Adventures Of Amazonia

Adventures of Amazonia was an unsuccessful underground comic title created by Mary Jones in the late seventies and early eighties.


Judy Amazonia was a "globe-trotting adventurer" who got into scrapes with evil ancient civilizations, evil government agents, evil alien conquerers, and evil ex-boyfriends.

Mary intended for the title to be a flagship for her underground comic publishing service, i.e. a top-of-the-line mimeograph machine in her apartment. She had recently married longtime friend Billy Jones and they had a dream of having their own comic company. This was to be the start.


Reception of the first few issues was mixed at best. Although Mary was a talented artist and letterer, the dialogue was stilted, and one of the main reasons the underground comic movement got underway was because most participants were tired of superheroes. And when it became clear that the issues were formulaic - Judy stumbles into trouble, Judy investigates, Judy is put in peril, Judy gains new superpower and conquers bad guys - nobody really cared. Mary's obsession with making Judy more and more powerful made her an early example of a Mary Sue subspecies. By the end of the 12 issues that Mary created, Judy had gone from a two-fisted world traveler battling smugglers to a super-strong, super-smart, flying, invulnerable, telepathic goddess battling evil alien gods. Where could she go from there that anyone would care about? In addition, a creepy sexual undertone to Judy's constant power-growth turned off the largely male audience.

Since she owned the mimeograph machine and the promotional part of Amazonia was successful, Mary could afford to print a lot of copies, most of the later copies of which are still shoved in cardboard boxes in the back of The Secret Lair, unsold. Really of interest only to completists and aficionados of the movement, copies regularly go on eBay for only a few dollars. You can buy a copy of the complete run at the Lair, if you are so inclined, for twenty dollars total. It really is terrible.


Mary based Judy partly on her own (youthful) appearance, which means that she also looks a bit like Nima. More obvious is the fact that Judy's initially wimpy boyfriend Chad is based directly on Billy's appearance, so (until Chad becomes a rampaging superstrong Hulk-like monster and then a superstrong Hulk-like sidekick) he's easy to identify.

mary Mary Jones, later in life.
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