2010-03-19: Almost Reunion



Date: March 19, 2010


Matt fills in Molly on part of his situation, and arranges for Janice to meet her and retrieve Junior.

"Almost Reunion"

You're not cleared for that information

Still hiding with Kitty, Molly has had quite a few changes go on in her young life recently. Failed attempted rescue, capture, escape, hiding, broken hearts, she's like a walking soap opera without a storyline. She still has her phone, however, and though she is laying low, it's kept close to her just in case.

And a good thing, too, otherwise who knows how much longer she'd remain out of touch - Matt's ability is plenty useful in other ways, but not so much in finding missing persons without any evidence. Now is the 5 before or after the 8? After a wrong number eliminates one possibility, he punches in the other and waits for the telltale ring-ring to bear fruit.

And bear fruit it does. The phone next to Molly vibrates to let her know there is an incoming call. She's been keeping track of everyone important to her to make sure they are safe and not in the clutches of evil government agents, but that's more of a personal project than one meant to help the rebel cause. The number that shows up on caller ID is a new one - so she answers it cautiously. "Hello?"

Despite what he's been through over the past couple of months, that voice still brings a smile to Matt's face. "Molly, hi! How are you— you guys are all still okay, right?" She's sure to have questions of her own, but he needs to get that one in first.

"Matt!" Immediately, Molly's voice turns from wary to overjoyed. Immediately she sits up straighter and the smile is evident in her voice. "You got a new phone!" It explains why she didn't recognize the number. "We're…yeah, we're fine. We're staying some place safe." Though Micah struck out on his own, that's an entire topic for a different time. "You're okay, too, right?"

"Right," replies Matt, "I just have to keep laying low for a while… the government thinks I got sick and died, that's how they got me out." Which would explain why he's using a different phone now. "Where are you guys? I mean, not exactly, but— Junior. I need to get him back to his mother…"

"They—they thought you died?" Molly sounds distraught about that, because it's not something she knew. While she can tell that people are alive and where they are, she can't tell their condition there. "You were sick? What happened?" And as for Junior getting back to his mother, the young teenager nibbles at her lip in thought. "Can't she come to New York?"

Matt settles back into the couch. "Well, I was, but nothing really dangerous. And yeah, she can fly out - she's in California right now, I just need to let her know where she needs to go." He scratches his head: did Molly come out to New York too, or is she still in Germany and just planning to meet in the middle?

"Not serious? But…they thought you died." The concept is a little foreign to Molly. Shifting her position at the table she's sitting at, the young girl looks about her. "Oh! Oh! You mean, you need her to come here, don't you?" Which is not New York, she just assumed that Junior should be with Matt at some point. "Unless you want us to come to New York with Junior and we all meet up there?" Though a thirteen year old girl with a baby traveling cross-country may raise a few suspicions.

He doesn't know exactly what they used to pull off the scam - and if it really was dangerous, then he doesn't want to know, or at least doesn't want to burden Molly with worrying about what might have been - so Matt just glosses over that part of the story. "No— I mean, yeah, I'll tell her to go to you. I want to see you, all of you, but it's not safe. Not yet."

Nothing seems to be safe, lately. Though she's trying to be a grownup and not to pout, it's hard for her when talking to a parental type figure. "Alright," she sighs. Because, she wants to see him, too. She thinks over where they are now and where it would be best to meet up in order to get Junior to his mother the safest. Their hideout is the obvious choice, but she doesn't want her to be followed and bring government agents here. Instead, she chews her lip some more and gives him different instructions. She gives the city of their hideout and then tells him where Janice should meet her. "Tell her to meet us at the park that's right on Main and First. There's a swing set and everything. We'll be sitting on a bench. Junior'll wear his cow hat." They can pretend to be a family. Nothing suspicious about that, right?

By this point, Matt is scribbling all this down on an ad in one of Cody's magazines— hope she didn't have her eye on those blue jeans. "That should work," he answers, after a moment's thought: Molly's a bit on the young side to play unattended babysitter, depending on who you ask, but it should still fly - and if one of the other adults is with them too, then no problem. "I'll call you back as soon as I know when she'll be there. And you call me at this number if anything else comes up with you guys."

"One other thing, Molly… you remember how the Company wanted to use you to find people? Well, it turns out some of the people in the government are thinking the same way." Actually a lot worse, but again, he's toning it down a bit for her. "So make sure they don't catch you again, whatever that takes…"

The mention of the Company brings a pronounced frown to Molly's face. It was through them that she met Mohinder, which she will always be grateful. However, now she realizes how manipulative they were in using both her and her adoptive father. This government place sounds a lot worse than that. She's already had a small taste of what they can do and how they don't care how young a person is. "I've…I think I've heard a little about this." Through Micah, during their fight. "I won't. Let them catch me, I mean." It's times like this that she wished she had a powerful ability. Something that would help her defend herself, so she didn't always feel like a sitting duck all the time. "Don't worry, Matt, I'll be safe." She pauses, her voice lowering. "You too, okay?" Just because they think he's dead doesn't mean he can't still be in danger.

Not just him, but the others at the same safehouse, too. And maybe everyone who's been busted out the same way he was. Matt closes his eyes, pushing away some of his own darker thoughts. "Do my best. Love you." One phone call ending, another starting - he's got a plane ticket to sell.

"I love you, too," Molly tells him softly, seriously. And then, she ends the call. A passing by well-meaner pauses when she notices the girl's unhappy face. "You okay, Mol?" Shaken out of her own darker thoughts, the clairvoyant teenager just smiles. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, thanks. I just need to go find Kitty." Pushing herself up from the table, she sets about arranging a child tradeoff.

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