2007-07-28: Act Natural


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Summary: Persi stumbles across Evelyn. Almost literally.

Date It Happened: July 28th, 2007

Act Natural

Central Park, Manhattan, New York

Early afternoon finds Central Park warm, but not unpleasantly so. Just a bit of wind blows through the trees, preventing the air from being hot and still. Evelyn has also taken shelter from the sunlight in the shade of one such tree, sitting with her back against its trunk. A pad of paper and a pencil sit off to one side, presently neglected, along with the backpack they presumably came here in. Her attention seems to be focused on a fallen leaf a few feet beyond her stretched-out legs, and intently so — but whatever it is the teen might be expecting the leaf to do, it doesn't.

Turns out, what the leaf does is get stomped on…by a shiny black boot. This, of course, is a consequence of Persi running like hell from something or someone and circling around Eve to keep from stepping on her. Ultimately, she stops a couple of steps past Eve, looks over her shoulder, then down at Eve, and then nonchalantly steps over to flop down right next to her cross-legged, "Hey, do me a favor and act natural."

Evelyn starts as there's suddenly a boot in her field of view, strands of dark hair pushed to one side by a slight gust in the breeze. Automatically reaching up to pat them back into place behind one ear, the teen lifts a brow. Her eyes shift sideways to look at wherever Persi came from. She can't help the reflex. "All right," Ev' agrees easily enough, leaning over to retrieve the pad of paper. Neither asking questions nor attempting to force a conversation, her solution to the instruction 'act natural' is to start sketching Persi.

Persi leans forward and peeeers over in the direction the same from, her hair doing a bit of annoying getting-in-the-way as well. However, soon, she's convinced that all is well, and so she's ready to hop up and continue on — however! The sketching draws her attention, so she just sits back and eyes the notepad for a couple of moments before commenting, "That's a little creepy." Seems she's still all for keeping conversation simple.

Violet eyes glance to Persi as she moves away, but Evelyn keeps filling in details on the sketch from memory. At least for a bit. When the older girl speaks up, the teen looks over to her, expression curious. "Why creepy?" It's not a reaction she usually gets. The pencil hovers, idle, over the paper while Ev' waits for the explanation.

Persi shrugs a little and glances around at some random person or two that catch her attention for some reason, "I dunno, not used to people just up and drawing me. I mean, people call staring creepy. But, then, what do I care? Last time I listened to them, I think I was a fan of Power Rangers." That said, she waves one hand a little, "Go ahead, don't let me stop ya. Unless you're some kinda composite artist…"

The teen chuckles quietly. "Well, you said 'act natural'. I assumed that didn't mean 'start talking'." She smiles at Persi, then shakes her head, dropping her gaze to the paper and resuming the sketch. "No," Evelyn replies after a moment. "All I do is pencil. It's a hobby." Violet eyes flick up to the streaks in Persi's hair, the stud over her eyebrow. Memory thus reinforced, she can start filling them in.

Persi glances over to watch a few moments more, then leans back against the tree, more relaxed now, "Gotcha. Feel free, then. I'll just hang out here for a while, not like I've got anyplace to be." That said, she folds her arms behind her head and glances over at Evelyn again, "So…uh. I'm Persi, in case you wanna label it." Because obviously the only reason she's introducing herself is for so impersonal a reason as that!

Evelyn's answer is a slightly distracted nod. She's perfectly comfortable with silence, as it turns out, occupied with the sketch until Persi introduces herself. At which point, the girl looks up again. "Evelyn," she supplies in return. 'Tis only fair. It isn't too much longer before she judges the sketch 'finished enough'; the aforementioned label is neatly written at bottom right, along with the smaller lines of date/location and artist's signature. "Do you want it?" the teen asks of Persi.

Persi shakes her head a little and quirks a tiny bit of a grin, "Keep it. Don't really have any place to pin it up or anything…" She trails off there for a few moments, staring off at some random dog being led through the park — then, she looks over at Eve, "Anyway, you might need it for reference sometime. In case, y'know, I disappear." Ah, the fun of making jokes only you understand.

Evelyn glances to the dog that catches Persi's attention, but doesn't see anything about it really worth looking at. It's far enough away not to be a hazard, at least. "All right," she agrees with a crooked smile. "I'll add it to my collection." No, she doesn't get the joke — rather, the girl gives Persi a curious look. "You seemed likely enough to disappear a minute ago," she observes. In a more conventional fashion, that is. "Change your mind?" It's a light question, spoken in a tone of dry humor rather than prying interest.

Persi glances over at Eve again, wearing that same bit of a grin, and raises an eyebrow, "Are you complaining? I just had to find some shade for a minute, y'know?" She wiggles slightly to get more comfortable, then gives an overly big smirk in Eve's direction, "And anyway, you looked really damn lonely. Not that that had anything to do with my sitting here, but it's helping with the 'staying here' part."

One dark brow lifts. "Never said that, now did I?" she replies. "Plenty of shade to go around," the teen agrees a moment later. She makes no comment on the 'lonely' part, which is probably answer enough in and of itself. Neither does she make the obvious rejoinder of /Persi/ being 'really damn lonely'; that isn't Ev's style. Instead, Evelyn regards the section of park before them. "Well, I was just planning to spend the afternoon drawing." Mostly.

Persi lounges around for a few moments more, then pushes herself up, back to her feet, from which position she peers down at Eve, "Well, at least I gave ya something to draw. I'll leave ya to it, then. I've got a few things to do, people to find — but maybe I'll swing by later and see if you're still at it." That said, she starts to walk off, but pauses after a couple of steps and looks back at Eve, "By the way, just for edification or whatever, you're the first person I've met in this damn town that's actually worth talking to." And with that, if she's not caught by a particularly striking response, she's on her way off, across the park.

Watching Persi get up, Evelyn inclines her head. "I'll probably be here," she replies with a faint smile. She starts to turn back to her sketching, but her attention is redirected when Persi calls back. The teen looks mostly startled by the remark, and her response is anything but striking. "Thanks!" Slightly delayed, but not so much it might be missed. It's several moments before Evelyn refocuses her attention on the paper, shaking her head slightly. Huh. Imagine that.

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