2007-12-01: Alligators


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Summary: Fenton runs into KeLyssa again. More conversation comes up between them.

Date It Happened: December 1, 2007


Greenwich Village

It's early evening, and most people are starting to head home from work. KeLyssa Gallagher is at the same cafe as the other night, only this time she's eating a salad and has a glass of water. The low-carb, low-fat diet tonight. Occasionally she looks up and gazes about, always surprised by how busy a place the city is.

The girl hasn't seen busy yet. Fenton on the other hand prefers this type of 'busy' in comparison to hordes of people and walls of taxi cabs. The end of another school day, and as usual, the university freshman has finished with his classes just before sundown and has decided to chill a bit in town before making his usual trek to the subway and back to his flat.
No skateboard today, but instead the soft strains of an acoustic guitar mingle with the general ambiance of the steady nightlife of Greenwich Village. Fenton's perched himself on a bench, strumming on his guitar maybe not far from where Mikhail had been sketching from the other day. Hopefully the boy doesn't take a spill like the artist had, either.

KeLyssa takes a pause from her eating as she listens to a guitar. She looks up and sees a familiar face that is Fenton. She recognizes him from the night before. "'Scuse me, sir?" She calls out to Fenton. "Didn't I meetcha last night?" Her southern US accent as obvious as ever. "Fenton, wasn'it?"

Fenton lifts his head, still strumming strings, his other hand shifting chords. He looks around for the voice that's called out, recalls the girl from last night. "Oh, KeLyssa, right? Hey," he says, letting the song drop off as he brings up his hand to wave. He considers for a moment before hopping down, clicking his case closed so he can carry it by the handle in one hand, still holding the guitar with the other, strap slung over a shoulder, hand gripping the neck as he walks closer so they won't have to be shouting at each other. "How's it going? Any luck with finding a place?"

KeLyssa smiles a little, nodding. "Yep, ya got it right. Ya know, your really good at the guitar. I never really got into the guitar none. I've always been a fiddle gal, myself." She says, smiling shyly. "You come 'round here often?" She pauses and shrugs. "I got a prospect of a place. Not the best lookin' place by New York standards, I'm sure, but it'll be fine enough for now, until I fix it up some. That is, if I got it. If I have, I just have to think 'bout gettin' a job."

"Thanks." He grins back, then looks down at the little wrought-iron fence that stands about waist-high posing as the cafe's perimeter between its outdoor patio and the sidewalk. "Mind if I…" Fenton sets the case on the other side of the fence, then sets his hand on the top bar to hop himself over it, guitar held firmly in place. "Ah… heh, maybe I should have asked if I could join and sit before I went ahead…" But that's what he does. Still, he doesn't sit down until he gets a go-ahead.
"I go to the university over there, and my classes usually end in the late afternoon so I just sorta hang about the area for a while until I feel like making my way back." He shrugs, resting a hand over the body of his guitar with a hollow thump. "But that's good, you found yourself a place. Around here, then? I guess you at least got half of your plans down though. Job part might be just as tricky as finding a place."

KeLyssa motions to the seat across from her. "Go ahead, have a seat." She says with a sweet little smile. "I don't mind if ya join. I could use the company really. Bright lights…big city…I can use all the company I can get at this point. Don't wanna be alone in such a big and cold city." She shakes her head. "I'm thinking I might apply for a job here and a few other cafes and coffee shops. Maybe a few retail stores. A book store or two. You know."

Fenton sinks down in the empty chair across from her, laying his guitar over his lap for now. "Yeah, I hear you. It's really amazing how lonely someone can feel even when surrounded by so many people." He smiles, leaning back in his seat. "Small jobs. There's probably places around here that'll have openings. It's right by a school so they probably have student workers that filter in and out. I should probably find something else, myself. I work at the library, but that doesn't pay enough to cover for school, bills and my flat, and I don't want to be relying on my aunt and uncle for finances all the time."

KeLyssa sighs, leaning back, and nods. "It's never like this back home. I mean, like I told you last night, I'm from a small town. Grant it, it is growing in size, but it's still a nice place. Kindly people too, for the most part. And the buildings don't go more than five or six stories at the very most, usually." She shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe it's just the jitters talkin' though, of bein' in a totally different place with no one I know." She says quietly. "But oh well. What ever shall be shall be, eh?"

"Completely understandable. This place is probably like a whole other world to you. Only kind of is to me, but then that mostly has to do with the fact that everyone drives on the wrong side of the bloody street, and no one seems to have a care for traffic laws anyway- whether they're driving or pedestrians!" Fenton laughs, shaking his head. "You just got here though, don't throw in the towel yet." He shifts his guitar, sliding his left hand along the back of the neck, fingers running across strings until he finds the chord he was thinking of. His right hand plucks at the strings, a quiet, random little melody. "I'm sure you'll find something. Find your own niche."

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "Yeah. A whole new world. Don'tcha know, though, that we don't drive on the wrong side of the street 'round here. We drive on the /right/ side of the street?" She asks, with a gleam of jest in her eyes. "Anyway, whose to say that England don't drive on the wrong side of the street?" She says in a light, teasing tone. "I suppose it's just a matter of time before a fall into place with the right kinda group for me, eh?"

That gets a pause before Fenton laughs again. "Right or wrong side, I'm not touching the wheel of a car here in this city if I can help it- everyone drives like they think they're a stunt driver in a movie." He arches a brow at KeLyssa, still toying with the strings of his guitar. "Do they drive like that in Kentucky too, or just in the big cities where there's really no room for it?" Grinning again, he goes to strumming, keeping the tone light, the sound of his fingers as they slide over the strings to shift chords almost as loud as his playing at the moment. He nods his head at the young woman. "I think it'd be stranger if you managed to do so right off the back. Taking the time to adjust, figure things out… that's only human."

KeLyssa smiles. "Nah, I ain't touchin' no car 'round this city neither. Don't trust 'em." She shakes her head. "I ain't from Kentucky. Though it's understandable to get 'em all mixed up. There's so many of them an' all. I'm from Louisiana. Swampy state filled with alligators galore.'

Kentucky, Louisiana. He was kind of close, at least. His strumming is paused, long enough for him to tap his head with his fingers in that typical 'oh right, my bad' sort of gesture. "Louisiana, right," Fenton nods, grinning sheepishly for the mistake. "Alligators, really? So… do they really eat them? …sorry! If.. well, don't mean to offend- question just came out, ah… you don't have to answer if you don't want to." His gaze falls towards his guitar again.

With a tiny shy smile, KeLyssa shakes her head. "Don't worry 'bout it too much. Southern States." She tilts her head before nodding. "Well, I ain't never eaten gator meat before. But there're people who eat it, sure." She grins a little bit. "No offense taken."

Relaxing a bit with that response, Fenton slowly peers back at KeLyssa. "Oh good." He pauses on an off note, frowning faintly as he plucks the open string and then adjusts the peg until it sounds in tune again. "…so… you said you preferred fiddle- you play? Fiddle, that is." Once the string is presumably back in tune, as judged from the nod of satisfaction, he glances over at the girl again.

KeLyssa smiles again, taking a bite out of her salad that she'd all but forgotten about. Taking a sip from her water, in which all the ice had melted. "Hmmm…water's a tiny bit warm now…oh well." She nods, to the question. "Mmhmmmm. I do prefer the fiddle, and I do play. I brought mine with me to New York, actually."

"Oh excellent. I'd love to hear it sometime. Maybe we could have a jam session or something," the boy suggests, grinning again. His aunt had wanted him to take up violin or viola, but in the end he had been drawn towards the instrument of modern rock. It's too bad he found out later that there were such things as electric violins and the sort. Not that he'd ever give up all he'd learned on guitar, and as strange as it's been on the occasions he's taken up to play out in public to pass the time, he couldn't complain to the money people sometimes felt obligated to throw at him for it. If he could find a job for this sort of thing then it might make a little more than what he's making at the library.

"Yeah…alright. Well, we'll have to get together some time to play. What kinda music do ya usually play? Country, rock? Somethin' else all together?" She asks with interest. "Why'd you choose the guitar to play?"

Fenton lets his fingers rest, pulling both his arms to drape over the guitar. "What kind? Oh, anything really. If I like how it sounds, I'll listen to it. Got a wide range, I guess. I'll do oldies, country, rock, metal…" He shrugs. "Lotta people said it was easy, and that's the instrument in every well-known band. Although I think at the time, it was more me an' my friends being typical kids that just wanted to be loud."

KeLyssa nods along as she takes bites out of her salad. She smiles and 'hmms' to things that are said. "Sounds a lot like my brother, really. Likes to be loud. He's a good guy an' all. Just a bit loud." She grins. "Lots o' people I know play guitar also. Guitar's the big one. Then drums. Well…mostly my brothers friends playin' the drums. My friends it's mostly just guitar or singin'."

"It's the instrument people always say is the easy one. I guess it is, and then you just have to play around with it to get fancy. And you don't have to be loud all the time." Fenton taps his guitar with a finger. "Had this sent to me from home. I brought my electric with me when I first came out here. Only play that one now an' then when I'm at the flat. This one at least doesn't need an amp." He smiles, remembering something. "The other day I was up in Times Square looking for a music shop- ahaha, kind of ridiculous now that I think about it, but anyway. Met this girl out there, just chilling on a bench. I had my guitar with me so she noticed and asked if I wanted to play for a bit since she had her guitar too." He shakes his head. "We totally rocked out right there, completely improv. Best time I had since I came to the States."

KeLyssa smiles. "I wouldn't know 'bout it bein' the easiest one. Never tried it. But I'll take your word for it. I love the fiddle though. The sound and the movement. There's so much to it but it seems so simple to me at the same time, sometimes. It's amazin'. The music just…music is a wonderful thing. It helps people to be free."

That's something he can agree to. He nods at that, even as he reaches over to pull his case closer from where it's been sitting by the railing all this time. "Depends on the person. Some people take to guitar real easy, others think it's hard. I like how fiddles sound. They can be just as mean as a guitar in the right hands." Fenton sets the case flat on the ground so he can open it to slide his guitar back inside. "Know that song? 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.'"

KeLyssa nods at that. "Couldn't agree more. It's a fiendish little instrument, with an amazing sound that can be just as wonderful." She giggles. "I really love how the fiddle sounds. But guitars are great too. When you combine a guitar and a fiddle, they makes a really good sound harmonized." She smiles. "The Devil Went Down To Georgia? Oh yeah, I know that song. I think I can even play it for ya too." She says firmly.

"Sweet." The word brings a smirk to his face, but he seems really pleased to hear that she not only knows the song, but even offers to play it. "I'd like that. Definitely have to hear it then, some time," he says, nodding back at her as he closes the case up again, flipping each latch into its locked position.

KeLyssa smiles a little happily, but never letting the shyness escape from it. "Maybe we can play it as a duet, hmm?" She asks coyly. Finishes off her salad, she says, "Well, I think I'd better be off, myself. Got a long day of job hunting tomorrow."

Even better, that- not that Fenton hadn't been hoping she'd suggest it. Playing with a person is always more fun than simply listening. People can speak a lot more through music, sometimes. Even though he's been carrying on somewhat of a conversation- it's always hard for him to really keep talk going. But now they both need to get going, apparently. "I'm up for that," he says, grinning. "But all right, I'll catch you around again then. I should be going too." He stands up, picking up the case, slinging the strap over his shoulder. "Good luck, yeah?" he offers.

KeLyssa smiles kindly, nodding. "Yeah, I'll se you around. Later." And with that she is off as well.

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