2007-03-08: About Acquired Art


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Plans are afoot, and Jane has a new one. She goes to Nathan to be heard out. The heroes may have more cards to play than they realise.

About Acquired Art

The Petrelli Mansion

The idea had come to her some time before, and an attempt had been made to contact Hiro, but she'd yet to receive a response. In time, she expects to make another, but for now it's on to the next leg of what she thinks might work, and thus should… must be tried, so here she is outside the Petrelli mansion, wearing her best example of lawyer garb; a navy blue woman's business suit with skirt and two inch professional heels and a briefcase in one hand. Jane uses whatever means is present to announce herself and seek entry.

The phone comes down with a click and Nathan is walking into the foyer, even before Jane can finish her approach to the door. Suffice to say that security, of late, has this place covered, and informed of a stranger's arrival, one barely needs to knock before the the door is opened. No maids are there to greet the guest, just Nathan himself. Upon opening the door, however, Nathan looks briefly surprised when he in fact recognises the woman on his doorstep, before a thundery kind of irritation takes over, and his gaze agitatedly scans the area behind her. But no, just her, it seems, and he relaxes a fraction. "Hello?" he greets, a clear question in his voice as he looks her over briefly.

Standing there, when he opens the door and fixes that thundery irritation on her, a wash of nerves attacks and for a few seconds threatens to send her back the way she came, but she draws in a slow breath and recaptures control of her resolve. There's a measure of anger to her eyes, and a dose of sadness, which perhaps speaks to recent experiences. "Mr. Petrelli," she begins. "It occurred to me there was something we didn't discuss when… we met earlier." Jane pauses, looking up to meet his eyes, "A strategy we haven't tried."

Nathan considers her for a few seconds, just shy of an uncomfortable pause, before he seems to come to a decision. He glances over his shoulder, but really, the house is basically empty, and he steps back, he pushing the door back at arm's length. An invitation is made via a tilt of his head. "Come on in," he says. He himself is not nearly so immaculate and professionally put together as the woman in front of him, in jeans and a button-down shirt, and, well, socks. "Jane," he adds, recalling her name.

"Thank you, Nathan," she replies, stepping forward to enter the mansion, "for agreeing to hear me out." Jane doesn't seem terribly overcome by the appearance of it, a thing which might indicate she's had some experience with such places in her past. She sticks to silence until such time as he invites her to speak, and follows to whatever place within he might lead.

"Well, I'd want to," Nathan says, raising an eyebrow. "I've got a lot riding on what we wanna do, here." A fleeting smile, before Nathan gestures for her to follow, leading through to the sitting room, a far more inviting space than the foyer but equally luxurious. Sitting down in one of the couches, Nathan looks at her expectantly, giving her the floor to speak.

Once inside that sitting room Jane settles onto a sofa, sets her briefcase down, and crosses her legs at the ankles. "Thank you. As I said, I believe there's a strategy we haven't tried, and I'm hoping we can use it to secure the release of your brother and Mr. Evans. Some weeks ago," she explains, "Mr. Evans and Mr. Nakamura acquired a number of paintings from the entity which holds our important persons. I believe these items of art remain in the hands of Mr. Nakamura, but are no longer needed by him. They can be photographed for our continuing purposes, and returned to whom they were taken from. As a trade."

Nathan listens to Jane carefully. The formality of the situation seems to draw him in, and though he looks a bit of a wreck (for him, anyway), he buys into it. He glances away from her, considering. "I wasn't aware of the paintings," he says, thoughtful. "These…" He winces visibly, here. He's not a fan of guessing, and this is certainly going out on a limb. But then, perhaps not. "These aren't paintings by Isaac Mendez, are they?"

"They are," Jane states in reply. "This is what Mr. Nakamura said to the gathering at which we met, sir. We've seen them, and don't need to have the actual pieces to study and try interpreting them for whatever ends we might achieve. I think it's very possible we have something the Company wants, and the prosecutor's desire to find a legal solution echoes with me. Physical invasions are dangerous, a thing to be attempted last. We're lawyers, and we should at least try to negotiate." She's poised, despite the emotions which show about her features, and quietly confident. "Would the Mr. Bennet you mentioned have some possible insight on how best to pursue this strategy?"

"I haven't seen these ones, I'm gonna guess," Nathan says, head tilted, considering. "And I'm not sure I'm a big fan of offering them anything, and I'm pretty sure Hiro would agree. These paintings could be cards in their pocket, unless you're talking about blindsighting them." He hesitates, then, and carefully goes about saying, "Mr. Bennet knows the Company better than anyone did on the roof that day. I think he'd be the go-to guy on this, yeah. But it gets complicated."

"It's true, there is the angle that the Company may pretend to deal and renege on releasing anyone once they have the Mendez art, but we could easily hold back the majority of it, returning pieces only when they keep their end up. We don't need the paintings themselves, if they've been photographed by a decent camera, large size prints can be made. At the very least, I believe we lose nothing by trying, and if they refuse to be reasonable and deal with us, then the die is cast. We invade." Her eyes close for a moment, when they reopen she states quietly "I'd sell myself into captivity to get Mr. Evans out, sir. And I hate the Compnay. They stole my memories, and tagged me like a zoo animal, but I'd still surrender myself to help him."

"So we have something in common, there," Nathan says, the sentiment lined with an ironic tone, though even that doesn't stop him from feeling uncomfortable and quickly moving on. "You'd have to be sure in your instincts that they'll want the paintings in exchange for not just Peter, but… this Mr. Evans of yours, and whoever else Hiro's hoping to break out. But, I agree. I'm not comfortable with storming the place when we don't know what we're up against. You talked to Hiro about this, yet?" This may be - partly - Nathan's cause, but there's no denying who the ringleader is.

"I haven't, sir," Jane replies. "I sent him a message last night, but got no reply. I plan to try again today, but in any case I thought it prudent to speak with you and hope you might help convince him. You know him better than I do, in fact your experience with all of this is vastly superior to mine. Do you know who sits at the top of this Company? I'd like to speak with Mr. Bennet."

Nathan narrows his eyes at Jane, thoughtful, before giving a decisive nod. "Then you'll speak to Mr. Bennet," he agrees. "I'll talk to him. He might— no, he /won't/ be overly happy about it, but…" Nathan gives a shrug, clearly not particularly concerned with Noah's feelings. "I'll see what I can do about Hiro, too. But just don't expect the Company to play by any rules, even if we got something they want. They might just take it."

"I realize that, sir," Jane replies. "That's why I'd suggest no one who meets with them should actually know where the paintings are when we meet. They can't take what we don't have with us, or lift things from our minds if we don't know them." She grins slightly, watching the former representative as she speaks. "And if they won't be honorable, then neither shall we. I know all to well they've no issues with simply taking things." She rubs the back of her neck with one hand a few times. "Thank you for listening, Dr. Petrelli. I… I don't mean to discount the informality we reached on that rooftop, I just… thought being formal was more suited to what I came here to suggest. I'm M. Jane Forrest, Yale Law '06. Or simply Jane, whichever you prefer."

Nathan smiles a little, and this time, it comes natural. "Just Nathan, works," he says. "Pleased to meet you, attorney, glad to have some sanity about the place." He sobers a little. "We're agreed that we're not above playing dirty if we need to, but I guess I'm just hesitant to expect them to play fair at all. Call me a pessimist but negotiating might be a useless step. But…" A considering silence. "If the leverage is right, it's worth a shot. If it works, I'm more than happy to do it your way. I just want Peter out of there."

"Likewise, Nathan," Jane replies, standing to offer her hand and shake his should he allow it. Her other hand pulls out a card which has her address, email, home, and cell numbers on it. "I'd recommend not visiting me at home, though. It seems agents of the Company have decided to be my neighbors. Distasteful, but I won't allow their presence to frighten me."

Nathan stands and shakes her hand briskly but with sincerity, before taking the card. He flips it over between his fingers before it's slipped into his wallet. An exchange occurs, he holding out his own card - it has no address, just contact details. He doesn't really explain himself, just hands it over with a nod. "Let me know if you get in contact with Hiro," he says, moving to walk her out. "And I'll see what I can do about Bennet."

She shakes his hand once, with a grip not as firm as his, but perhaps firmer than many women might have, the skin soft and smooth except for fingertips which have hints of calluses. When she releases, his card is taken and slipped into a pocket. "Thanks for your time, Nathan," Jane offers. "I need to go see Mohinder and spend a good stretch of time screaming." The last is accompanied by a quiet smile which hints at how satisfying that will be for her, as if perhaps she's been holding a flood back for a while now. And her head tilts. "You fly, Nathan?"

Nathan raises an eyebrow at the mention of screaming - he remembers her comment on her abilities from on top the Deveux roof, but he doesn't press for more information. As if the less he knows, the better. Her question, though, catches him off guard, and he finds himself glancing towards the window, where the sky is moderately clear and open. "It's not a hobby," he says dryly. "But yeah. I fly."

"Cool," Jane replies, as she heads toward the doorway. "Good day, Nathan."

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