2008-03-05: Access Granted


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Summary: With alternative tactics, Gene and Niki "work together" to find out what Pinehearst is hiding.

Date It Happened: March 5th, 2008

Access Granted

Pinehearst Research Labs

Fort Lee, NJ

Double standards. Women. Gene has sadly been taught they are one and the same. They claim they like shy humble men, yet none that he has interest in are interested in him. They claim they want their men to take charge, yet when he attempts to do so, he finds himself yelled at, insulted, or even threatened. They remind him the importance of being on time, yet when the Geek God arrives on time with his plan firmly in mind.

A small roomba skids across the floor, doing seemingly random and unimportant floor cleaning. Wait, make that TWO roomba. Well, it's three. Why would a room need three? It likely doesn't. As they do their cleaning with little interruption, Gene places a large box down in front of one of the security camera, the one watching over the door. Oddly enough, the young genius seems to be wearing something he rarely if ever has on his left hand Rings. Two of them. The Ring of Good and the Ring of Evil from the famed comic hero 'The Phantom'. This new jewelry may or may not be linked to the slight bludge that runs along Gene's left wrist.

Despite getting everything set, Gene lacks one thing… The person that asked him to pull this off. "If this is a set-up, I'm never trusting an ex-stripper ever again," the paled hero remarks as he looks to his wrist watch. Half an hour late, an ominous sign indeed.

Niki is … fashionably late? Maybe a bit too late to be fashionable, especially given that she set the time. The fact that she's not thrilled to be here is evident from the moment she steps into the lab area looking for Gene. The aforementioned ex-stripper strides toward him the second she spots him, the length of her black trench-style coat — mid-thigh — flowing behind her as she does so. "Sorry."

The young inventor wants to say a snappy comeback, something that puts Niki in her place after all he's done for her, but something holds him back. Fear? A desire to be heroic and selfless like he always wanted? Who knows. Either way, he just nods.

"Right You ready?" Regardless of the answer, Gene goes on with his plan. "I have the box with required items. I can't permanently turn off power. That would cause too much suspicion. However, installing electronics means that we get access to the power grid. For a time, I can short it out, giving us some time. When the lights go off and I turn on the lamp, we'll have roughly thirty seconds before the back-up generator kicks on. I'll need to get install the needed router to this camera before it turns back on, so that it can send the false message back to the security office. The items will be numbered in proper order. Just hand me the proper number in the sequence. When I hand it back to you, hand me the next one then put the returned item back in its proper place. Sound simple enough?"

Niki listens, more or less grasps the concept, and decides she can handle it. "Let's just get this over with." Despite not seeming particularly enthusiastic about the task at hand, there's a certain hard-set determination in her eyes as she looks toward the locked door. She steps up to stand beside Gene.

Sticking his hand in his pocket, Gene presses a remote. For a few seconds, the power in this section of Pinehearst will flicker before turning off completely. Sighing, Gene gives a simple, "Let's do this" before climbing on the counter closest to the camera, offering out his hand for the first item he needs from, the screwdriver. This will be a hard task to unhinge the camera and find the needed wires like this, but if there is one equipped for the task, it's Gene.
Niki looks momentarily unnerved by the lapse in power, but wastes no time in swiping the first item, the screwdriver, and handing it up to Gene.

The camera is soon free of its metal shell, allowing Gene to find the needed wires. "Two, then three." The items in question are clippers and long set of wires which are connected to what seems to be a mini-hard drive. Well, if one wonders what he took all night to do, this is likely it. Provided that Niki hands him all the needed stuff when he asks for it, it will not be long before he finishes the work, putting on the metal shell. He doesn't screw it back on, not wishing to cut off the wires that link the camera to the harddrive.

"…There, part one is done. Provided we don't have security guys come in and check out this camera up close." He dusts off his hands before he gets off of the counter. He doesn't hop down, merely seating himself and sliding down. "Now for the contingency plan in case things go sour. I don't expect to understand WHY I'm doing this, only that it needs to be done, okay?"

Niki makes for a pretty good assistant all told. Some of the parts — and processes - are even vaguely familiar, thanks to a son with a similar passion to Gene. "Good," she says firmly. "That's all the contingency you need." She throws a glance to the entryway she came through — and stalks that way, shutting the door, looking around for a moment… she clears a few items from a nearby table - safely, setting them aside on another — and drags said table, metal and not meant to be easily moved, in front of the door. She does all this as quietly as she can, but the slam she makes when she flips it over to lock the door into place is unavoidable. "Now no one's going to find us unless we want them to. I'll be in and out — I just want to look around."

The young Geek God pauses as Niki does her work, just wincing as she puts the door in front. "If you were going to just force your way through this, I don't see why you asked for my help," he admits under his breath, more for himself than Niki.

Taking a deep breath, Gene merely moves toward the lock, making sure he has his tools needed. "I didn't say it right. I MEANT to say, this is my plan… My contingency. What I am going to tell you is gunna be something you have to abide by, okay?"

"I'm not forcing my way through, I'm making sure no one forces their way in." Niki, hands on her thighs, drifts back to Gene and the security door. The Access Denied door. "Sure," she says somewhat dismissively, at first, with a shake of her head; but more pointedly, she adds, "I mean, I'll try. What's your plan?"

"Simple. You'll do what I say or I'll-" Gene grits his teeth as he stops himself. He doesn't want to do this. He really doesn't. He pauses as he just works on the door some more, trying to get in. "Do what I say or-or-I don't want to get into what might happen to your family." He knows he should say something like Kill Micah or make her ex-con Significant Other suffer, but he can't, not even for a well crafted plan.

"…This is my plan. You might have had your own thoughts, and I'll let you get what you want as long as I give the okay, but I'm in charge right now. This is truth." Gene swipes a dummy card a couple of times, not even bothering to look back to Niki. She might try and kill him, but he figures she won't. He hopes she won't and for once, hopes to be misunderstood. Sadly, few things are as dangerous and unpredictable as a mother with super strength.

There is a moment where Niki stares incredulously at Gene, disbelieving that he'd even go so far as to make a threat, vague or not, against her family. That moment of gaping is quickly replaced by red hot anger. "I don't care what your plan is, I don't know what you're playing at, but you don't threaten my family," she all but hisses. She does not, however, so much as lay a hand on him. Clawing against her thigh, her fist clenches. She flicks a glance to the keycard reader and back again.

The anger is necessary. The hate is necessary. "I said you didn't need to understand. Only know that for this time, this is my plan. You're just a cog in it. Maybe if we both live to the end of this, I'll explain it. Otherwise, just be content that I'll be lucky to live til Christmas." There is a few seconds of silence before the key swipe finally works, Gene able to engineer a fake card. The denied turns into the name of whomever is allowed in the room. "We are in. Let's see what we got here." With that, Gene opens the door and just walks inside, seemingly entering this room a 'hero' and leaving a 'villain'.

The line between good and bad is blurry, once anyone steps into this building, it would seem. Perhaps it's not even clear, here and now, what side of the fence this ex-stripper falls on. Doesn't she work for the Senator who supposedly has a hand in all this? "We'll live." Niki strides into the corridor of the restricted lab alongside Gene, who she glances sidelong at with a bit of a glower. Mostly, though, she focuses on the various doors, and slows her pace to catch glimpses of what may be inside the first and second. So far, it looks like… more labs. Great.

Labs have been Gene's life. While he is not a master of biology, he does know where to go. The main hard drive. Research is only effective if you have the information of what has occurred. Tests of the past allow researchers to know where to check in the future. Once he finds the computer that looks to be the main server/storage unit, the geeky genius moves toward it and just begins to hack into it. He doesn't say a word, merely doing what he came here to do. He begins to type furiously, getting himself into the system as quickly as he can. Time to see what this lab is all about.

"I'm glad you're so confident about my state of being," he offers with a sad smile. Maybe that's why Gene is no longer slightly paranoid but noble man he once was. After all, his grandfather always read from him the book of proverbs: Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Niki lets Gene head for the computer — she skirts the main room, which seems to branch off into various other rooms from this main lab. Almost all of the doors require another pass with a keycard, but some have rectangular windows that allow glimpses into what goes on inside. The first door Niki pauses at has many a labcoat-wearing scientist behind it — she passes that one by quickly. The second… she stops at for considerably longer. "…oh my God," she breathes with a mix of horror and disgust and … uncertainty. She's not sure what she's seeing.

Placing a thumb drive into the machine, Gene attempts to copy keyfiles…. Though he has no idea if he can get enough to understand the work involved. This stuff looks complex, even for a super genius.

Pulling away from the computer at Niki's exclamation, he moves over toward her as she looks at the second window, letting the computer begin to copy the files. "What's wrong?" he asks, looking toward the window with confused look. "Don't tell we got caught alread-"


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