2009-12-24: All I Want For Christmas is Boobs



Date: December 24, 2009


Stephanie tortures Hallis… That's all that can be said.

"All I Want For Christmas is Boobs"

Common Grounds

It's a Christmas carol kind of day, you know the one "Oh Baby It's Cold Outside". Hallis' hands are like ice as she hugs her environmentally friendly mug of coffee. She's relaxing for just a few minutes while she looks at her list and checks it twice. Lizette has put her in charge of a few more things to take care of before the evening's festivities. So what is she doing? Dawdling and bothering the staff that likely just wants to go home and spend the holiday with their families.

Stephanie comes into the coffee shop. She seems in a fairly cheery mood…she's actually whistling. "Let it snow", technically, as she whistles her way through a Christmas carol. She moves in, and heads up to the counter, selecting her drug of choice (chai, today) and a pastry.

The whistle catches Hallis' attention and she looks up to smile as she recognizes the blonde. She allows her the time to order and receive her drink before lifting her hand to wave at the other woman. "Hey Stepanie! Merry Christmas!" Technically it's not Christmas yet but it's unlikely the young socialite will be seeing anyone outside of her parents and grandmother after the festivities this evening. Since the other woman declined her invitation, it's likely this is the last time they'll be seeing each other until after baby Jesus' birthday.

The blonde can't help but grin. "Hey there, Hallis." She changes course, heading over towards the socialite. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing pretty good. Just getting all the last minute details out of the way… You know." Hallis assumes everyone knows what's needed to tie up parties. "I got my gown today, it's perfect. You wouldn't believe it. It'll go super duper with the diamonds I bought the other day." The young thing certainly feels that she will be the belle of the ball tonight. She has practically everything for herself in order. Perhaps her only competition in the dressing category would be Lizette, but her Grandmother isn't very known for 'babe trolling'.

Stephanie grins a little. "I would believe it. It's a spectacular day. It's a wonderful day. It's a high heels and ballgowns kind of day." She looks amused, as she walks over to the little blonde. "So, what does your gown look like."

"Well it's supposed to be a secret… but…" The young woman looks around and then leans across the table, whispering. "It's this absolutely gorgeous white dress with silver trim. It's going to be perfect with the diamond set. I had it specially designed." Hallis then leans back and grins, "I don't think there's anything that I can say to describe it. I'm definitely going to look like a princess tonight."

Stephanie can't help but grin a little bit, and look at it. "That's good. Honestly, I'm surprised, though. Here you are with a small fortune at hand, and you haven't figured the best accessory to buy."

Raising her eyebrows curiously, Hallis freezes and parts her lips. "What else could I possibly need? I have the perfect shoes, the perfect dress, the perfect jewelry… I won't need a clutch…" She begins to tick off each point and then looks up at Stephanie. "What's the perfect accessory? What could I possibly be missing?"

Stephanie makes a pointed look at Hallis' chest. "Boobs, dear. You've got a small fortune, go buy a pair." It's a little more biting than Steph's been previously, but still congenial in tone.

Looking down at her chest, Hallis' eyebrows furrow and she quickly shakes her head. "No, I don't think so. I'm just perfect the way I am." She doesn't even seem the least bit self conscious about her lack of bosom. "Besides, I don't need fat bags hanging from my chest to get attention and that's really all I would need them for."

Stephanie laughs. "Oh, please. You're a stick, Hallis. Cute stick, really. But you could stand with a figure, you really could." And just because she's having that kind of a day, she looks at Hallis…who in turn feels herself start to curve out a bit.

Looking down at herself, Hallis' large blue eyes widen in complete surprise. "Wh-what the..?" Then she looks at the other blonde and gapes. "Wh-what's… what's going on?" She places her hands on her chest and then her bottom and quickly reaches into her purse to pull out her compact. Her fingers tremble as she fumbles to open it and then points it down to her chest. Completely stunned doesn't even begin to describe the previously dainty woman's appearance.

Stephanie doesn't overdo it. After all, she's looking to give Hallis the view from the other side, not turn her into Jessica Rabbit. Just enough to shift her from stick to hourglass. "What?" She asks, as if she doesn't see anything wrong.

Hallis looks quickly around the coffee shop, finding it relatively deserted aside from the two of them and the staff. Leaning across the table again, she furrows her brow into a worried frown and whispers hoarsely, "I think… I think I'm going crazy. Do you see something different about me?" She pulls out the collar of her shirt and glances down her front, examining the new assets.

Stephanie decides that now's a fine time to play along with her own joke. "Hmm?" She looks over to Hallis, looking her up and down, top to toe, as if looking for anything different. As she does, she lets Hallis "develop" just a little more, moving from "average" into "curvy". "No, why? Are you feeling okay?"

The poor young woman is practically in tears, this is just not the night for sudden development. "Oh god… I'm either going crazy or I have to get a new dress!" Blinking a few dozen times to keep back the rapid torrent of waterworks, she looks over at the other blonde. "No, I'm not feeling okay… I'm getting fat just sitting here!" Quickly, she gets up out of her chair and begins packing up her things, her coffee is forgotten. "I need to go running… or something… I need to lose weight!!"

Stephanie blinks. "Hallis, what are you talking about?!" She moves to stand as well. "Are you…look, I didn't want to ask the other day, but are you /on/ something?" The changes stop. Oddly enough, her clothes seem to fit her perfectly, just as they did before.

Shaking her head, Hallis' frantic panicking just doesn't seem to be stopping. "No.. I haven't been on anything for weeks! I think even months!!" Slowly, she tries taking some very shakey deep breaths to try to calm down. "I haven't even had anything to drink today! I've been saving all up all of my karma for tonight."

Stephanie reaches out, to put a hand on Hallis' shoulder. She looks very concerned for the little blonde. "Hallis, you haven't gotten fat. You look just like you always do!" she says, trying to reassure her.

Looking down at herself, Hallis just shakes her head. "No! I didn't always look like this… I was beautiful, perfect… Now I'm just fat!!" Her self perception is definitely way off, the illusion of curve wouldn't be fat to anyone else. "Oh god… oh god.." Her teeth begin chattering as she gives Stephanie a very helpless look. "I can't get another dress made for tonight… what am I going to do?"

Stephanie looks at Hallis, squeezing her shoulder a little. "Hallis! Deep breath! You're fine! Look, do you have any pictures in your purse that you're in?"

One isn't as vain as Hallis without having a virtual port folio of wallet sized self portraits. Nodding quickly, she plucks her wallet from her purse and opens it up to unravel a long line of photographs. "Y-yes… here… I can't look. I don't want to see myself when I used to be pretty."

Stephanie takes it, and opens it, before displaying to Hallis. "Right here, hon. Look." Of course, the photos will all show Hallis looking to be proportioned as she is now.

Hallis grips the photos and flips through them one by one, shaking her head at each of them. "No no.. I wasn't like this. I… " But photographs don't lie, right? Looking at Stephanie for assurance, the woman reaches out and grips one of the other blonde's hands. "I couldn't have been like this… Do… Do you think they're right?" She flops down on one of the tall stools and lets go, gripping her head with both hands. "Am I an anorexic or something?"

Stephanie has a worried look. "Hallis, you're fine. I mean, you look just fine. They do say that anorexics see themselves differently? But you look just like your pictures, you look just like you did the other day in the store, and that morning in the diner." Liar. But she is, after all, the master liar.

A little whimper is given by the socialite as she sits at the table with her head in her hands, the string of photographs hanging from one of them. "But I've been doing so good… I've been going to my therapy sessions…" Sniffle. "I can't have always looked like this… It's impossible."

Stephanie looks to the little blonde. "Look, Hallis, sit down, please. You look just like normal! Sit down with me, have some coffee and a pastry or something. You're scaring me!"

"YOU'RE scared?! I'm having a breakdown on the evening of Grandmother's party!" Hallis practically cries out in the middle of the deserted coffee shop. The formerly small woman just sniffles away her tears and wipes her face with her sleeve. "If I don't go she's going to be so angry… but I can't go like this. I can't even think right now…"

Stephanie looks back at Hallis. "Go like what?! Look…think it through. If something would wrong, your pictures would show it, right? Or the tags in your clothes?"

Pulling her shirt out again, Hallis looks down her front to her new bosom and gulps. "I- I guess…" she admits in a cracking, tearful voice. "I just… I don't look like a size zero anymore. I look like a two or even… perish the thought.. a four!" She keeps looking down the front of her shirt and takes a few deep breaths. "I guess a B cup isn't so bad… Do I look like a B cup to you? I don't feel like an A anymore."

Stephanie looks back at Hallis, a little dubiously. "Uhh…sweetie, you're probably at least as big as me. I'm guessing either a full C or a little D."

Hallis' jaw just DROPS and the widens her eyes looking frantic again. "I can't be a D!! A D is just … It's too… I just can't!! I can't fit into good clothes with a D! I can barely fit into good clothes with a B!" It's at that point that the tears start flowing in giant rivers down her face. There's no way she'll fit into her gown with that size of cup, she knows the measurements of the dress and they really don't conform to that size. "Maybe… maybe if I get them… Do you think I could get them removed? Or shrunken down?"

Stephanie looks at Hallis. "You might not be a D! You might just be a C! It's not like I've seen your bra, Hallis. But if they fit the dress to you, it's going to fit just fine!" She looks at Hallis, then says "Okay. Tell you what. Where's the dress?"

Taking yet another deep breath, Hallis tries to stop her chin from trembling. "It- It's at Grandmother's, in Bedford." She finally stops looking down the front of her shirt and lets her shoulders sag in defeat. "I'll just try it on… If it doesn't fit I'm not going to the party. I'll just … I'll hide in my room or go home."

Stephanie makes the offer. "How about this? I'll go with you, and you can try on the dress. It's gonna fit just fine, hon! But I don't think you should be alone right now."

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