Aidan Telford
Portrayed By Greg Rikaart
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 18th, 1989
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Addy (gotta love dumb childhood pet names)
Place of Birth New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Current Location Primatech Paper
Occupation Agent for The Company (Secret, not known)
Known Relatives Eric Maxwell (father; deceased), Rebecca Telford (mother), Drake Maxwell (half-brother, but don't tell him yet. It's a surprise. )
Significant Other This requires that you be of the social variety.
Known Abilities Metallokinesis
First Appearance ???

Welcome to Aidan. He's not just another 'poor abused kid'.. okay, maybe he is. But, don't tell him that. He doesn't take kindly to being called kid. Or poor. Or helpless. Or just, well, just leave him alone. He really doesn't like conversation anyway.


(( Please Note! Most all of this is NOT common knowledge. ))

18 years ago, when Eric Maxwell first bumped into Rebecca Telford, it was when they were both working for The Company. He was an up and coming evolved with the power of telekinesis, and she was nothing more than a glorified paper pushing secretary for one of the medical divisions. While true, Eric was married to another at the time, the rush of his first completed, and successful mission, combined with a bit too much alcohol at a congratulatory party landed the pair of them in a seedy hotel a few blocks away from the bar he, and a few friends gathered at. It was that night in which Aidan was conceived, and Eric Maxwell's life would be forever changed.

Eight months later, Eric, and Rebecca had a falling out over an argument about what to do with the child. Neither parent wanted to accept responsibility, and Eric could not tell his wife. She was not aware of his career within Primatech's concrete walls, nor was she aware of his evolved talents. Bringing a child home would complicate things. Unfortunately, things got complicated anyways after Rebecca called Mrs. Maxwell at home, telling her that she was sleeping with her husband, and that she was pregnant with his child. Women can be so wicked it seems. The conversation later that night was full of anger, tears, and calamity as Eric tried his best to repair his marriage, trying everything from excuses to roses. If only he knew that his wife was also a few weeks pregnant herself, a secret she was not about to let him in on. In her mind, he didn't need to know. Kicked out of the house and sent packing, Eric returned to the Company a broken man.

A month later, Aidan was born, having taken the last name of his mother, Telford, and was being raised by the young secretary from within the Company's walls. Early testing proved that the infant had inheirited his father's quirk genetics. Eric was elated of the news, and was ready to jump into fatherhood. That was, until the fates above stepped in, and only allowed Eric to have minimal interaction with the child as the years progressed. It seemed that Aidan, near the age of five, was showing off exceptional progress as a Metallokinetic, and while very immature, took to his gifts like a duck to water. It seemed that Aidan was able to manipulate, and warp metal in multiple ways, and by the age of ten, he was at a level where most adults in the Company were at, showing off exceptional control, and creativity. Eric, despite not having as strong a hand in his child's raising as he wished, admired, and encouraged his son during their part time visits to continue pushing himself. While Eric spoke of Great Power and Great Responsibility, Aidan's handlers had a different idea in mind, and started to train him in various forms of fighting techniques, looking to hone his powers in a more deadlier fashion. Eric was not amused.

Not approving of these new turn of events, Eric entered into a meeting with his superiors, in which he protested heavily in how his son was being trained. However, they assured him that what they were doing was for the best of the company. If he didn't like it, they could always take his memories of his son away, and he would no longer be a concern. Angered, Eric stormed out of the meeting with rage, and intent in his eyes. If he knew that a telepath was assigned to monitor him from afar, he may have been more careful with his thoughts - he planned on taking Aidan away from the facility and to go on the run, hoping to hide both himself and his child safely away until he could figure out a future for the two. Unfortunately, when his plot was uncovered he was tracked down, and despite a spectacular battle in which his rage-fueled powers ended the lives of a few evolved agents as well as a number of normals, Eric was inevitably, and permenantly, removed from the picture. He may have actually got away with it and escaped, if it wasn't for the tall, imposing black man which turned his powers off, and allowing the bullets to finally penetrate through his shield, and slay him in front of Aidan. Soon after, the child's memories of the event was erased, and he was told his father was killed in a mission, in which he died as a hero. To this day, Aidan remains oblivious.

When Aidan turned seventeen and became a fully established Agent of the Company, he took to his job new job with a fierce relish, reveling in the chance to track other evolves down for bagging and tagging, and became rather well known among his peers to take his determination to sometimes unnerving and violent heights. He found himself loving a good fight, and was an exceptional brawler himself. Some about the company would even say that he was a bully, and enjoyed what he did a bit 'too' much. It was this time that he found out he had a half brother out there, when Drake Maxwell was first taken to the Company after Elle brought him in. At the time, not even the Company knew that Drake was Eric's son, that is, until the genetic tests came back, and found a perfect match to the telekinetic. Outstanding! What a find! Not just one but -two- sons from the powerful psychic. After sticking him with the isotope, cleaning the mental slate, and sending him on his way, they planned on following his movements from afar, quiet and overall unobtrusive. For now. Aidan, however, was less than pleased to know that his father had another child out there, and that he didn't know about it. He felt betrayed, and angered, and wanted to get to know this young boy who was suddenly stealing his spotlight and, in some backwards way, his identity aswell. From there, he studied the Maxwell child's file, and he replayed the video of his now forgotten questioning over and over again until he could all but quote it word for word. He studied the reports in which Claudine handed over in regards to his half brother becoming a 'super hero', and even went so far as to follow him around school a few times, watching him interact with his friends.

It became something of an unhealthy obsession for Aidan as he quietly followed even Omega's movements through the cities, watching him take down 'bad guys', and beat up drug dealers and rapists. He would never admit that he once saved his brother's life during one of his first missions, in which Drake did not see a gunman behind him. The thug found himself with his throat sliced open from a well placed blade from behind, drug into the alley his killer was hiding in. If anyone was going to be putting a hurt on Drake, it will be Aidan - a vow he fiercly intends to uphold. This was not fair. He was the one who worked hard his entire life to be an Agent with a purpose, and now, he suddenly has a brother who's show boating, and looking to risk everything that the Company has tried to protect. After learning that Bob told the others to put a hold on Drake, and to quit following him, Aidan quietly decided that he will take things in his own hands. The hunt began to track down his wayward sibling, the metallokinetic slipping off, fully aware 'guard-dogs' had been sent to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't get too… enthusiastic… in his little side project.


Aidan was never a terribly social child. Likely, even if he had lived a normal life, he wouldn't have been the popular kid on the block. If he had it his way, he'd be the kid the others gave their lunch money to, or 'loaned' out their bike or favorite toy. His native selfish streak was never really reined in early, and as a result, it flourished, especially under the indivisible attention of his handlers. He was their world, unusual as a world as it was, but it was all the boy ever knew. And it belonged to him, and him alone. He was greedy with every bit of attention, striving to do his best to earn their praises (that he was more than worthy of to begin with, but the Striving was something to do), and compounding each day on his self-centered and self-motivated streak.

As he aged towards his pre-teen years, simple selfishness festered and grew more complex and more methodical. There wasn't just him afterall, but there were others with their own powers and gifts that were deemed fit to be given as much attention as him. This couldn't be allowed. His natural penchant and early development for his abilities became the very core of his everyday existence, developing quickly into full-blown obsessive behavior. Every waking hour was spent learning, practicing, adjusting, plotting. He'd sleep with a different scrap of metal every night, he'd have bins of assorted bits and nuts and trinkets in his room piled near to the ceiling and each hour would be spent sorting, making, un-making, until he'd not only grown familiar with every scrap of metallic atom he could, but even learned through book and video he could get his hands on the basics of alloy creation. His handlers, however, drew the line at allowing the boy welding torches, much as he protested and threatened to run a few of these fellows through with all sorts of sinister sculptures he'd build on over the years. A ten-year-old threatening to kill people was dealt with harshly, however, and Aidan soon learned to keep his temper in check. At least in front of the big wigs. As for all the others, his competition, well he had plans for them.

Perhaps, deep down, it was his own insecurities over his place in the grand pecking order and within life itself that led the teenage Aidan to the most damaging aspect of his temperamental, shifting personality. As he was deemed strong enough and stable enough (as Aidan led them to believe), he was sent on missions where his years of abnormal raising gave birth to a new and malicious streak. A psychologist would call it a Sadistic Personality Disorder. The normal Joe would just call him a mean ol' bastard. The line between acceptable force and excessive force is a very dim, grey area for Aidan. Many times, it doesn't even seem to exist at all, unless he's got some 'guard-dog' keeping tabs on him to make sure he doesn't batter any Subjects-of-Interest too badly. The metallokinetic's excuse of 'not knowing his own strength' just doesn't fly these days, though he sees nothing wrong with putting others in their rightful place - below him. He's got an alpha dog's personality, a chihuahua's self-confidence, and a pit bull's teeth. It's not a healthy combination, and it's likely only just begun to go downhill.

Current Abilities (AKA: Stunts)

  • Touch of the Unmaker: The most basic oldest and most highly practiced stunt of Aidan is this. By simple touch force of will and concentration Aidan can 'melt down' and reshape any metallic object he so desires. Impurities in the metal and other substances of a non-metallic origin are not affected by this power though remain subject to any natural force that would occur from the reformation of the metal around/in them. Size is limited only by the time he can devote and the amount of metal - he can not create or utterly destroy any metal by the law of Conservation of Matter.
  • Alloy There: In a nutshell this allows Aidan to take two or more metals and combine them into a new alloy sharing the strengths and flaws to create a new metal. This is a particularly dangerous stunt for the uneducated as many elements react unfavorably to one another so care must be taken.
  • Jewler's Dream: This specific ability of Aidan's allows him to take hold of a mixed-substance metal and convert the metallic atoms down into masses of pure elemental metal. IE: He could take tungsten carbide steel and convert it down into iron tungsten nickel manganese etc. It might ruin your Rolex but imagine how much gold a pound worth of stolen watches can make and sell for? Junking cars has never been so profitable!
  • Machiavelli's Pig Stickers: This ability allows Aidan to form one to dozens of metallic blades from the size of needles to the average butcher knife in a relatively brief amount of time roughly assumed to be a turn to form enough blades to fill both hands . It's a terribly handy trick when you can't bring a knife through a metal detector. Just wait until you're through and make one!
  • It Slices, It Dices: An upgraded version of Machiavelli's Pig Stickers this allows for the creation of one large metallic instrument. Commonly it takes the form of a studded chain sword or spiked wheels/discs that can be grasped in the hand (think Axel in Kingdom Hearts 2).
  • Iron Man: With this stunt Aidan is able to wrap himself up in a coat of armor using whatever metal he can manipulate around him. He increases the density of the metal to a hard yet flexible manner so that he can still move about. This increases his defense to projectiles melee or other types of damage that may mortally wound him. He is still able to feel hard impacts against his armored form so even though he may escape injury for the most part it still hurts.


  • *grunt*

Musical Interlude

  • King of Pain, the Police
  • The Stone, Ashes Divide
  • Down and Out, Tantric
  • Becoming the Bull, Atreyu


  • Telford is French for ‘one who carves or cuts iron’
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