Dr. Aileen Kincade
Portrayed By Charlize Theron
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 3rd, 1979
Age 29
Place of Birth London, UK
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Neurologist, Researcher, Philanthropist
Known Relatives Richard Kincade (father; deceased), Victoria Kincade (mother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Born of both British and American parentage, Aileen formerly worked as a neurologist for Mt. Sinai in New York City. She is the first in her family to graduate college, not to mention that she graduated with honors from Columbia. Sweet, serious, but willing to let down her hair and bend the rules a little now and again, Aileen is pretty unique for a doctor who has been praised as top in her field and highly efficient.


Born to Victoria and Richard Kincade, Aileen gained dual citizenship for the UK and the U.S. through her British mother and American father. Her father, Richard, while never having graduated college, managed to get a lucrative position in an international business firm that worked in both the United States and England. When he first met Victoria, she worked the front desk in the hotel he always stayed at for work, but eventually she moved up the ranks to management. The two married, and several years later their daughter Aileen was born.

Aileen grew up between London and New York, mostly in London, as it was where her mother was most of the time. From an early age, both her parents encouraged her education as well as a broad range of skills. She was a common face to see around the hotel where Victoria worked and even helped out from time to time, learning the workings of the hotel industry, which she found pretty interesting. She easily learned people skills simply from being around so many of them, which came in use to her later.

As Aileen became a teenager, school was more of a priority and both her parents highly encouraged her to go on to higher education. They both had felt limited by their own career paths because they had not graduated college and felt that it was necessary for Aileen to at least graduate with a B.A. or B.S. in something. Her experiences with people had caused her to become somewhat of a bleeding heart towards the sufferings of others and about half-way through her high-school career she decided to go pre-med for college.

Working tirelessly, Aileen got accepted to Columbia University's pre-med program. Between scholarships and her parents earnings, she managed to get through it alright. From there, once she graduated, she went on to do her med school there, followed by an internship at Mt. Sinai. Part way through her education, her father developed a brain tumor which proved to be fatal, and in turn Aileen ended up specializing in Neurology because of it.

After her internship, she was offered a position to continue on at Mt. Sinai in their Neurology department, and she accepted. She'd grown to love the same city that her father had grown up with, and decided to stay for a while longer. She spent some years working for Mt. Sinai before her over-exuberance for her work took a toll on her. Needing a new direction, she hopped a plane and joined up with Doctors Without Borders. After spending a year with the program, she returned to New York, using her skills and talents for more philanthropic ventures.




  • Aileen speaks with a London accent due to having lived for the majority of her childhood in London.
  • Aileen would rather spend her money on someone else than herself, but she's still careful with her spending and who she spends it on.
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