2007-11-07: Advertising In The East Village


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Summary: Handing out fliers in the East Village brings two people together…

Date It Happened: November 7, 2007

Advertising In The East Village

Downtown, NYC - East Village

With as much success as he has been having today, Tyson decided to go onward and even try to put up some posters in the East Village. A lot of businesses weren't really all that interested in putting up something advertising public brutality… but people were glad to take them. At any rate, here he is.

Public brutality probably isn't something that Peter's expecting when he steps out into the street, dressed adequetely for the weather and moving in the direction of the bookstore where he worked— right up until his sudden fall into sickness. There's a few things in the office he needs to get, but he catches sight of a teenager handing out flyers in the direction he's heading and ends up making eye contact— the universal sign for 'yes, I'm an easy mark, hand me the flyer'.

Catching eyes with the passing man, Tyson saw that he was curious and moved to get the message out to an eager being. "Hey, take this!" He said holding it out to him so he could take it, "They've got pretty much anything you could want, even if you don't want to fight or even watch the fights. Still though," Tyson chuckles, raising a fist jokingly, "The fights are the best part…"

There's a look of confusion, but Peter stops his walk to take the flyer, looking at it. "Fights aren't really my…" he trails off, as if he's getting a thought, suddenly more than a little interested. The lines of the flyer would normally gain an answer of 'no' from this man, but… "When do these happen?" Someone's at least a little interested.

"There's always some sort of fight going on. You gotta get a license, but they cover that in dues, and the money's real good to begin with." Tyson nodded, feeling the need to keep on unless the guy had any more questions.

"I'll probably check it out. Do you think it'd be okay if I asked to watch a few fights before I sign up, though?" Peter asks, folding up the flyer so he can stick it into an interior pocket of his jacket.

"Certainly, just make sure you read the Brawler's Code." Tyson warns taking a couple more steps down the street. "They're more like formalities, but people get angry if you break one." He winces a little with what happened just the other day. "I guess I'll see you there some time." Tyson ended, continuing on deciding to enter the Secret Lair hoping to catch someone about putting up a flyer inside…

"I'll read them, don't worry, thanks," Peter responds, not even getting the young man's name as he starts to move away. Like he said, they'll probably be seeing each other again soon, leaving the young man to his flyer handing out as he continues toward the bookstore.

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