2007-10-01: After School Special


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Summary: Having your father pick you up from school isn't always a bad thing.

Date It Happened: October 1, 2007

After School Special

Too Expensive School for Gifted Children

The sounds of children laughing and playing echo through the courtyard of one of the private schools in New York. Shouts, screams, and shrieks echo around as school is let out for the day. At the gated entrance, several of the teachers gather to ensure that the students make it safely to either the bus or their parents cars. Among those children is a curly black haired kid named Micah. "Thanks for the science lesson today Ms. Jameson." he says, grinning at the teacher before passing through the gate and scanning around for his mother's car.

Niki's car, whatever she's driving these days, is nowhere to be found. Instead, probably standing where the car is usually parked, is a tall black man that should look very, very familiar to the young Sanders. It's D.L. and he's got that crazy big grin of his plastered all over his face. He just stands there, holding a large bag from Game Giant and doesn't even dare shout Micah's name. He'd much rather watch his son and wait for the little one to notice the fact that his father, his dead father, is standing there… waiting to pick him up.

Micah steps past the gates and onto the sidewalk, adjusting the laptop he carries in his backpack on his back. Such a long day at school, he really should just change his grades in the school computer and be done with it. Deep brown eyes scan the row of cars along the sidewalk until they come to where Niki's car is almost always parked. Except….it's not there. A puzzled expression comes over his face as he fails to recognize the car, but the person standing by the car….

"D…dad?" Micah stutters, coming to a stop dead in his tracks. He knows there are other 'special' people out there, so maybe this is one that can duplicate the appearance of other people. Is it a trick…or is it real?


D.L.'s already on his way to meet with the dead-stopping tracks of his son. The Game Giant bag is pulled along with, though he still seems to be quite hell bent on dropping down to his knees before the little smart aleck. A look into the eyes of this man will probably show Micah that this is, indeed, his real, ALIVE, father and that's all there is to it. Honestly.
There's hardly any time for him to think about anything else. Or to even give Micah a chance to believe his face. Because he's letting go of the bag and slinging his arms to wrap around his son in a squeezing hug of protection.

"DAD!!!!" Micah shouts, getting the visual confirmation that it is indeed his father. If he could move any faster, the backpack he is carrying would be left in the dust as he starts sprinting towards D.L. Halfway there tears start coming out of the boy's eyes, as he almost literally throws himself into the awaiting arms. "Oh my god!" is all he can muster as the goes to return the hug with just as much enthusiasm. There's so many questions, so many things he wants to ask. But for the moment he's overjoyed to see his father alive.

Maybe squeezing a little too tight or something, D.L. doesn't seem like he's about to let his son go. Ever. Being an older guy, he can manage to keep his emotions in check, thus the lack of tears in his happiness. But he's got his eyes closed while holding Micah close to his body. "I missed you so much, Micah." His words are a little choked up, but that's what happens when you're 'dead' for months and don't even get to see your child. "I'm never leavin' you again, you hear me? Never again."

Well, guess what? Micah's not letting go anytime soon either judging by the strongest hug he can muster with his scrawny arms. "I thought you were d….dead." Micah sobs, his head resting on D.L.'s shoulder. Tears stream from his eyes and are probably making the fabric of his father's shirt damp. "We even went to the funeral." And that's when memories come back and his voice turns angry. His little hands clench up into fists. "I saw the coffin. I watched them bury you." A little more flow on the water works, son. "How…" no, wait, better question, "…why would you do that to me and mom?"

"Not my choice, Micah. I didn't do it on purpose. I just… it's complicated." D.L. finally pulls back, placing his hands on Micah's shoulders to hold onto the boy and stare into his face. He's telling the truth. No more lies from the father. Or he's learned how to lie really well. Could be a little of both. "But it's all taken care of. And it's over. And everything's gonna' be just fine, from now on." And now he's reaching down for the bag. The Buy Micah Off Gift. "And! I gotcha' a little somethin'." Hope he likes Microsoft!

Micah relaxes his fists and tries to get a hold on the tears as he looks straight into his father's eyes. Of all the times for his father not to be a Terminator. At least then he could tell if he was lying or not. But as much as he's been told everything was going to be ok in the past and it wasn't, the emotions override everything else. He nods his head lightly. "Ok dad." he says, wiping his cheeks with the backs of his hands. And who says Micah can be bought off with some gift? But it does lighten the boy's spirits and he cracks a wide smile. "You did?!" he asks, putting aside everything else. For now, anyways. Feelings will be reconciled later.

D.L. fumbles a little with the bag, before sliding it down over the box of XBOX 360 ELITE EDITION. The most expensive one. "I figure you might want something to do after you finish off your homework." D.L.'s working whatever fatherly magic he can, at this moment, so that he can stay in the good graces of his son. Since, y'know, he's not dead any more. "Well, that and I wanna' beat you down in some Fight Night…"

"Whoa!" Micah exclaims, fighting hard the urge to reach for the box. "An Xbox 360. ELITE! The one with the big hard drive and everything." Oh yeah, you can bet it's going to be taken apart and put back together at least once in it's lifetime. Oh, and the fatherly charm is working. Thanks Microsoft! Micah reaches out to hug his father tightly. "Thanks dad! But don't think I'm going to let you off easy on Fight Night."

"Haha!" D.L.'s laughing and shoving the box back down into the bag, whilst he grabs Micah around the waist with his other arm. "We'll see about that." Smiling still, he's pushing up to his feet and hoisting the bag right up onto his shoulder. "Aight. Let's go. We're supposed to meet your mother at the pizza place down the street from home. A little… coming home dinner for dear ol' Dad."

Micah rolls his eyes at D.L.'s response. "Come on dad. Unless you've been practicing while you were gone, I think we all know who is going to win." Overconfident much? His eyes follow the bag for a moment as he grins. Could this really be the chance he's been hoping for to have a normal family? It might. Only time will tell. But until then, Micah's just glad to have his dad back. "Pizza!" he shouts, almost bouncing in place. "If it's the one I think it is, they have great banana splits at the ice cream shop next to it."

"Yes, Micah. We can go for ice cream too." D.L. says, playfully reaching over to mess with curls in his son's head. Since, well, the little dude's trying to be a con artist or something. Whatever the case, it seems to be working. Either that or D.L.'s just really, really glad to be back home and preparing for having a nice, normal life once more. Hopefully.

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