2007-05-17: All About The Benjamins


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Elle has a bit of a surprise for Cass.

May 17th, 2007:

All About the Benjamins

Enlightenment Books

Enlightenment Books is all but ready for it's new grand opening. Or re-opening. The new security system is in place, the doors are fixed, the books are slowly but surely all getting inventoried and put in their rightful place. There are still some boxes that need unpacking and finishing touches to do before they can officially open, but the store is finally looking like it should. This afternoon, Cass is in the backroom and unwrapping that Mendez that she retrieved from Jessica. It's something she's been meaning to do for awhile, but she hasn't had the time or the opportunity until now. When it's all unwrapped, and she's had a few minutes to study it, all she can do is gape. While before she knew what it held, she's got some more perspective on it now. She can tell who the people are in this painting. And to think it was hanging in the store all those years.

Elle pulls up outside. She stops the SUV, appears to briefly be negotiating with someone in the back seat, makes sure the windows are all cracked some, and gets out of the car, heading for the front door. She'll try it. If it's locked, she'll knock.

The door is, in fact, locked. What with all the craziness that's been happening, Cass is a little more careful about things like that now. She's a little slow to respond, but carefully the bookstore owner rests the painting down against her desk and then starts for the door. Through the window, the woman can see who it is that's knocking and her face is conflicted. Hm. The last time this woman was inside her store, it got destroyed. And it would be a real pain if it happened again /just/ when she got it put back together. But, then again, she might break the door down and she's sick of having to replace them. So, she strides over and unlocks the door for the Company Agent. "Elle." It's not exactly a warm welcome, but there's definitely curiosity in her voice. "What can I do for you?"

The blonde looks back up at Cass. She fishes a hand into her purse, and comes up with an envelope. "Here you are, Ms. Aldric." she says. Keen eyes might spot the terrible twosome of Monty and Simon in her back seat.

Curious? Make that that downright puzzled. Cass glances beyond Elle to the SUV that she pulled up in and can make out the two little boys in the back seat of her car. It's only a momentary glance and then her attention is back on Elle. Almost automatically, she reaches out to take the envelope. Blink. "What is this?"
The electroblonde looks back at Cass. "What you asked for. I'm sorry about your store." Inside the envelope, if Cass opens it, is not only the money for the door, but an amount equal to her insurance deductible. All cash.

When Elle tells Cass that it's what she asked for, the brunette looks a little confused. Oh! Right! She demanded that Elle should pay for the door. Then, more confusion. The envelope she's holding seems /much/ thicker than what she should be holding to just replace a door. Cautiously, she peels open the lip of the envelope and her eyes widen significantly. "I." Eyes snap up to Elle. "My door wasn't made of of gold, Ms. Bishop." Since she used /her/ last name, she might as well slip back into the more formal speech, too.

Elle can't help it, there's just a -little- smile at the "door made of gold" comment. Given what her dad does. "That's enough to cover your insurance deductable too. Since the damage to your store was, directly or indirectly, the response to certain actions." She's trying to be formal.

Though she knows who Elle's father is now, Cass certainly doesn't know what he can do yet. The envelope is still mostly held in front of her from where she was given it. Hm. Her eyes trail down at the envelope and then up at Elle again. It /was/ partially (mostly) Elle's fault for what happened to her store. And while the deductible was something that Cass could cover, she was planning on being stretched pretty thin for the next couple of months. This would certainly help on that front. Frown. "You don't have to do this, you know."

Elle is quiet for a moment. "No. I don't." Because she doesn't…she's a Company agent, and she COULD just ignore the whole thing. "But I'm going to anyway." she says. "I'm sorry I couldn't get your picture back. I tried." And got impaled through the foot for it.

Elle's answer earns her a nod from Cass, though not quite a smile. This changes some things, but not everything. Tucking the lip of the envelope back inside, she pulls the envelope back toward her body. "Thank you." A pause while she tries to think through her next step and she decides to answer Elle in kind. If Elle already knows that she /has/ the painting, it's not going to hurt to let her know that she got it back. "It's okay. I got it on my own."

A wry smile. "Good. Hopefully YOU didn't have to get impaled trying to get it back." Okay, so she forgot to be formal there for that part.

Formality only stretches so far. Cass finally gives Elle a wary smile. "I…no. I just asked nicely." More flies with honey and all that. Or, well, who knows why Jessica gave it back without breaking her. "Thanks for trying, though."

Elle nods. "I tried asking nicely. Then I tried asking not so nicely. And then Jessica shoved her heel through the middle of my foot." Ouch. "But if you got it back, all's good." Pause, somewhat awkward expression. "I'm not so good at this apologizing thing. But sorry." she repeats. "I'll get out of your hair now."

Blink. "She /what/?" Well, Cass knew that Jessica eviscerated Peter, why wouldn't she stomp a heel through Elle's foot? "Are you /okay/?" Even if this is a woman that she doesn't exactly think all that highly of, pain is pain. And getting a heel through the foot is not exactly on the low end of that. The apology is met with another, somewhat sympathetic face. "Thanks." She might not /accept/ the apology quite yet, but she'll acknowledge it.

Elle nods. "I got it taken care of." Hurt like a bitch. But it got healed. And heeled. "Good luck with your reopening." And with that, she turns to head back to her car.
"Right." Cass remembers that Peter can heal and figures that's how she can still be walking around. "Thanks again." She doesn't stop the blonde from leaving, but she watches her, even more confused about her than when this whole mess started.

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