2007-03-13: An Innocent Face


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Summary: As Cass leaves, Elle comes in. She plays the part of a confused girl just starting to know her powers and asks for the Enlightenment Books Best-seller, "Activating Evolution".

Date It Happened: March 13, 2007

An Innocent Face

Enlightenment Books


Cass smiles at Alyssa, though she certainly is curious about who it is that she might be working with. "Alright. Well, if you wouldn't mind keeping me in the know about what you find, I'd be really grateful." Coming back behind the counter, the boss figure gives her employee a nod as she gathers up her things. "Oh, and one more thing. This is important, too. The son of the guy who wrote this book, Activating Evolution…I don't know if you'll ever meet him, but don't trust him." A little public service announcement in the vein of full disclosure. "I know I can. If it's a small crowd tonight, feel free to close up early. Thanks, Alyssa."

"Suresh? The son of…" Can't… remember name.. "The Suresh guy? Well, alrighty." She quiets to watch her boss gather up her things and prepare to leave this time, and then Alyssa gives a soft nod for the thanks and gets to business yanking out her various research books on Japan, myths, and a slim thing claiming to have reference articles in it. Assuming Cass will flip the sign and all that on her way out, she hunkers down on the stool for what she assumes will be a quiet first couple of hours of business. Eyeing the book on Kensei stories, she also dips into her bag for her phone and fingers the buttons thoughtfully before sliding it back onto the counter to wait.

Elle is coming in as Cass is leaving. She even holds the door open for the lady, flashing the woman a winning smile. That's just how she rolls. Peering around the bookstore, she nods to herself and then makes brief eye contact with Alyssa, before stepping into the shop properly.

Having already grabbed her bag, Cass takes her jacket and heads over to the door to unlock it and flip that sign. "Yeah. The Suresh guy. Chandra Suresh was the dad who wrote the book. Mohinder's the guy you can't trust." She's just unlocked the door when Elle opens it for her. Well, that's polite. "Thanks," she smiles back at Elle. "Be good, Alyssa," she waves at her before stepping out onto the street.
So much for the quiet of the morning. Alyssa's just barely chosen which text to pull onto her lap for during-work reading when someone enters and she stares a second at the blond, seemingly uncomprehending. Then a little bell goes off in her head and she pipes up, "Hey, welcome to Enlightenment Books. Just let me know if I can help." It's done cheerfully enough, but it's far too much in the early hours, still, to do the whole sickening-consumerism-aide thing.

Elle's right eyebrow skews Vulcanly when she hears the name Suresh, but she doesn't say anything about that. Nope. "You're welcome," she adds, belatedly and with some distraction to Cass. It's more an afterthought than anything else. Alyssa is approached, though it's probably exactly the opposite from what the bookstore employee wants to happen. "Actually… funny story. I was looking for a book by Chandra Suresh. Activating Evolution."

Alyssa shuffles all of her things out of the way as Elle approaches and hops from the stool to some sort of attention. She doesn't mind, really; it's better than if she'd been given time to settle into her routine instead. "Of course you are," she jokes, sliding a piece of paper from under the register and pulling a pen out of her back pocket. She uncaps the pen to make a mark on the sheet in front of her and then swears quietly, "I totally didn't restock the front. Hold on." And back into the other room she goes.

"No, I mean… I really am. Something's been happening to me and someone told me that the book might hold some answers," Elle says after Alyssa, watching the girl disappear into the back. "I didn't realize it was such a popular book… I mean, it doesn't seem like the type that would be, you know?"

"Oh, no, I wasn't denying your claim, there's just been a frenzy for this thing lately," Alyssa calls from the back room where she has also paused to contemplate how to proceed. With 'Activating Evolution' in hand, she stares at the man on the back cover, takes a deep breath, and then strolls back out, flashing the text at Elle happily, "It's a new… wave of interest, I guess. I used to try and attribute it to the guy dying, seems to always help things reach new heights. But you said someone pointed it out to you… personally?"

"Yeah. Things started happening to me that were… kind of weird, you know? Anyway," Elle digs around in her jean pockets and comes up with a couple of twenties. "Probably a long shot, but, I'll take my chances. Do you mind if I stick around and read it? I think the bus I'm trying to catch is going to be a few hours."

Placing the book on the counter between them, Alyssa turns to the register but not before tilting her head curiously at Elle, "I'm not sure I do… weird in what way? I hope not like those super creepy growths like there've been featured on Yahoo lately! Bleh, the things the human body can do." She gives a laugh but there is an edge of it being forced. So, instead, she shrugs and makes about the business of ringing up the book and exchanging cash for light change.

"No… no growths. Or spontaneous manbits or anything like that." Who the hell said anything about spontaneous manbits anyway? Elle speaks again, trying to move past the manbit thing. "I'd totally show you, but you'd probably freak out." Pause. "The thing I can do. That is. I'm all girl, I swear." Evidently she decides silence is best and just takes her change when Alyssa offers it. "Thank you."

Alyssa makes a relieved whistle of seeming appreciation when Elle explains that her show-and-tell would not, in fact, involve fleshy parts that a woman should never ever have. "Oh! I almost forgot, you can hang around here if you want but, hey, about that 'thing'," she leans against the counter now, elbows on the surface and fingers almost steepled together, "I mean, come on, we're in a store surrounded by documents about alien abductions, possession, how to spirit travel, summoning demons…. what guns to always have on hand incase you get stuck in one of those damned time machines…"

"Wow. Is there a zombie invasion survival guide?" Elle asks, clearly digging the vibe of the bookstore. "I don't suppose there's much harm in showing you…" She sounds a little reluctant, but puts the book down and then raises her hand, opening her palm slowly. Inside, crackling softly is a ball of bluish light.

"Duh," Alyssa comments for the zombies and she might've gone on but the decision to show off clearly zaps all of the words out of Alyssa's mouth well enough. She watches the book be placed down and then stares expectantly at Elle's hand before- "Whoa-ah!" Inching nearer to the ball of light, her eyes are wide and she leans in sloooowly… but then suddenly backs off. "It's, uh… huh! Cool! That's new! Oh, wow." And so charmingly pretty.

Deep down Elle is a show off. There's no bones about it. The interest in her little ability, even though it isn't new to her, makes her smile. She closes her palm and drops her hand. "I was hoping the book might have some answers for me. I know Dr. Suresh was a firm believer in the evolution of mankind." She cants her head to the side a little, "You probably think I'm crazy." The book is gathered up in her arms and hugged to her chest.

Pressing her lips together in a show of thinking, Alyssa takes those steps back to the edge of the counter now that the unknown ball is gone. "Noooot as crazy as you might imagine," she allows, "I've heard a couple of things, and not just from this Suresh dude, that might suggest otherwise." She pauses again, nibbling on her lip and glancing anywhere but Elle in order to get her thoughts straight. "If you're needing help with any of this? Maybe there's… some /people/ you could talk to, too…" A shrug, "If you're feelin' it— okay one more time. What are you actually doing when you make that?"

The blonde pauses, thoughtful expression on her face. She's thinking about it. "That would be great, actually. But, I mean… I do really have to catch that bus. Someone's waiting for me in the city." Then, since Alyssa asked, Elle explains, "It's electricity. I think. I sort of… push it. With my brain. And it does what I say. Scary, huh?"

"That's intense, man," Alyssa offers as description, instead, "Electricity, wowza. Um, but yeah! Bus, right. Well, let'see, if you have to get going then you can surely come back anytime. If you want to leave a name or something…"

"Sure…" Elle moves back over towards the counter. "Do you have a pen? And some paper… obviously. I'll leave my name and number. I'm Elle, by the way." She extends a hand to the other woman. "Promise I won't shock you. I've gotten pretty good at controlling it."

Nodding in the affirmative, Alyssa fetches her book-bag from next to her and pulls from it a notebook. As she flips through, the article looks rather full - scribblings, stories, doodles, everything - but she manages to tear off a tiny piece from the corner of one of the pages. "Uhh, write small?" She suggests, giving the thing to Elle and then, hesitantly yes, putting out her own hand towards Elle's. "Alyssa…"

"It'll do. I promise not to doodle," Elle says, bending to write in small, but clear handwriting: Elle - <insert phone # here>. "Thanks, by the way. You've been so much help." She smiles and takes Alyssa's hand, giving it a firm shake without even the hint of a tingle of electroshock in it. The pen is handed back afterwards.

Even though the shock is absent, Alyssa's handshake is very brief. She does seem pleased at the current interaction, however, and receives Elle's phone number happily, stuffing the piece of paper into her pocket immediately upon receiving it. "Glad to be, hope everything with the bus goes okay."

"I hope so too… Have a good day," Elle offers by way of parting, hugging her recently purchased book close and heading for the door. She gives a short little finger wave (of the friendly kind) from there and then heads out.

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