"I got this."

Casting: Jay Baruchel
Date of Birth: ?? ??, 1985
Age: 26
Place of Birth: ??, California
Occupation: California State Police - Internal Affairs
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "Charizard" by A-1
Inspiration: Jay Baruchel in She's Out of My League and The Sorcerer's Apprentice with a dash of Alvin & The Chipmunks
Hooks:ACRU ✔ Random Acts of Heroism ✔ Random Acts of Law Enforcement

Alvin Davis Drake is a hotshot Internal Affairs agent assigned to investigate the Ability Crimes Response Unit. His excellent marks in law, criminal justice and psychology are what led to his placement in ACRU. Though, with such a potential future that lies ahead, one has to wonder why Alvin would risk it on such an unpredictable organization.


Alvin Davis never knew his biological parents. The only thing he got from them was his name, which was pinned to his shirt when the Drakes found his baby basket sitting in their driveway. There was no hesitation in the Drakes taking them in as one of their own, considering that they already had four kids of their own. Another mouth to feed wouldn't be hard at all. Not to someone like Thea Drake. She's always been one bad mamma jamma.

Alvin was raised beneath Thea's love mixed with her "Don't Play" attitude that kept him in check, on the straight and narrow. His brothers and sisters were also kept under a firm slap here and there to make sure none of them ever strayed too far off the path towards success and greatness. Thea's hand guided him through the trials and tribulations of scholastic achievement until he graduated high school a year early and managed to score the Valedictorian spot. In a crazy twist of his own culture and the culture he was raised in, Alvin mashed up a traditional graduation speech with some hip-hop flavor. It was epic.


Alvin's love for the law and justice came from spending time with his father. It was this reason that Alvin enlisted in the Police Academy, instead of going directly to college. While his basic training and knowledge of police procedure and firearms was slightly above average, Alvin really seemed to excel in areas of interrogation and other psychological elements. Once again, his keen mind allowed him to graduate from the Academy early and through a favor of his father, Alvin headed into a department that didn't make friends easily: Internal Affairs.

Alvin's sense of justice came from his observant nature. When spending time with his father at the precinct, he would notice things. Things that weren't exactly right. Things that maybe nobody should've noticed. Things that proved that not everyone was as upstanding as his father. Things that nobody would believe when he was a but a mere child and teenager. However, those incidents stuck with him and he was going to put himself into a position to police those incidents and do some real good. Like his father.

When the Ability Positives became commonplace, Alvin's world changed. He always had a bit of geeky love for comic books and superpowered fiction. It was a hobby, more or less. But when things became more real, Alvin found himself fascinated by the prospect of what these 'Evolved' people could do and what that could mean for the future of the world. Surely, these people would step up and take the mantles like those in the pages of his DC and Marvel collections!

Unfortunately, they took the jobs of hard working people all across the nation. Or they almost took the lives of those men and women who fought for years to protect the people and the innocent. Which is what happened to his father. A year before ACRU was even thought about, Alvin's father was forced into early retirement as some Ability Positive freak lost control of their ability and injured him greatly. This merely fueled an already growing dislike of A-Positives within Alvin's mind.


Alvin Davis Drake is, at the heart of everything, just a guy that wants what is best for himself and those that he cares about. He's extremely huge on family and loyalty, always willing to go through more for those people that he loves than those that mean nothing to him on a personal level. He experienced loss at a very young age, before he can even remember, but he was shown nothing but love by the family that took him in and he strives to work the hardest in anything he does to be able to pay them back for their love and kindness. In that, he loves his mother the most and will go through almost anything to make sure that she is safe and taken care of. She made him into what he is today and he won't ever forget that.

Alvin balances a humble lifestyle on a personal level with a showboating lifestyle of excellence when at work. He take his job extremely seriously, especially now that he's keeping a close eye on ACRU. When he's not doing something work-related, though, he tends to be more relaxed and calm. Almost a complete 180 from what his attitude is while he's working, Alvin loves to just have a good time, spend time with people he wants to be around and will even take to spitting some dope rhymes. Any time is downtime when he's not working and that's how he keeps his brain from overloading with stress he feels from his job as an Internal Affairs investigator.

Alvin's need to see justice served doesn't always match up with his personal attitude. In terms of Humans vs Evolved, Alvin is extremely trapped in the middle. While he does love being Human, he can't help but to feel extremely envious of those that have special abilities and powers. The gifts that they have are amazing and he would give almost anything to be special like them. On the other hand, though, he knows about all the bad that comes with having a special ability, whether it affects the Evolved person or those around them. It is very much a double-edged sword and Alvin looks at everyone that's Ability Positive as a possible threat to the world… but not maliciously. He still comes with a sense of justice that means everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It just depends on how he feels as to whether he wants to work to prove their innocence or guilt.

Alvin comes standard with his own style of honest charm that keeps him a step or two above other people in his profession. While there's a stigma that comes along with being an Internal Affairs agent, Alvin approaches his job much like he would approach a woman in a bar: With Confidence. He's very confident in what he does and no one can deter him from something he sets his sights on. He's a very bright and even analytical individual that will still hold a grudge longer than a normal joe on the street. He's not perfect. But he sure as hell doesn't let anyone know that. He'd rather follow through with something until he is proven wrong than give up.


He Wants To Be… The Very Best


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