2010-02-04: All The Birds Are Singing...



Date: February 4, 2010


…that you're gonna die!

"All the Birds are Singing…"

Nathan's Cell — Governor's Island

Nathan has been oddly cooperative. Knowing that the AP is watching Heidi and the kids, he hasn't struggled. He hasn't objected. He has even cooperated. Not wholly, mind you. In fact, his answers could be less cryptic and more thorough considering he regained his memory some time ago. And so when his regular dosage of the solution is injected into his veins he hasn't objected. Not once. His time in here is making him haggard though. It's been weeks, not that he can tell. Without a clock or any kind of marking, he can't imagine the passage of time except by the dosage. Every time he's dosed, he's certain it's a new day.

But the day feels like it's shorter as a different nurse with a hypodermic needle enters the room. Nathan furrows his eyebrows, the amount of time between these shots seems impossibly short. In fact, he didn't even sleep between them. Not even a little.

The little Asian woman enters the room, needle in hand, "Senator." Her greeting is met with a smile from Nathan. He's doing his best to remain diplomatic through all of the nonsense, and he's succeeding in a way.

"Another one, already?" he jokes with a smirk as he rolls up his sleeve. He's starting to look almost like a junkie will all of the needle punctures in his arms, yet he's still receiving it this way. For whatever reason, they haven't chosen to hook him up directly to an IV.

The nurse smiles brightly as she nods, "It's that time of the day. Just making my rounds." She bites her bottom lip before injecting the liquid into the Senator's arm. "There you go…" she then exits the room.

Normally the prisoner would be hauled to one of the interview rooms for questioning, but this time it's not a scheduled visit. Cody is snaking her way along the halls, trying to avoid as many cameras as possible as she makes her way toward the cells that hold the more dangerous prisoners. For some reason, someone has deemed Nathan danerous enough to place in these cells but he's been given some measure of freedom, enough that he's not shackled to a metal chair the way so many of the others are.

When she reaches the room, she flashes her badge to the nurse, who ever so oblidgingly punches in the code for the blonde to get in. The nurse doesn't know that Cody has her own code and Cody isn't volunteering that information. Once the keypad signals green, the soldier grips the handle and promptly dismisses the nurse. There are cameras in the man's room, but they are monitored from the nurse's station and they don't have sound. "Nathan, it's me, Cody." She says, not harshly or in an overly familiar manner, just enough to announce her presence. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine for being locked up without any idea how much time has passed," Nathan says semi-honestly. "And you? Have you considered getting glasses?" he shakes his head and takes a deep breath that he releases slowly, for whatever reason, he almost has a sense of anxiety coming over him, but he takes another deep breath and pushes Brayden's easy smile forward as best he can.

The smile flickers into a frown but only for an instant. "Bagged and tagged my family yet?" Beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead. Is Nathan finally cracking under the pressure? He can feel his heart rate skyrocket as his breathing becomes ragged. He puts on a smile again, wholly unsure of what is going on.

The soldier steps in front of the cot and peers down at Nathan and nods, "I've seen the eye doctor but whether I'll get glasses or not… he'll have to — " Then he begins to sweat, the temperature in the room is at a normal level, he should be comfortable. Her hand swiftly moves to his forehead to wipe at the perspiration and feel for fever. "No, your family is fine for now." His forehead is cool, but his now ragged breath begins to worry her.

Without asking the man, she gently pushes him to a prone position on the bed. With the limited field medicine she's been trained to perform, she places her fingers to his throat and times his pulse. "Nathan, stay lying down." It's not a request, it's an order. "I'm going to get your file and the nurse." Then she's up again, radio at her mouth and requesting the woman's presence again.

"I… don't…" the words are breathy among his gasps for breath. Something is wrong. This isn't anxiety; it's something else entirely, he's never suffered a panic attack or a heart attack, and considering his diet here, it seems absurd. Nathan is in no position to object to the order. In fact, his skin has very quickly changed from its normal colour to a ghostly white.

He feels dizzy. Disconnected. Nauseated. He leans over the side of the cot and heaves the contents of his stomach onto the floor immediately after which he lays down once again. "Cody… I'm…" The pain surges through his entire body. Everything hurts. His body begins to tremor as his eyes roll into the back of his head, exposing the white of his eyes and nothing more. Senator Nathan Petrelli is having a seizure.

The nurse rushes into the room and virtually panics. She runs up to the patient and turns to Cody, "We need the doctor. Radio the doctor!" This has never happened before, and certainly not on Nurse Wallace's watch. She swallows as she checks for Nathan's vitals. "I don't know what's wrong! I don't know what's wrong!!" She reaches over to try to take the Senator's vitals.

Cody's response to panic is ruthless calm. She puts the radio to her lips and makes the call in a very cold and rather disjointed voice. "Fix him," she informs Wallace very coldly, "You fix him or I swear to everything holy I will rip you into so many pieces all the king's men won't be able to put you together again." She pulls open the door and marches toward the nursing station grabbing the man's chart. She frowns as she reads down the notes and then makes her way back to the room.

By the time she returns to the room, two medics have already taken over the treatment of the Senator. In one word, Cody is furious. "Who ordered the last dose?" She demands of the shaking nurse, the poor woman is likely afraid of losing her job.

"I — I don't know, Agent Baker! I swear! The doctor told me to give him the dose! I'm a nurse I listen to orders!! I do what I have to!" Nurse Wallace exclaims as the medics work their magic on the New York Senator. "I didn't do anything wrong! I talked to him and I gave him the amount I was told to! It's just The solution…" A double dose considering he'd received his last dose only an hour before. It was an unusually short amount of time and an unusually high dose.

"I swear! I had orders —" now the question is, was it an oversight or something purposeful? She knows how serious this is."

"JUST The solution? What the fuck is wrong with you?! This is a United States Senator not one of your fucking lab rats!!" Before she even has a chance to think, Cody's hand is whipping through the air and bitchslapping the nurse back into last Tuesday. "Get the fuck out of my sight and GET ME THAT DOCTOR NOW!!" In an instant, the soldier has turned her back on the nurse as though just expecting her to follow the order without an argument. Before looking at Nathan again, she takes a few more than two or three calming breaths. She will stay composed.

"AGH!" the woman screams in pain as she clutches her cheek "Agent Baker! That was completely uncalled for!" But the woman sulks as she saunters out of the room clutching her cheek in a fit of tears. The doctor doesn't return, but there will certainly be a meeting about this later. And someone will pay.

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