2007-08-07: DF: Advanced Methods


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Lee recruits Claudine to help rescue unEvolved from containment camps…

Dark Future Date: August 7, 2009

Advanced Methods

New York City

Lee wanted a meet with Claudine. They have some knowledge of what the other does to resist but, perhaps intentionally, have not crossed paths much, so that if either was captured they could not tell the authorities - even under torture, or telepathic scanning. So through intermediaries at Kitty's orphanage, Lee left a cautious message requesting contact - on her terms, at her discretion. This is where and when and how she wished to meet.

Considering the young Filipina often makes deliveries and checks up on the various kittens she's gotten close with, Claudine has indeed gotten the cautious message. The time is set for late evening in the tunnels near the orphanage. She would've told Lee just to meet her at the orphanage, and if he's there on time, he'll feel the rumbling of the earth as it shifts and moves due to her mental command.

A few moments later, she pops on out from a hole in the ground, wrinkling her nose as she dusts herself off. There's no way she's bringing someone she barely knows into her real tunnels, so this seemed like neutral ground. She takes in her surroundings, trying to find the person who wanted the meeting..
Lee is easy enough to find when he wants to be found. An aluminum baseball bat resting easily at his side is the only thing he carries that he normally doesn't have at the orphanage. Lee travels light. Very light. "Claudine." he says. "Over here. How are things?"

The voice causes her to turn and she spies the aluminium baseball bat at his side. She quirks a brow and studies the man carefully for a few moments and shrugs her shoulders. "That would be me, and they're all right I guess.." she says, approaching him tentatively.
Lee says, "Are you feeling any pressure on your cell from the Petrelli situation? I'm having to run all over creation putting out fires and trying to reassure everyone. It's a political disaster."

Claudine hrmms for a few moments as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red from embarassment. "He asked me to help with his little..venting. Unfortunately, I was at a completely different site terraforming once barren land into something arrable. If I would've known he was going to kill people, let alone innocents, I would've smacked him with a boulder or two.."

There's a bit of bitterness in her tone, as she sighs and runs her fingers through her hair. "So as for feeling pressure, I've sort of chosen to distance myself from Peter, unless he needs people smuggled, then well, I can do that.."

Lee says, "I talked to some people from his organization. They think it was a setup, that they were fed bad intel purposely. If that can be proven, it will go a long way towards helping things. We're cutting ties as a precaution, though." He nods to her, approving of her decision to do the same. "That last is what I wanted to talk to you about. We've got a big opportunity to get a /lot/ of people out of the containment camps, out of the country, in an organized fashion where they will be able to exert political influence safely from abroad. A whole lot of people. But we're going to have to mobilize anyone and everyone who has any experience with smuggling people. I know you do. And I can see your methods are pretty advanced."

"His wife seems to be wet for the President. Isnt it obvious she's the cause of the bad intel?" Of course, Claudine says this considering the public appearances Kate has made at a bunch of Nathan Petrelli events. It's clear from her disdain in her tone that she doesnt exactly approve of the whole thing. "And look, I'm not suppose to say this, but WELL DUH IT WAS A SETUP. Peter.."

And she scratches her head, sighing a little as she wrinkles her nose once more. "When he recruited me, he wanted me kept secret as to make sure that my part of the mayhem and destruction wouldnt get compromised. And when he said it, he said he knew there was a leak..so as to why he cant figure it out with his myriad of powers..makes me think it's his wife. He would never read her mind since he's a decent guy, even if he is a tool. Stupid slut needs to get owned."
Lee says, "I don't know that much about him. We have our own organization in the Alliance, our own goals, our own timetable, our own resources. I don't necessarily think having the President's /brother/ running a resistance cell is even remotely a good idea. That is just…beyond cliche. Far too trite for words. Thanks for the tip, though. So what do you think about helping us get some people rescued?"

"Well, you can consider yourself having two fully combat trained ex-Company agents at your side. And you'll also have two other little surprises as well. Just let me know when and where, and we'llbe there. I'm all about freeing some baselines, as long as I dont have to kill their guards. Incapacitate. Knock unconscious. Those I'm fine with..killing? Eh, not so much.." Claudine says matter of factly.

Lee says, "Our plans try to avoid killing as much as possible. A lot of those guards and stuff are conscripts or dupes. If we have to use deadly force we do, but we avoid it if we can. How big a group can you move, and how fast can you move them? I mean your absolute max. We're talking about a lot of people."

"I honestly have no idea." Claudine's never actually tried to extend herself with moving under the earth with a lot of people, so she truly has no idea what she's capable of. "Um.." and she pauses, scratching the back of her head, "If it helps, I can make volcanos?"
Lee says, "It certainly might help. Basically our issue is we have way too many targets. I was going to just give you a target to hit and have you make up your own plan. That way if something happens to me, I can't screw up whatever it was you were going to do. The issue is how big a target you and yours can handle. I mean, we've got VIP prisoner transport schedules with maybe three, four prisoners max, and there's a vulnerable camp with over five hundred potential escapees."

Five hundred?!? Her eyes widen as she hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip, wrinkling her nose for a few moments. "You group, what are y'all capable of? I..I've never moved over five hundred people before.." Claudine says matter of factly, not quite sure how she's going to do such a thing. "If you want us to take that camp, I can maybe take..fifty at a time for a bit. Dig underneath the camp and such.."
Lee explains, "We're organized, we have a top brass with nothing but brilliant strategies, and we just stole a giant pile of intel from the feds. I don't know if we can get that five hundred person camp, there may not be an organization that can do it. If fifty is what you can get at one go, I want to give you a target with fifty. The only way this works without a massacre - since the feds have hostages and quick response times - is if we hit and fade. We can't stick around. It's going to take crackerjack timing to pull this off."

"It's not that I cant free a camp of five hundred. It's just that I dont think I can pull a Moses and transport their butts all the way to Canada without having to kill some feds in the end. I'm fine with killing feds in self defense, but that's just…a lot." Claudine says, scratching her head as she hrmms for a few moments, more concerned that there's a vulnerable camp with that many potential escapees. "I think the only way we can take down that camp is if we pool our resources..but that requires a leap of faith from you..and me."

Lee says, "There's no way /we/ can get them out without splitting up families, and we're not willing to do that. It just makes for more refugees. Let's bite off what we can chew, Claudine. The Alliance brass want it a certain way and they're very good with strategies. Especially in this climate, if something goes wrong, we could lose a whole cell. You could lose your whole group. If people see a resistance group coming, they'll think 'Petrelli' and hit the alarm, even if normally they wouldn't. We can always go back for more /if/ we survive."

"Fifty, we can handle. I have my underground and I've made maps for refugees making their way to Canada. That is the number to where I can guarantee that it goes through smoothly without any deaths." Claudine says firmly and resolutely as she hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling her nose as she becomes lost in thought. "How many can you guys take at a time? Give me more than one target and we'll make sure they get to the north."
Lee says, "I'll give you two fifties and the day you have to hit each of them. They have to be hit within the /same week/, right at the end of the budget cycle, or else we won't be able to guarantee that backup will be late, that the guards will be under-trained, that the security systems will be cycling…so you and yours are going to be running hard all week. But if we combine you with some of our smaller teams, some trucks, some trains, hell, we even have a guy who can fly a couple out…it'll be mass panic at Homeland Security."

A wry and almost predatory grin curls onto her lips at the comment about HS. "Sounds good to me. We can hit 'em up, as long as they arent ridiculously far from each other. None of us teleport, lest we'd do it more often.." she admits ruefully and she hrmms for a few moments, pursing her lips. "If you need to give info, give it to Kitty. I'll take it from her.."

Lee says, "I will. Thanks for your help. It's going to help a lot of people."

"You're quite welcome. We'll see each other soon, hopefully. So dont die.."

With those words, the young Filipina opens up a hole in the ground and jumpsin…

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