2007-08-08: DF: Alike In Dignity


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Summary: Two young men meet up and have a conversation about something they have in common. Involves a girl.

Date It Happened: August 8th, 2009

Alike in Dignity

Phoenix Rising Towers

Later the same night, and Eric Walker can't sleep.

Its been a long day, and is going to turn into an even longer next few days as they look for Cass, trying to zero in on where they took her. He also has quite a bit more on his mind than normal. His coming back. Elena. The Saints. Peter. Cass. Lachlan. Ops. Attacks. Revenge.

Its alot for a young mind.

Walking down the hallway back at base, his jacket is unzipped revealing the gunrigs that he wears, and his helment hangs loosely from one hand his eyes downcast as he watches his feet.

He looks exausted…but still on his feet.


Sleep in this terrible future hasn't been great for Peter either. Maybe his other self sleeps better at night, but this one… he can't even stay asleep for more than a couple hours before he wakes up with bad dreams. He's not even sure if they're dreams or not— they could be more than dreams. They could be something else all together. They are dark, and they wake him up in a flash. That's why he's wandering from the direction of the kitchen, wearing a pair of jeans and a simple white undershirt.

In hand he's carrying a glass of water, one that he's obviously sampled a few times. When he spots another young man wandering around in the night, he pauses, visibly hesitates, and then shakes his head.

She said to stop being a coward, didn't she?

"Tough time sleeping too?" he speaks in a soft hoarse whisper.


He pauses at the sound of the voice, eyes sharp and hard as he turns them on Peter. Eric says nothing for a moment, the tension and pain in his gaze are quickly hidden behind those eyes. A slight sigh escapes him though and some of the tension drains away after a moment. His hand comes up, running though his hair before he gives Peter a half smile and a nod.

"…yeah…been a long night and I'm too worked up to sleep now anyway…" He adds, his voice a more normal volume, but still pitched low, even though it dosn't need to be. "…you finding your way around here well enough?"


"Sounds like it's been a long couple of years," Peter has to say, moving until he's close enough so that they can talk in lower voices and still hear each other just fine. There's a pause, as if he's noticing the tension, even if it was quickly hidden. He has some of his own, anyway. This man— they couldn't exactly be called friends… and besides one conversation, they usually talked around a certain someone.

"Yeah, I know where to sleep, shower and where to get water— that's the important parts, right?" he says, giving a hint of a smile as he glances down the hall. "And now I know where the training room is— but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to use that without getting myself killed." There's no way they're going to catch him jumping around on ninja pilars and playing as if he's in the Matrix. It's just not what he does.

"Why'd you run off to Spain for all those years? Kind of a… weird coincidence that you came back at the same time I got here. Maybe— we used a vision Desiree got to target the day we'd come in. It was a newspaper that she saw, about— about the President's speech a week ago. But maybe there was more to it than that. Maybe this is just… an important time."


"…you have no idea," Eric replies with a smirk of his own. "…though your learning at least," He adds after a few moments. He leans against the wall for a moment as Peter walks closer towards him. A sigh for a moment as he watches Peter. Yes. They couldn't be called friends really…rivals more correctly. Only really one thing connected them for most of their lives, and that thing had run from them both rather than hurt either of them.

"Yes, all the important things," Eric agrees before he laughs softly. "…and no, it takes awhile to learn how to use that training room. Of course you have a few advantages over the rest of us." He adds with a smirk.

At the last question he falls quiet a moment before pushing himself off the wall. "…I was on my way to the lounge. Come on if you want to talk." He adds after a moment. "…and it was Norway. Not Spain, Spain was just where I went on that trip." He adds before he sighs, rubbing the back of his neck. "…you really want to know Peter?" He adds softly after a moment. "…and it was just a coincidence is all…death takes alot to recover from, if you aren't…well…you."


In a lot of ways it's like how him and Isaac had been sort of friends— and he knows all too well how that whole thing ended up. Peter can't help but look at the younger man quietly, before nodding. "Lounge sounds good. I'll join you." That way they can walk together and one of them can just leave if anything gets too tense, even though… "Norway— right. I just keep remembering you were in Spain when I— it's two years to you, and less month since I last saw you for me… It's strange." And he made the room all dark that time too.

"Sorry— I know a lot happened— to all of us apparently." He got married to someone he doesn't even feel that way about now— someone he can't even really imagining ever marrying due to the fact part of him views it as a betrayal to his brother… a brother who's become an evil dictator to rival Hilter or Stalin, stripping away all the values that he claimed to protect.

"And actually— I don't think it's a coincidence. It's hard to believe in coincidence anymore— I keep running into people here— you'd think it'd be nearly impossible to coincidentally run into the President of the country, right? Well— I did. On the rooftop of a building. No reason he should have landed there— nothing— but he did. And if he hadn't— I wouldn't have visited my family's mansion, wouldn't have been able to heal someone he'd just tried to murder and left for dead— and if I hadn't met her I wouldn't have gone back to the Zoo— and wouldn't have ended up back here when I did." Coincidence or destiny?


"…yeah, that was a nice trip," Eric replies sofly as his mind turns back the clock, remembering the time they had. A sunset and a night sharing a sangria. "…the Spain one, not the Norway one. I don't remember much of the Norway trip actually." He shakes his head slightly. "I was in the hospital for most of the time." Making it to the lounge, he turns to thump down in a comfortable chair, relaxing back in it with a sigh.

"Yes they did," He adds with a slight smirk. "…you'll learn all of it eventually if you hang out long enough at least."

He laughs softly as he shakes his head. "…and now you sound like some kind of Jedi you know? There is no coincidence, only the Force." He says it was a smirk on his face. "…though…you may be right. Their might be something to this destiny thing." He adds with a shake of his head. "…luck or pure coincidence, it dosn't really matter though does it?"

There is a pause though for a moment before he adds quietly. "…Peter…I know we arn't friends…hell we hardly speak to each other…there is something I want you to remember though."


"I'm glad. At least that one wasn't ruined," Peter says, looking off down the hallway with his eyes a little tense. "I wonder why they didn't see if I'd— the other me— would heal you. I know they don't like him, but… it could have helped speed things up…" But he doesn't know the circumstances at all. It was a year and a half ago? At least that's one thing he can try to stop fix, even if— no— they're not exactly friends. "Maybe they did try to ask and… couldn't." Or said no to it. If he's as much of a dick as everyone seems to think he is…

"I need to learn a lot— if I'm going to change things, I need to know what went wrong— when it went wrong especially— and what we could have done differently." Fixing personal problems can also be important, but keeping thousands of people from dying? And millions from being imprisoned? That's far more important than fixing a few broken relationships. In fact…

"Jedi— well, Elena used to call me Skywalker," he says with that more genuine smile. He knows of that nickname. It'd been on her phone. "But when you can jump through time and change things… or do things based on prophetic visions— dreams or paintings or… monopoly money arranged to make a vision. Makes it hard to believe in true coincidence. It's like something's controlling everything— not that we don't have say, and can't push things another direction— but that's what I'm working on doing here." Making a better tomorrow.

"Sure— what is it?" There's a lot of people who have messages for him to give to the past, and even without the real friendship, he still considers it important.


Eric shakes his head slightly. "…the other you? By the time I was awake enough to talk he was off on his damn holy crusade against your brother. I didn't even care to ask him. Besides, I was doing fine on recovering and working with the finances." He falls quiet again before he sighs. "Besides, I wasn't really sure you would say yes about it…we were…well…" Elena came between them.

"Your well on your way to learning things…and I am glad that your helping," Eric admits honestly enough. "…and like I told you before Peter. I want you to do what you need to do. I want everything to work out in the past. Only way to save the future and all that."

"Skywalker…that fits," He agrees with a smile towards Peter. "Yes…your working on changing this future. On changing everyones destiny. To live a different and hopefully better life than whats in this hell hole. So I believe in you, and in what your doing."

He falls quiet at the last answer. "…you remember when I told you I'd kill you if you broke her worse?" He murmurs. The her very obvious. "…I can't. Not and have a hope of this future changing. It was an empty threat." He pauses again before his dark eyes turn towards the other young man. "…but…just keep in mind. This Elena, no matter what you feel about her. She isn't the one from your time. One day, to safe her, your going to have to leave her."


"I would've healed you," Peter says, looking over at him quietly. "No matter what happened— if it were really me— I would've healed you." He'd heal his worst enemy if the chance presented itself. He nearly healed his brother. But… "Elena said killing Sylar changed me, and it— probably did. But if anything happens to you while I'm here— I'll do my best to heal you." No matter what they've got going on between them— the girl they both care about, who… he's right.

The words draw his eyes away, tension appearing along his jaw. He doesn't say anything for a while, moving towards the wall himself as he thinks about it. "I know," he finally says softly. "And the me that's here… he's married to someone else." So that sort of means that there's no way she could end up with him in this time anyway. But that doesn't change how he feels… it just…

And actually he could kill him, just not permenantly. Avoiding the head and it would be fine… That doesn't solve anything, though.

"I know that the two of you love each other," he adds, glancing back towards the younger man, quietly considering it. "And I know you won't have to leave her eventually either— and I will." There's that pause again.


"…really? You would?" Eric raises an eyebrow. "…I was suposed to spend an extra four months in the hospital before I came here." He says with a half smile on his face.

"Yes, the you thats here left us all behind," Eric agrees after a moments thought. "I know it dosn't change how you feel Peter…but…" He shrugs slightly and sighs. "…I'm not trying to be and ass about it. You know I'm not. I just don't want her hurt."

He's quiet for a long moment when Peter calls him on it. He smiles slightly and shakes his head. "…I know. I have a different set of problems," He answers quietly before looking over towards him. "You know Peter…" He adds with a slight smile. "…we arn't that different. We could be friends you know. Keep that in mind when you get back eh?"


"I would've healed you both that night— but you said…" Peter trails off. That'd been no excuse not to stop by and just heal them both while they were in the medical bay. "Do you still need some?" He looks over the man again, trying to check for obvious signs of injury. He just didn't want her to wake up with him in the room, not after what was said. It's hard to see a way around that— and he was a coward who couldn't even stay in the building the whole day afterwards. He ran. Only to get shot to death by his brother.

"I don't want to hurt her anymore either— but I— do want her to know what…" There's a pause. Is telling her how he feels when he can't promise her anything outside of this short moment fair? He's not sure— maybe it isn't. They both know he has to leave. And…

"I know we could be. I always liked you— and before… before I fell in love with her, I thought you were good for her. You almost got yourself killed to protect her." And he'd snuck her into the hospital just to see him. He liked him. "I still think you'd be good for her— you were just gone for so long and…" Things happened. He fell in love with her. But that doesn't change that he thinks the other man might just be better for her. "I'm going to head back to bed…" But before he does… he reaches over and touches the man's arm. A light touch. Followed by perhaps warmth. Even if he doesn't need too much more healing— he gets some anyway. Maybe not all the way, but a push in the right direction.

"I hope it works out for the two of you here. She deserves to be happy— once things settle down enough to allow it." The way things are now… she doesn't seem intent on letting herself be happy. Maybe that will change. Maybe it won't. But he can hope it will.


"…most likely yes," Eric replies. "I can't really tell myself," The answer is yes. His muscles are weakened, bones are overstressed. He shouldn't even really be moving around let alone out of bed. However he is. Forcing himself on through shear force of will. He must hurt to just exist.

"…I know you do," Eric replies with a slight sigh. "…I know. I can't tell you what to do or not in that case. I'm…well…highly biased." He grins then, an almost cheerful grin towards him.

"…and I always thought you were a nice person as well…" Eric pauses a moment before he just grins slightly. "…yeah I almost did. I should have died then you know." Maybe that would have been easier for all involved, but hey, he is still glad that he didn't.

At the touch though some of the pain in his his eyes fades and he seems to relax. He breaths a sigh of relief out before he closes his eyes and shakes his head slightly. "…thanks…" Then a smile. "…maybe I can get a good nights sleep tonight."

"…would it be bad form to say that I hope it does too?" He adds with a grin once more, one that seems much more honest. "…sleep well while you can Peter." He adds. "Goodnight…"

Relaxing back in the chair as he watches the other man leaving. He is quiet though for a long moment before he draws in a long breath and lets it out in a soft sigh. "…and for the record, I hope so myself." He murmurs.


"You know— I think I figured it out," Peter says as he starts to leave. He's already partly down the hall when he turns around to say this. "I think you came back here the same time I did… so I wouldn't be as tempted to stay." There's actually a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth. "So you better not die either— or I'm not sure I could go back. One of us has to make her happy." And that's all he's going to say about that. He moves down the hallway back towards the kitchen, to drop off his glass of water, and then likely go to bed— or hang out in another room for a few hours.

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