Akira Shimizo
Portrayed By Erika Sawajiri
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 18th, 1983
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Scorpio(Chinese: Dog)
Aliases Aka, Akira
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Akie(mother), Akimitsu(father), Akinobu(older brother) and Akimi(older sister)
Significant Other No one!
Known Abilities Phasing
First Appearance

Akira Shimizo is the youngest child and second daughter of pilot and stay at home mom Akie and Akimitsu. A talented singer and dancer, Akira hopes to make it big in Broadway Musical shows… if she can survive high school first! The Shimizo family moved to New York City in 2009, when Akimitsu's job transferred him. At that time, Akira was just entering higher-level secondary school in Japan, which, evidently, is American High School. A bit of a snob, maybe spoiled, Akira loves her family and will do anything with them. With a unique power all of her own, however, Akira seeks to learn why she is whom she is… and what is her destiny in life.


Born to Akie and Akimitsu Shimizu, Akira is the youngest child, her elder brother Akinobu and Akimi having been born respectively three and four years before her. Born on November 18th, 1983, in the bustling downtown city of Tokyo, Japan, Akira would be their last child as well. A small, but hyperactive family, Akira was always following her older siblings around, chasing them from one end of the apartment to the other. Akimitsu was a pilot for cross-country flights, visiting other countries as a primary pilot. Akie was a stay at home mother due to Akimitsu leaving for several days in a row, to make sure all three children behaved! Of course, this wasn't also the chase, with one parent and three children… however, all of them were quite intelligent, and were able to look after one another.

With the age differences between them, when Akira started primary school, the same thing as elementary school in the US, she already had a lot of expectations. Instead of trying to live up to them - which would be the thing to do, one would think - Akira instead set her own expectations … away from what Akinobu and Akimi had set. Being the youngest, Akira always had to make herself heard - and she did indeed, excelling in the performing arts even at a young age. Everything except art for some reason - there, she had no clue what she was doing - pretty drawings? Bwa? akira found her talent in dancing and singing - Akie and Akimitsu confided to her at a early age that they had no clue where it came from either. This amused Akira to no end.

As Akira entered secondary school, Akinobu left to attend Aichi Medical University, leaving Akimi and Akira alone with their parents. A couple of years later, Akimi would graduate a year early from secondary school and head off to the Aichi University of Education with Akinobu. This left Akira at age 15, alone with her parents. Setting her down, Akie and Akimisu explained that his job wanted him to transfer out to the states, due to his level of piloting, and his abilities. Akira was disturbed - she didn't want to go, and for starting the higher-level secondary school, she was promised her own voice and dance teacher. It took some bribing - and the promise of a teacher in the states - that make Akira agree to the transfer. She didn't have to like it, right? S'long as she got what she wanted. It was that night, bored, kind of mad, and with nothing to look forward to but packing that Akira engaged her evolved power - phasing. Akira would shriek as she found herself falling through her bed and crashing onto the floor. Unable to explain it to her parents, Akira left it well enough alone…

However, she wouldn't stop thinking about it. Akira eventually started experimenting, playing with objects and the like to see what she chould and could not phase through - and with. It led to some interesting testing, including accidentally getting her favorite teddy bear stuck in a wall(oops.) Upset over this, Akira settled down, and found, strangely enough, when she is calm and thinking about it, she has excellent control over her power. However, she often didn't show so much control, and she quickly found out there were limits to what she could or could not phase with her. Once she found out her hard limits - what else did her parents expect her to do, stuck in New York City with none of her friends and only English language courses to see her through the until she started high school (which was upper secondary school).

Now offically in high school, Akira has more to worry about that a interesting power she hasn't revealed to her parents yet - she has to worry about the culture, is she really cute enough to try for Prom Queen when she's older, and what does her voice and dance teacher /really/ think about her? Does she still have the talent that made her so different from her siblings? Can she navigate the idioms of the English language? Most of all, can she prove to herself that there are other people like her out there? And if so, what is their destiny? ..



Akie: Mom! Very sweet. Kind of overbearing. Beautiful.
Akimitsu: Dad! The reason they are in the USA!
Akinobu: Older brother. He's a Doctor in Japan.
Akimi: Older sister. She's a teacher in Japan.

Evolved Ability

Main Skill
Phasing: Phasing is the basic ability to re-arrange molecules and go through hard surfaces, appearing at the other side. At this point, Akira is capable of phasing through such objects like steel/titanium, rock/bricks and wood without any issue. Softer objects with water based molecules like gel are harder for her to phase through, requiring a higher difficulty to surpass. Akira is completely unable to phase through water. She is capable of phasing any inanimate object or person with her, provided she is capable of holding them tightly to her. To phase, Akira must concentrate on her power, and step through the object, and will reappear on the other side.


  • Faith, hope, and humanity - these are all the building blocks to life…


  • Not a legal United States citizen
  • Her English spoken and written is downright horrible
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