2007-04-21: All Fun And Games


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Summary: Peter and Elle go on their second date and get competitive.

Date It Happened: April 21, 2007

All Fun and Games

Arcade Near Chinatown

For this date, the big second outing he's been promising, Peter makes it clear that jeans are perfectly acceptable, and even wears them himself. Covered in a black long sleeved shirt, he gets into the cab and gives instructions for somewhere near Chinatown. When they step out, there's more than a couple people milling about, as he leads her into a building… where they find themselves surrounded by a younger variety of people. Lots of noises and flashing lights, the majority of the patrons are younger teens, though some small children do run around under the observation of their parents or older siblings. This place has everything. Racing games, first person shooters, fighting games, DDR, pinball, and even a ticket-winning section with skee ball, basket ball shoots and wack the ground hog. And popular with the older group would be a couple booths off to the side, next to the greasy food snack bar with sodas.

"Um, here we are. It's— an arcade. When I first started dating this was… kind of the place to go. It's changed a bit…" Peter eyes the flashing Dance Dance Revolution game. "But it's more or less the same." This would be why he asked if she liked games, isn't it?

Elle is in the jeans, sandals, and emerald top ensemble. She steps out of the cab with Peter, looking about at all the machines, all the flashing and bright lights. "There's quite a lot here." she says, seeming surprised.

"Yeah— there's a lot," Peter says, reaching to take her hand a bit. "Have you never played video games? You'd probably be good at the… race car games, or the shooting games. I bet you'd out score me on most of these." Glancing around self consciously, he suddenly looks back, "Is this okay? We can leave if you don't like it…"

Elle shakes her head. "I haven't." she admits. "No, it's fine!" she reassures him quickly. She looks about, eyes sweeping right and left, and then back to him. "What do we do first?"

"Let's try one of the racing games," Peter says, sounding relieved, seeing one without any kids currently making a valiant attempt at knocking the other off the road. "I need to get some coins first, though." He walks over to a coin dispensor and pulls out some bills he set aside just for this, fresh from the bank and fairly straight. Two small buckets are pulled from the top, and he deposits one large bill worth of gold arcade specific coins into a bucket, and another into the second. The second gets handed to her. Clinkclink of money. Leading her over to the race car game, with two wheels side by side, he waits until she's seated, before he settles in next to her.

Elle looks over, and follows. She's really not sure how to go about it, so she moves in and gets into the little plastic seat, looking at the controls, then the screens. "It's a simulator." she states.

"Sort of, yeah," Peter says with a laugh, reaching over to explain a little bit to her, though he cuts off as soon as he thinks she might be taking offense to his explaination, or when he sees she gets it. "The main point is that you're supposed to get to the finish line before everyone else. You can actually crash a couple times, you just lose time when you do, so— you want to avoid that. Think you can handle it?"

Elle listens…mostly patiently. She nods. "Let's give it a try." She's curious to see how she'll do on it. And, of course, she's competitive to begin with. "Ready when you are."

Depositing the proper amount of coins, Peter settles back into the seat and watches as they have the chance to choose their cars. Once they both have, the recorded announcer speaks and the numbers click by until the light turns green and they're ready to go.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+DRIVE+PENALTY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+DRIVE and got a result of AVERAGE.

Elle steps on the gas. But then, arcade racing doesn't really handle the same as normal cars do, and Elle only has experience with the latter. She doesn't turn in a BAD performance, but it's still not enough to win against Peter.
When he passes the finish line first, Peter can't help but flinch a little. He should have drove into the wall at least once to give her a head start… "Takes a while to get used to, since it doesn't actually move around much or anything…" he says, glancing over at her with a hint of a nervous smile.

Elle doesn't seem to mind much. She's not a fan of losing, but first time. "Hmm…let's try it again." Now she's got at least a little experience with it.

As he didn't get a high score, or anything, he doesn't need to take the time to add in his initials, so Peter just grabs a coin out of his own bucket and puts it in for her. His credit still holds. "You'll get the hang of things," he adds, as they get to choose cars and start again, with a different track this time.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+DRIVE and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+DRIVE+PENALTY and got a result of GOOD.

The blonde tries, but doesn't manage to win, on a second go either. She scowls a little. "Let's try a different game. I don't like this one." she says, covering that.

"You didn't do too bad, really," Peter assures her, but he takes up the cups and glances around. "How about the shooting games? You can kill zombies in that one, I think." And he's not as good at those. He hopes she's a better shot than he is.

Elle smiles. "I don't usually shoot things…with a gun." She grins. "But I don't think the other way would work so well, either." She looks over, and starts to walk with him over towards the shooters.

"Really? Well, you probably still know how to aim at least," Peter says, relocating over to the machine, with the fake plastic guns. "You shoot at the objects on the screen, and when you're out of bullets, you fire off the screen to reload, like this…" He demonstrates with one of the guns. "Okay?" He should let her win this time, shouldn't he?

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+FIREARMS and got a result of HORRIBLE.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+FIREARMS+PENALTY and got a result of GOOD.

Elle keeps at it. She loses, BADLY, the first go-round. Again, these guns don't have the weight or recoil of a real gun. She keeps trying though, rather doggedly refusing to quit here. She's shot these AT PEOPLE, dammit. She should be better than this.

"Here— you why don't you hold it a little more like this," Peter suggests, holstering his plastic weapon and stepping behind her, wrapping his hands around hers and practically hugging her up against his body. This would be why this is a date place… While he's so close, he takes the time to smell her hair, and give her a kiss, before he pulls back. "Okay?" Second round… Again, on his bucket. He did pretty good really good the first time, less so the second time.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+FIREARMS and got a result of POOR.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+FIREARMS+PENALTY and got a result of POOR.

Elle smiles. She keeps at it. And maybe she purposefully does a little less well than she could. It's an excuse to have Peter around her, and that's always a good thing. She even leans back slightly into him.

This time, they do about even, but Peter still moves behind her afterwards and helps her out, liking the smell of her hair and the feel of her body against his. Indulging himself, perhaps. "You did better that time." And he did a lot worse. "This time you'll do even better, I know you will." And this time, he actually stays behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, as she shoots this round, not playing himself.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+FIREARMS and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Elle smiles, and she manages to score better still this time. She looks back. "The real thing is more fun." she offers. "We should go to a shooting range sometimes…it wouldn't hurt you to learn how."

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+FIREARMS and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+FIREARMS+PENALTY and got a result of HORRIBLE.

"I know a bit about handling a gun," Peter explains, unwrapping his arms from around her, but his hand lingering against her hip for a moment before he goes to join her in play again. "Just not very good at it. You could always teach me how to throw lightning, though," he adds in a softer tone, before they go for the fourth round. And this time? He doesn't does horribly.

The girl looks curious, and then nods. "I could." she says. "But you'd enjoy it less than I do." She teases him. "It's more fun when you have targets you can see the reaction on." Cause, sadist.

There's a flinch, and it's clear that Peter is /not/ a sadist. "Rather not do that." With the shots expended, he wraps his arm back around her and rests his cheek into her hair. "Done killing zombies? Have an idea of what I'd like to do next."

Elle nods. She puts the gun back in the holder, before looking to Peter. "What do you have in mind from here?" She smiles, as she looks at him. This date hasn't been presenty yet. But it's still fun, and she's getting to spend time with Peter.

"Well…" Peter glances past the games towards the little food court, where there's a few tables. Raising his hand up, he points towards something next to the snack bar. A row of curtained booths. "Those. They're… photo booths. Usually people sit in them and get their pictures taken together. I… still need a few pictures of you, and I thought you could use a picture for your locket. They're usually small."

Elle's eyes go bright as soon as he mentions a picture for her locket. "Come on!" She reaches over to grab his hand and start dragging him towards the booth.

They manage to get to the booths in a lull of activity. There's a couple to choose from, though the one with the cheesy heart framed pictures is occupied. By a couple girls. Go figure. Choosing one of the simpler ones, Peter settles into the booth first, then lets her choose… beside him, or right on his lap. "We can get a couple of them too. People usually do at least one really silly one…" he explains, somehow still expecting this to be taken the wrong way, as if he thinks she's ignorant. But she /really wouldn't know/ would she?

Elle giggles. She's SO teenager on this. She pushes him in. "You get in, and I'll sit on your lap." Cause that's always fun too. And the picture will be in her locket, better believe it.

"Alright, alright," Peter settles inside, grabbing a few of those crisp bills before he settles down, and reaches his free hand out to help her plop into his lap. "Just close the curtain behind you."

Elle slides in, cuddling up close to him, as she pulls the curtain shut. Sitting on his knee, her feet don't come close to reaching the floor.

Pushing in the first bill, Peter glances over at her and adds, "Teenagers also used these as places to make out where no one could see them." Eyebrow quirks wryly, before he glances towards the camera area and leans forward to push the button, allowing the money to process, and the countdown to the four first photos.

Elle smiles. "Well, we could definitely do that too." She grins, and fishes a hand under Peter's shirt, while they're sitting there.

There's a laugh and a lopsides smile, and Peter shifts his hand to stop hers before it gets too high. Still, when the first picture takes, it's obvious where her hand has ventured. For the second picture, he nudges his nose against her cheek, and then kisses her, eyes closing, before he turns to face the camera again for the third, giving her free reign to do what she will for that.

Elle tickles at his ribs while the camera is shooting, and leans in to kiss him. She'll let a bright spark crackle when she kisses him.

And this particular picture might actually catch the spark passing between them, as Peter gives up trying to move her hand out from under his shirt, and instead raises his hand to cup her face, drawing her deeper into the kiss for the final picture.

Elle smiles, and leans back looking at him. "This was fun. I'm glad we decided to come out here."

As she leans back, Peter leans forward, catching her lips again in a brief kiss, almost chaste in comparison. "I love you," he repeats the confession against her mouth. "I'm glad you came here with me."

She smiles, warmly, and cuddles close, hugging him tightly. "I love you too." She looks back to him seriously. "I've given things some thought…to maybe leaving the Company." she says, looking serious.

There's surprise at first, perhaps both because of the returned affections, and what follows afterwards. Peter blinks once or twice, and then shifts his hand until he can find hers. "Elle— that's…" On the one hand, there's a hint of relief, but on the other hand… worry. After a pause, he settles with this, "Whatever you decide, I'll be with you."

Elle smiles. "Thank you." Her voice is thoughtful. "I'm still not sure what I'm going to actually do. But it's nice to know that the option is out there."

Entwining his fingers in hers, Peter doesn't seem to mind that she's touching his ribs anymore, as he leans in to touch his nose against hers. "That includes if you decide to stay with them too, you know. I'm not going to leave you."

The blonde looks over at him. "Are you so sure you mean that?" she says, looking more serious. "You know some of the things I've done. And some of the things I might still do. You're with me even with that?" She leans back just a bit, to get a better look.

"Can't say you won't do something that might upset me in the future…" Peter says softly, looking into her eyes as he speaks. "I'm sure I'll do things that will upset you too. But… I think you'll give a thought towards how things might make me feel. Just as I think about how things will make you feel…"

Elle nods. "I've already done that." she says. "I mean…thinking about how you're going to react to something. It makes it hard. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to be someone I'm not." she admits. "Sometimes." A deep sigh follows that.

"Not— necessarily someone that you're not," Peter says softly, as if unsure how to put this. "The thing is… you're not who you were the first time we met. You are— you're still Elle— but now you… you love me. And love does change people. It isn't bad, and it's not pretending. But it is change. Just as I'm not the same person I used to be last year." He pauses, "Does that make sense?"

Elle nods, slowly. "It does. I just don't know if…never mind." She forces a smile. "I'm brooding, that's all. And this isn't time for brooding." She moves to stand and get out of the booth. "We're here to have fun!"

Sliding out of the booth, Peter adjusts his shirt and then reaches out to take her hand again. "It's okay. I brood a lot too." Bringing her hand up, he kisses the backs of her fingers. With his other hand, he reaches to pick up the pictures. "These good enough for you? We were kind of all over each other on some of them."

Elle grins. "That's okay. They'll be good ones to keep." she says. "After all, those are the ones we can look at when we're arguing to remember the not-arguing parts." The blonde girl looks all around. "Where to now?"

"I don't think we argue /that/ much," Peter says, tucking the pictures away in his pocket. "I'll let you choose which one goes in your locket when we get home," he adds, before he casts a look around. "How about over there?" He points towards the ticket games. "You win tickets for scoring points on those, and then you can trade them in for a cheap plastic ring, or bracelet, or a plastic tiara."

Elle smiles. "It's hard to say. I'm not used to having a boyfriend to argue with." She moves over to look at the ticket games. "And…why would I want plastic jewelry in the first place?" she asks.

"…Cause it's fun?" Peter asks, glancing towards the prize booth for a moment, "Looks like there's stuffed animals too… How about this. Whatever you trade the tickets in for… I promise to buy you a nicer version of it later?"

Elle laughs. "All right. Show me how, first." She looks to some of the games, then back to Peter, her guide in the ways of things datelike.

"Well… first there's skee ball. I'm honestly not sure why it's called that." Peter pulls her over to these long machines, with flashing numbers. "You put in your coins, like this…" he drops a coin into the slot. "Then you get a certain amount of balls, and you throw them towards those holes up there. But— you roll them, instead of— here, like this." He rolls the ball down there, and gets in the large 10 slot. "See? Just like that." There's a machine right next to it for her. "The more points you get, the more tickets come out."

Elle thinks about that. "Okay." She looks at the ball, then down at the track. "It's like geometry." She looks to it. "Do we play against each other here too?"

"Sure, you can try and outscore me if you'd like," Peter says, reaching over and touching her cheek gently. "What do you think the winner should get?"

Elle looks at Peter, and then grins a little. "Well, we can't play strip skeeball. Which is a shame. That would be a lot more fun game."

"Not /here/ no. There's kids about," Peter adds, looking around. "The loser can pick the next date?"

Elle giggles. She looks thoughtful. "Hmmm…" Her mind is still back on strip skeeball. mmmm. Captain Shirtless. She considers. "Hmm. I don't know a lot of good choices yet. Whoever loses has to give the winner a full-body massage and make them breakfast in bed." she says.

"I know I can cook, but you're not going to poison me if you try to cook, right?" Peter asks, but then reaches over and kisses her on the cheek. "Deal. But we have to use the same amount of coins, so it's fair. Ten coins each?"
Elle nods. "That sounds fair." she says. "Total points wins." She takes out one of the coins and pops it in the machine, picking up the first ball.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.

Ten rounds of skeeball, and most the rounds they stay fairly even… except one. One round, well… Peter pulls ahead by quite a bit, and never quite loses the lead. Counting up the tickets they've won, it's pretty clear, pointwise, that he got more. When it's all over, he looks over to her and says, "You did pretty good except for— you know." She knows what happened.

The games are actually pretty close, save for one where Peter scores pretty well and Elle literally hops the track a couple times with her ball. It provides the difference and a win for Peter. The blonde looks back. "Hmmm…we need a double-or-nothing game somewhere."

"Well, let's see… there's the hit the gopher games…" Peter says, collecting the tickets for spending later as he looks towards a game that… actually has little holes. "Come on. It's pretty simple. You have a plastic bonking thing and you wait for the gophers to pop up and you hit them with it."

Elle looks at it. "Okay…" she grins. "One game…here's the deal. If I win, we're even and it's like I didn't lose the skeeball challenge. If I lose…" She looks thoughtful. "I have to do the stuff dressed in a french maid's outfit or some costume you pick." A playful grin as she looks back to Peter.

"I actually had maids growing up. Maid outfits aren't that sexy," Peter says, with a hint of a wink, before he nods. "Okay, deal." He'll just have to think of a sexy outfit for her to wear.

GAME: Peter has rolled PERCEPTION+DEXTERITY+MELEE and got a result of HORRIBLE.
GAME: Elle has rolled PERCEPTION+DEXTERITY+MELEE and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

And thus ensues the slaughter of the gophers. And a lot of giggling. However, in her focus to win, Elle manages to outperform Peter by a bit, grinning as she looks back to him. "I win!"

As stated already, Elle wins. And a lot of this would be because Peter performs horribly. Maybe he's distracted by the idea of what he'd dress her up in, or perhaps this just isn't his game. But either way… he loses, fair and square. "Yeah, you did." With that said, he reaches over and pulls her close, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Since we're now /tied/, technically… we should try another game. Let's see… there's basketball hoops, or air hockey… or we could try out those fancy game with music that those girls were on when we entered…"

Elle grins. "The ones with everyone moving? That sounds good." Elle vs. Peter on DDR, FIGHT! "What do we bet for this one?" She's competitive, she likes this part.

"How about… well, it looks like a dancing game," Peter glances towards it as they approach, "The loser could dance for the winner, wearing whatever the winner wants." Or however little the winner wants? Yeah, that too. "Course that means it might be a really /bad/ dance. Neither of us now how to, but that's not the point, is it?" He asks, leaning over and kissing her on the neck, right under her jaw.

Elle laughs a little. "That sounds like a good bet." she smiles. "All right…it looks like there are two open next to the other. Let's give it a try." She moves over to take her place.

Passing over the tokens for her, Peter puts down everything so he's not as distracted, and gets into position on his machine. "Now no wiggling out of this one if you lose," he adds with a lopsided and flawed smirk, before he takes a deep breath and looks down at the pad, then reads the instructions. Okay… this looks like something he's going to fail at.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+PERFORM and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+PERFORM and got a result of POOR.

Elle does her best. But then, this is the same girl who by her own admission the other day had never been dancing before. Nor, until today had played video games. So though she gives it her best effort, in the end Peter pulls out the win. She laughs. "All right. What do I have to wear?" She puts her hands on her hips.

Which is pretty surprising, considering they'd been on even footing this time. Peter steps off the game, glancing between the scores. He didn't score anywhere near the top of the board, or even on the board, but his score does beat hers. "Well… I was thinking something close to a swim suit, like… a bikini. Maybe yellow? And your hair could be up." He's totally thinking of something specific. "I'm pretty sure I can find a place to buy one, too."

The blonde blinks. "Well, if you want." She isn't thinking a yellow bikini is all that bad. Not like she hasn't worn a bikini before. "Sure."

"All right. Do you want to trade in the tickets?" Peter asks, pulling the folded up tickets out of his pocket and stacking the empty buckets to be put on a coin dispenser later.

Elle thinks about it a moment. Then she passes over her tickets to Peter, and says "You spend them." This way it's less like shopping and more like getting a present. And getting presents = good.

Dropping off the buckets, Peter leads her towards the prize stand and glances around, looking at the numbers close to what they have, "What's your favorite color?"

Elle thinks. "Blue." she answers after a moment's pause. She looks at the choices, and back to Peter.

"Blue it is," Peter says, leaning over to look over the cheap plastic jewelry. "Now remember, I'll buy you a real version of this…" He taps on the glass, and the man behind the counter pulls out the rings, and he picks out one with a clear blue plastic stone. "This can just be a… place holder. Until I get you the real one," he says, holding it out.
Elle smiles. She looks at it, and then offers out her hand so that he can slide the ring on her finger. Thankfully, Elle's pretty petite…the plastic ring will probably fit her little hands.

And fit it does. Peter's pleased, and smiles lopsidedly up at her, before he passes over the tickets and takes asks for the little wrapped candies to make up the change. With a few peppermints and hard caramel candies in pocket, they've spent their winnings. "Now I just have to find a costume shop."

The blonde looks curious. "What do we need a costume shop for? We can get a yellow bikini almost anywhere." She starts towards the outside of the arcade with him.

"Well, it's not… actually a bikini…" Peter says, leading the way to the street. "It's— have you ever seen Star Wars?"

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