Aidan (AJ)
Aidan Jamison (AJ) Murphy
Portrayed By Gil Ofarim
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 9, 1982
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases AJ
Place of Birth Jackson, TN, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Aspiring Dancer/Singer (Waiter)
Known Relatives Jessica Murphy (Mother), Kenneth Murphy (Father), Daniel Murphy (Brother), Rebecca Murphy (Sister)
Significant Other Will
Known Abilities Frictive Manipulation
First Appearance (Logged) 2007-10-05: Kid Stuff For Mature Audiences


Jessica and Kenneth Murphy were from different sides of life. Jessica was born in a wealthy household, used to getting everything she wanted. Kenneth was from a lower-class household where everybody had to work to help pay the bills. They met at random in a park. However, that meeting led to what would become their first date. Jessica gave up everything that her parents had, just to be with him. No, they didn't disown her or anything, they just let her choose her own life. Within a few years of their marriage, they gave birth to their first child, Aidan, named after Jessica's great grandfather. Jessica and Kenneth (with a little aid from her parents) bought a small house in a nearby town in West TN to start their own life with their new child.
The town they lived in was known once upon a time, back when it was the only way to cross the Mississippi River, but times have changed and the town stopped growing well before it reached 'city' levels. It was primarily a town of factories, with a bleach factory, a rubber factory, and a textile factory. While it may not have been huge, it was a nice place.
Aidan was a playful child, usually singing and dancing along with whatever music was playing around him. He took after his mother in terms of talent for the arts. Unfortunately, he didn't get his father's brawny build, remaining skinny throughout his childhood. He made friends easily with the people his mother took him to meet and with the neighbors.
He grew well, even learning to walk a little early compared to others his age. No matter what they did, he just didn't seem to grow as fast as others. It seemed like he was meant to be short and slight, no matter what.
School wasn't an issue for him. He was bright, but he never did well in the physical side of things. He began taking music classes early on, with voice lessons outside of school, as well as instrument lessons at his mother's behest. The voice lessons were great, but he couldn't pick up the knack for piano or violin… much to his own dismay. His grades were honor roll level, a's and b's throughout.
In high school, he joined the show choir, and realized that he was quite good at dancing. While he may not have been exceptionally strong or athletic, dancing is something he could do. He had strength in the right places for it, and he had the agility and small stature that made him even better. He never showed much interest in dating in high school, but he knew that things weren't quite right there. He just didn't know what. His grades remained high.
His mother and father didn't understand it, but they stood by his desire for a fine arts major as a dancer. Even they had to admit he was good at it. It was in college that many things began to fall together for him.
After graduation, he went to New York. He had saved up money from working after school both in college and in high school. He told his family he was heading north and auditioning. Unfortunately, he has yet to get a position in any shows. Until then, he's been working as a waiter. It's not enough to pay the bills on his own, though. He found a place to live, with about four other starving artists and dancers that he kept running into at auditions. It may not be a glamorous life, but it's working.


08-28-07 - (First time IC)
2007-10-05: Kid Stuff For Mature Audiences
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2007-10-16: Farewell, my Ragtime Gal
2007-10-16: Life in the ER
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2007-12-07: Feeling Better
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2007-12-23: An Exchange of Gifts
2007-12-28: Post-Giftmas Revelations



  • AJ is left-handed.
  • AJ has relationships.
  • AJ is the ungeek.
  • AJ has always had horrible luck in relationships, tending to fall for drunks and druggies. Will is neither.
  • AJ is currently dancing and singing in an off-off-broadway show called "Desperate Times"
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