Anais Victoria Frazier
Portrayed By Alicia Witt
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 30
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Ariel
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Philanthropist
Known Relatives Catherine (mother; deceased), Jim (father), Jackson (older brother), Tabitha (younger sister)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Joining a Cause


Frazier is an old name in New York City, old but not entirely distinguished courtesy of the eccentricities of its current patriarch. It is common knowledge amongst the city's elite and well-to-do that Jim Frazier has squandered much of his late father's real estate fortune on traveling the globe in search of exotic locales and "mystical artifacts". A short, portly fellow who fancies himself a cross between Dr. Livingstone and Indiana Jones, he is frequently the butt of malicious gossip and cruel jokes at all of the best parties.

Anais is his second child and eldest daughter. Courtesy of an unconventional upbringing traveling with her father and coping with the cruelties of her caste, she lacks the shallow disregard for the world that many of her peers possess. Her earliest memory is of the Spence School, standing up to Cecily Thorpe on behalf of Anais' younger sister, Tabitha.

A glass of apple juice poured over the five year old's head earned Cecily pulled ponytails and mashed potatoes in the face, courtesy of Anais. The remainder of her time in school followed the same pattern: someone in the in-crowd at New York City's exclusive schools would harrass Tabitha (who generally did not seem to notice or care), and Anais would defend her sister through various means. Physically, in elementary school, and social sabotage as they all grew older and moved through junior high and high school.

While she had grown up with the awareness that her family was not as well respected as it once had been, Anais didn't truly realize the dire straights the Fraziers were in until the summer following her graduation from high school. Catherine Frazier, Jim's wife and Anais's mother, was a beloved member of the community. It was her business savvy that kept the family afloat while her husband threw money away on adventuring, and her connections which allowed her daughters a suitable entrance into society. The summer after Anais graduated, Catherine was diagnosed with breast cancer. When treatment proved ineffective, she retreated to the family home in order to die with dignity, and began to instruct Anais on the realities of their life.

What Anais took away from the summer she watched her mother die was that life was unfair, but she had to be the strong one for her family. Her older brother had long since moved to Europe to pursue a playboy's lifestyle, her father was more concerned with playing Indiana Jones and her dear sister Tabitha was sweet but…

Following the funeral, Anais enrolled at Columbia Business School.

Six years later she had graduated with an MBA, and gained a focus on social enterprise. By that time Jim was relieved to hand over the reins of the family business to Anais, as he had done previously with Catherine, in order to return to his travels. Taking the helm seemed almost a natural thing; this was after all what Anais had prepared for, what her mother had wanted. What free time she had was spent serving on the boards of several philanthropic organizations, or organizing fundraisers for various causes. It was a busy but fruitful life.

But after a few years of slow and steady improvement, Anais has found herself feeling restless. If this is success, she has begun to ask herself, why doesn't she feel more satisfied with her choices? As her thirtieth birthday approaches, Anais has begun to cast a speculative eye towards local politics. Perhaps it's in that arena…

RP Hooks

  • Anais is a known philanthropist, serving on the board of directors for organizations such as Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross of Greater New York. Not only does she donate a large amount of money to charity, as well as organize fundraisers and benefits, but she also actively participates in humanitarian efforts as her schedule permits.
  • Her father, Jim Frazier, is a well known rich eccentric and anyone who has been involved in the upper crust NYC social scene would recognize the name. Mr. Frazier's eccentricities focus on pretending to be Indiana Jones (except shorter and rounder).
  • She's a frequent visitor of the gym, and practices jiu jitsu, pilates, yoga and tai chi.
  • She's started to put out political feelers, researching the possibility of a future run for a NYC council seat. Affiliation is Democrat, sympathies lie with The Third Way.

RP Logs

January 2010


  • "God help me."
  • "My father has this odd fascination with weaponry. And he thinks it's suitable for both birthday and Christmas presents."
  • "So, have you saved any lives since the last time I saw you?"
  • "Do keep your head down."
  • "Tea or coffee?"


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