The following actors and actresses are "taken" on Heroes MUSH, used to portray current (and past, "In Memoriam") characters. Taken actors cannot be used for another character. Actors from the cast of Heroes are all off-limits; canons may not exist on our grid, but they are out there in the world.

NOTE: typing the command +actors in-game will present a list including characters in chargen. +help +actor for help.

Actor PCs

Aimee Garcia: Lucy
Amy Acker: Harry
Anna Torv: Clara
Anton Yelchin: Jake
Ashley Leggat: Lilly
Burn Gorman: Alfie
Carey Mulligan: Katie
Denise Vasi: Jackie
Eliza Dushku: Shelby
Emma Watson: Mina
Emmy Rossum: Nicol
Freddie Highmore: Ethan
Hal Sparks: Seth
Ian Somerhalder: Van
Jamie Campbell Bower: Austin
Jay Baruchel: Alvin
Joel McHale: Mickey
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Daniel
Josh Holloway: Elliot
Katie McGrath: Jane
Karen Gillan: Jude
Mark Feuerstein: Simon
Megan Fox: Robbie
Michael Raymond-James: Kev
Michael Wincott: Carter
Miranda Otto: Dale
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Arturas
Paul Blackthorne: Theodore
Paul Rudd: Frank
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Brianna
Sarah Shahi: Tess
Tom Hardy: Everett
Zooey Deschanel: Concordia

Actor NPCs

Kevin Bacon || Alison Brie || Jessica Capshaw || Erica Cerra || Matthew Goode || Peter Mensah || Sam Rockwell || Allison Scagliotti || Antonia Thomas

Retired. Unavailable for use.

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