2010-06-17: An Unwilling Guest



Date: June 17, 2010


Everyone has an appearance, what is yours for?

" An Unwilling Guest "

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With a soft gust of wind a newspaper flies along with miscellaneous trash across a small cement path; a younger japanese man sporting his natural shades trolling along nearby. It was a small park just outside a rural area, more community made then even well known for a park that it was. Unnattended most of the time? Seemed so. Although there were several kids playing around next to a swingset and other things. The path which Christoph walked was narrowly winding off from the center of it towards a back-alley parking lot. Various citizens walked through the streets but the oddest of it all was anyone even near the park seemed to go quiet or be happier. The natural NewYork honking of vehicles was subdued for the most part as there was a traffic jam.

A couple more feet and the japanese boy stopped in front of a small metal bench; his head turned towards it and staring at a newspaper that lied face-up and sported something about athletes going through a drug test. "Seems drugs are the news everyday in this country." he sighed; reaching down to lift the paper into a trashbin and take a seat himself. Taking a breather from the constant walking he'd been doing recently and moving into a more people-watching friendly posture with his arms laying across the back of the bench.

Of course there can only be so much tranquility when a certain roustabout street person's about, this one perhaps a bit further from 'home' than she'd normally be, that due to all the walking she's done. This has done absolute shite to brighten her normally dark disposition and, in fact, has only served to make it worse as is announced by her dour expression and how she mutters colorful metaphores under her breath. Her fatigues jacket, something that she always has on her, is tied about her waist, it being too hot out for it, the rest of her outfit dejure being what she always wears. About the only thing that is out of place on her is the dirty gauze that has been taped around one of her shins, the dirty cotton bandaging concealing a lovely set of stitches she got several days ago.

People watching. Sometimes the asian regretted it; especially now. Such an odd appearance and sign of hate showing itself near a playground full of children. "But this /is/ new york, yeah?" Christoph asks aloud; waiting for the woman to enter withint 25feet of him.. He judged the distance. She wasn't far off before she'd be unwillingly noticing him as it was; his power giving him many things. Lack of fear, confidence in appearance, and more to come. "Excuse me!" he pushed out his lips, lifting his chin towards the woman to display his attention was on her. "You look like you could use some sushi." odd fish joke for a woman, but being japanese made it seem innocent. He loves his heritage.

There's one thing Ace loves more than food in her belly and a place to sleep where she won't be disturbed, that being…well, being rude to people. And man, she'd sure love to do so now but something in Christoph's statement and how he acts strips her of everything snarky and mean, leaving her to stop and stand there, just gawking. "That has got to be one of the most f'ing insane things I've had anyone say to me," she utters his way while starting, her normal sneer replaced by a faintly puzzled frown. "Never had sushi," she adds to that, following with a quickly asked, "It's good?" Her hands are shoved into the pockets of her make-shift shorts, her right hip cocked to the side as she watches.

"It depends on your sexuality." Christoph replies cooly with his light asian accent. His head turns to look next to him at the empty portion of the bench and back to Ace; "There's room for another, if you would?" it was a question twisted with a statement. "It takes some good taste buds to like it. I have a question though; actually I've had it since I seen you… Why the hair style?" he gets straight to a point with his questions and actions; smiling gently towards the woman. "I never understand why people dress in such dark fashions.. It hinders someones ability to be just that." he was a talker.

Ace's brain is screaming at her, trying to point out just how fast she should be departing or how she should be yelling at the guy to just leave her the hell alone but instead she's finding herself sitting once invited. "I don't do that," she hisses out, that being in regards to the sex joke but is she saying she's not into other females or not into sex at all? Totally left up to him to decide. Food-talk has her stomach growling loudly, more than enough to get her to wince, and her hand is pressed against her gut as she shrugs. "It's different. My hair is, I mean. As for the clothes…?" She gives Christoph a pointed look as she adds, "Why do you wear what you do?"

"So people get a different feeling when they see me from afar." Christoph smiles; reaching into the cargo pocket on his right left and pulling out something wrapped in tinfoil, "Here, it's my lunch. It's salmon and cooked in an american way, so your taste buds shouldn't be offended." he smiles, unbothering to remove his arm from behind the woman. "If they see me in this, they think oh! what a normal little asian boy. Or if I wear a suit, they think Oh! What a successful person.." he pauses, "It's about appearance with americans. Very easy to manipulate." whether she took the fish or not; he'd return his hand back behind the bench. "As for who I really am, no one can guess because my clothes are not what my personality wishes to wear.. And you don't have sex?" he adds at the end with a sly smirk tugging the corner of his lips.

The food is eyed cautiously. "I don't like charity," she grunts, the food left where it is; at least Ace's able to stay true to form in that regards, the fish left untouched unless the one who offered her the salmon decides he wants to take it back. "And…yeah, so what if people form opinions of others based on what someone looks like? I want to be left alone and this kind of screams 'don't fuck with me', you know? Not too many stupid assholes willing to risk getting robbed or knifed so they stay away." Her voice is tight, now, as is Ace's body, her discomfort unable to be concealed.

The asian shrugs a little, shifting his weight where he sits before reaching to unfold the tinfoil, "It's not charity, my lady. It's an offering to your stomachs desire." he says as he takes a small piece and pops it into his mouth with a soft 'mmmm' before swallowing and speaking again. "Actually, quite the contrary. The average person may do that; but anyone like me or even someone far more dangerous would /want/ to talk to you. May even be drawn to you." he replies cooly in his light accent, turning to stare at her from behind his shades. Forming a smile he asks, "cursing is beneath you, why would you spit meaningless words out? Regardless; I was drawn to you as you are drawn to me. We are both very very different from all these…" he stops and leans forward to look at the street where the traffic jam was lightening up, "imbeciles. Normal people even." he pauses and looks at her, "Are you capable of murder?"

The growling renews once the smell of the fish hits her nose and, perhaps to spite the Asian man she's sitting besides, she takes a small bite. It's hardly enough to put a dent into the portion that he's willing to share but it's enough to at least prove that it is indeed good. Okay. Ace actually takes two bites but who's counting? "Uh. Yeah. Thanks." One last bite and then she pushes it closer to Christoph, showing she's done. "I'm just like everyone else," she says once she startles, her eyes going comically wide. "Don't know why yer goin' and being all cryptic. I'm no different than the majority of the people in the world. And I like to swear. It feels good." Now, his question has her narrowing her eyes but, instead of answering verbally she simply shrugs, letting that suffice for her answer.

"Then, you're not." the japanese boy laughs; leaning back to wrap the fish back up in tinfoil before retreating it to his pocket. "You're not like everyone else. Just look in the mirror; your makeup, your fashion, your clothes.. The combination of your fashion sense screams you can murder and kick .. mm… butt? Yes, kick butt." he smirks, "I'm not capable of murder. On the contrary, I'm someone people fear nowadays though I can't bring myself to kill an innocent." he shrugs and pushes himself up to a stand; brushing off his rear end from the misc dirt gathered on the bench. "My friends call me Pacifist. If you want to talk about anything; even if it's to get out of a very /very/ dangerous situation…" he reaches into a back pocket and pulls a small card out. It had an odd serene background of a green landscape with mountains in the background and one shadowy figure with his arms spread. A number was drawn on it in a lucida type font and a name in Old English font, 'Pacifist, A Savior'. "Call me. I'm not religious either, as people have asked me that before from the choice of design on the card." he smiles politely, offering a hand to the lady to help her stand.

"Yeah. I guess." Ace's mind's reeling now and it finally snaps her out of whatever spell it is that she has been under, it causing her to rise quickly to her feet without accepting the hand up. What she does accept is the card which she ferrets away into a pocket just about immediately, the reading of which being saved for a later date. "I got to go," she drawls out, her eyes darting here and there before she runs off, the sound of her footfall fading as she darts between whatever stands in her way. Will she call Christoph? Perhaps but it'll be awhile before she even starts to contemplate doing so.

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