2010-04-04: All Grown Up



Date: April 4, 2010


Cody tries to hide things from Matt. Matt tries to hide things from Molly.

"All Grown Up"

Cody's no-longer-safehouse

A certain agent has been quite busy in the basement. At the rare times she is home, she sequesters herself down there to work on some 'secret project' that requires the back elevator to be locked with a padlock. A note with an 'Out Of Order' sign has been hung, but everyone in the warehouse is well aware that the elevator does work. There's just something down there that the agent doesn't want anyone to see.

It's mid afternoon and already her stomach is starting to growl, rather than feast on what she's got in the freezer, she's decided not to be a cannibal and actually come up for leftovers or whatever she can scrounge.

The grate to the elevator is pulled aside and Cody walks from it. She's rubbing her hands off onto a rag that's stained with brown and some new red. It doesn't take a rocket dentist to figure out that it's blood. "Lambert! Parkman! McCarty! What are we having for supper?" Her bellow can be heard through all three inhabitted floors of the safehouse.

Which Parkman? There are three here, now, though one of them is in no position to even answer the question, much less cook anything. Matt, on the other hand, pipes up right away: "I don't know, wasn't it Erin's turn to work on it tonight?"

He has yet to prod Cody about the 'Out Of Order' sign, figuring it's probably a need-to-know security measure of some sort - which he does need to know at some point, just on general principle, but it can wait until after he's had some more time to catch up with his family. "Wait, was that a goldfish?" he says, turning to look over at Molly. "Go back to that last channel for a second."

From safehouse to safehouse, Molly has been moved one place to another. The pick up in the park with Janice seemed to work like clockwork. The young teenager has adjusted to the new move about as well as can be expected. Maybe by now she just assumes that every place she arrives in is temporary. Residences in Molly's world tend to be transient and ever-changing. As such, the resident clairvoyant has made herself as comfortable here as any place she doesn't expect to stay in for long.

Having insisted on working the remote - Matt obviously doesn't do it properly - the blonde flips through channels much like a Golden Retriever Puppy with ADD. Nothing is really all that interesting to her for more than a few seconds. "A goldfish?" Curious, at least, Molly flips back to the other channel. "No, I think…I think that's one of those big Japanese fish. Koi?"

"Erin? Cook? You want to live to see tomorrow, right? I mean ser — " Then Baker is caught by the television. "I saw that episode on Friday… I still can't figure out how a goldfish gets the drop on a porcupine." Slowly, she pads into the living room, still wiping her hands on the cloth. Her clothes are covered in the substance too, it's really not a picture that inspires confidence in her mental state.

«Christ, I have to get back downstairs. He's got to be ready for disposal tonight. Before someone actually goes downstairs and fi — Seriously? How does a goldfish… No way.»

"Anyway… Don't ever let Erin cook, I'd say order out, but we're on a budget now. Best we can do is pizza." The woman says absently as she continues to keep her eyes glued to the television.

Matt's face falls as he hears that; he has a pretty good idea what 'disposal' implies, even if she glossed over a bunch of details. Which she is going to stop doing Right Now, thank you very much. « Focus, Dory. Who's gotta be ready for disposal? They didn't follow you back here, did they? »

Outwardly, he shrugs and gets up off the couch, declining to drag Molly into the situation. "I can call it in, is the place over on Spring Street okay?"

"That's fine," Cody answers absently, "Tell them it's for pickup." She's still engrossed in the television show and barely registers that she's following some sort of mental command. «Some guy followed Gallagher home, caught him outside ready to toss a grenade in here…. took care of him. Been keeping watch, haven't seen any more.» The former agent leans forward on her seat as the good vampire takes off his shirt.

Looking over at Molly, the agent smiles and nods her hed toward the television. "Shirtless vampire, he's one of the best ones."

Matt nods to Cody, pacing back and forth, waiting for a lull in the phone call - it's a popular pizza joint, so a busy one, so he gets one pretty early - before responding to her thoughts. « Shit. » He's familiar with the killing-in-self-defense thing, but it still means the risks they're running here just got a lot more specific. « You ditched his phone somewhere else, right? If we're lucky, they only started looking for it after he missed his report. And that guy? Listen to his voice, it might as well be a pink shirt. »

Completely unaware of the inner conversation happening between Matt and Cody, Molly focuses on the TV in front of them. When Cody nods in the direction of the shirtless vampire, the young teenager acts much like a younger version of herself. Wrinkling her nose at the idea of cooties and whatever else it is boys have, she shakes her head. "Eeew, no, he should put his shirt back on."

Hold tight onto such ideas while they are still there in Molly's head, Matt. They'll soon be replaced by boy crazed notions. Then, she looks over and starts to notice Matt's 'I'm thinking about something really hard' face; the face she knows he uses when he's being a Telepath. Then, she looks over at Cody. "Heeeey, what are you guys thinking about?"

When the teen turns her thinking cap on, the agent straightens up and frowns a little. "Nothing…" she says with a rather stern look toward the girl. "I'm going to head down to the pizza place to pick them up." With that, she stands and walks over to the garbage and starts to pull her hair from her head in large clumps, depositing it into the recepticle.

It doesn't take more than a moment before a fine brown beard and mustache begins to grow on Cody's face and some curly brown hair sprouts from her head into a lovely style much like Matt's. Her New York Yankees cap and jacket are pulled on, then she's out the door.

Crap. Nothing like getting busted by your own teenage daughter to take you down a peg. Matt sighs, turning back and deciding to share the truth but not the whole truth. "I didn't want you to worry, but— There was a government agent trying to get to us, but Cody stopped him before he did. We're watching out in case they send anyone else after him." Translation, yes, we may have to pack up and run for it again on short notice.

Pack up and run on short notice - that's something that Molly knows all too well. Frowning, the blonde girl looks at the TV without actually watching it. Maybe it was better not asking. Of course, she couldn't help but not. That's just her nature. "Trying to get us? I thought they couldn't find us here. I guess…Well, I guess it's never that simple." They can always find them, no matter where they go if they're not careful. The teenager glances about the apartment that they've been calling home for the past few weeks and sighs. It's a nice place.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to…out you or anything," she tells Cody and Matt before the former is out the door. "I just…I don't like being left out of stuff. I'm not just a kid."

Matt shakes his head. "It's not just that." It totally is that, he doesn't bother trying to deny it, but there's more to it. "Cops have to leave people - adults - out of stuff all the time. Because they might panic, or they're a suspect. It's not an easy habit to break."

With a raised eyebrow, Molly crosses her arms. Finally, she looks over at Matt as opposed to pretending to watch the TV. "Yes it is, Matt." Scowling like the teenager she is, she shakes her head. "I'm not a suspect and I'm not gonna panic. I'm not Matt Jr, either. I'm fourteen and I should know what's going on! I'm not a kid any more and this stuff affects me."

"You're almost fourteen. And I've been doing it for more like twenty, so yeah, it kind of is." Defensive Matt is defensive. In an attempt to cool the argument down some, he heads to the kitchen and looks to see what's left to drink. Better save the milk in case Cody goes and dumps peppers on everything again. "How is Junior, anyway? He's been pretty quiet— I know he's been napping some, but still, he must be feeling pretty worn out by now."

"I'm close enough," Molly argues. It is getting closer to her birthday, after all. At least by a couple of months. She's counting. "He's been fine, I've been looking after him, but Kitty was really good to him." The topic of Matt Jr. does derail the conversation at least for a little bit, but she hones back into it. "I still deserve to know more things. Or that you shouldn't have to Telepathically talk about it behind my back."

Matt returns with a couple bottles - does she like the red or the blue Gatorade better? - and a beer can for himself. "I guess you're right… I have to use it sometimes, but it's also a good way to get someone's attention. But it's not the only way." Not that he really wants to get into a shouting match with the person who got him out of lockup - even if she did get him into it in the first place - but that'll only be staying together for so long. With Molly, there's a longer haul ahead.

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