2007-07-01: All That Glitters Is Not Sequins


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Summary: Sometimes it's stolen diamonds, but often it's Jack's package.

Date It Happened: July 1st, 2007

Log Title All That Glitters Is Not Sequins

Midtown, NYC - Times Square

It's a busy New York City day, and Nathan Petrelli isn't late. Not even in the slightest. Well maybe a smidgen, but at this time of day, it seems easier just to walk the couple of blocks over to the small ritzy charity to do he's supposed to be making an appearance at, rather than to try and will a car to somehow squeeze through traffic and magic him there on time.

Of course, there's always flying.


Nathan moves down the sidewalk at a brisk but not overly rushed pace, fixing the cuff of one jacket sleeve. Beside him is one Jack Derex, whom he voices this thought to. "Times like these that supersonic flight would just be so handy," he says, dryly.

Instead of the identical navy blue suits that Nathan's security staff normally wears, Jack's clad in black slacks, white button-down (top two buttons undone, natch), and black shoes and blazer. However, he has managed to scrounge up a pair of mirrorshades and an earpiece from somewhere. When it comes to professional attire, apparently he's willing to meet in the middle. Nathan's dry statement earn a wry grin as the bartender-turned-bodyguard strides along next to his new employer. "I'll admit, I've envied you a time or two," he replies. "This city's a bitch to get around in."

"Agreed," Nathan says, hands sliding into his pockets as they walk. He's to meet his family there, having needed to stop and take care of a couple of things at the HQ. And where there's a public place with Heidi and there's an excuse for Nathan to have some kind of security with him without attracting curiosity, he's dragging Jack along. Mostly to look for what Nathan might not be able to. If there's anything to see, of course. "Doesn't make much of a difference, can't afford to— " He trails off that off with a shrug, figuring the other man will get the point. "You know."

"I know," Jack agrees. He's watchful indeed, gray eyes unobtrusively peering into alleyways and checking reflections in windows as they pass. "I'm lucky that my trick's pretty unobtrusive. So long as I'm not a complete dolt, it's easy for people to dismiss." He rubs a hand along his jaw, producing a quiet, whiskery scratching sound from the stubble that always seems to be there no matter how recently he's shaved. "Everyone wants to believe in magic, y'know?"

"Right. Card tricks, coin tricks, trays of diamonds," Nathan says with a glance Jack's away. Still kind of funny, in hindsight. Funnier had Nathan instead acted slightly cooler than Jack at the time, but hey. "You know, one of those managed to get away. Not quite sure what I should do with it. It's not like anyone's going to come poking around the mansion when they notice it's missing."

Jack winces. The diamond mishap is still fresh in his mind. It is funny, though, and he grins crookedly at the thought of one getting away. While the whole tray would've been a big deal, one missing rock is far less obtrusive. "Stash it an' save it for an emergency, man. Any one o' them stones was worth an easy ten thou', but it'd be a lot easier to carry in your pocket."

Nathan can just imagine what Peter would say in Jack's stead. He'd probably try mail the thing back. But hey, one rock isn't going to hurt anyone, and while Nathan does have access to pretty much the entire Petrelli fortune, as far as he's aware… call it a keepsake. He nods once with a slight amused smile, leading the way as they turn a corner. "Why do I need to pay you, again?"

Now Jack's grin takes on a decidedly cheeky and self-satisfied air. "Mostly for the sake of pride and propriety," he responds cheerfully. "But you're right, I didn't take the job on for the money. I took it because you're my friend and because it sounded interesting." He snags Nathan by the back of his suit coat and stalls him until the politician is a half-step behind instead of ahead. It's an unconscious gesture, like a father reaching out to reel in a child too close to the water's edge. This is NYC, after all. You never know what you might find around the corner.

Nathan allows the reeling and falls into step as urged, though does shoot Jack a raised eyebrow glance. Still, he's done this before, and is used to not asking security what the heck they're doing. "At least you're taking it seriously, in any case," he says. "Nice suit, by the way." That may or may not be teasing. …okay it probably is, even if it's delivered straightly.

Jack's smart enough to see through the thinly veiled barb, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He spreads his arms and shrugs. "Got a couple suits," he admits. "But they're a bit flashy for workwear. Think you could set me up with some o' those keen secret agent getups the rest o' your guys wear?"

With a glance up and down Jack, Nathan opens his mouth… and shuts it again. Not actually a bad idea, once he thinks about it. "Sure," he says, in seriousness and with a casual shrug. Then eyes Jack a little. "That all?" Hey, the first time they met, he had Nathan ordering bullet proof vests and comm gear.

"There are a few more things," Jack admits. "But I'm probably thinkin' too much like a spy an' not enough like a bodyguard. I'm s'posed to look after you, not try and slime the competition." He fixes Nathan with a curious look, one thick brow arched and his lips pursed thoughtfully. "Right?"

Dot dot dot. Nathan glances at Jack sidelong, arching an eyebrow as well. "Right," he replies, firmly. "Got you on board for security and keeping an eye out on Heidi for me." Murderer! After his wife! But a couple of steps later, he has to put in, "Not that I'm saying I'd be adverse to the concept."

Jack nods agreeably. "We'll stick a pin in the idea and set it aside for now. We can come back to it if and when it's needed, yeh?" Coupled with his admittedly brief appearance at the rally in Central Park, this is without doubt the most interest he's ever expressed in politics. Probably because there's a chance he'll get to dig up dirt on someone.

"If Crane keeps basing his campaign around making me look bad, that might be sooner than you think," Nathan mutters, as he pushes back his sleeve to check the time. Despite himself, he's not going to sic Jack on anyone based on spite. Yet. He may hold out just a little longer.

A passing teenager in ratty jeans and a t-shirt passes just a bit closer than Jack would like, so he flashes his second best glare and sends the boy scurrying away. It's clear that it was just for show, because he's back to smiling a second later. "Just lemme know. I've never slimed a politician before, less'n you count that costume I talked you into for the party with the midgets."

Nathan rolls his eyes skyward, though a slight smirk gives him away. "Right. I should be so lucky the only photo taking that occurred came from Elena," he says. "The press are already painting me up to be liberal enough as it is, they don't need anymore encouragement. No, aim for the other guy, Derex."

Though he does his best to stifle it, Jack can't help but cackle. "C'mon, man. You looked good in the artfully ripped jeans. And the wig!" Another bout of snickering into his fist. "Holy shit. I think that's the drunkest I've ever been whilst in public. Good times, Nate Dogg."

There's a street to cross, which gives time for pause as they wait for a green light, and Nathan can effectively facepalm, just a little. Not because he's oh so mature, he's just trying not to start sniggering too. "I don't even remember half of it," he says. Or. Wishes he didn't. The walk resumes - not too far to go. "Shut my eyes and all I could see were sequins, days later."

"Told you they'd call attention to my package when I danced," Jack reminds Nathan smugly as they cross the street. When they reach the doors to the building housing the benefit, he pauses just long enough to clarify an important point before leading the way in. "You said this was a brunch, right? I hope so. I could kill for french toast and bacon right now."

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