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This list is meant as a jump-start for those who are having trouble coming up with an initial concept of their own. All ideas put down here are to be considered free for use — so keep that in mind before you add. And IF YOU APP FROM AN IDEA HERE THEN NOTE IT IN YOUR APP; we wouldn't want to leave used ideas sitting around to create confusion.

Character Ideas

Stuck for an idea? Check out this link! An amusing source of applying powers to every day life.

I Do My Own Stunts: A woman working in the entertainment industry as a stunt-person. Earns the big bucks for doing the most dangerous things, allowing footage to look even more realistic— sometimes because it is! How can she accomplish this? Her power is to create a thin layer of shielding, like a second skin, over her whole body. She can summon it to cover herself when she senses danger.

Unstoppable: A small statured girl that's always been a bit of a klutz finds that her inability to stay on her feet may come in handy when she finds out that she's Ability Positive. Her ability being that of Mobile Invulnerability, which makes her invulnerable as long as she's in constant motion. Whether she's jogging, out for a run or falling down a flight of stairs… she's the Juggernaut.

30 Minutes Or Less: Previously too lazy to hold a job, this person's development of the Superspeed ability has turned him/her into the most desirable delivery person around. Plus, getting the job done so fast allows for plenty of down-time to enjoy the pay raise. But the temptation of all these packages requiring the speediest delivery has become too much: this delivery wo/man has begun to open mail. The delivery business may not be half so fun as the one selling secrets.

Formula For Trouble: Abilities have created newly a whole new field in medicines and pharmaceuticals. The first person to break the font to the perfect drug could go down in history. But nothing is quite clicking! The government is cracking down on studies involving synthetic abilities, and nobody's seemed to be able to advance much since the first year of breakthroughs. An interesting field to both pursue and play on frustrations with. Potential plot hooks in the future.

Fight For Right: What is the government thinking? Oppression is becoming legal again! Maybe some people aren't going to stand for that! And these supposed peace-keepers are no better, parading around their abilities like services. Selling their bodies. Where there's social conflict, there's a need for activists to fight on either side. Space is developing for those with certain anti-government leanings. Potential plot hooks in the future.

Personal Trainer: With abilities out, plenty of people are going to start the trend of exercising those abilities, just like you would any muscle in your body. It could be a lucrative business to become adept at helping people do just that. Opens up contact with a variety of people, as well as exposure to lots of different abilities. Who knows; knowing where that many abilities can be found could also have further uses in the future, for the certain-minded individual.

If Symptoms Persist: Somebody who used to suffer from chronic depression discovers that it's always been a result of their ability— they're like an emotional leech. In order to become livelier, they must drain the good mood out of others around them. What would you do if, in order to feel the motivation to act during the day, you'd have to deprive any number of others of the same energy?

Discrimination Suit: Many jobs are starting to require registration checks, while other businesses are declining service to high risk level ability positives. Much of Los Angeles is facing discrimination, and possible loss of jobs, thanks to their outed abilities. Both being tested and having to go to work every day with that, or else trying to hide the fact that you're positive, could be an interesting conflict in such fields as medicine, law, and higher end business. Dire consequences! Stress and drama! Or, if you're out: harassment! Fighting for your right to work!

Study Buddy: One of the latest places to latch onto the opening possibilities is the classroom. Maybe a professor is attempting to legitimatize their idea for an ability related field of study. Maybe a student is trying to do a theses by interviewing Registered ability positives for how their life has changed, or, more science-minded, begging neighborhood clinics for some of their testing numbers. Options are nearly endless, just like the arguments one might face trying to justify these choices to academic peers.


These places have PC employees, and are open for more!

ACRU || The Abilities Crime Response Unit, a law enforcement task force focused around cases where abilities were used, and other emergencies.

The Speaker || A gossip news outpost, known for its secrecy in sources and reporters' identities.

NOW Network || An off-shoot of WB, much like its earlier sibling The CW, NOW features the latest in teen and up-coming programming.

Yonge, Levine & Ginsberg || The first law firm to really push staff that specializes in defending ability related cases. Works closely with ACRU.


These are more fully-fledged characters, either because they were used once in a scene, or they came out of someone else's backstory. If there is a contact name next to the idea, then CONTACT THIS PERSON before apping.

Name Concept PB(?) Contact
Nathaniel Osbourne Head of the Internal Affairs office in the Los Angeles jurisdiction aka Alvin's Boss. Jerk. Weasel. Selfish. Anti-ACRU. Anti-Evolved. Anti-Anyone-But-Himself. Favorite Word? "No." Mark A. Sheppard Alvin
Evelyn Stark The executive powerhouse of the NOW Network, heading up the home office in Los Angeles, California. She's tough, fair, and a total knockout. Will cancel a show just as fast as she'll risk everything on something she believes in. Salli Richardson Van
Good Little Girls Costars on the show Katie has suddenly usurped. Male or female. Similar concept to Gossip Girls. M/F in 20s Katie
Nightlife Cast & Crew of the NOW Megahit Nightlife. Males & Females of all ages available. Show is a cross between Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Supernatural and Buffy. Wide Open Van
Jenny Drama Jennifer Kent is the little sister of the insatiable Van Dallas. She actually wants to follow in his footsteps so bad that she wants to be bigger than he is. They love each other to death, but sibling rivalry always rears its ugly head. Not to mention that she keeps trying to steal his agent. Biggest. Entourage. Fangirl. Ever. Elizabeth Gillies Van
Julie Calhoun Mickey's bossy twin sister. A cool, calculating bitch. That HSM movie could've been a documentary about her younger years. She pulls the strings, and she is desperately needed lest Mickey be allowed to wander on his own. Fem version of Joel McHale Mickey
??? The person in the other car from Arthur's car accident. Whether by accident, on purpose, for later revealed plot purposes, harbinger of the future, asleep at the wheel, DUI… this person (could be existing or new character) ended Art's acting career. Is it you?! Arthur
??? Alvin's Biological Parent(s). Father, Mother or both that decided to give up their son to the Drake Family. Open to Evolved or Human. Have no real "ideas" about them, so open to discussion and plots. Wide Open! Alvin
??? Van's Sharky, Sultry, Seductress of an Agent. She may or may not be Evolved. But she is very good at getting what she wants. Whether that's for her clients or for herself? Who knows. Carla Gugino (?) Van

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