2007-11-09: Alone In The Park


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Summary: In the dark of the park, two people meet…

Date It Happened: November 9th, 2007

Alone in the Park

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

It is getting on in the night and Tyson is still out, the reason for that being to apparently do nothing but sit around and look at things. He seems to have been at this for a while and while being pretty perceptive of things… is extremely bored. "Bored… but aware… bored… and aware…" He mutters to himself looking specifically not at the large tree in front of the bench he was sitting on, but at the space between himself and the large tree in front of the bench he was sitting on. There was a path moving running parallel to his vision and curling off to the sides in either direction. Beyond that… there was grass… and a couple bushes… really, there wasn't too much and Tyson was taking it all in.

"Oh do shut it, it's not as if you're related to these poor sods you know," Rudyard mutters seemingly to himself as he strides through the park. Clipped to the lapel of his suit jacket is an ID badge for the Metropolitan Museum. Tucked under his arm is a large-ish and flat display box containing several carefully labeled insect specimens. "Very well, be that way then, and no that was not an ill timed pun, Reggie. They donated their lives to science.." There's a pause in his muttering before he adds, "Don't take that tone with me, bugger off." People talking to themselves in New York is nothing new, only, he's not talking to himself, but he's admitting to nothing if overheard. This time of the evening, hopefully he hasn't just embarrassed himself thoroughly.

"Bored and aware. Bored and aware. Bored and… huh?" Tyson concentrates, his mind only wandering when he overheard a man's voice speak and then speak again as if someone had responded indignantly. Luckily his seeming ability didn't require him to tune out sound and possibly in spite of the man speaking to himself, out of curiosity, Tyson found himself trying to grasp the an idea of what the space in their current area accurately looked like.

First, nothing seemed to take, but then he could see it. "Awesome…" He muttered under his breath, starting to look around where he spied the older man walking along. He saw the man and there was no other person beside him, "Must've been talking to himself…" Still though, the fact that he was able to use his ability outside of the ring, he was proud. Hoping, however, the bee that had been hovering near the man didn't come back around.

The bee is still in the area, and gloating. Loudly enough for his tormentee to hear. Rudyard rolls his eyes and huffs in a rather stiffly British fashion as he works on ignoring the taunts. (They can be such irritating little blighters!) "As if I wasn't odd enough, now I'm going to be thought of as talking to myself, well fine. Delightful." Sarcastic muttering is given way to as he adjusts his grip on the display he's carrying. Perhaps he'll ring up Daphne later, and commiserate with her on how their abilities make them regarded as rather insane by the general populace.

Unable to detect whether or not the man was the victim of some mystery assailant, Tyson went about his own business and decides to get back to what he was going to do in the first place. This, however, fails as he can no longer see the space. "Damnit!" He berated himself, "I know I don't have long to use it… All right, all right, all right." He says getting his focus again, looking at the passing man with a wave before nonchalantly trying anything again. "Hello…" Awkwardly speaking out against his natural intention.

Rudyard's steps falter some upon hearing Tyson speak. Oh he knew the young man was present, but not expecting him to speak up. "What? Where.. oh hello to you as well." Not doing anything. Not talking to himself, oh no. His accent is clipped, utterly proper and oh so English. "Are you supposed to be out this late?" the question escapes before he can stop its progress and he clears his throat, almost apologetically, after the fact.

As opposed to feeling guilty as a seventeen year-old should for having been out as late as he was, Tyson just had a look of annoyed curiosity answering, not any expected annoyance having noticed the man not meaning to ask, but restrained apathy, "Probably not, but its the only time I can really get any thing done. Nobody's out and the like. I can handle myself fine, though." He shrugs nodding back at the man, "I take it you're having the time of your life though. Conversations with yourself? Always a blast. Despite the man being around though, Tyson kept on trying to accomplish his task.

"Ah, well, I see. Perfectly understandable," Rudyard more or less rambles off. "So long as you can tend to your own person just fine… and what.. oh yes. Sometimes you have to have someone to talk with, even if it is to yourself." Good excuse. Perfectly legit, right? It's also a tried and true excuse from past experience. "So. You require being in Central Park by yourself, this time of night to accomplish sitting about?"

Tyson accepts the man's reason and is left more or less defenseless when the man persues with his own questions. "Require? No." He wasn't lying, "Prefer, definitely, I don't like being indoors, what can I say?" His own valid excuse, very true too, as he tried to do to he best of his ability. "Then again, for a where to really matter, I'd have to be doing some specific, which I'm not; I just don't like being inside, as I've noted." He finished answering and stated, "I guess you need the quite and solitude of night so noone thinks you're crazy, right?" He chuckles a moment, before turning his attention back towards refining his focus again.

"That.. that I can sympathize with," Rudyard states as he raises his free hand to fuss with straightening out his tie. "What? No. Leaving a late night lecture that I was hosting at the museum." Which had a stunningly riveted audience. No really. Quite the crowd of scientific dorkdom in attendance. "Why am I explaining to a teenager.. and there I go again, talking to myself. It's a terrible habit. One I don't encourage."

Tyson takes some offense at the man's topic change. "Right, well. You didn't have to stop if that's the way you feel. I was only being polite." He shrugs, "I mean, I probably wouldn't know or care about what the lecture was on… but when you just assume I won't because I'm a kid, that kind of makes you an ass."

Rudyard blinks, expression clearly stating that he's taken aback. "So.. I've been accused of being on multiple occasions. Being an ass that is, my apologies. You're quite correct. You were being polite and I've gone and put my foot in it." He shifts a little in place, holding onto the display under his arm. "I merely meant that.. sod it. Nevermind."

"It's whatever, man. Everybody derails the love train at one point or another. The main thing is to have another track ready for it to jump on to." He shrugs, looking back at the space between himself and the tree and seeing it clearly, not letting the man stop him from doing what he had set out to do. Starting to sprint, Tyson moves his intended plan into action by simply running up the trunk of the tree a couple of steps before having accurately measured where he would need to be in order to not kill himself doing this; at that indicated mark, he decided it was now or never and pushed himself off. To say the least, that stopped him from running up the tree, and as he watched with an awestruck, he soon found himself standing back on his feet facing the tree once again with a slight wobble. "Whoa."

"I.. ah.. what? What are you on about?" Rudyard stares at Tyson as if he were looking at a new specimen. "American teens are such odd creatures." The display case under his arm is then brought up and out in front of his face as if in a defensive posture. (It's a rather assorted collection of bees under the glass. Who knew there were so many?) "I stand corrected! Not odd, please do not mug me!" When no mugging or attacking commences, he lowers the case and peers over the edge, missing the little feat. ".. I believe.. I might be late for an uhm.."

Unfocused on whatever the man had perceived to had happened, Tyson was too busy thinking about what he had just proven himself capable to do. It was only when the man actually begged not to be mugged, did he actually start paying attention again and he subsequently turned, "Huh, what- What are you talking about?" He noted the case the man held as protection just as side note.

"Nothing. I forgot I left the kettle on, pardon me," Rudyard says in a babbling fashion as he sort of skuttles away. Now? He's just acting out of pure embarassment. First he's made an ass of himself, and he's made an even bigger ass of himself now.

Tyson remembered the man had previously said something about being mugged and he couldn't help but get the impression that when he took off running, the man had thought that he was running towards him. Taking offense, Tyson was more than a little disgusted and let the man departed. "Whatever man, just because I could've mugged you doesn't mean I was going to…" That however wasn't said too loud so if the man was all ready on his way, he wouldn't have heard it.

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