2007-10-17: An Odd Time


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Summary: Eric sends Elena a care package containing a webcam and a transmitter to boost the signal in the basement area so she could talk to him over the Internet. Meanwhile, Gene stops by to visit Evelyn.

Date It Happened: October 17th, 2007

An Odd Time

Bat Country Labs, Brooklyn, New York

She had returned from the parish with Peter a few hours ago, and while Elena attempts to study she can't. She also comes back to the labs with a package marked with the Evosoft/Lancaster logo on it. Inside was a new webcam and transmitter, courtesy of the high-tech firm that her father helped run, and which two of her closest friends controlled. To distract herself, she manages to set it up thanks to a handful of instructions left with the box, as well as a handwritten note from the person who sent it.


Once the small, but powerful thing is mounted on the screen of her laptop, she turns it on, and loads up the requisite drivers on her laptop. Thanks to hanging out with not just one, but three computer types these days, she manages not to botch it. Plus the instructions were clear. Eric spent most of last semester as a lowly technician, after all.

Her eyes felt sore from crying, but the tide has passed. She plugs in her jPhone so she could get internet access in the lab. The transmitter helps with the reception…. her pages will load faster than molasses now.

The gift was from a day ago, when he just throught that it would be something fun for her to use. However, when Eric read the paper this morning that little gift turned into something much more imporatant. He /was/ planning on just working on his plane and idily trying to contact her. That paper however changed everything, so Eric was sitting at home, checking things every so often.

So as soon as Elena's com is set up and on, Eric's number beaps on it as he turns on his side of the little comm system. His own camera kicks in first, to reveal his smiling face with a single lense over his left eye and a slight smile on his face. He pauses a moment as he waits for her camera to kick in.

"…Hello Elena…" He says quietly, knowing that she can see him at the moment.

The little message box pops up in her screen. Elena blinks a little bit at it, recognizing Eric's preferred Internet handle. She clicks the OK button, and a small screen with his face on it pops up. She looks tired, her eyes bloodshot, a little pale and thinner than she had been since the last time he's seen her.

"Hi, Eric," she says, though the voice lacks its usual cheerfulness. But by the sound of his voice, he knows. She's known him for a while, she can read him pretty well. "How's everything?" She keeps her inquiries perfunctory - he was busy, he always was, and she was sick, and tired. And she had a funeral to prepare for in a day or two.

Whenever Evelyn and Gene wander through Bat Country again, they'd find Elena's door open, with the young woman herself perched on a chair near the small desk in her quarantine room. The laptop is open, booted up…and a small window carrying Eric's face is on it.She looks pale, the usually proud posture slumped on her seat. But she seems to be chatting somewhat normally with the person on the other side.

Oh yes. He knows. He raises one eyebrow slightly at the tone of Elena's voice before he smiles slightly towards her. Oh he's tired yes, he's looked better yes, but right now. Right now he just looks worried. No attempts to make an excuse to get away. "…shouldn't I be the one asking that?" Eric asks with a slight smile on his face.

A slight shake of his head then. "As for everything its going well," He adds before he smirks slightly. Well. At least it was. "…until you panicked me of course." He adds.

The figure of Eric on the screen is fairly lifelike. Its streaming video, but the best of the best quality streaming video. Gene might reconise it, after all he helped work on it.

Evelyn leads the way down, forcing her shoulders not to draw in as she walks back into the main lab room. The one in the basement. That she practically tore apart the other day. Not really somewhere she wants to be. The messenger bag has switched shoulders along the way, and — open door or no — the first thing Evelyn does is duck into her little room to put it away. The question is whether she's coming back out again.

Led by Evelyn, Gene makes his way into the location. While he's been down here once before, he was silent and kept to his work. Elena's usually busy talking with Peter or Cass and the conversation was brief. This seems to be yet another short 'after work' visit, the tech putting down the large bookbag that he had onto the ground. "Hey" he offers a simple greeting toward all in earshot, seemingly just Eric and Elena this time around.

"I'm not the only one with a life," Elena tells Eric with a hint of a smile, but it doesn't touch her eyes. She drags her aspirin bottle over, as well as a bottle of water. She doesn't know where Peter is, probably making more phone calls. He wanted to call the Company…she didn't know what for, she didn't even know if they would listen to him, given his track record with the organization. But she gets the hint. She gives him a slight shrug. "I'm a bad liar," she tells him simply. "You know that." She glances down a little bit at the keyboard. "Thanks for the package…it really helps." She rubs her face in one hand. "I haven't….called Miki yet. About Nadia," she tells him. "He probably already knows but…I don't know. He doesn't read the papers much I don't think…" She cuts off, turning around her chair in surprise. "…Gene…" She stands up, as if moving to hug him…but she hesitates. It's hard not to be paranoid at trying to infect everyone else. "It's….so good to see you. Eric look who's here."

"I'll talk to him, so thats one thing off of your mind." Eric says quietly after a moments thought before he smirks slightly. "…and yes, you are indeed a terrible liar." He pauses again before he leans back in his chair. "…and I'm glad. I'm sending Cass some other stuff…I might even come by with it as well. Some computers that are on loan from the businesses." He sighs slightly though before his eyes track across the scene. "Gene, hey there…"

"Hey…" The young inventor glances from the screen toward Elena as she moves. She doesn't hug which is just as well for Gene. While he has some conversation topics he wanted to bring up, the fact that Elena is dealing with the loss of a close friend on top of her sickness makes it seem… Well, awkward would be a good word if it was magnified a hundred fold or so.

"It's an odd time."

If you can't say much, say an understatement.

"It is. I'm sorry I haven't been able to see you lately." Elena sits down, being as exhausted as she was. She eases away from the laptop so Eric can see and hear her and Gene better. "How are you? What's up? Have you been….did anyone tell you about…?" Gene knows about the virus. Hell, he was instrumental in getting the one lead they did have on it - something that Cass and Mohinder are working on now.

"Odd time just about covers it," Eric says as he shakes his head slightly. The face on the screen glances down slightly before looking back up towards the camera and the people there. Gene knows about the virus yes, but Eric has no clue if he knows about Elena's friend. Judging from the look on his face though, he does. Dark eyes glance towards Elena once again, wanting to say…something. He has no idea what he could say that could fix it though, and he doesn't want to call anymore attention to her grief than there is already.

The sound of another door opening and closing heralds Evelyn's reappearance. She waves at Elena in passing, gives Gene a mildly pointed look — Yes, she looked at the laptop. — but walks past them to get herself a glass of water.

There is a loooong pause as Gene gets the look. Clearly the joke didn't go over well. "Well, /I/ thought it was funny," Gene mutters quietly as he bends down to start putting tools and parts from his bookbag. He lets Elena and Eric talk, having nothing to say on the matter right now. It would seem from the parts he is pulling out that he is going to be working with speakers. Looks like someone got word that they needed sound hooked up in a few areas.

A brief smile is flashed towards Evelyn, Elena returning the wave with her fingers. "Busy day today, huh?" Then again, any day of Gene's is rather busy. She looks back over to the laptop where Eric's face is waiting. "I'll be okay, Eric," she tells him - she tries to be reassuring, really. "If you really want to make me marginally happy, you'll stay clean and not get sick." She quirks a small smile. "Okay? Don't work so hard….money'll always be there." There's a brief pause. "….for you anyway."

"…all I can promise is that I'll do my best not to get sick," Eric allows with a wry little smile on his face as he watches Elena a moment. He sighs. She /will/ be alright. Thats true enough. She isn't right now though, and thats what bothers him. A smirk slightly towards her before he shrugs. "…bah, they say hard work is good for the soul." He counters before he rolls his eyes. "Don't give me that…" Then he trails off for a moment and shakes his head.

"…I'll leave you all to your work. Your busy, you have company…" He says finally as he smiles towards all three there. YES EVELYN! HE SAW YOU! …though he hasn't figured out just who she might be yet. A rueful look crosses his face a moment as he glances only towards Elena, the image tracking the eye movements well enough that is seems he is looking at her. "…I wish I could only do more to help." He says quietly. "I'll do what I can though…"

"Elena just…" A pause and he smirks towards them all. "…just get feeling better. We'll talk later…Gene, I'll see you around."

Apparently… not. But, glass in hand, Evelyn walks over and lingers for a bit outside the designated impromptu workspace. She looks down at the parts and pieces he pulls out, but doesn't ask any questions; just watches and sips at her water.

"As usual," Gene admits as he looks up from the project of the day. He glances back down toward the surveillance system. "It's okay, Eric… I'll talk to ya when we get the chance. Take it easy." Gene figures it's about work. People usually talk to him about work. His farewell said, the electrician/programmer/whiz kid gets back to work. A mini-weilder is pulled out as Gene seems to be installing his own parts. Nothing new there.

Elena shuts off the connection, and coughs into the inside of her elbow - kind of like what she had been taught to do in a hospital when she was volunteering. Standing up from her chair, she shuts off the webcam. "Nice of him to give me a few toys to play with," she tells no one in particular, adjusting the small webcam a moment and the transmitter (that boosted the wireless signal for her jPhone to work properly in the basement) that came with it. Turning around, she walks towards the doorframe of her room to watch Gene work, leaning against the wood, and sliding her hands in her pockets. "How are you?" she croaks towards Gene. Evelyn and her water is given a glance….that's a good idea, her throat felt dry.

Using a pair of sunglasses in lieu of proper wielding goggles Gene does a little fine work here and there. It's not big flames or the like, so there is no risk of hurting himself seriously. Halting from his labor as Elena moves toward him, he shrugs faintly.

"Been better, been worse, I suppose." There is a short pause as Gene turns toward his work. "Hear you've been dating Peter. Been spending a lot of time together?" He pauses as he figures he needs to add something to that.. "Before you were forced to because of the bug, of course."

She wasn't one to talk about it unless people bring it up - so when Gene reveals that he knows, her brows lift. "It's new," Elena replies, a note of sheepishness in her tone, but not much of it. "How did you know?" She doesn't want to get in the way, so she gives the working young man a wide berth. "You doing okay?" is offered to the younger woman in the same room watching Gene work as well. Everyone just seemed to be getting worse, but the least she could do is inquire as to whether the constituents in the quarantine are comfortable, so she does. She eases down on a seat on the floor, her back against the wall as she pulls up her knees to hug her arms around them.

Evelyn is quiet as Gene and Elena talk about things she really doesn't know anything about, just loitering in their company and sipping her water. Violet eyes flick to Elena with a bit of surprise as she's suddenly made a part of the conversation, and the younger girl draws in a deep breath, shrugs a little. "Yeah, I'm all right," Evelyn replies — though she sounds rather like she's trying to convince herself of that.

"I was around when Nadia was talking about it to you. I figured since her comment was said a week or two ago and you both seemed to be spending a lot of time together, it was likely." Nadia's death doesn't really seem to phase Gene… Or if it does, he doesn't show it in the least. To Evelyn, he states a simple, "We'll get a solution sooner or later. If not, I'll see about taking some high risk solutions in getting our cure." He glances to Elena as if ready to cut her off. "We're not there yet though, so we aren't even going to talk about what they would be." With that, Gene begins to close up the box he was working on.

It had been one comment in a many-sided conversation - but a comment that Elena doesn't remember until Gene brings it up. She says nothing about Nadia's death either, but the memory causes her to lift the corners of her mouth in a slight smile before it dies again altogether. "Yeah…I didn't even remember that until you brought it up," she tells him simply, her hand coming up to rub her eyes. "We spent…. a couple of weeks reconnecting since he came back from the future, we sort of had a falling out back in August. Everything's okay now though. Sort of." They'd been fighting a lot lately, after all. It was the most she's talked about it, but it was Gene. And she hasn't seen her friend in a while. Though when he says what he does, her head lifts, words on her mouth when Gene mentions looking into 'high risk solutions' - though he knows her well enough to cut her off the way he did by saying his following words after. She relaxes. "The lead Prometheus grabbed for us a few months ago helped for a start," she tells Gene. "Cass intends to go to Texas to try and track down Cara Hayes."

Evelyn nods to Gene. "All right." She continues to listen to the friends converse for a bit longer, but since none of it means anything to her — and she kinda gets the impression she's in the way of the conversation, anyway — Evelyn nods to the two and steps back. "I'll let you guys talk. Go see if I can sleep for a while." And, glass in hand, the teen starts for her room.

"If you want to stay around, you can," Gene starts up as he stops his work and looks over toward Evelyn. "It's no trouble to me and I don't mind sharing. If you need to rest though, I don't get in the way of your recovery…" He leads off as he rubs the back of his neck as he glances toward Elena. He frowns for a moment in thought before he lowers down and gets back to work. "Well, if Cass needs my help, just let me know. The advantage from my work is I can do a lot from afar. As for Prometheus, I can try and get him to help, but getting him to do anything is far from easy. Glad the lead is bearing fruit though."

With the main hub closed up, the worker nods toward Evelyn's door. "You want me to put a speaker into your room or no?" he inquires to the woman of wind.

She nods to what Gene says towards Evelyn, Elena casting her a small smile - they don't really know each other very well, but she doesn't want to leave the kid out…not when she's stuck in the same position as the rest of them are. Besides, she and Gene are friends too. But if she's tired, she won't stop her either. "Glad to know you're doing okay, though," she tells Evelyn. To Gene, she nods. "I'll tell her - and I know. Trying not to go to that end again." What Prometheus did had been a crime, really, and she doesn't want to be too much of an accessory these days. But if they didn't have any other recourse… still, this time, she lets Gene and Evelyn talk, standing up so she could go grab a glass of water herself.

Evelyn pauses, looking over at Gene. And down at the speakers. "Um. Sure?" Folding both hands around the glass, fingers lacing together, the girl shrugs. "It's not like it's really mine," she points out. At least, she certainly hopes not. But at the rate this is going… Evelyn draws her shoulders in at the thought of just how indefinite her time here seems to be, and one of her hands frees itself again to rub at the other arm.

"Well, of course you don't own it. I mean it in the 'hotel' way, not the prison way. Though if the food DOES get that bad, let me know and I'll order out," Gene admits, smirking to the woman as he sets up the speaker. It's more like a baby monitor, but Gene figures that is much easier to set up than hard-wiring the entire place. He puts down the instruction sheet he made himself by it, so Evelyn knows how to work it. He's made about twenty sheets so anyone here can get a copy. If they call him with questions, he will assault them with nerf products. "Well, we'll see how it works out. Have no idea at this point, Elena… And I'm sure they don't either."

Gene's rejoinder surprises Evelyn into a brief chuckle, that free hand finding its way up to her face. "All right," she replies with a smile. "I'll do that." The paper that's put down by the speaker gets a curious glance, and the teen picks it up to study it.

The paper merely discusses how the device is turned on, how to channel it to other speakers and all that. Basically, it allows Evelyn and other uses to listen in on other people and tune out various people or cut the mircophone for private conversation. Due to the unknown nature of the illness as well as proper security, Gene recommends totally muting the recieving messages or turning off the speakers for short periods of time.

"Awesome" is all Gene replies as he gives a thumbs up and begins to lug the massive bag around. He grunts and actually takes two tries to get it up and over his back, but he'll get all the stuff put where it needs to be. Really.

She returns with a glass of water, and a bag of chips. Elena was hungry, though the illness kept her usual eating habits in a downlow - still, she wanted something crunchy. "So what are you setting up anyway, Gene?" she asks. To Evelyn, she offers her the bag of chips, in case the younger teen wants some.

At the offer of chips, Evelyn shakes her head. "Thanks; I'm good. I think I will sleep for a while." Both Elena and Gene are offered a small smile before the younger girl retreats into 'her' room, setting the glass on a table and stretching out on the bed. Since she's just going to nap, closing the door doesn't seem to be a concern.

"You got it, rest well!" Gene offers a weak waves as Evelyn makes her way into her room. Once she goes in, the young inventor merely shrugs to Elena. "Just a simple speaker system that will allow people to talk and filter stuff out approperately," he states with a shrug as he puts another one down in another room. "I don't have TOO much time, but I figured I could do this before handling somethings here and there."

"Sleep well, Evelyn," the older teenager tells the violet-eyed one. When she leaves, she turns back to Gene. "Sounds complicated," Elena tells him, retaking a seat on the floor and wrapping her arms around her knees again. "I take it you're still as busy as ever, I heard from Eric the meger closed just recently, the projects must be flooding your department by now." She leans back against the wall, and she gives him a small smile. "It's good to see you, Gene," is said at last, though the warmth of the comment is interrupted violently by a cough, Elena turning her head away so she could unleash it into her inner elbow.

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