Amrit Gandhi
Amrit Gandhi
Portrayed By Aamir Khan
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 8th, 1965
Age 44
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases Many
Place of Birth Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Wanderer
Known Relatives Asha Gandhi (mother; alive?), Bhadrak Gandhi (father; deceased)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Telepathy
First Appearance Pumpkin-Spice Philosophy

Amrit spent most of his life working for his father in India, helping out with his produce store. Then a local crime lord killed Amrit's father when he refused to pay protection money. Amrit was framed for the murder, but managed to escape police custody. That was the last anyone ever saw of him. The series of bizarre murders that dismantled Drupada the crime lord's operations, eventually leading police to Drupada himself, were left unconnected with the quiet, unassuming man that Amrit had been.


Amrit Gandhi was born in the city of Bangalore, in Karnataka, India. He spent much of his life, from childhood to adulthood, working with and for his father. Together they ran a smallish produce shop, and Amrit knew no other form of life. He was devoted to pleasing his father, which often meant making money. However, what was kept from Amrit for decades was that his aging father had been and still was paying protection money to a local crime syndicate, and was expected to also serve as an informant on any 'targets' for robbery or extortion that he came across.
Amrit knew that strange men often visited, but was always told it was for business deals. He had suspicions, but since they had been present ever since he was very small, he never questioned his father. Then came the day of the eclipse.

Amrit was busy stocking the carts with produce, when he noticed some boys talking quietly outside the shop. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but he could hear something else. Their thoughts. He didn't realize that's what it was at the time, of course, but then he heard them 'talking' about sending one of the boys into the shop to steal something. One of the boys was nervous, and thinking things like, 'I don't want to do this. I don't want to be here.' The one doing the challenging was thinking that he would ditch the third boy once he was inside. The third, the one being dared to steal, was concerned only with how he would prove himself if he performed this theft.
Amrit, confused, nonetheless yelled out at them. The boys quickly ran off. A confused customer who had witnessed this was told by Amrit that they had been talking about shop-lifting. The customer hadn't heard anything, but dismissed the matter. And so did Amrit… Until later that night, after the eclipse, when he once again heard someone's thoughts.

Some men arrived for 'business dealings' with Amrit's father, and they soon disappeared into a back room. Amrit was reading a magazine and closing up the shop for the night, when he thought he heard voices. 'Come on, old man. Just pay up. We have more to do tonight.' 'What's the deal? He's always payed promptly before.' 'The money is in the floor safe. I'm not giving it to them. I'm tired of paying!' The two men and Amrit's father, seemingly talking… But to themselves? Then 'NO!' followed by something breaking in the backroom, causing Amrit to go investigate. As he called out, asking if everything was alright, a gun shot rang out. He ran into the room just in time to see the two men fleeing the shop through a back door. His father was bleeding on the floor.
As he called the police on the phone, his father tried to speak to him, but couldn't get much out around all the blood filling his lungs. Amrit got down on the floor to try to take care of his father, and seemed to be able to hear his thoughts once again. He was trying to tell Amrit about the floor safe. Amrit just told his father not to talk, while he tried to apply pressure to the wound. Soon, however, from his father's fading thoughts about Amrit fleeing the country, he was able to tell that the only family he ever knew was dying. He wanted to make his father happy. That is all he ever wanted. If his father wanted him to have the money, he would take it.

Amrit asked his father one last question as he held his head in his lap. "What is the combination to the safe?" Though his father was nearly dead, and could not speak, the numbers came unbidden in his thoughts. No longer caring about the bizarre ability he seemed to possess to hear thinking in his head, he just stayed with his father until the police arrived, and until it was clear that his father was dead. As the paramedics tended to Amrit's father's body, the police questioned the son of the deceased grocer. Amrit told them what had happened, leaving out the parts about hearing thoughts. He just said he 'heard voices talking in the back room', and then the gunshot. Then one of the policeman thought 'Drupada's men really screwed up here. Old man should have payed, but they shouldn't have left witnesses. Now I have to clean this up.' Amrit knew who Drupada was — an influential criminal in Bangalore. The pieces all came together. The 'business dealings' had always been about protection money. He didn't know why he hadn't seen it sooner. But when he called out the policeman on it…
"Drupada? You work for Drupada!?" The policeman looked shocked but then just acted like he didn't know what Amrit was talking about. His partner certainly hadn't heard anything said, and advised Amrit to calm down. When Amrit accused the first officer of being in league with those who had killed his father, and attacked him, he was promptly subdued and arrested.

When he was questioned at the police station, the same corrupt officer who had encountered Amrit previously did the questioning, and had apparently convinced others that Amrit was responsible for his father's death. He outlined the imaginary scenario. Amrit as a resentful son, forced to spend his entire life working in a no-name fruit store. Amrit's father had saved up a lot of money over the years, and when he refused to give it to Amrit when he wanted to live his own life Amrit shot and killed his own dad. When he realized what had happened, he called the police, and made up a story of Drupada's men being there. His sudden attack on the officer was just evidence that he was emotionally unstable.
No one believed Amrit's story anymore. They just wanted to know where the gun was. Amrit, furious, focused his new ability unconsciously, and though it gave him a splitting headache, the partner to the corrupt policeman responded to Amrit's thoughts of 'He's a liar! He's lying! He works for Drupada!' by turning on the first officer, and accusing him of being a liar and working for Drupada. The confusion and scuffle that resulted, with the corrupt cop trying to escape the station, resulted in Amrit getting the chance to flee the station as well. Since he was still handcuffed, he managed to convince a metal worker to break the cuffs, using his ability. By that point, his head felt like it was going to explode with how it was throbbing painfully.
But he returned to his father's shop, retrieved the money from the hidden floor safe, and hid himself for the next month. Doing nothing but practicing, almost to the exclusion of eating and sleeping, he learned how to control his ability better, becoming stronger with it, and thus avoiding the headaches he had initially suffered. Then he went killing.

He stood on a street corner, and listened in on people's thoughts, identifying members of Drupada's syndicate. He would obtain all the information they had by making them talk, and then he would have them kill themselves in bizarre ways. He started breaking up important meetings and criminal dealings, and taking apart the syndicate piece by piece.
The horror stories told by those whose minds he altered, along with the physical murders themselves, inspired terror in Drupada's gang. Other criminals abandoned Drupada and fled in droves. Only when Drupada was left with a handful of guards in his nearly empty house, did Amrit finish what he had started. He took out the guards one by one, having them shoot themselves, or each other, or else just walking right past them without being seen. Then he tore Drupada's mind apart by making him see things that weren't there, believe things that weren't true, and left him a quivering wreck, full of fear and pain every waking moment.
He called the police anonymously, letting them know it was safe to arrest Drupada, and where his house was. Then he vanished into the shadows.

Amrit hides himself from most others, using false identities that he creates in the minds of those he meets. He has left India, because there are still people looking for him there, and there are too many memories of his father in that country. It has been more than a year and a half since then, and he has come to America for the moment, because he has learned his mother might live there. He was initially told she was dead, but new information has surfaced that indicates she is alive. If she is alive, Amrit will do anything to protect her.


  • November 25th, 2009 - Shortly after arriving in New York City, Amrit visits his first Starbucks. He meets Brayden and they discuss philosophy, problems, and strange videos. Relevant Log: Pumpkin-Spice Philosophy
  • December 27th, 2009 - Amrit is looking for his mother. He decides to try Mount Sinai Hospital's medical records. Instead of his mother, however, he finds a woman in need of help. But how can Amrit help Anais when she's in a coma? Relevant Log: Avenger Turns Healer
  • December 31st, 2009 - Amrit and Akira have a momentary meeting in Central Park. Each seems to have a goal for the new year. Relevant Log: Learn English and Kill Bad People


  • "I am an Avenger. And… I suppose a Healer now too."


  • To be done.
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