cannot speak for himself. Now, then; have you put your mind to what we discussed? Are you ready to make your leap of good faith?"

Certainly does sound vague and unacceptable. Cass frowns and looks behind Linderman, as if expecting that unnamed leader to be behind him. "I don't know if I really feel comfortable working for someone I don't at least know the name of." There's also something else to bring up. Softer, she adds, "I also was told that you were supposed to be dead." And she knows that sounds strange, since he's obviously standing right in front of her, she's curious as to why other people would think that.

Aside from a small widening of his blue eyes, Mister Linderman isn't ruffled in the slightest. "It's funny how life turns out, isn't it," he says with a tone of reflective awe. "As I have, I'm sure you've come to appreciate the strange threads woven into life's tapestry. Once one realizes the … capabilities of humankind, anything becomes possible. Life, death, it's all relative in a world where miracles exist." His rich, soft tones are mimicked on his face, but the man's expression becomes ever-so-slightly stern after the fact. "I'm afraid you'll have to learn about our benefactor on his own time. He, too, is someone who was … 'supposed' to be dead."

This all confuses Cass more than a little. "Wait. So. Are you trying to tell me that you were dead but brought back to life? That's the miracle? Or that you're just playing possum." As for their benefactor, she just shakes her head. "Hold up another moment, too. This whole company is put together by people who are supposed to be dead? Doesn't anyone stay dead any more? I thought that was supposed to be some natural part of life. You're born, you live, you die. Here it seems, you're born, you live, you die, you're brought back to life again. You're not all zombies or something, are you? Is there going to be brains in that lab? Or…vampires." This would be silly a year ago. However, she's seen stranger. If there are zombies and vampires out there, it wouldn't surprise her as much.

Linderman slyly evades the question of resurrection and possums. Being as the answer is neither… "You have a vivid imagination," he commends Cass. "But I assure you, we aren't … creatures of the night, as you suggest. Ah, life and death; it is the cycle that drives the world, isn't it. You deserve the truth, Cass." Leaning against the frame of the door, he crosses one black shoe over the other ankle neatly. "The truth is that the CEO of Pinehearst does not want to draw attention from the likes of the Company, a threat I'm sure you comprehend; that's why he stays out of the spotlight, but, I assure you, we are in more than capable hands."

Really, it sounds like an evasion, because that's what it is. And Cass frowns at the answer, though she awards Linderman with something of a smile when he talks about her imagination. "I definitely understand about the Company." It's been her mission to shut them down or keep them away from friends and innocents since she found out about them and Evolved people. "I'm sure he is. But, I believe in transparency, Mr. Linderman. I can't say I'm not interested in this opportunity. It's very flattering and the possibility to do such good work is hard to pass up. But, I can't say I'm not wary. I've seen people whose good intentions were used against them because they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. I'd want some sort of reassurance or some show of good faith so I know what I'd be doing here would help others."

Linderman seems to think about this for a moment, calmly regarding Cass. He nods as if to say 'very well', but what he actually says is this: "Tell me, do you know soon-to-be-Senator Nathan Petrelli?"

This is a strange turn of events and Nathan is the last name she expected to here in a research facility. He breaks her beakers every single time he visits. He's not exactly the most scientific person in the world. "Yes," she tells him, with a tilted head, brow creased in obvious confusion. "I do." What does that have to do with anything, though?

"Nathan has recently discovered Pinehearst. While not the most scientific mind in the world…" It's almost as if he's reading her mind! Coincidence, surely. "…He's shown an interest in the future we would like to provide. You could say that he owes us a debt of favour. You may speak to him about reassurance. Or perhaps I could show you our project that works on a successful screen for genetic disease, or our engineering initiative higher yields of crops in the third world…"

You're saying that Nathan is going to be working here." It is like Linderman is reading her mind. Though, Nathan's aptitude (or lack of it) is something that most people could pick up if they're with him in a lab, so she doesn't really pick up on it. "You're actually letting him around expensive equipment? Now I know you guys are crazy." A pause and Cass lets her arms drop from crossing in front of her to being tucked in her back pockets. "I'd definitely like to talk to Nathan. And see those projects you just talked about. And, if everything's fine with those, then I'll sign up. What do you mean by a debt of favor?"

Linderman actually chuckles. The thought of Nathan around expensive equipment is entertaining even to a dead man, apparently. "We helped him recover after a rather harrowing incident; it's how he came to learn about Pinehearst and what we do here." He steps out of the office door, moving past Cass to start treading down the corridor, evidently expecting her to follow.

"…he's okay, though, right?" The thought of Nathan going through a harrowing accident certainly makes Cass pause with worry. "He's…here, then?" Already? She thought she'd just go back to New York and talk to him there before coming back again. As she walks with Linderman, she's not exactly sure where she's going. That's all up to the British guy to know.

"He's just fine," Linderman assures Cass, keeping several steps ahead of her as he speaks. "But no, I believe he's back in New York. If you'll follow me, however, I can guide you toward some of our research files."

"Ah." Well, then it is back to New York to talk to Nathan before signing on the dotted line. Because if Nathan knows more about this place, she certainly wants to talk to him about it. He may be able to give her some perspective these guys aren't going to. "Ah, okay." So, she does try to keep pace with Linderman, but it's hard to. For a dead guy, he walks very fast. "That would be good, I guess?" Hurrah for research.

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