Alpha Protocol

NOTE: AP is now long gone!

Alpha Protocol is an operation set forth by the President of the United States and headed up by Marilyn de Souza of Homeland Security, though former Senator Ivory Wynn was previously the forerunner. Alpha Protocol's prime directive is to investigate and neutralize any and all threats to America's Soil. They are authorized to use whatever force deemed necessary to carry out this directive.

Alpha Protocol is interdepartmental, utilizing the combined efforts of a number of specific government agencies and their resources. Members of Alpha Protocol are selected and invited to the operation on a personal basis. It's not who you know, it's what you can do.

Above all else, the top priority of Alpha Protocol is to protect the United States of America at all costs.


In Command

  • The President - Commander in Chief


(and various NPCs)



The Command department of Alpha Protocol consists of the men and women that are highest up in the organization. They are the ones that call the shots for their respective departments. They are also the leaders to look to when a problem arises. They are the key to this entire operation and every single thing they do is under close scrutiny by The President of the United States.

Security & Surveillance

The Security & Surveillance department of Alpha Protocol consists of the men and women that are very well versed in handling those type of ventures. Agents and operatives from the NSA and CIA tend to find themselves here, working the satellites and handling preliminary reconnaissance assignments. Contrary to popular belief, S&S is a very integral part of Alpha Protocol. They are the first line of defense before people even know that they need to be defended. As long as S&S runs smoothly, Alpha Protocol will also.

In addition to scouting, locating and keeping a general eye on the nation and those that are suspected threats to the United States of America, the Security part of Security & Surveillance works as in-house police. Every organization needs to keep an eye on itself and S&S provides that service, free of charge, handling internal affairs and keeping a close eye on the members of Alpha Protocol. They are also the ones to plug leaks and remove moles from the general populace of the organization.

Homeland Investigations

What essentially comes down to a division of Homeland Security, Homeland Investigations is directly underneath the authority of Alpha Protocol. This department encompasses everything that is investigative on a level that isn't the most violent. They are the detectives, forensics experts and everything else that goes into an actual investigation of suspect threats and acts of terrorism. They are the ones that make sure there's even a reason to send the Hunters in. They keep track of everything, compile data and work very closely with the S&S department to make sure there are no mistakes.

To that end, the Homeland Investigations department also tends to serve the purpose as Public Relations in regards to how local authorities view Alpha Protocol's nationwide jurisdiction. Members of the Homeland Investigations department are expected to be fair and personable, as the prime directive is nationwide unity against a common threat. Alienating the local help would not be in the best interest of Alpha Protocol. Alpha Protocol needs the people. Even the little people.

Retrieval & Neutralization

Alpha Protocol's Retrieval & Neutralization department is where all the action happens. Highly trained operatives from all facets of the government are involved with this particular department. From military to secret service to other organizations of enforcement, this department houses all of them under one common umbrella: America's Freedom.

This department is home different squads, each specializing in their own brand or style of neutralization of terrorist threats. There is no chain of command, in regards to which unit is higher in authority than the others. They are all the same. Each unit comes with intense training for this specific brand of terrorism, the latest in terrorist neutralization equipment and a sense of pride that can be, at times, their greatest asset. These are the soldiers, the men and women that work their asses off to protect the nation from those that would dare to do it harm.


  • Hunters: Elite; Specialized Agents of Neutralization; The Best at What They Do.
  • G-Unit: Guerilla Warfare (Urban & Natural Environments); Military Disciplined; Prone to Excessive Force
  • Black Magic: Black Ops; You Don't Want To Know

Resources & Funding

Alpha Protocol is an organization created through the President himself. Therefore, it consists of membership and resources coming from the entirety of the United States Government. Everything from military contacts to secret projects and other classified units have taken a cut in their funding, in order to bring Alpha Protocol to life, as they say. In addition to almost limitless government funding, Alpha Protocol's resources are all over the National map. A number of corporations have been contracted through government liaisons to work on projects for this organization, whether they truly understand what they are doing or not.

Alpha Protocol is, for all intents and purposes, very well equipped with the man/fire/tech power that it needs to be a successful anti-terrorist organization. Represent.


Governor's Island, New York

Such locations as "Building 27" and the Prisoner Barracks exist here, but you're not supposed to know about them!

The Gathering

By decree of the President of the United States, the first on-going operation of Alpha Protocol is being toted as The Gathering. This is, in essence, the removal of any and all threats to American Soil to a secure facility where they will be questioned and neutralized to ensure the safety of the United States of America and possibly the World.

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