Alicia "Aly" Revelle Osborne
Portrayed By Holly Marie Combs
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 12, 1977
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Aly, Vivian Purcell
Place of Birth Sarasota, FL, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Modern Fantasy/Sci-fi author (Romance Author under pseudonym)
Known Relatives Danielle Revelle (mother), Aaron Revelle (father), Mark Osborne (husband, deceased), Jamie Osborne (son)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Superhuman Elasticity
First Appearance 2007-12-07: Comical Interactions


Born to a college professor and his high-school teacher wife, Alicia was always assumed to follow in the footsteps of her parents. From an early age, her parents read to her, teaching her to read at a decent level before she ever even entered school. This is probably what lead to her love of books.

Her early life was nothing outstanding. She wasn't shy, though she was bookish. She always carried something with her to read, regardless of where she was. Her grades were mostly mid-range, except in English and Composition classes, where she excelled. She didn't fall into any particular clique in school, tending to talk to anyone that wanted to talk to her.

In high school, Alicia's skill at writing became quite apparent. Her teachers encouraged her to focus her skills into that area. She took all of the literature and writing courses that her school had to offer. However, there were some things that even her parents couldn't predict. In her senior year, she and her boyfriend went a little too far.

Before she was out of high school, she was pregnant. She did complete her senior year properly, but was already showing during the commencement ceremony. Because of this, she delayed her college entrance until the spring semester of the following year. With her parents help, she still went. Her mother took time off in order to take care of, and raise Aly's child so that her daughter could go to school…

Due to having a child, Alicia chose not to go away to college, but to go to one in her hometown. That way, with her mother's help, her child would still have a good life, despite Aly's mistakes. She chose to major in English, so that she could follow the suggestions and become a writer. Her boyfriend didn't leave the picture, instead choosing to stay in town with her and get a job in order to help support their child.

Halfway through her freshman year, he proposed, and the two got married after her sophomore year. While it wasn't an ideal wedding, it was all that Aly wanted. Her graduation led to her getting a part-time job in retail so that she and her husband could move off and away from the family.

Despite the fact that they were forced into a family by mistakes made at a young age, both Alicia and Mark did have good, loving relationship. Everything was flowing smoothly for them until Mark got offered a promotion. The promotion required moving to the company's main offices in New York, and enough money that Aly could focus on her writing. While they didn't want to completely uproot their lives, it was really the only option.

It was hard at first, especially during their first winter. Growing up in Florida and moving to New York causes major climate shock. Jamie got adjusted to school in New York after a year, which greatly reduced the problems that Aly and Mark had anticipated. Things began to get a little weird then, though. Not with their relationship, just with Aly. She was finally gaining some small successes with her books, getting her own name known for serious fiction. However, they asked her to take on a pseudonym and write the more-popular and decently lucrative romance novels. Though she hated them, she accepted. It would be more money, after all. But writing them made her feel like she had given up something big. That is… until the day of the accident.

Jamie had been left with the neighbors so that Mark and Aly could get out of the apartment in order to look at houses a little upstate. Mark's job had advanced to the point that he could work from home, and only go in to work once a week. As they were driving in the countryside, something ran into the road. Not thinking, Mark swerved to avoid it, only to crash hard against a tree.

Somehow, she managed to work her way free of the accident, only to find her husband dead. Calling 911 on her cellphone, she simply waited.

In the intervening year since Mark's death, Aly has moved on. It's still hard, but her income with her writing is enough to keep herself and Jamie housed, fed, clothed, and with a decent amount of money to live off of, when combined with the money from Mark's death. Now, she's living as a single mother, taking care of her child and trying to figure out how she was able to get out of the wreck.


  • December - Alicia has been getting herself out of the apartment, following her doctor's advice. It's been a year since Mark died, and she needs to get her life going again. Her professional life has never been an issue, but nowadays, there are other things that she needs to do. Joining the PTA at Brubaker Secondary School, she starts learning a little about the students and teachers that her son has to deal with. She has… not heard pleasant things about Mr. Jones, but she is smart enough to withhold judgment. In a bit of last minute shopping, she heads to a comic shop in order to find something for her son, a secret fan of the Fantastic Four, despite his desire to seem UNgeeky. There, she meets the ever-interesting Kory, along with a few others. A few days later, she goes to an appointment to see her family doctor. The doctor had noticed something odd about her cellular structure. She reveals to him exactly what she knows about herself and her interesting abilities. Vowing not to let it get her down or weird her out, she decides to go to a club just before New Years. While there, she meets a few interesting people, Dani and Celeste that she's sure will become friends… over time.



  • Alicia is ambidextrous.
  • Alicia has relationships.
  • Alicia actually IS good at teaching, she just prefers to write.
  • Alicia doesn't read romance… perhaps that's why her romance novels sell well.
  • Alicia got her romance pen-name (Vivian Purcell) from a random set of names put together. It sounded cheesy.
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