2010-05-04: All Is Right In The World



Date: May 4th, 2010


With everyone back at work at Hope Hearth, and with Sydney "back to normal", everything all seems to be right in the world.

"All is Right in the World"

Hope Hearth Distress Center

Greenwich Village, NYC

Sydney is mildly out of sorts these days. She has been since she's been back and trying to figure out what's going on with her life, particularly with Jamie gone, Trent shot, and herself easing back into the swing of things with the townhouse and the like. But she's managing to smile; she's found some sense of normalcy in the storm. Sitting at her desk in her office she plays with the feng shui miniature desk sandbox sitting on top of her desk. She looks put together. Her hair is immaculate, her shoes jimmy choos, and she's dressed in a black a-line skirt, yet she feels odd. It's a strange mix of joy and sadness: she had no idea normal would be so hard.

The door to Hope Hearth flies open.

After a hurried shuffle of feet, the door to Sydney's office flies open, too.

Thankfully, it's not a would-be patient in need of emergency counseling — the sudden whirlwind of chaotic energy (enough to throw off anyone's chi; Sydney might need more than a feng shui garden) is a tall, red-headed woman wearing a giant pair of thick white-framed, violet-tinted sunglasses, a multitude of gold bangles that clang up a storm, and a flowing, summery to-the-floor dress which appears to have been very artfully attacked by abstract flowers — or maybe several vivid shades of paint in a wind tunnel.

This explosion of colour happens to be Dr. Masterson, glowing with a suntan. She has clear plastic cup of something green in one hand with a neon straw, and an enormous white purse in the other; both of which are whirling as she gestures wildly. "You would not believe the flight I had!! OH MY GOD, seventeen hours after the airport in St. Lucia— !!" Yet Amy is smiling all the while. "SYD!"

"AMY!" Sydney stands up and runs towards her boss, arms wide. "I MISSED YOU! SERIOUSLY!" She squeezes Amy tightly before releasing her. She takes a step back and inspects the beautifully dressed Amy. "You look amazing! Did you get laid in St. Lucia or something?!" She tilts her head, "Apparently the vacation was needed and warranted! I mean seriously, look at you!" She glances around the office and motions for Amy to have a seat — anywhere, really. She's the boss and Syd's BFF.

Regardless of her full hands, long arms are thrown around Sydney in a tight squeeze. So tight that it might seem like Amy is going to lift the shorter woman all the way off the ground. "As if!" she exclaims as she steps back. "You can thank Roberto Cavalli and the sun in St. Lucia — best place in the world for an international psychology symposium, I got to work on my tan which I know, I know, is unhealthy but I'm trying to make up for it— " She gestures with the healthy concoction in one hand. "Almost everyone there looked like Einstein and I ended up working half the time. There was this incident at a gift shop— " She shakes her head and smiles wide, looking Sydney up and down. "How are you? I barely saw you for a second, is everything back to normal?"

"Incident in a gift shop?" Sydney arches an eyebrow. "Now that sounds like a story I'd want to hear." She's beaming all the while. "You can't make up for suntanning with a healthy concoction! YOU know that!" She's teasing, really and it's written all over the smirk that plays on her lips. "So… you didn't want to hook up with an Einstein? I hear the hair makes for an ultra good time." She winks before snickering. It's funny to her.

"I'm … good. Things are getting back to normal, but they aren't there yet, and I guess normal is different in a way." She shrugs. "I kinda wanted to talk to you about all of that." After deciding that it's better Amy doesn't believe the story, she manages, "I think I was just having like a psychotic break with reality following the attempt on my life. I mean it happens to a lot of different people. But don't worry… on an anti-psychotic now. Nothing strange should happen again. Ever." Smile.

Off the heels of laughing and rolling her eyes at the joking, Amy turns a little more serious. A little. She pulls her sunglasses off, hooking them on the front of her dress, to study Sydney more precisely. "Really?" she says, hopeful — but there's a hint of doubt, skepticism. In the end, though, she launches another warm hug around her friend. When she eases off, this time, her heavy purse may smack Sydney on the back. "It does happen. I couldn't be more glad you're feeling better. I was seriously worried about you, then I was seriously worried about myself and thought I should be on anti-psychotics because part of me wanted to believe you…"

"Yes," Syd confirms with a firm nod of her head. "It's fine, I mean, it happens and we all react to such things differently so… anti-psychotics are where it's at for me these days." She grins broadly. Fortunately she is a good liar and has a pokerface of sorts. "I am sorry, I really believed what was going on, but know how that it wasn't actually happening, honest! It's important that I just keep moving forward and get back to work and do what I can. You know? I mean, I even saw some patients while you were away!"

"That's great, Syd," Amy expresses sincerely, her smile crinkling her eyes. "I'm happy you're back to work, I need you around here. If you need to talk about it— " she pauses momentarily to drink from the neon straw of her … smoothie? " — I'll be around. I'll just be happy to get back to work myself." Then: "Oh!" Amy shouts suddenly, jutting a finger out around the plastic cup. "I got you a gift… but it was confiscated at the airport because it was made out of an endangered animal. Who knew?" They say it's the thought that counts.

"Well thanks anyways," Sydney stifles a snicker. "Oh man, we need to have a night where we drink into the wee hours of the morning." This seems like the absolute best way to unwind after the last few months. "OH! And the cat — Mr. Fluffykins… I hate to ask, but how is he? If you like I can take him back… I mean I moved back into the townhouse…" She shrugs. "But if you want to keep him — " she shrugs again and smiles.

"It's on. These, by the way— " Amy brandishes the green smoothie. " — great for hangovers. It's the banana and the coconut water." The woman clears her throat slightly and offers Sydney an awkward smile over the mention of Mr. Fluffykins. "The cat— is fine, he's a cat, they just kind of do their own thing and get in your way doing annoying cat things, right. You can have him back. Take him off my hands." She hefts her behemoth purse over her shoulder. "I have to make a phone call…" Unrelatedly.

"Huh. I'll have to remember that about banana and coconut water. And I certainly will have a hangover following our night of awesome drinking!" Sydney beams and then nods. "Alright then, I'll pick up Mr. Fluffykins in the next little while." Sydney shrugs as she nods about the phone call and issues Amy a small wave, "Well, thanks for the little chat — I'm glad you're back and I'm back! It's like one big family!"

"If you ask me, that means all is right in the world." Amy breaks into a fond smile before she starts to spin toward the door. "I just dropped my luggage off at home and ran straight here, I have about million things to catch up on. I'll be in my office being the boss."

As she steps into the hall, Amy fishes her cell phone out of her bag, uses speed dial, brings it to her ear and begins to talk in hushed, secretive tones on her way to her nearby office. " — oh my god is he okay?" can be heard as her hushed tone turns into a whispery screech. "That's because Mr. Fluffykins needs his favourite blanket!! And you call yourself a pet spa…"

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