2007-04-03: Adventures In Kirby Land


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Summary: Molly is moved to Kirby Plaza temporarily for her safety, and is bribed!

Date It Happened: 04/03/07

Log Title Adventures in Kirby Land

Kirby Plaza

Thursday is here, and that means time to shoo off and away from the apartment Namir was so kind as to lend to the Three M's. Instead of going home to the apartment, Mohinder directs his cab straight to Kirby Plaza. It's possibly a location Sylar will go to in order to find Molly. Yet, it's well guarded and it's temporary. Until a different security measure is approved and executed at least. As the car is parked, Mohinder cuts off the engine and looks to the passenger seat, "Molly.. I promise, this is only temporary. You will be with me. Matt can come and go as he likes. This will be different from your last stay."

As the cab pulls up to the familiar shape of the Kirby building, Molly eyes it warily. She remembers the last time she was here. It was before Mohinder and Matt and while she was a ward of the Company. While it wasn't really a /bad/ stay, she likes being in a family and this is certainly the opposite of that. Plus, this place doesn't have pets like Namir's did. "Where are we going to go after this? I just want to go home."

Mohinder reaches a hand out to smooth over Molly's head. "I know you do sweetheart, I do as well. I'm waiting to see what sort of security arrangement can be made." Matt and Suresh should be enough to keep the girl safe, but not from a madman like Sylar. It takes more than one evolved adult to stand up to him. "I got a few of your things from home. Your atlas, the elephant, a few books and your favorite clothes. No one will do anything to you here that we don't okay. You, Matt and myself."

When Mohinder pats of on the head, Molly is still looking out the window at Kirby. and then out at its plaza where The Fight happened those months ago. She sighs, trying to not be a pouty little girl while still being a little pouty. "Okay. Thanks. You'll stay with me, right?" Even though with all three of them, Kellie and Sylar still managed to kidnap Mohinder and Molly.

"That's right. I'll be with you. I still need to work, but you can stay with me. As for school, I can help you with your lessons.. or if you like, we can get a tutor." Mohinder tries to give Molly a reassuring smile. "Come on now, let's show you the rooms we'll be staying in." He gets out of the car and shuts the doors, locking them as he waits for Molly to exit the vehicle.

Molly frowns. This just keeps on getting worse and worse. First back to Kirby Plaza and now no school. Molly is one of those weird girls who /likes/ going to school. Now where is she going to play with her friends? "Alright." She gives her best smile to Mohinder, but it's obviously strained. Opening up the door, she slips out onto the sidewalk and closes it behind her. From there she follows meekly next to the geneticist.

Mohinder locks up Molly's side of the car and places a hand on her shoulder. He walks her into the building. "I don't like this any more than you do. School is healthy for you, but until we make sure nothing will happen to you there.. I'm sorry Molly." He looks down at the girl, apology all over his face. "Your things are already in our rooms, along with a surprise.. and Molly? We can call Niki and see if she will consent to having Micah come over for dinner." Small bribes yes, but he doesn't want his ward isolated from her age group completely.

"A surprise?" Molly is really quite easy to read. Surprises and the possibility of having friends over is enough to peak her interest. And possibly make her forget that she's about to go live in what is essential a military-like hospital temporarily. "And I'd like that. I want to tell Micah about what I thought of those comics we bought. And he said he'd let me borrow the 9th Wonder series." What with having fewer people to play with, she's probably going to need some more reading materials.

Mohinder chuckles at Molly. Keeping his hand on her shoulder, the pair go through security before making their way up to the accomodations granted them. "See, it won't be so bad. I want things to be as normal as they can be made for you." As for the surprise, he's not dropping hints for a change. "I'll go ahead and call Niki then." Seeing as getting her number is /not/ going to be a problem.

Molly takes in her surroundings. The last time she was in this building, they were fleeing from police and Sylar and everything. It's strange to be walking through the hallways again. "I know, Mohinder." She's /trying/ to be optimistic here. "I'm sure it'll be fun. Maybe there are some other kids here that are like me. And if not, we can go see Micah and Mrs. Sanders."

"There might be, and I think if there are, they'll be delighted to make friends with you." Mohinder doesn't doubt that one bit. Molly's easy to like. Once at their rooms, he unlocks the door with a keycard and lets Molly enter first. It's quite upscale in quality if plain on the inside. Think of it as a nice hotel room, in a high security building with a fantastic view of the city. One of the bedrooms is clearly Molly's. It's decked out none too differently from the one she stayed in before. Specifically tailored to a young girl's tastes. On the dresser however, sits Molly's surprise. It's a decent sized cage and within is a gray chinchilla kit snoozing amidst its bedding. There's a small box of supplies nearby for the animal and a guidebook to caring for the small rodents.

"You're biased." Molly wrinkles her nose at Mohinder, but the smile she gives him is genuine. Because she knows that he is, but she still likes the fact that he says things like that. Entering into their 'hotel' room, the young girl takes in everything. The living room, the view, and then she wanders into what is obviously to be her room. That's when she first glimpses the chinchilla. And she gasps. It's cute! And fuzzy! And /in her room/! This is too good to be true! "Oh my Gosh! What /is it/?" She's played with rats and cats and dogs before, but this animal is a completely different breed. "It looks like a weird rabbit! Or a /really/ big hamster!"

"Guilty as charged," Mohinder says with a smile, shutting the door behind him, the locks clicking into place. Laughing some, he follows after Molly into her room. "That is a chinchilla.. I thought about just a hamster or a guinea pig, but they don't live as long. Also, chinchilla's, if handled from an early age, don't mind human contact. A lot of rodent species such as rabbits, are skittish, nervous creatures. This is a male, I read their temperment is better for keeping as a pet. He's all yours."

Mohinder's little spoiling tactic certainly worked with Molly. Staying at Kirby plaza is /totally/ better than Namir's now. Because she has a /chinchilla/ /whatever that is/ and it's all hers! Ecstatic, she goes dashing over to the cage so that she can get a closer look at the little rodent that is to be her pet. "Ooh, I love him. He's so cute!" Then, after a little while of watching the sleeping pet, she goes running back to fly at the doctor. "Thank you Mohinder!"

"I thought you might like him. You took such a liking to the rats. I got you that book to get you started on caring for him. There's always the internet too." Mohinder explains, smiling all the while at Molly's excitement. "They require a little extra handling, but I think you'll do fine with him." He was half-expecting the flying hug received, but it still knocks him back a little as he catches Molly. There's an 'oof' as he catches and returns the fierce hug.

Molly squeezes Mohinder and then releases so she can go grab the book about chinchilla caring. This is something she will be reading through later. "That's okay! I'll take good care of him. I'll have to think of a name, too." That will come slowly once she realizes what kind of personality he has. "Hmmm." Tricky.

Mohinder smiles as he lets go of Molly. "Get acquainted with him then, I'll be in the living room." As his laptop is already set up and he has some work to do from this room. Yes, the animal was a bribe of sorts, but also a treat to help the girl from feeling too lonely here and afterwards.

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