"Been Stateside over ten years. I have the BBC on digital cable so my accent doesn't slip. A guy my height needs all the charisma he can get."

Casting: Burn Gorman
Date of Birth: April 26, 1983
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Norwich, UK
Occupation: Beat Cop
Ability: Phasing
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song:

Alfie Shaw is a beat cop with the BHPD. He's a former Olympic hopeful gymnast and registered Evolved.


Born in near London to a British mother and an American father, Alfie grew up developing his skills in the highly manly sport of gymnastics. His smaller-than-average frame made him ideal for the sport. His best was the pommel horse and the balance beam, though he did well at most events. He nearly qualified for the Olympics, but then, as it happens sometimes with professional athletes, a wrist injury put him out of commission and set back his career. By the time it healed, he had lost some of his drive. Parental pressures and family problems prompted him to apply for school in the US . He didn't know what he wanted to study, just that he needed to be away from his family and the pressures he had been under his whole life. He initially went on a gymnastics scholarship, but lost it when his grades weren't good enough in his first year.

Alfie dropped out of his original school, moved to LA and enrolled in a criminal justice program for lack of anything better to do, but lost interest in his serious training. He started to drink and party and get himself in trouble. One night, he was in a car with three of his friends driving back from a party. He didn't know the driver, but she was drunk. There was an accident. Two people in his car were killed, as well as the driver of another vehicle as they hit in a head-on collision. Alfie though, should have been impaled through the shoulder with a piece of steel, but found that he was able to pass right through the twisted wreck of the car. He passed out from shock, but woke without a scratch on him.

It didn't take long for Alfie to realize there was something different about him. It was terrifying at first, but it quickly became a thrill. As an athlete, he was used to pushing himself. He started to become quite adept at his phasing. Suddenly, the criminal justice program that felt like an afterthought became something he really applied himself to. Physical training for something other than competition was a worthwhile goal. He enrolled in police academy and distinguished himself. He had a purpose, even though hiding his ability became very taxing. It was actually a relief when those with abilities became known. After spending years studying law and order, keeping the secret was gnawing at him. He was one of the first in line to be tested and registered. Being so open about his ability (and using it on a daily basis in his job) brought tensions to the forefront. Sometimes it was prejudice against Evolveds by his fellow officers, sometimes it was jealousy. Sometimes it was either one of those things, plus personality conflicts. He started being noted for having attitude problems. Officially, that was the reason he was passed over for promotion.

Unofficially, his Captain clearly wasn't fond of Evolveds. He used his ability in plain view of the public. Sometimes, that show of power wasn't strictly necessary, and that got under peoples' skin. He often looked at envy towards ACRU - to people who supposedly didn't have to hold back on the use of their ability. In recent months, he's started to chafe against the bit of the police force. It might just be a matter of time before things reach a breaking point and his job ends up in jeopardy.


Alfie is an incredibly driven and disciplined person. His career as an amateur gymnast meant the discipline began young and spread through his teenage years. He has a terrible relationship with his family, in part because of how hard they pushed him. His parents divorced when he was seventeen, which, combined with a wrist injury is what cut his gymnastics career short. He has a brother who is ten years older and a younger sister who he doesn't speak to nearly as much as he'd like. He's a man who likes to see what his limits are and enjoys testing them. It's occasionally driven him to do foolish things, but for the most part it's leaned more towards the heroic. He trusts authority perhaps a little too much and does fall back on the book more than he trusts his gut.

He has experienced discrimination and mistrust because of his ability. The main blemish on his record was when he got into a fistfight with another officer over some anti-Evolved remarks. He is more of a force than he is a gentle touch. His people skills and investigation skills need work, but he is a physical marvel. His agility plus the time he's put into training with his ability means he's a good man to have around when things go sour.

Alfie has a cocky and arrogant streak, as well as a certain bitterness and cynicism. He's good at what he does, and he knows it. He's also seen enough in the city and in his line of work to know firsthand how ugly people can be. His protector instinct is strong, but sometimes he lets his hotshot nature get the better of him.


  • Notable IC events.


  • "Yeah, my ringtone is the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. What of it?"


  • His father would definitely be played by Willem Dafoe.
  • Is 5'8"
  • Came very close to qualifying for the Olympics in gymnastics.
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