Alexandra's Timeline

Volume 4: Convergence


Things are almost back to normal in April, with the return to work (albeit at a new job and with a new name)! Alex even manages to go out and hit the town a little! That all comes to an end though when she's called into action to keep New York from crumbling into the sea thanks to the Protocols and their human weapons program!

April 2nd

  • Sharing Space with Ladies — Alex, aka Libby Taylor, starts a new job at Lane Industries, courtesy of Cody (and with some out-of-scene help from Rebel).

April 14th

  • Return of the Jadi — Hallis and the girls are out on the town to support (read heckle) Mitsy in her new performance job. Alexandra is already there to witness the horrible events, something Jaden wants a closer view of.

April 15th

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