2008-05-16: Air Conditioner's Broke


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Summary: The local coffee joint has a broken air conditioner. Still, people go in to get a drink. Or chat. Or get insulted. One of those.

Date It Happened: May 16, 2008

Air Conditioner's Broke

Common Grounds

The heat of summer is out in full force and, with it, so do the teenagers who seem to be enjoying their new found freedoms again. Of course, this afternoon is particularlly hot, making the lack of a functioning air conditioner a bit awkward inside the usually crowded coffee shop. Many of the lights have been turned off and there are several fans humming in an attempt to keep the temperature comfortable for the handful of customers that do decide to stike around rather than go hunting for cooler hang outs.

Chase is curled up on one of the couches down in the sunken sitting area. She's in jeans and a tank top, her flip flops sitting discarded on the coffee shop floor. Though she is leaning back with her eyes closed, relaxing, a book lies open against her chest as she enjoys the peace that comes with the lack of fellow consumers this afternoon.

Jezabel walks into the shop, adorned in a pair of cut off jeans and a white tank top, with black lace fingerless glove things wrapping from her fingers to her elbows. Her hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail, keeping it off of her neck and away from her face. The teen is quick to order a large cup of ice tea before flopping, ungracefully, into a seat.
Coffee is worth the heat. At least for Bekah. She makes her way in, dressed in a tank top and a pair of scrub pants, with flipflops on her feet. A backpack is slung across her back, even though she looks to be somewhere near thirty, older than your average backpack user. She steps up to the counter, ordering a large iced coffee, as she pulls her hair back out of her face.

Fashion disaster extraordinaire, Rose waltzes into the coffee shop, guitar strapped on her back, messenger bag slung over her shoulder, with a mish-mash of colours, patterns, and styles making up her 'outfit.' Knee-highs with an argyle pattern. Denim skirt. Pink and white striped tee. Black hoodie. There's not a lot about her that makes sense, really. "Sweet JESUS," she blurts out as she steps inside, dropping her hands to her sides. "The hell is it so freaking HOT in here for?"

"Now remember, Mikhail, this is REALLY frickin' important," comes a voice that follows a few moments after Jezabel. "If I tell you Artoo-Deetoo is gunna have to choke a B, that's the sign to get in your car and get the heck out of New York. Don't ask questions, just do it. It'll likely involve saving the world."

Those that know him will know exactly who this odd young man is. For those that don't, they shall soon meet the individual known as Gene.

Coming in with the much more attractive college student, Gene walks through the door after Mikhail… And oddly enough a full scale replica of R2-D2. He is pale as he has been for the last few months, his illness still getting worse and not better. If Bekah is being ultra nosy, she will likely notice that he's lost a little more weight since the last time she's seen Gene. Currently, he is wearing a pair of black shorts and a black t-shirt. On the tee is a picture of Han Solo standing by Greedo, who is dead and laying his head some bar table. Underneath is written in 70's lined writing: 'Star Wars Gangsta'. On the black it has the movie picture showing Leah, Chewie, and Han in the Falcon where it is written on the back 'Welcome to my crib'. Also, Gene has a messenger back on his shoulder, seemingly far too heavy to have books.

Once he and his friend get inside, Gene pulls out a sheet of paper to read from it. He lowers his tone to whisper to his friend. "Okay, Bucket List Number Seven: Get a overpriced coffee and act like a haughty jerk while pwning newbs in Counterstrike. Ready?"

There's a long stare at the geek god, followed by a soft chuckle. "…Right." He'll keep the advice in mind for later reference. Although warm, there is no way a certain artist is going to shed his layers of clothing. The long sleeve materials are thin enough as it is and the heat isn't too unbearable. At least he isn't wearing a giant down jacket. Still being 'chic' or 'odd-looking' (and he's not the only one, apparently), Mikhail just shrugs it off as he, too, enters in.

So he's pretty, what of it.

"Blah. What a day," the artist comments, reaching into his own messenger bag to draw out his sketchpad. Another look is given at Gene. "And blah, coffee." He doesn't drink coffee - he just goes for the ambiance. There's a sigh. "Fine, we'll do that. It still tastes nasty, though."

"Wow… Loud much?" Chase cracks her eyes open as she hears several more people make their way into the shop. She peers at them each individually, attempting to decide which of them she thinks is the loud mouth.

Jezabel crinkles her nose. "Holy hell it's hot in here," she states, pulling slightly at her tank top, an attempt to get some air flow, no doubt. As everyone else enters she raises a brow and watches the people. "Who turned up the heat, seriously?" she murmurs with a slight shake of her head.

Bekah gives Rose a look of disdain as she belts out her comments. But then, her coffee is ready. She takes it with a sip before she shakes her head. "Air conditioning just plain spoils everyone." She mutters, moving to a comfortable chair, not that far away from Chase. She swings her backpack to the floor as she sinks into her chosen seat.

Quietly, careful observations are made of each of the new individuals. Chase studies the geek and his robot, clearly impressed by the skill that must have gone into building it. She says nothing about it, though. She tilts her head slightly and then offers Bekah a small smile as she takes her seat. "It's actually very comfortable in here when people," she glances pointedly in the direction of Rose, "aren't filling it would the hot air of loud, obvious remarks."

When carrying a guitar on one's back, one ought to be significantly more conscientious of the space said guitar takes up when moving. Rose, however, doesn't seem to realize that the guitar might strike someone as she goes about her task of purchasing coffee. When it's her turn at the counter, she first turns sideways to try and sift through the bag at her side— then heaves it onto the counter with a flurry of sound, instead. "Chill for a sec. There's money in this bag somewhere." Except it's taking her an awfully long time to find.

GAME: Gene has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

The movement of the Jezebel's tank top instantly gets the attention of Gene, who stares for a moment before he realizes that he's staring and averts his attention back to the line, looking down from time to time after the fact. A lot of teen girls here. And most of them might be normal (or normal for teen girls at least). He sighs, clearly not amused at the normality for whatever reason. "It's not too bad. Gets hotter down south," Gene points out to his friend. Nothing like stating the obvious to keep the conversation going. The droid continues to follow after Gene.

Mikhail stuffs the sketchpad under an arm as a hand fixes the headband holding back his bangs, the tinge of red at the ends fading back into bleached blond with the rest of his hair. Unlike his distracted friend, he's completely oblivious to the shifting of clothing. He shrugs. "Well, that's tr- "


It's more of a nudge, really. The artist grunts, trying to keep his balance as he steps back from the girl and guitar, squinting. "…Ow."

"Bet that smarts," Chase sits up, slipping her book into the bag that sits at her feet as she offers Mikhail a sympathetic wince as he comes face-to-guitar. "You know, you could at least pretend to apologize," this comment is directed at Rose, obviously. She blinks as she watches the geek king steal glances at Jezabel and shakes her head, chuckling softly to herself. "Irony, one of the two best inventions on Earth." Anyone who knows Chase would know that, clearly, she considers sarcasm to be the other.

Jezabel does spot the looking of the geek and eyes him, it's not a nice eye either, it's kinda evil. "My face is up here," she states with a smirk and shake of her head before she falls silent, watching what's going on around her, meanwhile dying from the heat.

Bekah shakes her head with a laugh. "Man. Why does this place make me feel old today?" She comments, to no one in particular before she looks over to Chase. "No, it really isn't that hot. Especially after the cold of the winter. Just a better day for iced coffee than hot coffee."

Unfortunately for Mikhail, Rose is so engrossed in the search for change at the bottom of her bag that she doesn't exactly realize that she's hit him with the guitar. Even when Chase speaks to her, she simply glances up for a second, rolls her eyes, then turns her attention back to her bag. "Shouldn't have been standing so CLOSE then, I guess," she chirps to herself, making no effort to lower her voice. "Forget the change. I'll just charge it." She yanks the bag off the counter, letting it fall back to her side, then digs a card out from the pocket of her hoodie. "Iced mocha, chocolate chip cookie." Stuffing the card into the hand of the cashier, Rose looks back over her shoulder to Mikhail, finally. "Sorry."

Rubbing his face, Mikhail gives a sidelong glance at Chase as the feeling returns slowly on that particular side. "Yeah…" he trails off, looking back over at Rose. He can take a hint, even if it's being said loudly. "I wasn't watching where I was going. Or more like I misjudged the distances," the artist replies softly. Look, he's speaking a lot today. He smirks. "It's not a problem. Really."

Normally, Gene would just give a sheepish grin and nod before looking away, or just look away with a beet red expression upon his face. However, many unseen factors boil within Gene before he seems ready to blurs something out with his eyes still looking down (more to avoid the evil eye than to stare). Gene opens his mouth, his fists clenched at his sides, "Yeah well Yeah" he replies firmly, he states before looking back toward Mikhail seeing that HE is getting lip too. He just stares at the ground with a clear and focused stare. If anger was able to be transmitted through the eyes as heat There'd be a hole to the sewer system by now.

Chase rolls her eyes, "Oh please." She stands, making her way over to the counter and she leans against it, waiting her turn. She smiles at Mikhail, "Don't be like that. It's just as much her fault as it is yours." Softly, "If not more," is added in an aside to him. "You got to know when to be polite and when to push back." A curious glance is then given to Gene as he seems to attempt some sort of meaningful retort and rolls an epic fail.

Oh, look. Entertainment. Bekah shifts slightly in her chair so that she can look from Chase to Gene to Mikhail to Rose. And then over to the people in line. It's better than crappy TV. "Be a man. Stand up for yourself." She adds towards Mikhail with quite a dry tone.

The light breeze from the fans seems to become noticeably stronger, as the wind is now enough to cause hair to fly in one's face, if they were located in just the wrong spot, though it does make for a nice cool breeze.

Jezabel glowers more in senor geek king's direction, her hands balled into white fists at her side, having recently set her ice tea down at her table so that she doesn't end up shattering the glass. Failure, it was epic for Gene, but Jez seems to have no response towards him, either.

"Guys. Boy can take care of himself, I'm guessin'." Because everyone's uppity attitude is just about starting to get to her. Coffee paid for, card returned to her pocket, Rose sliiiiides to the side of the cash to wait for her drink. From here, she's free to give Mikhail a more … comprehensive once-over. Which is to say, she looks at him, tries to figure out what he's supposed to be, gives up, then looks at him again. Smirking, she turns away and murmurs, "Just can't dress himself." Because she is one to talk.

As he notices the eyes upon him, Gene looks up to see that Jezebel is still staring at him. Not seeing Bekah, but hearing her words, he thinks they are for him. Somehow it gives him the strength to actually give Jezebel a proper response. "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," he states firmly.

"…Well," Mikhail starts, but clamps his mouth shut as Chase speaks to him again. She does have a point, but he's not really one to go pointing fingers and whatever. Still, there's just something scary about girls when they get like…this. The sketchpad shifts again, sticking out a little further from under his arm. Eyes dart over at Gene, who is avoiding people's gazes. What happened to being cool and haughty?!

As much as he tries to say something again, he's interrupted. Cool moment, gone. The girl's looking at him. Closely. But what was that comment? Brows knit as he frowns back at Rose. "…Hey. You questioning my sense of style?"

"I bet when he's angry, he'll sic a Wookie on you." Bekah adds with the same sarcastic tones. She's sprawled over a chair dressed in scrub bottoms and a tank top. She looks up as the breeze kicks up a notch. "Well, at leas the fans are doing their job."

Chase gives Mikhail's outfit a once over, then Rose's and raises an eyebrow. "Sounds a lot like a case of the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me." Not that she's excatly fashion-forward. But she doesn't pretend to be, either. "Jezabel versus Wookie," she giggles a little. "That would be a match I would pay dearly to see." After a moment, she shrugs her shoulder a little and turns to stare at the windows that show the balm street outside. Time to do a little diffusing, "Yeah, well. Don't let Punkerbelle go making you do something drastic. She's like that with everybody."

The breeze picks up a bit more, a few customers losing any stray papers they may have to the force of the wind being stirred up by the 'fans'.

Jezabel stands up from her seat, for once not actually under any sort of influence. "Sounds like a threat," she states, fists still balled at her sides. "It's really not my fault you can't understand that a woman's face is just a little higher than her chest. You're bound to offend a few," she states, simply, making a point to perfectly articulate her words as she speaks. "I am not… well… actually, I am," she says at Chase's words.

Sophie pushes open the door, almost leaving when she feels the heat. She frowns a bit as she looks around, already overdressed for the weather.

Leaning in a rather unladylike fashion on the counter as she waits for her drink, Rose arches a brow in response to Chase's remark. "Never said I could dress myself either," she quips in reply, offering the other girl a saccharine smile. "And there's nothin' wrong with the way he's dressed. There's just not a lot that's right about it either." Rolling her shoulders in a lazy sort of shrug, she turns away from then and reaches for the iced drink once it's finally set down. "Why does everyone in this city need to be so uppity?"

"I only looked because you were messing around with it. I'm sure if you started messing with your zipper in public people would look at that too." Gene looks ready to say more on the matter, still fuming. Just as the Hulk meter rages at what might be the peak, Chase comes in with the timely save. Quirking a brow at the young woman and then 'Punkerbell', he attempts to collect himself again, taking in a deep breath to exhale it. "I guess so. It's been a rough time for me She needs to learn to watch what she says," he states simply. "In a city like this, I've known a few people that she wouldn't want to be like that too." Like most passive aggressive men, he takes the personal time to consider Jezebel mouthing off to Niki, only to watch Niki take the young girl and fling her comically into the sunset in the wondrous world of the mind's eye.

Gene smiles.

"No one goes dissing my style," the artist says in tandem with Chase's own opinion about Rose, tilting his head up a few degrees. This may be a little strange since he doesn't usually react like this, but in all seriousness this is the first time anyone has questioned his sense of fashion in public and so openly. And he couldn't agree more. "But in all honesty, I think you're trying a little too hard with your own bout of self-expression." He's not being uppity, he's just saying it straight. From the hood, yo. Ahem. No.

And there goes the fans and the breezing. Loose pages of his sketchpad go flying all over the place. "…" Insert added flatness to Miki's current expression. "Darn it."

For a man that doesn't drink much coffee he sure does seem to spend a lot of time in coffee shops. Making his way into the Common Grounds, Amun throws a hand back over his head as he shakes off what remains of what clearly looks like a hangover. His eyes are lidded, and his expression rather bland as he finds a place in line. His cellphone buzzes, and a quiet groan flows from the man who lazily reaches into his pocket to retrieve the device. "Ma'at…" he answers, moving a hand to rub his temples. Catching a comment from one of the few people awaiting their drinks, the man glances over and smirks a touch. This is New York City after all… A.K.A 'Uppity Central'. "Oh, no, no… No. No. Yes, well… C'mon, Detective… Alright, fine." That conversation clearly did not go very well, and with a huff Amun snaps his phone shut.

The door opens and in walks a young woman, wearing a long flowing light blue skirt that brushes across her toes, she stretches and her white tank top rises a bit to show some midriff. Her hair is tousled and her sandaled feet pad on the floor as she fans herself. It's really hot.

Kitty hasn't noticed anybody she knows yet, but that might be because she just isn't really looking for anyone. The woman adjusts her messenger bag on her shoulder and begins to make her way towards one of the tables near the window.
Chase looks pleased with herself as Gene and Jezabel to not (yet) come to blows in what is one of her favorite places to relax. She notices Gene's smile and cocks her head to the side in curiosity. "What's amusing you?" Random question? Yes. Does she care? Clearly, no. Her eyes dart up as she catches the word 'detective' as another small wave of people move into what was a nearly empty coffee shop some short time ago. Her hair stirs slightly in the increasing breeze and she quickly kneels to help Mikhail collect the papers that have fallen out of the book tucked under his arm, "Who opened the window?"

"Darn it? Really?" This time her smirk is more open as Rose looks to Mikhail, questioning not his fashion sense but his choice in curses. She isn't completely heartless, however, as she sets her drink down on the nearest empty table and pulls the guitar from her back. "Stay in line," she commands Mikhail - not threateningly, but in a forceful way just the same. When her instrument is leaning against the table and chair without risk of falling over, Rose stoops to gather up some of the loose pages before they can be stepped on or used to mop up coffee spills.

Sophie raises a gloved hand, in full, elbow length gloves, to lift her hair and catch that breeze. She looks around, curiously, trying to find the source.

The breeze, quite suddenly, drops back to what it was before, with just the fans providing what little cool air they can.

Jezabel nods, slightly, calming down almost right back to her earlier state, and sits back into her chair. Once their she holds her cup in hair and half-heartedly glowers in Chase's direction.

Something starts to meow like a cat. And that's Bekah's cue to dig through her back and find her cell phone. She taps the screen to answer it, and stop the cat noises. "Morgan here, yes. Sure, sure. I'm awake. What's coming in? I can be there in fifteen." She adds, grabbing her backpack. The rest of the coffee will have to be consumed on the way. "I'll just start my shift early." And with that, she's out the door.

Now Amun looks genuinely upset. A hangover was bad enough, but getting an earful from an upset Detective simply compounded the ringing in his ears. "Can't believe I'm getting a cup of coffee… I swear this is doing nothing to help the stereotype," he murmurs softly to himself, only to release a sigh as his thumbs hook into his pants pockets. The man's brown eyes begin to scan over those in line, lifting curiously as he notices the guitar that Rose had set down. "Nice," he comments with a smile, having always been a fan of musicians, especially guitarists. "Know any Hart songs?" he wonders, watching a bit guiltily as the woman stoops to snatch up the fallen papers.

His work, displayed on the ground. It's fun and innovative. "I don't…swear," Mikhail droops as he stays put under command. Shrugging, he waits as Chase and Rose help pick up his stuff. The remainder of his artwork is stuffed back into place, all of it random. Robots, bears with lasers coming from their eyes, logos, patterns, teethy rabbits and dragons and dinosaurs chasing pirates - just to name a few. He also notices the breeze dying down, but he's still confused as to what (or who) started it.

He should say something to these two since their doing most of the work. And bending down. And…um. Yeah. "…Thanks."

Watching the woman walk out, Gene blinks to see that it is the woman from the Starbucks. There is a look of horror on his face, then he sees that she is leaving and didn't even recognize him. She must have forgotten all about their last encounter, not that he minds considering how he escaped. Moving to help Mikhail as he averts his attention to Chase who already helping his friend, he states with a faint smirk, "Nothing worth taking about…" Trying to make conversation as he bends down (and then getting up when he sees there is no paper on the ground anymore), he inquires, "Is this place always like this or only when it's hot?"

A familiar voice is heard.. three actually. All the three men. Kitty looks up and quickly smiles as she changes course and comes to bump Amun with her hip. "Are you hassling my friends here?" she asks with a raised eyebrow and hand on her other hip.

Miki and Gene receive a wink. She hasn't seen either of the two in a /long/ time. They would probably notice her hair is longer than it was before and her eyes don't hold that innocence and naivety they once had. Kitty is a changed woman, real world can do that to ya.

"Depends," Rose replies to Amun as she turns back to retrieve her guitar once her hands are free of the papers, flashing him a quick grin. "Are we talking Heart as in 'Crazy On You' and 'Barracuda,' or Hart as in 'Sunglasses at Night'? Actually, doesn't really matter. I can play both. But if we're talking the former, then I not only know 'em, but I even worked out some improvised cello lines in a Red Bull-inspired rush at three in the morning."

When Kitty bumps into Amun the man doesn't budge in the least, even though it was light to begin with. Jeeze, what's this guy made of? Looking from Chase to Kitty, the man smiles brightly as he recognizes the face. "Hey! You… Kitty, right?" he says with a soft chuckle. "Nice to see you again, pretty 'n witty," he offers before looking toward the small group of 'artists'. "I wouldn't call it hassling… More like praising, or at least I was about to get to that," he assures with a nod to Rose to whom his smile widens slightly. "Crazy On You. I like Sunglasses at Night, but Corey never really did it for me like that cute little redhead." Amun's eyebrows raise a bit, seemingly impressed. "/Very/ nice… You know, I'm a big fan of Guitar Heroines, and the Bull-inspired rush" he notes with a light smirk before returning his gaze to Kitty. "How've ya been?"

No notice is taken of the glare directed at her as Chase helps collect the papers. That is, until the slowly increasing breeze seems to cease completely. She turns, still on one knee, papers in hand and looks the eccletic crowd over. Something is definitely different about somebody. Her attention is drawn back to Gene as he speaks and she shakes her head, laughing. "Say what you will, but for some reason I doubt that very much." She passes the papers back to their owner with a nod of appreciation, "You have talented hands," then she turns back to Gene. "Maybe one day, you'll decide to share?"

"Pretty n' witty? Oh come on Sherlock, you can do better than that." Kitty grins and tilts her head at him. "Pretty good actually, but the fact that you had to struggle a little to remember a name like Kitty makes me a little sad."

The woman pouts playfully and then shrugs. "Heh, how have you been?"

Eyelids flutter slightly as cadet blue eyes flicker over at Kitty while leafing through the papers once more. He tries to ignore the flashback of someone resembling the young woman in a bicycle shop, donning dark sunglasses and a gun. That wasn't her, that was totally someone else. Yes. At least he remembers her. "K-Kitkat, hi," Mikhail stammers, recomposing himself back into his calm state. The artist glances back at Gene and Chase, lifting his eyebrows. Right, try to cover the situation. "It's…nothing, things are fine. Great. Wonderful." No problems here. He likes no conflict. He sort of gestures around at everyone else, nodding firmly. "See? Wonderful."

Sophie is probably WAY too hot in those clothes she wears to stay here long. In fact, she turns and heads out without ordering, in the end.

So everyone seems to know each other. How nice for them! While Rose does have another fleeting, appreciative smile for Amun at the praise, she's already offended half of the people with whom he's speaking— so she gathers her guitar and drink and drops into the nearest chair at an empty table instead of sticking around to chat up a stranger. The guitar is left resting on her leg, messenger bag swung onto the table in front of her.

Gene merely opens his mouth to Chase's words, only to realize they aren't for him. He just gives Kitty a nod back in response, content to be silent for the time being. After all, he's already had a bit of conversation as far as the night is concerned.

Quinn pushes open the door. She looks a around, a little puzzled at the dim room. She says, voice carrying easily, "What happened to the lights?"

Amun nods to Rose, his smile softening as she moves off to find a seat and then his eyes are back on Kitty. His jaw drops slightly, as if he was ready to apologize but it clamps shut quickly enough and a soft laugh is breathed instead. "Yeah, yours is pretty unique, I'll say… Though I'm usually terrible with names. Always have been. When I was in the marines you have no idea of how happy I was to have rank insignias to remind me of who was who," he comments amusedly. At the question posed to him, Amun offers a light shrug of his shoulders as he steps forward in line and fishes his wallet from a back pocket. "Not too bad… Other than the fact that I just got chewed out by someone from work. I really didn't become a cop to brush up on my clerical skills, which I'm quickly finding might be ninety percent of the job." That said he places his order and pays for the drink before stepping aside, only to shift back around to face Kitty as he leans casually against the counter.

"Don't know that it's just this place," Chase smiles with a thoughtful bob of her head. "I think it might just be New York in general. Then again, I've only really been here and Los Vegas… And Vegas certainly has a unique air of its own, too…" She trails off for a moment and then starts. Behind her, the life-size R2 unit beeps. "Oh…" she turns completely and stares at it. "Where in the world did you guys score a working R2 unit? It's adorable!" A robot? Adorable? Well, it is R2D2. Give a girl a break. She examines the workmanship that was put into it and lets out a soft whistle. "Must have cost you a fortune…"

"It wasn't cheap," Gene admits, just glad that it's positive attention the robot garners after how the trip first begun. "I made it, but you can find the plans online… Well you used to, but they don't have them anymore." It's kinda true. They used to have the plans on how to make the droids in the past on the Internet. The R2 Builders Club just doesn't have the proper links open anymore. Looking from his creation back to Chase, he realizes something else. "Went to Las Vegas? I went there too for a business trip. It was… Interesting." He coughs at that, deciding it best not to go into details.

Chase says, "Lived in Vegas… Born there, actually." She runs a hand admiringly across the droid before she stands turning to address the woman at the door. "The air conditioner's broken. They're trying to keep the place cool." She hesitates, trying to place where she recognizes the woman's face from. "Are you… You're Quinn Lyons, aren't you?" She nods a little, "From Vegas!""

So the initial messes are over with, and there is success in getting the coffee-flavored things. Mikhail paid for both drinks; he'll bug Gene about the money later. Maybe. The cups are placed in those fancy fandangled cup holders, balancing in one hand as he puts away the pad. No drawing today, then. "Here," he says to his geek friend, "your expensive coffee drink."

Quinn frowns at the information, then she breaks into a bit of a smile as she says, "Yes, I grew up there.. performed there until a few months ago." she futilely waves a hand at her face, an attempt to cool down, "Its almost as hot in here, and more humid. I'm thinking I'll be wanting something with ice in it."

"I thought as much," Chase looks pleased to see someone who reminds her of her hometown. "What brought you all the way up here? I imagine it wasn't just the delightful weather." As Mikhail brings the coffees over, she hovers for a moment, shifting from one foot to the other awkwardly. She gives the droid another little rub and then moves back a little, not wanting to seem. Well. Any weirder than some already know, or at least believe, her to be.
Chase's response gets nod from Gene, but R2-D2 actually bips at the touch, looking up toward the hand with its big black 'eye'. Must have touch sensors in there or something.

When Gene looks toward Mikhail, he finds his drink offered. "There we go. Now to be snotty like I've always wanted to try being." That said, he goes up t the counter. "My coffee needs chocolate sprinkles, I need to have them."

"But you didn't order them," the man behind the counter states.

"Well, I always do. You must have not been listening."

"This is your first time here."

"But I NEED the chocolate sprinkles!"

Giving a a tired sigh, the man behind the counter goes to get the chocolate shavings. Gene just frowns, seeing that he just make the man's life more difficult. Not fulfilling at all. "Wait, I don't need them! …Um, you rock my world so much I will sing you a song?" he half states half asks. The man doesn't respond, so Gene figures he needs to try and save the day the Disney way… WITH SONG.

"o/~ Mr. Coffee Guy… I'm sorry about today.
I was wrong… I shouldn't have been that way.
Mr. Coffee Guy… I shouldn't be so mean.
Mr. Coffee Guy… I thought this would be a dream!

Being mean? It just isn't cool!
I was wrong, it makes you look the fool!
Mr. Coffee Guy, I'm sure you're nice and smart.
Don't take my comments… To heart. o/~"
How bad is the singing? It's gunna be bad.

GAME: Gene has rolled PERFORM and got a result of HORRIBLE.

At this, Mikhail just…stares.

"….I don't know you," he says flatly.

At the performance, Amun tears his attention away from Kitty and looks to Gene. Two hands rise in front of him, and he begins to clap. "Bravo! Woooo!"

Quinn turns to stare at Gene, barely restraining a wince, with visible effort, at the sound. But, at the end, she gamely applauds.

What starts out as a look of confusion as Gene walks over to the counter and throws a fit over sprinkles slowly turns into an attempt by Chase to supress her laughter. "Ooookay. So… Um… Don't take this the wrong way, man. But… I highly recommend you not quite your day job. Stick with the robot building, kay? You're clearly excellent at it and… well…" How does one tell one's new acquaintance they're tone deaf without seeming rude.

"Ahh bitchy coworkers.. those are the worse." Kitty says and comes to stand next to Amun. "Oh yeah? How was being in the marines?" she tilts her head and sends Miki a wide smile. "How ya been bud?"

"It was on the Bucket List," Gene states to the friend that is trying to disown him, calmly as he gets his drink back from the coffee guy which gives him a long stare like the young geek just grew a third eye. "'Sing a random song in public', it was like twelve or something. Besides, look at that, everyone likes it. I should start a singing career." He hrms to Chase with a faint smirk. "Or not."

After a long pause, Mikhail just chuckles. And here he thought he was suppose to be doing the weird stuff. "Oh, Gene." Eyes switch over to Kitty as he smirks softly, nursing his coffee sans sprinkles. "I've been all right. Ran into some serious situations during the past few months, the most recent dealing with a man and a bus near campus. But…it was resolved." He's a little too honest there. "…What about you? Nothing new?"

Chase returns the smirk. "Hey, if you feel you must… I mean, you could always be the next William Hung…" She giggles softly for a moment. "The Bucket List?" She studies Gene with a look of surprise.

"Tell me about it. Now, I love my fellow cops, but it never ceases to amaze me that the bloke actually has time to give me shit in between stuffing himself with donuts and pouring pure white coffee down his gullet," Amun replies to Kitty with a light shake of his head, though he still looks amused enough. At mention of the marines the man averts his gaze briefly, but very briefly before they return to her. "It was alright. Not for me though… I'm just glad my discharge was honorable." He rolls his eyes lightly. "They think I'm a little…unstable though." The grin that he offers does very little to assure anyone otherwise. "I'm not though…really." Looking to Mikhail, Amun offers a nod and a friendly smile. "Man and a bus?"

"Nothing really Miki, just moved to a new apartment. Still taking classes.. sometimes." She grins, "What happened with that? Not a strange combo, a man and the bus." She snickers and winks. Amun is given a nod and smile, "Unstable huh? Should I be afraid if I were ever with you alone?" Kitty is teasing of course.

He nods in response to Kitty's doings. It's good to see things are going well. "Yeah. It happened yesterday," Mikhail says quietly in regards to Amun's asking, still audible enough under the hum of the fans. "A man just decided to walk out into the street right when the bus was pulling into the stop. Muttering to himself the whole time. No serious injuries, though." It was just strange. "Police took care of things," he adds with a shrug. With some help from him restraining the man, but there's no need to add that.

The Geek God gives a nervous laugh as Chase seems to give him a look. You know, the kind people give when they are embarrassed about something, but are trying to pass it off as something causal. "Nothing big, just trying to do stuff before I die. But I don't think that would be for a looooong time." Of course, Chase may instantly understand that is NOT the case. Even without the power, the fact that Gene averts his attention all too eagerly to Kitty is a more obvious sign. "Man and a bus?" he asks, listening to Amun's words. "Got hit with a bus… and he wasn't hurt?"

Quinn turns on hearing that. She doesn't comment, but she does listen pretty carefully.

Chase is sure there is more to this story than Gene is saying, but she knows when to back off and let people keep their secrets. She doesn't say much for a little while, plops back down on the couch she had claimed earlier and watches as these people who all know each other begin to talk. She listens to their tones as they speak, watches for the subtle tell-tale changes in their body language. This, this is what she does. She studies, she listens, she lets them have their secrets.

Amun's brow furrows as he listens to the tale, and a sharp breath is inhaled. "Inattention… The warrior's greatest foe. Or…maybe that was complacence," he corrects himself, tilting his head as his eyes avert in thought. "Anyway, it's a good thing nobody got seriously injured. Would hate to see a young guy get smeared like that… S'why I hate cellphones," he offers with a bit of a grin. The cop's gaze travels Geekward then as Gene joins the conversation. "I don't think he got hit… That'd be something else, right? Getting hit by a bus with no injuries." Amun chuckles, and oddly clears his throat as he flushes. Then a smile forms as he looks to Kitty. "Oh, you, my dear… Should definitely be afraid," he offers to her with a wink. Two can play the teasing game.

"Not at all," Mikhail confirms. "He was just…crazy. Mental." Hand gestures help describe just how off the man was. "It…might have been something else. The bus driver stopped just in time." He has nothing else to add to the story; this is pretty much everything he experienced firsthand. Now he just had to get people's attention off of him. "…So…yeah."

"Yeah.. that would be something.. a man walking away without any injury." Kitty's thoughts go towards a vision she's had recently.. but she quickly shoves it to the back of her mind. Gaze returning back to Amun's, "I do now? Hmm we'll have to see about that." She grins and looks at Gene with a smile, she hasn't seen the mechanic genius in a long while.

Quinn nods, as she says, carefully. 'Maybe he was on some kind of drug, or it was the insanity. I've heard that people can take a real beating then.. though I guess they feel it later."

The artist nods. "Maybe. It did look like it." Still, very freaky and surreal.

Amun breathes a laugh at Kitty and shakes his head. "Oh, right I forgot. You're the hero with the magic firearm after all. Maybe I spoke too soon," he muses. Looking to Mikhail then, he offers a bit of a smile. He remembers that, being the center of attention while wanting nothing to do with it. "I'd imagine that sorta thing happens a lot though. People talk to themselves all the time. To be honest, I've almost been hit by cars a few times in the same manner, so…" Amun offers a shrug, looking between Gene and Quinn. "You know, you could be right.. I once saw a guy get tazered point blank three times before he went down. Some of the stuff out there can produce some almost superhuman results. Mind over matter I guess, even if the mind is broken."

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