2007-09-09: All The Small Things


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Summary: Elena stops by Enlightenment Books on a three-step mission. 1) Feed Peter, 2) Buy Activating Evolution for Static Mutant Lab Partner, and inadvertently 3) Figure out the Apartment problem.

Date It Happened: September 9th, 2007

All The Small Things

Enlightenment Books, East Village, New York

A moderately slow day at Enlightenment Books. Which means there's still a handful of costumers about, but they aren't necessarily buying another. Peter's made himself know, welcomed them to the store, said to ask if they needed anything— and then went back to writing something out on a notepad. Most people might think he's a college student doing his homework at work— what he's doing is sort of homework. For a class known as 'Super Powers 101'. Listing off all his abilities, the ones he knows he has, the ones he'd been exposed to but hasn't exibited, and various uses of said ability.

It's quite a task. But working on that in this kind of store doesn't attract too much attention even when they look down and see a header called 'Pyrokinesis (?)'. He also has a book, a dictionary, that's helping him come up with all these names for these different abilities— because he had no idea that wind manipulation was aerokinesis until Elena mentioned it.

A man walks over and asks where the section on Mayan religion is, only to get gestured that-a-way, before he returns to his writing.

Slow is good. Slow is great. The day has been pretty lax, Elena had left ridiculously early that morning to go to class, and now that classes have let out for lunch, she's got a few hours to kill before she went back on campus to meet Ian and a few others from their Organic Chemistry class to go study for their major test this week. Still, she does drop by on Noodle Heaven to grab some sandwiches and a couple of drinks. She needs to stop by Enlightenment Books anyway, and it's not just to see a certain someone helping out there.

The little bell above the door lets out a chime as she enters. She was wearing a long skirt today, a pair of boots with a modest heel, and a white blouse with cap sleeves. Her hair is loose today, instead of being pulled up like usual - someone was lazy today. Carrying her bookbag and a paper bag, she looks around the sparsely populated bookstore. No Cass. Peter's here though! She turns to head over to the counter, giving him a smile when she sees him looking busy.

She sets the two Noodle Heaven bags on the counter and folds her arms on it, standing directly across from him. "I come bearing gifts. Busy day today?" she asks cheerfully.

If she can read upside down, she'll see him list out 'Illusions(?)' and then it gets pushed aside. Peter's accumulated quite a list. Definitely Got. Exposed. Not A Clue What It Even Is Really. And he's not even done yet. But she's here, and as far as he's concerned, for the moment, he's done. The notepad is closed and shoved aside, making room for the sandwiches that she brought, and the drinks. "Hey— It's not too busy. We've got a couple…" He glances towards the Mayan religion section, and then again towards the section on UFOs and Alien Abductions. There's two people there, engrossed. One seems to have decided he can read the book most of the way through without buying it— but he sees no reason to stop him yet.

"I got your text message," he says, smiling across at her, reaching to briefly touch her hand. Yes, nerds, he's touching a hot girl. Eye-candy even. But they don't seem to notice. Yet. "After I woke up I took Snowy over to the apartment. She's settling in." Luckily the rain stopped, though it's threatening to start up again tonight, possibly. For him that might be a good thing, though. Rain = Cold = She might want to cuddle under the covers… which he's all for.

"I'm working up a list for Cass— to make things go easier." Vague, but she should know what that means. "And… I needed to give you this anyway," he adds, reaching behind the counter into a carrier bag and pulling out a CD. "Everything I remember— since the flashdrives didn't survive time travel. Hopefully it's enough."

"I guess it's time for an updated one, huh?" Elena doesn't go into specifics. She just nods to the list that he's got with him that he puts away carefully. She looks over her shoulder at the customers, and she can't help but smile. She glances down at the counter. "I remember when I first walked in here," she says absently. "This was the only place I knew that carried Activating Evolution. None of the big branches would carry it. It's how I met Cass, really. I was coming home from work and she heard me talking to a bookstore client services rep on the phone asking for it."

She looks up, still smiling when he reaches around the bag to touch her hand lightly. "I got your note," is what she says in reply. He probably knew that because she sent him the text though. Though she frowns a little bit at the state of the sky outside. "….I guess I better bring an umbrella," she says. "I have to go back on campus. I have two more classes today, and a study session at Exeter with Ian and a couple of other kids." He's met Ian. Mr. Static Mutant. "Wonder if it's going to be pouring again…" Getting back to the mansion or Cass's place might get a little difficult.

When he gives her a CD, she blinks, and takes it. "I hope so too," she says, sticking it in her messenger bag. She looks right, left, and sees that the customers in the store aren't paying attention so she leans across the counter to give him a light kiss on the mouth. She's been initiating affection more and more these days, at the very least. Maybe she just really needed to get used to this entire 'seeing someone' thing. The boots certainly helped a little bit.

She reaches for the bags. Roast beef for her, a grilled portabello panini sandwich for him. She even got him V8. "Hopefully you didn't have lunch yet."

"I got my first copy at the public library, believe it or not," Peter says, having to grin. It'd been checked out because he wanted to investigate the phenomenon of human flight. He'd handed it to his brother in hopes the man would read it, only to have it shoved back at him later on. It found it's way to the return stack eventually— and he bought his own copy after he started working here. Not that he understands most of it, but he'd found the book pretty amazing at first— still does.

She got his note.

"Which one?" he asks, giving her a lopsided smile that actually makes the corner of his mouth hook down it's wide enough. Implications, there— serious implications. BUT. That's okay. Because he could be teasing, by the looks of him. Leaning into the kiss, he extends it just long enough that it goes from a peck, to a real kiss, and then accepts the sandwiches, and the drink with a smile. The alien abduction man gets up and walks over, putting his book down, and looking towards Elena. There's one of those 'you're too pretty, you must ne an alien' look coming off of him, but the man in charge of the register rings him up, takes his money and passes him a bag to carry his book, 50 Ways To Know You've Been Abducted, home. "Thank you for shoping with Enlightenment Books," he adds politely, before turning to unwrap his sandwich.

"No, I hadn't had lunch yet. If it starts raining, you should call. I can pick you up."

"I should've thought of that," Elena says with a laugh. "But…I wanted a copy of my own." He would know this, she didn't sell -any- of her books back, not since she started going to school. "That's why I stopped by here anyways….well. One of the reasons. I had to feed you too." She shakes the bag playfully at him. She also did come to EB so she could pick up a copy of the book for Ian. She would wonder if they gave her a discount considering it's Cass and Peter, but ….well, she doesn't have to worry about money anymore, does she? Cass had a business to run, as a friend she should support it by paying in full. It's odd not to have money problems though. It feels like just yesterday they were living in their cramped apartment in Queens.

"…..which one?" There were more? Elena can't help but blink at him in surprise. Finally, she can't help but laugh. "The one in my Organic Chemistry text," she says with a grin. "You're adorable." She would say more but she falls quiet when the customer arrives and gives her a once-over. She's used to it, sort of, but her expression turns somewhat sheepish. Peter sends him away pretty quickly though.

"What, you're not sick of me yet?" she banters, settling against the counter and unwrapping her food. "I really ought to buckle down and find a place. I can't just mooch off of my friends all the time."

"I'd never heard of it, I was just looking for something on human flight," Peter explains, going into how he discovered the book. He'd actually spent quite a bit of time putting little tags in it, but it got returned around the time he went into a coma for two weeks… Else he'd have some killer late fees when he finally got out of the Company facility. And city library late fees are nothing to scoff at, either… They have their own collection agency.

"Thank you," he says, touching her hand briefly. He'll sell her anything she wants, but since she's insisting on paying full price, he won't slip the money into the register for her— she actually makes more than he does hourly, most likely, so it's better that way. He just works more hours.

"You'll have to look for them," he says, still smiling. Organic Chemistry… He nods, as if he knows exactly which one she's talking about. Maybe there aren't anymore, but that makes this whole thing even more interesting. At least to him.

"No. Not sick of you yet," he adds, taking a bite of his sandwich, and then nodding. Her own place. That's… "Well, there's an opening on my floor, I think. You'd have to talk to the landlord, but put money down and have someone vouch for you and you could probably get it. …If you— don't mind being close to me." And no, he didn't kick the woman in the apartment out just for her. Though he could have persuaded her to move if he really wanted to…

"It was required reading. My second semester of freshman year I took a Theoretical Genetics class," Elena says. "It was part of my book list in the Sprng, so that's how I heard of it. I should grab a copy, actually, for Ian. I managed to wrangle him into being my lab partner for the semester and so I can….ask him about….you know." She gestures vaguely with one hand and nibbles into her sandwich. "Turns out he's known about himself for a while, he's careful keeping his head down too. He just doesn't know how…prevalent it is around here if you know where to look. He's a good guy." She grins. "I seem to keep meeting the special ones." In terms of the evolutionary ladder anyway.

She'll grab a copy of it later before she goes though. Food comes first. By the time he looks back at her, half her sandwich was already gone. Swallowing, she laughs. "Alright, or maybe I'll let them find me," she says with an impish grin. "Could just be walking around and suddenly one drops from the ceiling or something." She's actually never experienced this before….it was cute. Love notes have been very few and far between in her life. In fact this was the first time she's ever received one.

When Peter lets her know about the opening in his floor, she looks surprised. "Really? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's a buyer's market, people are probably abandoning renting to get their own place." She wrinkles her nose. "Buyer's market or not though, New York's still pretty pricey in terms of real estate. But….yeah I think we talked about this before I left for Spain. The money's no problem now obviously but…" She inclines her head at him, squinting at him mock-seriously. "And I guess I don't mind being your neighbor."

She winks at him, teasing him as always, and takes a drink of her Diet Pepsi.

"Destiny," Peter says, taking a drink from his V8 to wash down a mouthful of sandwich. He's glad that destiny brought them together as quickly as it had, though— he's not so self-centric to believe he'd be the only one for her, even if destiny had acted. It just happened to push him towards her at the right time. "Sounds like a good idea, though— staying close to him. The ones we know of. If he needs it, you know where to send him so he can figure things out— but if he doesn't… even just having someone to talk to about it is good." Just as long as it's only talk. Because he's notoriously jealous… but he doesn't say that. He's a Capricorn, though… the books in here would tell her that.

"I wouldn't be surprised if one did," he adds, reaching across to touch her knuckles briefly. They're small gestures in comparison to big expensive ones, like music boxes, but she seems the type to appreciate the small things even more— they're just quiet little reminders that he loves her, without coming off as he's trying to buy her— since she seems so concerned about that when he gets her presents.

"It's not too bad," he says about his apartment. "Lower East Side isn't exactly the safest and most expensive part of the city…" In fact it's got a rather high crime rate, in comparison. But at least he knows she can take care of herself. There'd been shootings in his apartment building… little does he know Lachlan was involved in one.

"If you don't mind, then— maybe you could stay the night tonight and we could go down and talk to them tomorrow morning. Before someone else snags the apartment."

Well most would say it was the wrong time. He had Elle, and for a time it looked like Eric was going to sweep her up for his own. It had been right after the disastrous Company raid, and so many suspicions had been swirling around thanks to that. Luckily things have a funny way of working things out sometimes. "Yeah," she murmurs. "I do. But the great thing about him is that he…knows what he's doing." Elena is conscientious that EB might not be safe, considering Cass discovered bugs in it before. There could be dozens of Ians in NYU, and she's careful not to mention his last name or what he could do exactly. "He's pretty cool though. My kind of geek. We talked about comic book movie adaptations before I went to my lit class today."

One wouldn't think Peter was the jealous type, unless one remembered that he was Italian. She wasn't sure what brand of Italian he was but if he were Sicilian or Florentine, he'd be even worse.

She just doesn't want him to spend so much money on her. Elena knows Peter tries to be independent away from the Petrelli fortune - that and it didn't take a lot to make her happy. As far as girls went, she was very easy to please. But he's certainly correct about the little gestures. When he touches her hand, she smiles, glancing down at it. Her other hand lifts, to rub gently on his knuckles and tracing light, absent patterns.

"I could," she says, looking up at him and smiling. "I think my duffel bag's still in your place anyway." He told her she could keep it there to avoid lugging it around all day before she came back to the mansion. It could have been a total guy ploy to ensure that she came back, but Elena doesn't really care if it was. "Sure, I don't have class until eleven tomorrow." A dreamy, blissful look takes over her face. "I can actually sleep in for a change."

It seems that Peter understands the worries about bugs, that's why he's attempted to be fairly vague himself. Not because they have customers— or one at the moment— but because who knows what was planted here by a random customer walking by. Just the fact that she knows as much as she does would be dangerous— but if they'd had the bugs as long as he suspects they did… they would have known about her anyway, or at least her connection to them. None of his lists include names the abilities came from— none say where he got them or when. Just what they are, or what he thinks they are, and what they can do. Simple.

The Company already knows about him anyway— they just don't know what all he's capable of. Then again, neither does he. That's what the list is for.

And the last name is found mostly in Sicily— so that just adds on to that possibility. As well as being a Capricorn.

"It's still in my place. Snowy went over and tries to lay on it almost as soon as she got settled in. I think she likes the way you smell," he comments, taking another bite. Guy ploy? Very possible— but if she doesn't mind, then it's all good in the end. "All right then— why don't you tell me where to pick you up and I'll be there to meet you— so you don't have to worry about getting to my apartment late at night." She can take care of herself, yes, but he'd still like to make sure she gets there all right.

"Sounds like someone else I know," Elena remarks in an innocent, but not so innocent fashion. To her credit, she tries to keep a straight face - but fails miserably. She deposits her empty can and her paper bag in the trash, and walks to a nearby shelf, leaving him by the counter for a moment so she can grab a copy of Activating Evolution. She'll get it for Ian, he deserves to know what the hell's happening to him. He might be able to control it, but he hasn't found any worthwhile material on the subject and the more he knows, the better he'll be. He was right…he could kill someone with his powers.

She pulls it off the shelf, and walks over to the counter, setting it down on the wood. "The study session's at Ian's dorm. Exeter Hall. Lucky bastard managed to score a single, we were talking about it when you came up to us the other day. His mother's a lawyer, she probably did a little here-and-there to get him the place. The study session starts at seven, but I think I'll cut out around nine or so…." She needs to bring pizza. She promised. She'll have to call Lombardi's later.

But she grins at the last and lifts her brows. "So you're going all the way to campus just so you could walk me home?" She can't help but tease him, though the warm, affectionate light in her eyes is still there. She ribs him sometimes for being old fashioned to an extent - but that doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate it. She thinks it's adorable.

"Well, people do so that the dogs take after their owners," Peter says, catching her not-so-innocent remark, and not quite keeping a straight face in his reply. He's smiling. The sandwich gets finished off as she moves away to find the book, the V8 not quite finished, but definitely halfway there as he tosses the wrapping away to make room on the counter. He doesn't get to ring anything up for her very often, so he does so with a smile, giving her the exact price with tax, and waiting for her to pay. That's when he does something he wouldn't do for any other costumer…

He takes her hand, and leans over it, touching his nose against the back of her hand first, and then lightly kissing her knuckles. Then he'll take whatever she's using to pay for it. "Alright. I'll be there at nine," he promises, because… yes, he's old fashioned. And she's just going to have to deal with it. He wants her around, though— it's selfish in a lot of ways. "And I doubt we'll be walking… but I'll make sure you get to the place you can sleep."

He'll spare her a bag, since she's got enough room to carry it, he hopes, but she should have her book ready to go by now. "You should visit while I work more often." It's something new— his last girlfriend wasn't exactly wanted here… not after she ruined the store.

"I never pegged Snowy to be Italian," Elena quips, not being able to hold down a grin this time. She sets her bookbag on the counter, rifling through it until she finds her wallet. She slips him the debit card - she's a typical female teenager, so her wallet is ginormous. She doesn't have a lot of credit cards, but what takes up most of the bulk are pictures. Like him she had a fondness for photographs. As the wallet flips over, he'll catch a glimpse of a picture of the Evosoft crew in Spain. Or rather, Jaden and Eric tossing her into the water with her clothes on. Gene probably took the picture.

Boys can be so mean sometimes. But that picture has a place of honor in her wallet.

She smiles when her hand is taken, and kissed. "I'm sure this is why the girls across the street working for Good Burger keep coming back," she jokes. Though if they do, it's probably because he was cute and not because he gives this treatment to anyone. When she's rung up, she slips the book into her messenger bag, and slips it over her shoulder. "I should," she agrees. "It's a relief to get off campus once in a while. If I'm not there, I'm at Evosoft." Her face takes on a resigned cast. "I have no life." That's not true, really. She has plenty of friends, it's just that most of them are on campus.

She glances at the one person hiding the back of the stacks as he attempts to finish reading without paying. She shakes her head, and walks around the counter so she could give him a hug and a decent kiss. "I should leave you to go play Merchandise Enforcer," she murmurs against his lips.

"She's American— just like me," Peter teases, smiling lopsidedly, as he glances down at the pictures visible from her wallet. Despite the fact that he is Italian— he wasn't raised in Italy and it's not a major part of his upbringing, either. Never learned the language, doesn't really participate in the cultural activities— but that doesn't change that he has Italian in him. And… speaking of Snowy, she's not just an American, but an American Eskimo— and he does have a strange obsession with nose-kisses… But that's not really an issue, is it? It'd just been a tease— and she's right, he loves the way she smells.

There's a little mental note to get some pictures taken with her— not tossing her into the water fully clothed, though.

"If it keeps you coming back…" he grins, though she should know that there's no way he'd do that for anyone else. He may like to touch people, but certain gestures are limited to very special people.

And they'll be working on the life thing— because dating? That's having a life…

Merchandise Enforcer? He glances over and grins. "Yeah, I'll take care of it. I'll see you tonight." Seeing her every night hasn't gotten old yet— and it may never.

She usually smells clean, though as a marked contrast from her future self, Elena actually uses some sort of honey-vanilla foam or something for the bath, so scent-wise she's a little girlier than her older, no-nonsense self. But it had just been a tease and it was hard to ignore the way he spooned her at night and took a deep breath against her hair. It was a strange feeling sharing a bed with someone - simply because she's never done it before, but considering they've done it four times already, and probably a fifth tonight, she was getting used to it.

She laughs when he grins at her and tells her about coming back. She drops another kiss on his cheek and steps away. "You player," she teases. He's not really, but the verbal riposte had been cheekily flirtatious. She couldn't deny that the last couple of days have been fun. She's seen different sides of him she's never seen before, and he keeps pulling them out unexpectedly. It certainly kept things interesting.

Plus she can't help but notice he's been grinning a lot more, and she did like the sight of his distinct, angled smile.

"Sure thing. Nine o'clock," she says, stepping around the counter and moving for the door.

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