Adam Monroe
Adam Monroe
Portrayed By David Anders
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 400+
Zodiac Sign Geminii
Aliases Takezo Kensei, Richard Sanders, Hans Groelingheimer, Jaques De'Lefluer, Tyang Li'ang, Stan Gifford, Josef Bazhaev, John Gilbert, Julian Sark
Place of Birth England
Current Location New York, New York
Occupation Varied
Known Relatives Unknown
Significant Other Helene (deceased), Maria (deceased), Frederica (deceased), Yumi (deceased), Angelica (deceased), Maria (deceased), Diane (deceased), Louisa (deceased), Theresa (deceased), Trina (deceased)
Known Abilities Rapid Regeneration
First Appearance Combustion - The Escape

I'm not a hero. I'm not a savior. Forget what you know. I'm just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control…

A soldier, a lover, a samurai, a sailor, a doctor, a prisoner…Adam Monroe truly is the Swiss Army Knife of humanity. The world is his playground, and he's seen it many times over, in many lives. Ten wives, 400 years of living, betrayals, legends; they're all factors that contribute to who Adam is now. Reliving his past glories and once again assuming the moniker Takezo Kensei, Adam has worked his way up in the Japanese underground following his escape from Level 5. Now he's back in New York, to investigate the rumors of the government's involvement in kidnapping Evolved "terrorists."


History Past

History Present

With the virus attacking those with rengeration, and unable to cure it himself, Adam disappeared into the wilds for some time. His first stop was a return to his place of birth in London. 400 years of course changed the face of the nation, and Adam had a lot of catching up to do. Thankfully for him, he managed to secure a job in the British Museum, working as a tour guide with a unique speciality in the Asian section of the museum. This, however was a front, as he used the job to pay for a flat and other living expenses. His true interest, killing Hiro Nakamura, is what drove him in this period, and his job at the museum gave him the ability to search for information the world over; a brief run-in with Hiro after escaping Times Square a little more than two weeks after his escape from Level 5 showed Adam that Hiro was still alive and well in this day and age…whether he's still calling this period of time home though is something else entirely.

It's strange sometimes how life has a way of repeating itself, but once more, Adam found himself pulled from England to Japan, having found that Hiro's family is still firmly in control of a powerful and influential corporation. Rather than confront Hiro directly, and fearing the retribution of the Company should he go on any sort of rampage, Adam found himself content to lie low and buy his time. Once more, he found himself doing tasks for money-this time for the Yakuza, running the errands they were loathe to do, using his power to go from foreign errand boy and bullet fodder to influential leader in his own right. Always keeping his eyes on Yamagato Industries, Adam sat back and enjoyed the fruits of his labors, once again adopting the Kensei name, though this time, under the guise of paying homage to the ancient hero.

Through patience and perserverance, Adam has risen to power in the Japanese underground. While he's not the top dog in the Yakuza rings, he commands a significant piece of the action; under one of the big bosses, Adam is second-in-command. In charge of importanting and distributing drugs illegally in Tokyo, Adam is as wealthy as he's ever been, quite the opposite of his life at birth. For two years, since his escape from Level 5, he's been using this power, using the resources at his disposal, and taking advantage of a still-healthy loating of the American government by his Japanese brothers, to collect information of a particular sensative nature; the brokering of this information is his TRUE source of power. It's not that he's taken more bullets than any mobster in existence; it's not that he's the only white man of influence in the Yakuza; it's not that his drug distribution is potent and effective; it's that he's the one people come to for information, having had centuries to examine the inner workings of governments, empires, and knowing just where to put the mole to get the most benefit.

Over the past year, Adam has gained wind, through his contacts of classified plans the US government has begun to enact regarding the fate of the Evolved. Similar to the Company of years past, the government has apparently deemed that it knows best when it comes to domestic terrorists (this label has been one Adam's seen over and over, so the government's thinly veiled plan to unconstitutionally imprison Evolved as terrorists doesn't throw him). Owning up to his mistakes and naivety of the past (the Company and their mission), Adam has temporary suspended his role as the mythical Kensei in the Japanese Yakuza to travel to America and investigate first hand…as well as explore opportunities to expand into an American market. All the better if he runs into Mr. Hiro Nakamura in his travels….


What a long, strange trip it's been…

Adam's Timeline


I've been dazed and confused for so long it's not true…

Adam's Relationships


I've got a secret I've been hiding under my skin. My heart is human, my blood is boiling…

Adam Monroe possesses the power of Rapid Cellular Regeneration (or just, Regeneration). This is the ability to regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes. The severity of the injury determines the speed of the recovery: Adam has demonstrated that, despite being caught in an explosion, he is capable of fully-regenerating, albeit, slowly, as shown by his body being charred for some time after the explosion. The power does not move displaced body parts back into their location, and requires Adam to move them back into position before they will heal (broken ribs, broken arms, rotated wrists, etc.). Following the loss of a limb (as much as an entire arm, as in show canon), the limb will regenerate, from the bone at the place where the limb was removed outward. The power does not keep one from bleeding, though they do rapidly regenerate the necessary blood. By intense concentration, once can use the power to repair memory damage caused by someone like the Haitian. Injecting the blood of a regenerator into another can cure them of their wounds, including nervous system damage. Because of the rapid regeneration of liver cells, Adam is physically unable to get drunk. Additionally, Adam has shown the power capable of elongating life to what is essentially an unlimited amount of time, halting the aging process from the point in time when the power first showed itself.


It's Just a Flesh Wound! - This is Adam's ability to heal rapidly from almost any injury. His wounds rapidly close, damaged organs repair themselves, bones rapidly knit, etc. In order for bones and other injuries to heal, they must be moved back into position, such as repositioning ribs or the like. Small projectiles and foreign objects can automatically be expelled, so long as the brain stem isn't compromised.

Your Arm's Off! - The ability to heal carries over to the loss of entire limbs. Toes, fingers, and even arms and legs can be regrown following injury. Toes and fingers grow back rapidly, with arms and legs slightly slower. Adam's ability is likely faster than Claire's in all aspects. This may or may not apply to severe loss of limbs, such as the entire lower body.

Bloody Mary - This is the ability for Adam's blood to be injected into others, causing them to rapidly heal from their injuries. The effect is temporary, and only lasts until they are healed. It can be used to resucitate the newly-dead, or grievously wounded, heal burns, restore nervous system damage, and reverse damage caused by memory manipulation.

Industrial-Grade Aloe - Adam's ability allows him to rapidly heal from severe burns. He can be caught near the point of detonation for something as powerful as a nuclear blast and because of the advanced nature of his powers, regenerate quickly enough as to emerge charred and scarred. Complete regeneration requires a longer period, depending on the severity. Burns caused by fires would heal nearly instantly, while severe burns caused by massive exposions would leave him charred for several days until he heals.

Pop and Lock It - Any broken bone must be set back in place manually before Adam's power will kick in. Often this results in an audible popping as bones are shifted and literally popped back into place. His regeneration rapidly begins to knit the bone back together resulting in the 'lock it' portion. If the bone has pierced skin as soon as the bone is pushed back through the skin will heal leaving the positioning up to experience and good guessing.

Highlander - The most extreme use of his ability, the rate at which his cells regenerate keeps Adam from aging beyond the physical state he was in when his power was activated. Though he's more than 400 years old, he still looks like a late 20-something. Being removed from his powers for any length period of time would cause his age to rapidly catch up with him, Dorian Gray style.


"Now, why don't you be a good little lapdog and go back to your dog house. I don't really want to have to hurt you and more than I have to."

"Why should I help a world that has kept me locked up for the last thirty years? When I could have been out there helping people. Think of the uses my regenerative blood could have."

"Good guy is such a subjective term."


  • Adam is an extremely accomplished sword-fighter, horse-rider, cavalry soldier, and military officer, owing to the significant portion of his extended life he spent as a soldier in various nations.
  • Hates children; left his second wife and their two children after he discovered he just couldn't stand the little buggers.
  • Accomplished gambler; if there's a poker or blackjack hand out there, he's probably seen it and tried playing it.
  • Lying, both doing it, and knowing when people are doing it. He's played and been played by too many people too many times to not have picked up this little gem. Also, he can do a bunch of different accents to make this even better.
  • Need a loan? Come see Adam. He's got a lot of cash; 300 or so years of savings will do that for a guy.
  • Classically educated, and speaks and writes fluently in English, Japanese, and French. He can communicate passably in German and Italian, but don't rely on him making sweet poetry in either language.


Led Zeppelin - "Dazed and Confused"
Ennio Morricone - "The Ecstasy of Gold"
Ennio Morricone - "For a Few Dollars More"
Meiko Kaji - "Urami Bushi"
Ten Years After - "I'd Love to Change the World"
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - "Sinister Minister"
Blue Oyster Cult - "Godzilla"
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - "Mr. Pinstripe Suit"
Disturbed - "Indestructible"
The Animals - "House of the Rising Sun"

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