2007-03-12: Almost Found


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Guest starring: NPC!Alejandro

Summary: The Doom Twins attempt to figure out how to find their way around New York. Maya, sitting pretty on a bench while her brother works, meets with Claudine, Rochelle, and eventually Heather. But the siblings ditch when things get too focused on them.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

Almost Found


The hustle and bustle of the subway is near constant, keeping people moving about the underbelly of New York at a smooth, though occasionally shaky, pace. The amount of people loitering about with nowhere to go but here is almost as high as the ones pushing past on their hurried way. One of these latter seems to be a young dark-haired woman, perched nervously but excitedly on the edge of a bench with a ratty green backpack on the space next to her, either reserving it or just unnecessarily taking up space. In Maya's raised hands is the infamous "Activating Evolution", only not in so many words as this copy is in Spanish, instead. She appears to be utterly involved in the book, except for the times when an especially loud New York noise makes her head jerk up and her wide eyes try to take in the whole of the subway station once again.

Across the way, a similarly dark-haired man is standing uncomfortably in front of a kiosk of various tourist location brochures. A city map is crushed unconsciously in his fist.

What she's doing can't be bad right? Claudine believes in the Company and it's mission to help people, particularly the evolved. There's just so much on her mind as she comes in from the streets with her hands stuff in the pockets of her navy blue peacoat. She looks around, scanning the area for any familiar faces, or perhaps just a complete stranger that looks trustworthy enough to rant at.

Not finding any, she sighs once more while idly running her fingers through her hair so she can tie it back with her scrunchie. Once her hair's tied back, she chews on her bottom lip and finds a spot to sit on a bench with Maya. Oooh! And she's reading 'Activating Evolution' too! That either means she's an evolved or she's a nut. Time to find out!

"Um..hi!" she chirps brightly as she motions towards the spot next to her. "Um..mind if I join you?" she asks curiously.

There seems to be a very dirty person getting off of the subway car all of a sudden; a part in the small crowd means that people do not want to be near Rochelle right now, as her Carhartt bibs and heavy jacket are covered in dust, dirt and a thin, drying layer of mud. She even had to stand at the front of the doors as to not invade the rest of the car with her little cloud of muck. Even her dark baseball cap seems to have fallen victim. Her features weren't spared either. As the woman ventures onto the platform, she finds a spot off in the open to take off her cap and smack the dust off on a pillar in a series of puffs. Her other hand has gone to try and rid her head and hair of the same thing.

Maya's head turns at the greeting and she simply stares at the other woman a second. Then, a glance goes for the other side of the subway but it is quickly retracted. An at first cautious but then rather splendid smile spreads across Maya's face as she shifts in her place, lowering her book so that one hand can move away and shuffle the old backpack closer to her. "Of course!" she says at first with an accent quite heavy. Her words are reconsidered visibly and then she tries, "I mean, no, I do not mind. Sit down!" She continues to offer the woman a smile for a couple more seconds and then lays her book copy neatly across her lap. Even for how she seems to treat it well, the book is pretty beat up. Dirty and torn, much like its owner. Up close, Maya very visibly has on worn and messy clothes and although she's washed up fairly recently, she manages to have a very traveled look to her.

Claudine peers over at the book, and yes, it's in Spanish. "Oh, I didnt know they had that translated into Spanish.." she says with a warm smile as she eases on down, sighing a litle as it's nice to sit down after walking a good bit. "I'm Claudine, by the way.." she says, introducing herself while extending her hand towards Maya. "So, you're a fan of genetics or something?" she asks curiously, as well, most people who are look rather traveled dont usually read books like this..or maybe she's just prejudice, who knows?

It's then that she looks around the subway once more and spies Rochelle. Ahh, there's one target, and she just looks over towards the older woman for a bit, making mental notes every now and then.

Rochelle seems to be preoccupied with cleaning herself off as much as possible, and Claudine's presence remains unnoticed. At least one passerby snaps at her for causing her little mess, and she just returns this accosting with a grunt and a frown before she moves back towards the wall of the station, still a couple bench-lengths away from Claudine and Maya. Dusting soon continues, but unfortunately it seems that Rochelle has a permanent layer of brown.

Claudine's hand is met by one of Maya's and there is a warm squeeze shared between them before Maya's hands both drift back to the book. "Claudine," she repeats in an attempt to handle the pronunciation. It only mostly works. "I am Maya, oh, but we are looking for this man," she turns the literature over to show the face of Chandra Suresh staring confidently out at them. Her fingers trace the bottom of the picture almost desperately, almost excitedly, "Chandra Suresh," she pronounces very badly for Claudine, as if the other couldn't just read the name off of the book, itself.

Meanwhile, the male at the kiosk has grabbed up various brochures with very little discretion. These in hand, he turns away and glances to where Maya is. A frown appears when he sees someone else on the bench next to his sister and he starts forward but is briefly cut off when a car passenger disembarks in a hurry and pushes past, giving a sneer in Rochelle's direction that puts Alejandro's attention momentarily on her as well.

"Nice to meet you, Maya! And..you're looking for Dr. Suresh? I dont know his father.." CLaudine admits ruefully as she doesnt know about his untimely demise and she hrmms for a few moments. Maybe this woman is an evolved, so perhaps she should go to Mohinder. "But..I do know his son, Mohinder. He's a geneticist as well.." she explains with a warm smile. "I..I could always take you to see him if you want?" she says while crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortably.

She then briefly looks over to Rochelle once more,brows quirking before turning her attention back to Maya. This one seems a bit interesting afterall.

Rochelle is stuffing her hat into a back pocket when she notices the occupied bench nearby. Claudine gets a slightly squinted look from her, as if she were trying to remember something. Considering Claudine has been in seemingly random places with her before, it feels just a smidgen bizarre. fortunately, Rochelle doesn't seem to recall where she is from, and instead passes her gaze over Maya, the book, and the rest of the platform before putting a hand inside her coat to pry out what seems to be a small list on a dirty notepad and lean onto the station wall. Rochelle is still trying to think of where she has seen Claudine before, but her eyes remain on the paper in hand.

It is so easy to read emotions on Maya's face and she visibly wilts at the admission that Claudine does not know Suresh, despite all evidence suggesting that a random New Yorkian wouldn't, anyhow. She immediately perks again at the idea of his son. "He is? He could… help?" Her smile is freshly back and she twists to her side to start digging in her bag, with 'Activating Evolution' the Spanish edition poised on her legs.

By this point, Alejandro has regained his bearings and he marches across the way to stand in front of Maya. Completely without easing into the conversation, he questions Maya in Spanish. It definitely feels as though he's asking about Claudine, complete with a shifty glance to her.
Maya's gaze snaps to her brother and she loses none of her eagerness by responding to him. Mohinder's name comes into the conversation.

Claudine quirks a brow a little as she looks over at the conversation in Spanish. She doesn't know much, so she can't really comprehend what they're saying, but can notice things like furtive glances in her direction. Her brows raise as she looks at Alejandro, "What? Do I have smoething on my face?" she asks with a bit of mock horror…

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be my neighbor? Well, ok…not quite. But Heather is definitely feeling much better after the events of the previous night. And it shows in her step. The teen is bubbly, cheery. And wearing a cute little outfit of pink t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. "Let's see…..I think this is the station." she says to herself, flipping through a mapbook that she picked up somewhere. "I take this about four stops….." A pause. Her eyes follow the path her fingers trace. "Right….four stops and that should put me there." *Slap* The mapbook is closed as she starts to make her way towards the platform to wait on the train.

It takes her a few more moments, but Rochelle seems to recall somethingshe steps a couple of paces closer as the Spanish speaking wanes, bringing the bench into her negation field as she moves. "HeyI've seen you around before, haven't I?" Her voice is targeted towards Claudine, but it seems to be hesitant as to not wholly interrupt the dark haired siblings beside her.

The Spanish continues with a few clipped sentences but then Maya looks away mid-Alejandro sentence in order to send a reassuring look to Claudine, "No, no. It is just my brother. He… worries." Her pauses signify her flawed grasp at the language rather than emotional hesitation, for now, "He would like to know more about this Mohinder." A furtive glance at her brother suggests, maybe, that wasn't quite was he said.

Alejandro, for his part, remains in front of Maya though he steps a little bit so that he's between the women as much as he can be while they sit. The crossing of his arms is interrupted when he has to shift slightly to the side again to allow for Rochelle's appearance nearby.

Ooooh, the scary woman approaches. The young Filipina girl smiles brightly and extends a hand out towards her. "Yeah..we keep on running into each other it seems. Who says New York City is ginormous?" she says with a hearty while. "I'm Claudine by the way, and you are?" she asks before looking over back to Maya.

"Mohinder?" and she pauses for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip a bit, thinking it over. "He's Chandra's son. And a very nice man. Why..why are you seeking him out anyway?" she asks curiously..definitely gaining a bit more of her attention.

Well shoot, either the train's late, or she's not in the right station. Bummer. Well, at least there's a benc…. Heather spots Claudine. And her company. "I swear, it's like I'm being followed." she whispers to herself, grinning and heading that way. "Tell me about it. Big world. Small city." she adds, overhearing the size comment of the city. She's not within the realm of the negation field yet, but she will be as she steps closer. Still, until she hits that, there's that strange feeling like something is….different.

Rochelle stays against the wall as to not invade space more than she has to. Alejandro doesn't seem to like people around him, so she tries to act as small as a giant lady can. "Mhm." As to not get distracted anew by yet another new face, she offers Claudine a small smile before answering. "Rochelle." The girl gets the short version. If there were not a small crowd all of a sudden, the woman might rattle off something else. But for now, she seems to take note of the conversation while she's near. Chandra, Mohinder, somethingsomething. The names are completely lost on Rochelle's ears, but listening in never hurt anyone. Most of the time.

The more that people start to appear, the more that both siblings start to look that much more nervous. Maya has packed her book away into her backpack and she holds onto its strap with one grasping hand. A curious look is given to everyone when she echoes, "Gee-nor-mouse?" But the conversation has moved on. She listens to the introductions with a polite enough nod to Rochelle but she spends most of the time exchanging looks with her brother until Mohinder's name is spoken again. Quickly, she looks to Claudine, "We would like… to talk to mister Suresh." She responds, turning her head to notice Heather, too.

Deciding against crossing his arms, Alejandro stuffs them into his pockets, instead, eyeing Rochelle either out of suspicion or just a rude need to take her in a bit longer than everyone else.

"Well..he's a busy man, but..still.." Claudine clearly hesitates, not wanting to bring some random stranger over to Mohinder afterall. "What do you want with him?" she says more matter of factly this time before smiling warmly over to Heather. "Oh..hey! I totally was going to bring over brownies at your place..but you werent there..feeling better?" she asks, definitely concerned.

"Much. Thanks." Heather nods, tossing a casual grin at Claudine. The grin is continued to Alejandro and Maya, and Rochelle. "Making new friends all the time it seems." she adds, coming into range of the negation field. It's effects aren't immediately noticed, as Heather just assumes that Maya, Alejandro, and Rochelle are normal, unevolved people.

Alejandro's watchful eye isn't something Rochelle appears to mind, because she is content to wait against the wall until she can get a word in to Claudine again. Usually if she meets one person more than twice, it must be kismet; or at least, it is some sort of interesting circumstance. For now, however, she just blinks innocuously back at Alejandro from above dirt-smudged cheeks. Hm?

Maya doesn't seem to understand. She stares at Claudine a long moment with wide, innocent, eyes and then repeats, "Talk… to Suresh? If he is busy… but, we should really talk with /mister/ Suresh. Chandra," she starts to reach for the book again but is blocked verbally by a question from Alejandro who, having found himself caught at staring at Rochelle, chooses to watch his sister now. They exchange some words again, and this time Alejandro holds up the handful of pamphlets he has gathered, including one flyer ripped from the subway wall. Maya presses her lips together and then turns to Claudine more urgently, casting quick looks at everyone else there briefly as well, "We are looking for Suresh for help," she says a bit more quietly, "… I am sick." A look of desperation really does cover Maya's features at this.

Alejandro fidgets and then suddenly he leans forward and grabs up Maya's green backpack from the bench next to her. "Maya," he calls, warns… perhaps both.

"Dr. Suresh isnt that kind of doctor.." Claudine explains, not really understanding why someone would want to go to him, unless..and she mulls it over. There's no proof or evidence, so she'll just give them the benefit of the doubt for the moment. "If you're sick, you should go to a hospital..there are some good ones here, like over at Morningside Heights..the teaching hospitals at Columbia University.." she offers, pursing her lips once more. "Look..if you want to meet them, how about you give me you name, and a way to contact you and I'll give it to Dr. Suresh and see what he can do?" she says while searching her things for a pen and a paper so she can hand it to Maya.

At Heather's comment, she just grins and lets out a little giggle. "I'm always trying to make new friends… especially if I can try to help them.." she says matter of factly.

"Always a noble goal." Heather nods, glancing at Maya as she speaks. "I'm sure Claudine could put in a word for you at one of the hospitals. New York has some /excellent/ hospitals. I'll vouch for that." There was a wide grin on her face, but it is slowly disappearing as she glances at Claudine. <silence> That's strange. Usually there's a voice there. She shrugs it off as probably the medication they gave her just having some weird side effects.

Rochelle crosses dusty arms below her chest, tilting her head just a bit to watch Alejandro. He really doesn't seem to like his sister talking to people, does he? The woman's breath gives a small grunt at the turn in conversation, though she does give Maya a new visual lookover. Looks like she could use some downtime, but Maya certainly doesn't look sick to Rochelle. It goes to show—you can never tell.

Particularly distraught at the way things are going, Maya shakes her head, "No, no," but she has to stop and watch Claudine intently in order to pick up each and every word now being said. Her frown deepens when the piece of paper is gone for and she looks to her brother. Alejandro shakes his head stiffly. "No, we… we have no…" she attempts to explain, having not a cell-phone number even if she /had/ wanted to give it out. And she sort of does, it seems, because she sits there, kneading her hands in her lap, some long moments before expressing, "Thank you."

She then pushes off of the bench and is taken across the shoulder by her brother's arm. He lowers his hand to hers after a couple of steps and then, hand-in-hand, the siblings hurry up the stairs and back into the light and hustle of New York's streets.

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