2007-12-23: An Exchange of Gifts


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Summary: AJ stops by Will's place for an exchange of gifts and discussion.

Date It Happened: December 23rd, 2007

An Exchange of Gifts

William's Apartment

All of the tickets and everything are gathered, and AJ's made his way over. It's time for him to give his holiday gifts and also… to ask Will a certain question. What better time than now? Two days before Christmas? Sure, he's nervous, but he'll do what he came to do. Knocking on the door, he waits impatiently.

William is just getting out of the shower when he hears the knock. Sweaty workout clothes are quickly thrown into a hamper as he grabs a pair of loose cotton pants and a Naval Academy t-shirt to pull on. So, really, it's a minute before he answers the door with still wet hair. "AJ! Come in." He states, stepping back to give the man room. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"No problem, babe." AJ says with a grin. "I probably should have called instead of just appearing." He says with a chuckle. His gifts are in his pocket, so they're invisible right now. He leans up to plant a kiss on William's cheek as he wrinkles his nose happily. "How's things over here?"

William pulls AJ in for a hug. "Not a problem. I'm always happy to see you. I'm glad I was back from my run before your got here." Will states before he adds. "Things are good. I'm finished at the school. I'll start with the academy in early January."

"Oooh, that's good then." AJ says with a smile. "At least it's all squared away. I hate not having closure on something." He says before he pulls out two envelopes. "By the way. Merry whatever." He says, with a light blush on his cheeks. Of course, one is a pair of tickets to his show, that'll start in a week. The other… is a pair of tickets to a full-day treatment at a day spa.

William takes them with a smile. "Oh, I have something for you as well." Will states, moving to his bookshelf to pick up another envelope. He pauses before he hands it over. "If you don't want to do this, I can come up with something else." He warns, passing over the envelope with information and a gift certificate for a local skydiving place. Only when AJ has the envelope does he start to open his.

AJ can't help but laugh a bit at the exchange. "If I don't like it? Now you've got me scared." As he slowly begins to open the envelope, he blinks. Seeing just the word skydiving sends his heart racing. "Ok, But I always did say I'll try anything once. Just remind me to go to the bathroom before we go up there." He says, with a bit of a grin.

"And not to eat a big lunch." Will adds with a smile. "I'll be right there. It's been awhile since I've jumped tandem, so it would be better for you go with someone there." Will is almost babbling. But he seems happy AJ didn't say no. Then he looks into his envelopes. "Tickets to your show! Great. I bet Sam will come along with me to see it. Have you met her yet?" He asks, killing any doubt of Sam's gender. The spa gets a blink. "Spa? That should be an interesting experience." Hey, if AJ is willing to go skydiving, he can survive a day at the spa. Maybe.

"I figured it was metrosexual enough that you just might enjoy being pampered all day. Hot stone massages. Body work. All for the good." AJ says with a chuckle. "Yeah, forgot that part. And I'll probably be really sticky… just warning." Fortunately, Will shouldn't take that the wrong way.

William grins over to AJ. "Sounds great so long as I don't have to tell all the recruits about it." That's most likely a joke. "So long as we're talking about helping the harness you to the instructor, that's a good idea. Really, it's very safe so long as you're with someone who knows what they're doing. It's an amazing adrenaline rush." Thus says the junkie.

"I trust you." AJ says firmly before coughing. "There was… actually something else I was wanting to… to ask." He says, looking about as sheepish as he ever has. The certificate is pocketed inside his coat where they won't get bent.. .hopefully.

William looks over to AJ curiously, stepping away just long enough to put his on the shelf before he looks back over. "Really? What would that be?" He asks with curiousity in his voice.

AJ moves to take a seat on the couch. "Uhm… well…" He takes a deep breath, thinking about things. "Do you… wanna actually… uhm… Would you like to make a relationship officially? I mean, we've been dating a bit for a little while, and I just wondered and…" He keeps spewing random things in between. He's lost to rambling.

William steps forward to take a seat next to AJ, and then lean over to silence the man with a quick kiss. There's a blush on the ex-SEAL's face, alongside a grin as he says, "I would like that."

"Oh, thank goodness." AJ says, breathing heavily. "I'm so not good at all of that." He laughs, leaning against Will with a happy expression on his face.

William tucks an arm around AJ, pulling him into a comfortable position. "Well, I'm still glad it was you that got to ask that question." He admits. After all, AJ now officially counts as his first boyfriend. Sad, but true. "Oh, I was hoping you could come along and help me with something else."

"Oh? What's up? And you know I'll come as long as I'm not working." AJ grins, sheepishly. "I enjoy spending time with ya." He ponders for a second. "Why… why are you glad that I asked? You're mr. Navy SEAL." He grins.

William nods his head over to AJ. "Exactly. I'm Mr. Navy SEAL. I lived so much of my life firmly in the corner of the closet that normal relationships are something I'm still learning about." And enjoying. "I need to get fitted for a tux for Sam and Namir's wedding. I was hoping you'd come along. Both to the fitting, if you can, and with me to the wedding in February."

"Oh, uhm, sure. I can do that." AJ says, the earlier unease at asking washing away now that he gets to be a +1. And an official +1 at that! "Lemme guess, never been fitted for something?" He wrinkles his nose.

William gives AJ a grin. "Well, let's just say I haven't worn a tux since prom. Been fitted for dress uniforms, though." He states before he adds. "It should be an interesting wedding. Sam is Jewish, and Namir's Muslim. Not sure what kind of vows they'll use. Or how their families will relate."

AJ stops to pause at that. "J.. M… ouch. That is going to be tricky." He says, trying to figure out how it'll work. It's beyond him. He's not exactly a religious person anyway, so this just adds to that weirdness. "Ah, well, it's still about the same. You just gotta figure out the extra colors to make things stand out."

William nods his head. "Though the extra colors, those are Sam's responsibility. I have instructions from Namir to get a black tux, and Sam will add color with flowers." See? At least he's learned the number 1 lesson of weddings, always do what the bride wants. "Yeah. Well, at least they'll likely not even notice that one of the men Namir has in the wedding party is gay in all that. The Muslim side might not be so big on that."

"I think you might be able to pass." Might? Please. Even AJ didn't know at first. "But I'd be a dead giveaway. Better you than me in it." It IS still punishable by death in muslim countries. Ah well. "That works. Even less to have to pick out, then."

William gives AJ a smile. "I have way to much experience in knowing how to pass." He points out. "Besides, people don't expect someone with my background to be gay. But hey, if we do draw attention, at least that might make it easier on Namir for marrying a Jew. Sometimes I'm so glad that my mother is who she is."

"This.. is true, I suppose. Anyway…" AJ grins, softly. "I'm just glad that that one thing is out of the way. It makes it easier for other things in the future." He says with a chuckle. "But anyway, I still have to get to bed soon. Daytime rehearsals tomorrow."

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