Amanda Constance "Ace" Emmerson
Portrayed By Lori Petty
Gender Female
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Early-20s
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases Ace is the only name she goes by
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation None
Known Relatives Genny Emmerson (mother; deceased), Father Unknown
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Invisibility/Intangibility (not know publically)

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It was as if Amanda Constance Emmerson was destined to be unseen by society, the daughter of a druggy-hooker mother and an unknown father, one of many to become invisible to the eye of those who shun people like her. What she had was cast-offs and shows of charity, every piece of clothes she wore as a child and every single meal eaten a result of someone else's hard work and dedication, not the kind a child with a family and a home would receive, something given out of love. At first she was too young to know better but, as she grew older and more aware of how strange it was for her to call the street her playground and some dingy alleyway 'home' and it started to cut her like a knife.

Money was always tight, Amanda's mother never able to pull enough tricks to support herself or the girl she brought into this world and would eventually resort to using her daughter as a means of pulling in some extra money or food. It started innocently enough as she was only ever asked to beg for change from those commuting to and from work but addictions are costly and soon Amanda would be made to steal, what she'd unlawfully acquire then pawned for drug funds or for food itself. Amanda got caught several times but never had charges brought upon her, the fact that she was a young girl helping tug the heartstrings of those who caught her, oftentimes giving the girl a lollypop or some bit of something to eat before sending her back out the door. Her skills became honed over time and soon she would get caught less and less.

Her mother died when her daughter was all of twelve years of age, a victim of a dirty batch of meth which not only ended her life but those of five other addicts, it becoming something of a small time sensation on the news for a few days until the producers were caught and the tainted drugs were taken off of the street. Amanda had at first been placed in a foster home but ran away, citing the fact that she despises being in a house as her reason for leaving. This would go on a couple more times until she disappeared, taking to the old, abandoned subway tunnels as her home. Amanda stopped going by her birth name and took up the nickname Ace, that done in hopes that it'd further remove her from the eye and reach of those who sought to place her in a home against her wishes. She became a part of a small 'family', a group of seven homeless people who looked out for each other, the eldest being Tom. A father figure to the entire group, he took particular interest in Ace and worked especially hard to see her flourish despite the shit hand life dealt her.

The timing of her power's manifestation was, to say the least, a blessing as it saved her life. Being threatened by a large man at first, the threats were soon made good upon and he started to beat her, very nearly to the point of killing her. He was almost successful but, at a point where she was under the most physical and mental duress, Ace totally disappeared. Startled beyond reason, the attacker stopped and ran, too scared to try and figure out what happened or where his victim went. Seriously injured, Ace's invisibility broke as soon as her body weakened; it was only by the good graces of a passing stranger that she got to the hospital in time where several life-saving surgeries took place.

Several years have passed since then, time that has been spent trying to figure out her powers. Ace would come to discover that her ability to disappear came along with the means to render herself intangible, a gift that was even more of a blessing than being able to make herself unseen was. It took a bit of time but she could manage to pass through objects, thin ones like windows and similar objects at first but as she honed her new skills she could pass through walls of a few inches. These gifts were used to commit a few crimes here and there, a few she got caught and arrested for as she got seen on her way out, the hazards of having to go out the door since her intangibility didn't transfer to items she wasn't wearing. Her last bought of incarceration caused her to go further into hiding, her home in the tunnels returned to where she stayed out of the 'normal' world, only to emerge just recently.

Powers & Stunts

Stunt Description
POOF! Ace has the ability to render herself and items on her person invisible. This makes her able to go unseen by the human eye and undetectable by security sensors. How long she can maintain this power depends on how much she has on her person at a time and the level of physical or mental strain she's under at the time she tries to use it. If she were to be naked and at full peak mentally and physically she could very easily keep the power up for hours where she can only remain invisible for mere minutes if she's weighed down or sick or injured mentally or physically. Where she is unable to be seen she is not entirely undetectable: animals or those who somehow have their sense of smell heightened will be able to discover her location. This is a power that she can not transfer to someone else, her invisibility effecting only her person. She is not invincible when invisible; physical and mental attacks are effective if they happen to hit her.
The Untouchable She has the ability to render herself intangible - this power is one that must be used in conjuncture with her invisibility: she can not become intangible while visible although she can use her invisibility without having to go intangible as well. This power gives her the means to pass through objects the ease she can do so depending on what it is she's attempting to phase through. Another human would take no effort on her part while a thick brick wall or sheet of metal would take quite a bit of it for her to get to the other side. She can not injure or damage anything while in this form: a person she passes through might just feel an odd chill while anything electronic or mechanical would remain fully functional. Ace is unable to pass through anything that is lined in lead or that has been irradiated and trying to pass through something that is reinforced takes a bit of time to get through. Using this ability along with her invisibility is terribly draining causing Ace to have to stop using both of her powers to recharge after fifteen minutes.


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  • Ace positively dislikes being touched. Normally being touched will just make her shy away but there are times when she reacts violently and she lashes out with fists.
  • Loathes having acts of charity shown towards her and will go out of her way to be able to not accept them.
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