2007-08-04: After Words


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Summary: After rescuing their Angel, the Saints try to get back to some semblance of not-quite-normalcy.

Dark Future Date: August 4, 2009

After, Words

Saints HQ

Sleep is overrated. Maybe a little too overrated. Prime is where he's going to be until things are normal again. As, well, normal as they can be. A new place provided by the endless money of Eric Lancaster has been provided. The medbay's not far from the entrance and that's where Prime sits in all of his originality. Well, actually, he's more kneeling on the floor, head laying next to Elena's on the bed and with one arm draped protectively over her. In that hand is his jPhone, which still makes the iPhone look like a paperweight. That's the thing he used to inform his Mom that his Angel was home. Is he asleep? Probably not. Moreso just resting and protecting his girl from the whole world. And any one that may try to hurt her while she recovers…

It takes Candy a little while to get there. She tries to take every back alley she can to avoid curious HSers, or whatever they're called, and a pink Cherokee is not the most discreet of vehicles. That, and she got a little lost, but in the end, she's there. But finally, the familiar clip-clop of high heels against the ground signals her arrival, and she looks around in wonder. Oh, she's seen nice things in her life, no doubt about it, but not for a little while now. Candywasteland is home and all, or was, but it wasn't the most comfortable nor private of places. But this. Colour her impressed.

She spies Jaden, and tries to quietly walk over. She's dressed in a flamboyant gold skirt and a plainer black tank-top, glitzy handbag slung over a shoulder. When she sees the position of Prime draped over and beside Elena, she makes an 'awww' face. AWWW. Then she forgets she was being quiet because she gives a small, happy, "Eee!" Because Elena is back!

Prime's hand goes up and his finger is raised! It clearly would say SHUT UP! if this were a cartoon or something, but since it's not, Candy probably can get the gist of it. Prime then slides himself away from Elena's bed and quietly gets up to his feet. "Hey." Now that his mother's here and such, he holsters the jPhone. Having to give her directions (LIKE NINE TIMES) had him just keeping the phone out. He sighs a bit, looking back over his shoulder and to his Angel. "She's resting." Definitely stating the obvious, but for no reason. Anyone with two eyes (Sorry, Ramon!) can see that Elena's in need of some dire rest.

Candy stops eee'ing mid-eee, hand fluttering to her mouth in an 'oops' fashion, before her hazel-greeny eyed gaze rests on the sleeping Elena. "I can see that," she whispers, and it's a definite stage-whisper, which is actually probably louder then a quiet talking voice. She steps closer to touch Prime's arm in an affectionate squeeze. "What happened to her?"

"Passed out, I heard. This is what happens when I trust them to get her to safety while I check on KITT." There's no animosity in his voice, but he's just a little ticked that they let her pass out. Not that they could've done anything. Or he could've done anything. He just doesn't like the fact that Elena gets hurt… at all. "She'll be fine, though. Just needs to rest." He moves with over to the chair that he's been using to keep guard, just inside the door and he leans against the arm of it. "We're all back together now. But I think we freaked Spidey out."

"Looks like we are," Candy murmurs, before turning away from Elena to face her sonthing, grasping the strap of her handbag a little nervously. Why is she nervous? Who the heck knows. There's generally a lot to be nervous about anyway. She lifts a hand to gesture around her in a small circular motion. "This place," she says, still doing her loud-whisper voice for the sleeping beauty in the room. "Is this home now?" Pause. "Who is Spidey?"

Prime and Candy are, well, they're doing that thing where they talk at the door of Elena's room. Because Prime refuses to leave. If anybody's going to keep her protected it's going to be the Dark Knight. They have matching codenames for crying out loud! Anyway, he's leaned against the chair just inside the door, which is open so others can come by or peek in or look to see him there with all of his worried face on. "This is where the Saints'll be staying. I can't live here." More like he won't live here. "Spidey's the Peter from the Past. I call him that because there was this one arc with Madame Webb and Mephisto and…" Prime realizes he's about to just go off on a tangent. "Nevermind."

It's early. Ish. And Trina looks a little haggard as she makes her appearance among the small gathering of adopted family in the tattered jeans and plain black tee shirt from last night, but at least her face is clean and her hair is brushed. But there was a real bed last night! A REAL BED, NOT A FUTON. While it may not be readily apparent, the mechanic is overjoyed by this development. There are other things that prove problematic. That would not be one of them. In her hands, there is a cup of coffee that sends its beautiful tendrils of steam into the air, accompanied by that blissful aroma. Late night coffee. Real bed shared with her man. Early morning coffee. Heavy ceramic coffee mug that isn't even *chipped*. Elena home. Best morning that there's been in a good long time. As she approaches that doorway, the black haired woman doesn't say anything. Instead, she offers a good morning smile, lulled into a beautiful silence by the worshipful coffee.

So they will be staying here. Oh em gee. Candy suppresses another "eee", contenting herself with clapping her hands - palms not actually touching, but it's the thought that counts. "This is wonderful. I could do so much with this place. Do you know how hard it is to decorate the Wasteland? There's only so much good a few throw cushions and shag rugs can do with a basement." Then, the smell of coffee, which has Candy turning her head to see Trina, who gets a warm smile and a finger-waggling wave. "Morning!" Yes, still maintaining the stage-whisper voice.

The sound of more footsteps round the corner, followed very shortly by someone making those footsteps. Eric in fact, without the jacket he wore last night. He comes walking down the hallway, the shoulder rigs for a pair of pistols easily seen and as well as a second set of holsters. He dosn't even seem to notice them. In fact he looks like he hasn't slept yet, though he did get his arm patched up at least. In either hand is a coffee mug. Both are steaming, one is all black with the symbol of the Caped Crusader on it in yellow, and the other is a picture of Ryu from Street Fighter punching his way though a wall. Wordlessly he walks past Trina and Candy, and hands the Batman mug through the door towards Prime. "…coffee." He mutters towards his once and future friend.

Seems all is once more right in the world.

He sips from his own mug after Prime gets his sloooooowly realizing that there are other people around. Blink. Blink blink. "…morning?"

Prime doesn't even seem to really look as he reaches out to grab the coffee mug. Seems neither him or Eric actually slept, but that's because they both have this crazy caring thing going on. Prime pulls the coffee inside and gets to sipping on it, not that it actually does anything. He's awake enough from all the adrenaline still pumping through his body. He looks from Candy to Trina and then turns his attention back to Elena's body. His focus will always remain there. He's practically a stalker. "She doesn't go anywhere alone ever again." This could be a 'told you so' style thing to Trina but… maybe not! Hm.

As Trina is greeted by Candy, the grease monkey offers a tiny wiggle of thin, dexterous fingers back over a sip of coffee before returning her hand to the Very Important Task of holding her cup, all beautiful and warm against the early morning cool of air conditioning. Hey, there. When Eric slips by, she simply moves out of his way and then offers a small nod to him as well. 3 AM missions, after all, are lame, and there is still much actual waking up to do. She is about to return to her silent bliss… when work encroaches on her morning. There's an arch of a shaped eyebrow, rosy, unpainted lips pursing contemplatively. "Princess here?" She is very intently trying to ignore what Prime is saying. It's not worth picking a fight right now.

No coffee for Candy. Well! She already had some. Well no, she woke up, applied the face, and came here, but that's okay too. When Eric comes in, she too simply steps back, and raises her eyebrows at him in reply, a smile dimpling her features. "Wow, everyone's pretty tired, huh?" she says out loud, abandoning her whisper voice, a hand coming up to absently fix her hair, which by the way, is bomb today. In the good sense of the word. Not the— nevermind. "Princess is," she says to Trina, with a quick nod. "Jack mentioned it! Good! She— I'll let you wake up first." A little awkward, not entirely missing the tension.

Yes. 3 AM missions are indeed lame. Eric slumps against the doorframe as he sips his coffee, trying to retain some kind of thought process. Its hard after all this, he already was exhausted…but now he's getting beyond exhausted. In a moment or two he'll start seeing little green men running up and down the walls. Thats not good at all. However he does take a moment to roll his eyes at Prime. Is he trying to start a fight? He'll let it slide for now though, well beyond a bit of a nudge and a shake of his head. Now ain't the time for that sort of talk man. A blinks though before he covers a yawn with his hand and smiles towards Candy. "…yeah. Been a long night. How you like the place?" He finally manages to find his voice to ask the pair of ladies.

Stains of grease, oil, and other fluids stain his face and his windbreaker, but Gene finally is able to call it a night. Or rather calls it a morning. While he'll have to trouble check his work when he wakes up, he's made it a policy to run over all vehicles after a mission. Not only does it ensure there's no tracking devices or the like to let Homeland trail them home, but it lets him fix and gas up the rides in case they have to make a swift departure. Gene has always been one to be wary and prepared for the worst; this fearful time only makes that a valued aspect of his personality.

Still wearing his windbreaker and jeans from the night before, Gene walks down the hallway. He wasn't able to make the tour and the necessity of his work easily let others be dissuaded to be pulled away. Coming down one of the hallways, Gene continues to look around, pausing as he sees the conversation down the hallway. He glances around as he sees the people talking, clearly looking for a way around or the least intrusive way through.

Maybe it just needed to be said! It's not always about a fight starting! It's about making rules and sticking to them! But then, well, he's not exactly the Boss. If he were, they'd all have been dead. He's not the smart one either. He's just, y'know, the comic relief and manual labor and… the list goes on and on and on and on and then a little more on. Prime pushes away from the door now, since there's a crowd gathering there and moves off to retake his place next to Elena's bed. Dropping to one knee, again, he takes another sip of his coffee and takes Elena's hand. "Just sayin'." is muttered under his breath. Geez. Have a cow, much, people.

"I like it fine, sugar," Trina offers in Eric's direction with a tried smile. It's taking everything in her to not just lay into Prime at that bedside, and the way her eyes narrow into frustrated little slits every time she glances in his direction is no coincidence. Obviously, her little 'everyone is equally expendable' speech didn't sink in as well as she would have liked, and hell, Jack likely would have taken the very opposite part of that spectrum. That everyone was equally non-expendable. In the end, however, the two views are so opposite to each other that they meet again and become virtually the same point. Trina is just a little more pessimistic about it. Besides that, it's not like the mission wasn't Elena and Jack's idea TO BEGIN WITH. Why does she have to be the bad guy? She didn't make the damn call.

"'m awake," Trina replies after a sharp sniff as she tears her eyes away to look at Candy once more with a transparent, superficial smile. "He said somethin' about a speed issue? What's she doin'?" Coffee is lovely and distracting, so then Trina puts her attention there, watching the cup as she brings it up for another sip Gene is simply given a polite sidestep, Trina moving to clear his path by hugging the wall and casually leaning against it with a shoulder. Well, that and a "Good work this morning," as he draws near.

"Just when she goes fast," Candy says with a nod, though she's not actually looking at Trina, perfectly shaped eyebrows furrowed as she watches Prime walk away. "She starts doing like a shudder and I'm worried about accelerating her in case she— explodes, maybe. I think I've taken her through too much broken ground at the Wasteland, not sure." She breaks her attention from her son and her Jeep, to smile again at Eric. "It's great. Bare, though, I'll need to brighten it up. Drapes and…" Immediately, she stage-whispers, "Is he okay?" She tilts her head to Prime, and apparently thinks that whispering loudly? Really is effective. Caught up in juggling all these different ideas, she doesn't quite notice Gene - Candy only has so much of an attention span, really.

Obviously. However Eric glances at his friend as Prime walks away towards Elena's bedside. He sighs slightly and nods once towards the Mom of the group. "…he'll be fine. He's just worried about Elena, just like the rest of us." He says softly before he gives her a wry smile. "He'll be fine," Or as fine as anyone can get in a time like this. Shaking his head he turns his head to look towards Gene before he grins once towards the techy. "…you look about like I feel." He says towards the other young man.

"Thanks… Nice driving" Gene offers to Trina as he finally decides that moving through is the only way to go. He works hard to avoid getting close to Candy, pretty sure she doesn't want car fluids all over her. As he moves toward Eric, he shrugs. "Long night, but you know me Been doing that before the city went to hell. Everything's ready to go. Unless we are doing something else, I'll see about tune-ups and checking the security around here after I get some shut eye." He glances over toward Elena while he's talking, finding a space of wall to get some rest. He rubs his left leg around the mid thigh area, supporting as much weight as he can on his right leg as he does. Gene doesn't ask for Elena's status. After all, she's resting and if something were wrong, everyone would be shrieking about it.

"Sounds like the alignment. You get the system checked out, Gene, and I'll take care of the fleet. It'll get the work done faster." Hopefully this new garage has the bits and pieces she needs to be able to easily do the work. She hasn't gotten a chance to actually *look* at it yet with any closeness, and she was just as tired and oblivious as everyone else by the time they actually got here. That's why she finally tilts her head towards Eric, eyebrows arching expectantly. "There a lift down in that garage of yours?" And, for the record, Trina, like Gene, is not overly worried about Elena. The kid will be fine. Just needs a bit of recoup time, s'all. The fine nuances of medicine are lost on her, and thus she is just left to assume that, because Gomez is in the medbay, she will be just hunky dory.

OH WHOOPS a Gene. With a fluttery smile, and a slight nose wrinkle because he's a bit dirty, Candy dances back a few steps, holding her handbag protectively because it's the only awesomely sparkly one she has. "I hope so," she says, of her son, but for now? For now she decides to leave him alone. Sometimes, she knows when to uncling and let it be. She squeezes Trina's arm in thanks, then takes out the keys from her backpack and hands them to the mechanic. "Take your time!" she trills. "I'm going to go explore this place. I have all kinds of ideas!" She. She gets bored easily. With a finger waggle of a wave to the group, Candy goes off to do just that, leaving Prime alone to brood and the Saints to recollect.

"Actually its on this floor…the garage is at least," Eric replies with a slight smile. "Down the left and there should be a set of double doors that lead to the main garage bay. All the tools you need should be around and if you need any other parts I can get them I'm betting." He smirks slightly. "…amazingly enough I have an eletronics company, two weapon development companies, and other various and sundry things on my payroll. Funny how that happens." A grin before he shakes his head slightly. "…yeah though…long night for everyone." A pause before he adds. "Oh, the lift down to the lab is just past there."

Blinking a moment Eric looks mildly owlishly towards Trina. "…oh…wait…um…you mean the car lift." He runs a hand over his face. "…should be one in the back corner near the wall for the small things, and you can get to a panel near the door for a big one that should be able to lift the Peral without the trailer."

Gene walks in, woman walks out. Story of Gene's life, but at this point, he doesn't mind. After all, he doesn't expect to really live much longer than five years. After all, this is high risk work and unlike many in this desperate time, he's fighting to protect and change, not survive and kill. "Works for me… Just be careful with the stuff we've talked about before. This aren't your usual cars anymore." He glances over toward Eric for a moment with a quirked brow at a certain keyword. "Labs?"

For all intents and purposes, Prime is still brooding. He's listening to what's being said behind him, but has nothing to add to the conversations. He's too busy drinking his coffee and staying in position to make sure he's the first thing Elena sees when she wakes up. Not stalker-y. Honest.

As Candy offers her thanks and car keys, Trina just smiles a little smile before plunging the keys into her back pocket. "No problem." And then Eric gives directions to the lift. "Thanks, darlin'." To the room at large, she excuses herself from their presence to deal with the not ordinary comment. She's learned better than to get into a 'you've told me that a million times already' argument with someone infinitely more skilled than her in the matter. "I better get started. Yours'll be done 'fore hers, Prime, so you can make that appointment of yours." And, with only that and no word of goodbye, the mechanic makes her way off, dark hair swishing against her back.

Eric waves towards Trina. "See you around…" He calls before glancing over his shoulder at Prime and Elena. He sighs and shakes his head slightly. He wants to be here when she gets up…but as it is he can hardly keep his legs under himself. He pauses before muttering. "…I'm gonna go take a shower. Maybe that'll wake me up." A glance then at Gene before he gives him a grin. "…of course labs. I have toys for everyone else you think I'd forget you. Latest in all types of building technology from three different companies. Its yours, you can use it and change it how you like. Robotics and electronic stuff mostly, but there is a biology section as well. Feel free to go take a look at it…whenever…if you need anything else I'll get it." He stifles a second yawn though before grinning sheepishly. "…though right now you'll have to excuse me. I need to go try to wake up." And with that he turns and starts to stroll slowly away from the little group.

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