2007-03-08: About Acquired Art Again


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Jane shows up for her lab sessions and discusses her hopeful plan.

About Acquired Art Again

Reed Street Labs, formerly Isaac's Loft

It takes Mohinder a good while to move from where he stands at his worktable. The box of glasses, still on the floor where he knocked them. He slowly tries to regain his composure, even as he curses himself for what he's done. The door into the lab is still locked after Rainer's exit, so the doctor is undisturbed for now. He looks down at the shattered glass on the floor. "I'm an idiot," is muttered under his breath as he goes to get a broom so that he can start cleaning up the mess.

She'd arrived early, or what she thought was early, for her sessions in this lab with Dr. Suresh. Her plan was to be wait outside for him to arrive, and so she's got her guitar, backpack, small amp, and a folding canvas chair. Someone had been seen with him in there through the window, and so she'd set up outside to play guitar and wait for him to be free. Jane expects he would see her and come let her in when he's ready.

Mohinder gets the glass swept up and disposed of. Now what is he going to do? He sighs heavily and goes to fetch some empty beakers and test tubes. Those will have to suffice. The sound of Jane's guitar from outside finally registers in his preoccupied mind and it only adds another stab of guilt. He steels himself and walks up the steps to the door, unlocking it. "Dr. Forrest?" he calls out after opening the door. "I'm sorry that I kept you waiting."

"Dr. Suresh," she replies, as her fingers stop and she stands upon being invited in. Jane pauses for a moment, perhaps wondering about the formality, but then decides it might just be that he's about to engage in clinical activities, or… maybe he needs to act less familiar with her than he would elsewhere. She plays along and packs up her gear. Once done, the woman in dark jeans with her blue and white Yale hoodie steps inside.

Mohinder gestures for Jane to enter. Pardon the initial area, it still retains Mendez's mural, and some easels. "If you'll follow me, the lab is just this way. We'll be working in there." He still tries to push aside the distraction and heavy weight upon his mind. "You can go ahead and set your things down just up here on the landing. I'll lock the door, we won't be disturbed." Or shouldn't be rather. "I thought that I'd work with a few accuracy tests to start. Focusing your ability on a specific object."

"Sure," she replies, setting down her gear on the landing and walking further inside. Jane pauses for a moment, however, looking over the floor mural and raising an eyebrow. "Interesting," she comments simply. When she resumes moving and settles her eyes on the doctor again, remnants of what she felt the previous night can be seen lingering.

"Hmm? Oh the .. yes.. this loft used to belong to the artist, Isaac Mendez. He was quite talented. I didn't have the heart to paint over that." Mohinder says, in what is as casual a manner as he's going to be able to project. "I apologize, but I didn't have time to set up a proper maze of sorts to test your ability to 'see' in the dark. We can schedule that for a later time if you like. I thought perhaps, letting you release your power in another way would be a little more cathartic right now."

"Mendez," she replies quietly. "Was he?" Jane studies the mural again for a moment, and compares it inwardly with something Hiro talked about. She shivers a bit, then faces the doctor again. "It would, very much so," she replies. Her eyes move from him to the interior at large, looking for where her targets might be set up. "I understand you not being ready with the obstacle course, you were busy when I got here so I waited for you without interrupting."

"He was responsible for a number of paintings. Prophetic ones at that, as he could paint the future." Mohinder says, another possibly gentle verbal prod. "I'm sorry about that, I'm afraid I've got a lot of demands made upon my time and they aren't always convenient, Jane." He drops the formalities finally as he leads the way to a table that he begins clearing of items, save for an empty glass beaker. Unfortunately, as Jane is already on Company files, he produces the legitimate folder on her, preparing to take notes. "Have you practiced much with targeting a direct object?"

"Once," she replies, "shortly after the first episode. I tested to see if it was really me by targeting a small bottle." Jane's focus settles onto the beaker while she mulls over something else Mohinder said. "Isaac Mendez painted the future. What sort of things did he predict, Doctor?" Her brow furrows, she glances toward the man, a unspoken question in her expression; is it safe to speak freely in here?

Mohinder gestures to the mural on the floor, "That for example. The nuclear explosion of New York City.. That ultimately would have been caused by Peter Petrelli. With this warning, it didn't happen. There are also a series of paintings of his, that were held in collections recently.. to display in his memory, but they've gone missing. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see some of them. It's a pity." Mohinder says, as he focuses on his clipboard, making note of what Jane said. "What was the results when you targeted the bottle?"

She glances back over her shoulder again at the mention of Peter Petrelli and the bomb, then returns focus to Mohinder again. Now it's him who's studied, as Jane attempts to get a feel for how freely she can speak, with him not picking up on her unspoken question. Or did he, and the lack of answer means no in itself? "That's unfortunate," Jane begins, "that his art has gone missing. I have to wonder how grateful the owners would be for their return. Anyway, that first test was a success. It shattered."

"Very grateful, I'm sure. Along with relieved. Monetary value aside, of course." Mohinder says as he looks up and straight at Jane. "Have you seen any other examples of his work? Each piece was very important, given he was painting the future. Some pieces actually go together in a series." As Jane goes back to giving her results, he nods and takes note. "One moment, I must turn on a piece of equipment to register the frequency you vocalize on." Clipboard is tucked under his arm and he moves to turn on a small box with sensitive microphones, specifically designed for higher frequencies. "There.. that's on.." Eyes on the monitor, he says to Jane, "Go ahead and try to make this glass beaker shatter."

She looks at the beaker for a moment, and draws a normal breath. Her lips purse, and what emerges at first is a musical note, a perfectly audible to human ears high A. From there she goes up in pitch, each sound progressive along the scale and soon passes 20hz. It's not until she reaches two full octaves above high C and holds that note for a few seconds, captured by the microphones, that the beaker begins to vibrate and shatters under the targeted assault of her voice. As she sees the result, a quiet smile settles into place. "Where on the scale was that, Doctor?" While waiting for any answer that might be forthcoming about the first test, Jane looks for a sheet of paper and pen nearby, perhaps she's thinking about writing something down for her own purposes.

Mohinder nods, listening to what his ears are capable of picking up. His gaze is torn between the monitor, the beaker and watching Jane herself. He almost holds his breath, waiting for it, and there. It shatters. He looks pleased as he makes a note on the chart. He gestures to the results he has written down for Jane to come take a look at. "Here you are, and this is the point at which the glass shattered."

She walks over to where he stands, and studies the chart, a bit of that smile still in place. "It was two octaves over middle C. Interesting to see what that amounts to in hertz," Jane remarks on seeing the measurement. While standing right next to him, she whispers "Is it safe to speak freely in here, Doctor?"
Mohinder nods his head to Jane, "So long as we speak at a low level.." Then in a more normal speaking volume, he sets up a series of test tubes in a wooden rack that holds them up. "Another exercise, see if you can shatter each of these in succession, one after the other."

"I've seen the paintings," she replies in a quieted voice. "One shows a tornado here in New York. Another has a biohazard vial shattering on a floor.. One of them is a Hispanic older man and younger woman in a doorway. The woman reaches out, both of them look scared. There's another, a devious smiling man at a desk with a dark haired woman and another man to each side. Sylar is referenced in one of the items, an older woman with a thin line of blood being drawn somehow. One had a blurry man, the colors were a bit smeared, and another was a woman on a roof threatening a girl near the edge. There might've been someone else, really hard to tell if it was a person or an object." Jane's eyes settle on the line of objects. Her lungs are filled, enough to hold and release through an extended musical note, and her lips move. That same two octave note over high C is reached and held as she faces each glass item in turn until it shatters going down the line.

"Really? You saw them?" Mohinder is genuinely surprised and looks so. "Where were they? I'd like to see them in person.. if that's possible of course." The contents of the paintings causes him to shudder visibly. "A shattered vial.." That.. is not comforting news at all. Swallowing back further comments, he nods, and goes back to recording the results of Jane's display. "Excellent show of control.." He sets his clipboard down then sweeps up the glass shards in preparation for the next setup.

Her voice is kept quiet as she answers. "Yes, a shattered vial, like a virus or something. The biohazard symbol is ominous. At the time, they were at a friend's apartment, but Hiro took them with him. I don't know where they are now, but I'm hoping to speak with him soon and ask about them. I… might need the paintings to trade back for Clint and Peter. I talked with Nathan about this."

"I see… I'm not sure a trade will be a wise move, or that it would even work." Mohinder says after careful consideration. He was afraid of this though, Jane not knowing where the paintings are. The doctor really doesn't want to compromise things further by asking Hiro about them. Even if he's already damned himself. At least however, he knows what's in the paintings. Or some of them at any rate. Another set of vials is propped up. Five of them. "I'm going to direct you to shattering them in turn by numbers when I call them out, this is one, and so on. I'm going to see how fast you can control it." He gives no warning when he calls out, "Three. One. Five. Four. Two."

She nods once, listening, and takes another breath. It's held in as she focuses on the first number called and released slowly as she goes for a note an octave or so higher than the one used in the first two tests, focused in turn on the vials as he calls the numbers. This is perhaps intended to make them shatter more quickly with the higher frequency. And in order they go, each about a second faster than in the previous trials, when her mouth is aimed at them.

"Excellent.. very good progress with focus.." Now, if only it weren't just Mohinder and Jane here, then perhaps he could try that again with distractions. Hrm.. Again, there's a clean up, and five more test tubes set up. "We're going to try this again." He steps back and away towards his computer. "Five! One!" At top volume from his computer blares 'Toxic' by Britney Spears. Thanks Elle. Really. "Four!" A metal tray is picked up and flung past Jane, "Three! Two!"

"It may not be a wise move," Jane replies, "but we have to try. It's better than any other option. I think they'll want the paintings back, and we don't really need them to know what they show. They can be photographed with a good camera, and large prints can be made. I think Hiro wants to take preventive action, like with that bomb. And I can't just let Clint sit in wherever they put him. He wouldn't let that happen to me…" She trails off when he goes beyond close enough to hear her speak what she thinks is quietly enough, and turns to face the newly set up example. His voice brings the targeted note into play, tube five shatters, then tube one, and four. But when the tray is flung, her aim is pulled off and the next item destroyed is two, out of sequence by her turning head.

Mohinder nods, watching the results. "You'll want to learn to try and tune out distractions," he states mildly, but he's smiling. "If you ever have cause to use your powers defensively or offensively, control will be essential. You also won't always have a perfect environment." Notes made, he sets the clipboard aside and starts to clean up the mess. "Perhaps I should contact Hiro, see the paintings for myself. In my opinion, I know it wasn't asked for, but a trade won't work."

Her attention is his as he speaks about focus, tuning out distractions, and a nod is drawn. "I can see that, clearly." Thoughts remain focused on that goal, until he speaks again and a different variety of response is elicited. "Crap," Jane remarks, her eyes closing, and a tear appearing in the corner of one. "Mohinder, it has to. It just has to. If it doesn't, there's only one other choice. It isn't a good move, to take that path, I know it. But if it comes to that, I can't not help them try. It'd be… abandoning him to sit and rot forever, and that I won't do." Frustration builds there, a resurfacing of all she's felt in these days since the Lost Night, and soon her mouth is opening in the possibility of a silent scream as she looks for some target to safely unleash it against.

Mohinder scrambles to grab a few beakers and points Jane at them. Focus there please! "I know it's hard to hear, but the value of the paintings versus two people they're holding. It doesn't balance out. Does.. anyone else know about these paintings or have seen them?" How to warn without upsetting his delicate position?
She doesn't reply, at least not right away in any fashion he can hear, but something does happen. Jane faces where she's pointed, and the scream is loosed. How long it lasts is unclear unless he times how long her mouth is open, but the beakers don't make it anywhere close to the interval. They burst as one within two seconds of her release, the inanimate victims to part of what she's held back so many times lately. Once it's over, her shoulders slump some. "Not that valuable? I… I… I'll find something else to sweeten the deal, then. I have to."

Mohinder looks across at Jane, his expression unreadable as he tries to not betray things further. "You can attempt the trade, I.. just don't think that it will work. Not with Peter's ability, and.. I think this is all for today." He says as he leaves the mess where it is. He'll clean up later. "We can work on your other ability aspects at a later time. I have to begin working on trying to help devise a solution for another matter."

Her reply is a slow nod, as she looks over the shattered glass objects. "I feel slightly better, letting that out, Mohinder. But I still have more to let out. I can go get some items at my own expense and come back, maybe we can continue?" Hopefulness is in her eyes, on her face, as Jane asks that question. "Or maybe I can go to the woods somewhere and do it. No one around to get hurt, nobody's belongings damaged but my own."

"For the next time, you may. I'm just a little pressed as far as additional appointments this weekend. I'm terribly sorry." Mohinder says as he fetches the broom again and proceeds with cleaning up the glass. "If you still feel a very pent up frustration, heading to a place with limited exposure to other people would be a very wise choice."

"Thanks for your time, Mohinder," Jane replies quietly. "I think only Hiro knows where the paintings might be, or who's seen them. Let me know when we can have another session here, please." With that she crosses the lab, collects her gear, and goes out to the street.

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