2007-08-13: DF: And All Good Things


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** Felix runs. Homeland Security is right behind. Happily, there's help, unexpected or not. **

** August 13th, 2009**

** And All Good Things…**

Near Battery Park, NYC

The spot is on a rooftop, on the lower east side, where Battery park in its unkempt, tangled mess spreads out over much of the view and the towers to the north still offer more than one light in their windows. It's an unremarkable building though, here, condemned an aging brownstone that hasn't had an occupant in years… but since when does that stop the rats?

One such rat is there now, in fact, tending to one of the dispersed transmitters used by that rat to make a nuisance of herself in the Petrelli administration. Ali is crouched near a heat exchange, her leather messenger's bag open and a small tool roll atop it. She's working underneath a metal cover, where a circuit board fights for space with a tangle of wires, biting her lip with the concentration of it.

"Huh. He said the blue one through.. christ. I never remember."

It's almost placid in the evenings. The rooftops are generally serene these days, save for the cooing of pigeons and the scuffle of those occasional rats, human or otherwise. Which is why the sound of running feet and shouting from the buildings to the north carries clearly through the twilight air. No sirens, not yet, at least. Something's up.

She's unaware of both the Broadcaster's presence and the activity to the north as she makes her way onto that aging brownstone's roof. Jane is clad in all black, with her backpack over one shoulder and guitar case over another, and a pair of binoculars in hand. A spot near the edge is chosen, one where she can stretch out and have a view of the street below while laying flat. The gear she's carrying is set down, and the case opened so she can extract a sniper rifle. Also in that case is a collection of newspaper reports chronicling the continued existence of Sylar.

KPZZt. "OW!" And. yeah. that'd be smoke - coupled with a bit of light cursing and a /bang/ as the DJ stands, ramming head into the 'scoop' at the top of that vent - which elicits yet /more/ cursing.
Jersey girl. Comes with the territory. "Stupid piece of crap /battery/.." With, apparently, a long and illustrious, if somewhat lacking in branches, family tree - described in no uncertain terms.
The disturbance is something noted between cursings - eyes going that way, but as of yet, the DJ isn't /yet/ concerned. Not yet.

It's a tower block to the north, divided from the brown stone by a narrow alley, not so wide as a full street. Several stories higher than the house, it was once housed pleasant apartments. Now it's abandoned, and full of nothing more than squatters and rodents. Some of the former have come boiling out of the lower floors, as men in HomeSec uniforms head in.

And midway between where Jane is setting up her sniper's nest and where that most eloquent Voice is working, a human body comes hurtling down. Happily, it's not like that evening in Central long ago. He's not dead, though he sticks the three point landing only for a second before his powers fail him and Felix goes arse over teakettle, rolling over the gravel of the roof. The pistol he was holding in his right hand goes skittering away towards Jane, even as the apparent fugitive dives for the shelter of another of the air units, not yet aware he has company on the brownstone roof.

Two events startle her as she begins to lift the weapon out of its concealing container. Her eyes first whip toward the sound of a female voice and electrical unpleasance, then they snap over to the landing Felix and his fumbled firearm. Jane quickly snatches it up and aims the thing at him, watching in wary silence with her finger poised on the trigger. "Don't. Even. Move." The tone of her voice is demanding.

Okay. NOW there's distractions.
First, is that faint note of Homeland's bully-boys in their body armor and attitude just a block over - that's bad enough. Now? There's guns and people and /unexpected/ events on /her/ rooftop. And you don't survive in this city, these days, unless you learn to /react/.

So, Ali snatches up her bag - aims a boot at the still open control box (the plastic board within breaks easily, at that kick) and she takes a moment to fasten the darned thing closed before she starts across the roof, on the bounce - heading for the roof door. A path that brings Jane - and the tumbled Felix into view - and has her pausing as the drama there starts to unfold.

Felix has tucked himself down, half-curled in the shelter of an AC unit - there's a smear of blood on the sheet metal, and a slowly blooming scarlet stain on what was once a fairly nice suit. At his waist is the glint of a badge. He's frozen in the act of rolling over to go back for his gun, one hand on the entry wound, eyes huge. He regards Jane mutely for an instant, before he says in a hoarse stagewhisper, "Homeland Security's coming."

The hiding man is studied as he bleeds from the wound covered by that hand. "Looking for you, I gather. Can you walk?" A step back is taken, Jane uses one booted foot to press the weapon back down into its moorings and kick the case closed while she keeps eyes on him. "If so, on your feet. We need to move now." The weapon he dropped is tucked into the back of her pants.

Ali. Sighs. "You need to move /yesterday/." She shoves the door open - the observant might notice her using an actual /key/ just beforehand. "Let's go, huh? You two can kissyface later. And don't give him that gun - he's badged." And apparently dismissed that easily.

"Yes to both," Felix says, heaving himself up ungracefully. The back of the suitjacket is an even worse ruin than the front. Well, thank god they aren't some other flavor of government goons themselves. There's the sound of the HomeSec team bursting out onto the roof of the apartment block above. He's actually fairly steady on his feet, for the moment - the blessings of shock and adrenaline.

It's only when the Broadcaster addresses her that Jane even becomes aware of her presence. Her attention was held by the bleeding and formerly armed man who landed on this roof. She quickly bends to latch the guitar case closed, then settles all her gear over shoulders and collects the binoculars. It's a hurried activity; on completion she's moving to follow through that door. "Oh, I thought I'd give him back his gun and mine too," she snarks. "I'm really that stupid. And what are you…? We really need to work on our communication."

"Don't start - it's been a /really/ bad day." And maybe it looks it - Ali's pale, tired looking - deep circles under those eyes of hers, and her voice rough. "What's your name, cop-guy? And why is homeland shooting at you?" Conversational, even as she holds the door for him. "And you /might/ want to /hurry/." Nope. Not making a /single/ move to help. Well, beyond holding the door open.

"I'm Felix Ivanov. Up until about an hour and a half ago, I was FBI," he says, making tracks after the women. "I've been handing off info to certain people the government thinks shouldn't have it, and they got wise to me," he says, preceding them both. "I declined the invitation to a prolonged stay in HomeSec's basement. They objected strenuously." He's gray in the face, and tight-lipped, but not slowing, not as yet.

A glower is shot in Ali's direction. They definitely need to talk, and soon. Jane's eyes are angrier than they normally are, and on this occasion there's fear in them too. Perhaps somewhere in her mind is something more she finds more worrisome than Homeland Security. It's also her intention to go through the door after the bleeding man, so he stays in sight and can't pull anything. "Felix Ivanov. I've heard that name recently. And you're an inside man. Interesting."

"Jane? Suspension of disbelief is only nice in the movies." Ali brings up the rear as the three head down the stairs. "Third floor. There's a cut through to the next building - then down to the basement." That distinctive voice is thoroughly unamused. "Of course, you could just have gotten shot by a refu trying to get out before you bagged him. You can see how it might be a little difficult to take your story at face value."

"I was, yes," Felix says. He, Ali, and Jane are currently heading down the central staircase of an abandoned brownstone near Battery Park. Atop the roof of the old apartment building next to it, Homeland Security goons are milling about, clearly hunting for someone. One remains down on the street, in the alley between the apartment building and the house, some poor puppy-faced fool in SWAT-style armor. Felix is in his suit, somewhat the worse for wear, complete with a wound in the shoulder, being herded through the abandoned parlor of the brownstone into the empty building next to it. "I….," he says, hesitating. "I can't give away my contacts to you, yet. I know there are leaks even in the insurgent groups. Who mentioned me to you?" he says, glancing over his shoulder to Jane. And then he peers at Ali. "You used to tend bar in the Den. I remember you," he says, though apparently he doesn't hold much hope of old acquaintance doing him any good.

"He's truthful about being less than the enemy," Jane states with a glance over her shoulder at Ali. "He met someone I'm protective of recently." She faces forward again, scowling, and addressed Felix. "I know who your contact is. Spoke with him myself, about your activities. If you weren't shot, I might be telling you to pound your own head against a brick wall, Mr. Ivanov." Her booted feet move quickly as they can while she remains behind him and watchful.

"You know, you guys really shouldn't get into trouble without me around. It's a /little/ too easy for you to be spotted. But, you know, I do like coming in and playing hero." Then, suddenly, Portia's there. Visible. Naturually it's kind of hard to see her coming. Felix, however, is given the evil eye. "Well, if it isn't the devil himself." Thankfully, though, Portia's injuries seem to have mysteriously vanished. She looks no worse for wear. Well, unless one can see psychological injuries. "So.. what are we doing?"

Ali blinks - "I…" And as she moves past Portia, she swats the girl's shoulder. "Where are my CD's?" And she mutters - "And don't /do/ that. It scares the willies out of me." Yes. She said willies.

But she points out, to Felix, "We'll find out in a minute. Either you're telling the truth, in which case my friends can have you as a playtoy and sort out whatever's going on, or you're not - in which case I take you home as a service to humanity at large." Her smile is Not Nice. But it /is/ still tired, and now preoccupied. "Ever have a bad feeling? 'cause I do. At the moment."

Felix startles visibly when Portia appears. Little slow on the uptake today. They're in the basement of an abandoned house that connects to another derelict brownstone. Next to said brownstone is a condemned apartment building currently crawling with Homeland Security - the sounds of radio chatter and booted feet in the hollow halls are clearly audible. Felix is in his suit, already battered, being herded ahead of Jane and Ali. He's got a hand over a wound through his shoulder, and is drawn and white-lipped. "It was a mistake, Miss Maddox," he says, wearily, that odd formality still in place. "You have my apologies. I was afraid you were Homeland Security."

Her tone is a bit less harsh when she next speaks. "Portia. Have you been trailing me again?" Jane doesn't sound troubled by that possibility. "I've got a number for one of his people, we can call it and hand him off soon as we get away from the Gestapo," she suggests. And she keeps moving. "There's a bigger problem at large than HS anyway."

"I guess you'll be kicking yourself in the head while I'm saving your ass, then, huh?" Portia grins over at Felix, though there's still a glint of anger in her eyes. Ali is sheepishly grinned at, the girl dodging away from the swat. "Ow, hey! I'll give them back to you. But I'll try not to scare the 'willies' out of you. What are you, fifty?" Her gaze snaps back to Jane, the smile going back to a more relaxed one. "I could have been. Either way, you wouldn't really know if I was, now, would you? I'm getting better at the sneaking." She follows after them, her brow furrowing. "What's the larger problem?"

Entering the room with Jane, Portia, McAlister and Felix. Kitty brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes. How she got there? Nobody could tell you, but it isn't hard for the seer to find the group of people. She is wearing a blood red dress with black boots, the heels making a soft clicking sound on the ground. Although, no guns can be seen, there are a few on Kitty. She just hides them well. Her head is tilted to the side and she swats Portia on the arm as she comes to walk next to Portia. "/You/ are supposed to be staying out of trouble. I also told you to be careful" she levels a look at Felix and shakes her head as she looks to Jane and Ali, nodding a greeting and smiling faintly, "Decided to get out like you said Ali" she states and pats her leg as she looks around. Her eyes are darker than usual, the way they are whenever Kitty has been having visions and is in 'vision mode' as she likes to call it.

"It isn't a 'larger problem'. It's just a problem." And here, in that basement - Ali startles, as Kitty moves in… but just shakes her head and shoves the door closed behind the group, sliding home a pair of bolts. "back of the basement, metal shelves. Third one over - pull it out. There's a drop to the con-ed service tunnels - it'll go two more blocks, anyway. IF Home-Sec isn't in them."

Felix has begun to stumble. And then there's Kitty. Felix grins at her for a moment, before it turns into a grimace of pain, and obediently begins to fumble with the shelf Ali named, though he's clumsy. There's the rumble of boots over them, and he glances up for a moment, eyes wide.

"Gabriel Gray not being dead," she supplies as answer to Portia's question. "HS we can see coming. That guy? Not the case." Jane keeps moving, assisting with opening up the way out into those tunnels. Her eyes move over to Kitty, and her head shakes. "Hell of a time to be getting out, you picked a time when a bleeding man crosses the path and brings pursuit with him, Cat." The gun Felix dropped is taken out of her jeans and held in hand, ready for use. "Got to keep moving, and now there's five. Slow going if we all keep hands on Portia, but it'd give some cover. If they don't have heat sensors."

"What is up with people /hitting/ me! Sheesh, child abuse." Portia mutters. "And, for you information, I /am/ staying out of trouble. /They/ are not. I'm here to get them out of trouble." She glances back to Ali. "Well, even if they are, we can try and slip right past them." She looks startled at the idea, glancing back to Jane. "I guess I'll be keeping an eye on things while invisible more often. Keep an eye out for him.. anyways, maybe we should get a little further out and then I'll see if I can give us cover. Hell, if we're patient enough we can go hide somewhere and wait it out.

Smirking at Portia's comment she winks at the teen and nods at Jane. "Sylar being alive is not good" she says and draws Suzie Q out of her thigh holster. Kitty helps some with moving the shelf and she looks upwards as she hears the boots also. "I thought I would come and help you guys out of trouble. We better hurry before they come here" she says and waits for the others to move. She tilts her head up and looks at the ceiling.

The hole revealed is ragged, created some time ago by the simple expedient of sledgehammer to concrete.. and it shows, with rubble down beneath and an utterly black passage lined with conduit, after a good four foot drop. Too low for even Ali to stand upright, it's definitely.. well. A tunnel. One with power on the walls and ankle-deep water.

The DJ remains at the rear, ushering people /in/. "Can you people /stop talking/ and /go/? Please? 'cause I am not exactly eager to get in a firefight here."

There's a BOOM from behind them - the door so recently closed in their wake by Ali. "They have," Felix says, "A telekine with them. We'd better move," With that, he drops hastily into the tunnel, and manages the landing a bit better this time - he heads away from the blocked end, to stop just before a T-intersection. Not gonna try and bolt, not while Jane has his gun in hand.

She has to crouch, careful to not hit her head as she steps into the tunnel, being five feet eight. Apparently Jane, being armed, has decided to take point or as close to it as she can. Even while talking she was moving quickly, giving little warrant to Ali's complaint, and it remains the case as best as can be managed in the cramped environment.

Portia is more than happy once she hears the boom to head down into the hole. She prefers above ground routes, but she's not going to complain. She's quite good at being quiet about things anyways. So she remains silent as she heads down.

Kitty crouches and follows after the group. Careful not to get Suzie Q wet in the water. Her hair and dress are getting very wet, but she doesn't seem to mind. She scratches her head and is silent as they move through the tunnel.

Splashsplashsplash - The group is some distance ahead, trailed by the scraping of metal on stone… and Ali has to work to catch up.

The tunnel moves on, a straight line through pitch black - looking back, one might see the hands on Ali's watch, but not a hand in front of your face. Not without a light. It's navigation by touch, fingertips on concrete, following conduit for an impossible-to-determine time.

Those touching the left wall would find it first - a bit of rebar, in the wall, bent - a square loop at about waist height.

The psion with the goons has less finesse than raw power - nearly instantaneously with Ali's dropping down, there's another concussion, followed by a shockwave that sends shelves and old furniture tumbling around the ruined basement, as well as stones from the wall and a wave of dust. It's convenient in that it actually more or less seals the hole they used to escape, for the moment, concealing it from their pursuers; a wardrobe slams down over it. "Oh, fucking great, genius, you just fuckin' turned that spy into chunky salsa. I can't take you anywhere," says a voice made tinny by helmet comms, with a very distinct Brooklyn accent. "Start digging that shit up, we gotta bring the body in or we don't get paid." A deeper voice retorts, "Blow me, Nowakowski. I mean, Captain sir." Felix actually sputters laughter as he follows close behind Jane, before he resumes panting with pain. "How much farther?" he demands, as the sounds fade behind them.

She doesn't have the answer to the question Felix asked, and she's fairly busy now anyway. It's dark, which has Jane bringing her ability to bear. "Step where I step," she instructs, "and follow the person right in front of you in turn down the chain. I need quiet too, to hear the echoes." Then she purses her lips and begins to move her head around, aiming tones no one else can hear out ahead of them and locating the walls along with any obstacles along the way, so all can tread safely through. The process has her moving in something approaching Chuck Berry's duckwalk stage move.

It's kind of odd how quiet Portia can be when she tries. It's almost like she's not there. The girl follows along in silence, finding her way along carefully.

Smiling in the dark, Kitty follows Jane's instructions and she is silent still, to let Jane do her work. She stops for a moment and then continues on. Her head is cocked to the side as if she is trying to see what is going to happen, "The way is clear. But I don't know for how long, yet"

And Ali is /so/ not stealthy. *SPLASHSPLASHSPLASH* Grumbling, muttering under her breath, "I hate /water/. I hate being /wet/. I hate tunnels. I hate homeland." She even pokes Felix in the back. "You. Are making. My life. Difficult."

Or what she /guesses/ is Felix. Not like she can see.

There's no sound of pursuit in the tunnels. Apparently HomeSec is stymied for the moment, at least. Until they bring out an Evolved with better tracking ability, or thermal gear. Felix stumbles along after Jane, quiet save for his ragged breathing. Until there's the soft splash of a body hitting the water full-length. Someone just passed out.

There's a quiet mutter from Portia as she hears the splash. "Aw, fuck. Not it on having to carry him."
It would be rather difficult to carry Felix and take point, with her sonar in play, so the task is left to others behind Jane. Eventually she stops, having detected a potential exit point up ahead, and passes the word back to the others. "Is this the spot?" she asks of Ali.'

Kitty stoops to pick Felix up and he is quiet heavy! She breathes and carries him while not dropping Suzie Q in the water. "This sucks" she says and shakes her head as she stops and looks up hopefully. "Please, let this be the exit"

"We're in a con-ed tunnel. Pick an exit - this is about as far as I've got, you know?" Ali frowns - not that it's visible - "What just happened? With the splashing thing."

Being lifted strains the wound enough to drag him back to semi-consciousness, though now he's sodden and even more miserable, and thus with no commentary beyond a stifled grunt of pain. Felix leans heavily on the unfortunate Kitty, squinting through the dark.

"Kitty made a new friend. They're probably bonding. I'm sure they're /real/ close now." Portia murmurs, trying to squint and see in the darkness. "Can we get out of here?

"Right through here," she states, and a short distance further emerges from the tunnel. Jane straightens to her full height and stretches out, glad to have room for it again. Then, to help the others, she turns and starts assisting others in emerging to wherever they are.

Leaning Felix against the wall for a brief moment, Kitty hits Tia on the arm and grins, "Stop that!" Kitty snickers and takes back to holding Felix, "You ok?" she asks as she gets out of the tunnel and stands up right. Ahh, that feels good.

Freedom feels good. Portia is more than happy to climb out, taking care not to hurt herself. "Remind me to be grateful that I'm not clostrophobic." She mutters.

The group emerges in a culvert a block and a half over, in an alley between buildings that's.. essentially trash filled and graffiti'd. Through a simple grate, it's a bit of a wiggle and work to get out and stood up.. but there's room, at least. And no guns and flashlights waiting on the far side.

Ali stays last, waiting as Jane leads the group out, "Everybody still alive, anyway?"

"I am pretty fucking far from okay," Felix says, voice a vague rasp, still leaning on Kitty. "But I'm not dead yet, either," He's begun to shiver, as if chilled, though it's really not all that cold, squinting around like a rat.

Once everyone is in the clear, Jane takes her phone in hand and taps out a number, holding it to her ear as she waits for an answer. "I'm going to get him some assistance and pass him off," she states.

Kitty nods and lets Felix lean against a wall as she stares up at the sky and finger Suzie Q occasionally. She looks to Portia, "I've missed you Tia" she says and ruffles the girl's head. "You have to come and visit the Kittens" she directs her gaze to Jane and then moves some of her hair behind her shoulder.

Somewhere else in New York, it having been dialed by Jane Forrest, Bekah Morgan's phone is ringing.
Portia pffs. "Hey! Watch the hair." She smooths it down, brushing herself off as she glances over at the others. "Maybe I will sometime. I've just been making sure to get some.. thinking time in, lately."

Bekah Morgan is sleeping, and though Sam didn't drug her, she thought about it REALLY hard. She picks up the phone instead. "Yes?" she inquires, coming on the line.

McAlister moves out to Felix - the rest can go hang, right now. Oddly, her expression is not unkind; with an odd expression of concentration, she leans in to murmer to him, her voice firming, silken. "You'll be alright. It doesn't hurt - you'll be fine. Jane has more connections 'n most - doc and a bed, at least. You aren't allowed to die - it'd have to hurt for that. It doesn't, remember?" It's just more of the same, a low litany that comes with a faint and worried smile, the woman helping to hold the man up, as best she can. Another shoulder on the other side.

Felix just nods at Ali, but his expression has gone vague, and rather dreamlike. It's working.

"Is this Bekah?" she asks into the phone, her tone indicating something of urgency and wariness. Jane's not sure she can remember whether or not the voice is the same as the woman she spoke with recently when Portia was healed.

Kit chuckles at Portia and shakes her head, "A lot has been happening" she states and sighs. She is missing the Kittens and Tiger already.

"No, it isn't." Sam says. "She's not available. Can I help you?" Her tone is curt, but Jane might remember her voice.

Steps are taken over toward Felix, Jane crouches next to him while asking a question. "What's your name?" she asks into the phone, her tension audibly increasing. She blocks it against picking up her voice long enough to address Felix. "Give me something I can use to authenticate whoever's on the line, Mr. Ivanov."

Ali tugs on the fellow's hand, pulling him down with her - that soft litany continuing, her smile worried - a bit forced. She asides a moment. "Jane - you may want to hurry? This is worse than it looked. Use me - even if he's not who he says he is, he'll be worth talking to." And she goes back to that soft, continuous reminder, a reassuring murmer at Felix's ear.

Samantha says tersely, "This is Sam." And nothing else. She waits.

"This is Felix. Sam. Sam, I had to run, and the goons fucking shot me," says a dry voice over the phone.

Portia glances back to Felix, frowning a little bit as she rubs her neck. Sure, he might have hurt her, but it doesn't mean she's heartless. She doesn't want the poor fellow to die. She remains silent.

"Again?" Sam makes an aggrivated noise. "Do you trust the people you're with? If they're Alliance, they can bring you here. If they're not, I'll need to meet you somewhere neutral to pull the lead out."

She holds the phone next to the man's head so they can converse while putting it in speaker mode so she can hear it as well. "He's likely to need stabilizing before being moved," Jane remarks. A location is given, and she goes quiet to listen.

Kitty watches as Jane talks on the phone and as Ali eases Felix's pain. "He needs Bekah fast" she shakes her hair out and studies Felix as she walks back and forth in the alley. She listens in and smiles when Bekah's name is heard. Good, he will be okay soon. If Bekah can heal him. She walks over to pat Felix on his head and smiles as he talks on the phone.

"I don't know what they are," Felix says, glancing around them. "They didn't fucking shoot me when they saw my badge, that's good enough for me."

Still that litany continues - likely audible, in bits and pieces, through the speaker - only to break off as Ali's distinctive voice points out, "If you like this guy, I can't carry him. Whoever the hell you are. And we don't exactly have a /ride/ - so. Maybe you be a little expedient?" It's exasperated, mildly - but Ali goes back to murmering, focused.

In grandest Queens style, Sam says conversationally, "You all need to shut the fuck up. Felix, if you're in public, have them move you someplace private. Give me coordinates or an address, and I'll be there as soon as I can."

She gives the address of the building next to the alley they're in. "He already passed out once, he's been bleeding," Jane states. Not being a doctor, she isn't certain the wound won't end his life before assistance can arrive, and even then… But she won't say it. "We'll be waiting," is all she adds. And the call ends.

Felix is fading visibly, even with Ali's voice as a lifeline, eyelids fluttering. At least it doesn't seem to have hit a lung - there's none of that terrible scarlet froth at his lips.

However long it takes, eventually Sam does get there. She has both a medkit and is carrying a cooler. She's got records on Felix, so she was able to snag his blood type. After parking, she takes a quick look around, and heads for the building she was told Felix would be holed up in.

Ali just puts arms around the man, keeping him close - that Voice tireless and rich - though, frankly? the DJ's pale face grows paler yet. It is taking something out of her - but she does not stop. Not yet.

Soon as she ends the call, Jane's moving to pick up the man's legs and motioning for others to help her by taking the arms as best they can without worsening the wound so they can have him inside before Sam arrives. She doesn't want to risk asking him to walk, knowing at least it would increase his heart rate and by association blood loss.

The teen stays back out of the way, watching quietly. Who know's what's going through her head, but she doesn't dare ask any questions or interrupt.

Sam will find him unconscious on the floor of an abandoned apartment building - they're in the first floor bedroom, out of the hall. There are signs of an earlier raid by HomeSec in the area, but no trace of the goons. He's in his usual suit, badge at his waist - the gunshot wound is cleanly through his shoulder, so no need to pick the bullet out, not this time. He's horribly pale, and barely breathing. McAlister seems to be murmuring to him, a litany or mantra, and his face is turned towards her.

Samantha is, they may notice, not magical ultra-healing Bekah. She steps in right away, and kneels next to Felix. "How did you get shot?" she asks, moving to unpack her bag. He might notice the bottle of crappy vodka which she places to the side as she sterilizes her hands as best she can with pump spray and slaps on some gloves. "I'm going to need some assistance. Which of you can handle blood?"

Felix swims up sufficiently to blink vaguely at Samantha. "Homeland Security. Someone blew my cover, I had to run. 's a pistol round," he says. What he's not saying is that one of his fellow Bureau Agents did this. Someone just got taken off the Christmas card list.

Ali just raises a hand - offering Sam a nod, once - and not /once/ does that soft series of statments stop, "See? She's here. You'll be fine - no reason to even think this hurts. No problem, right?.." But she moves sluggishly, tired - that soft, certain, honeyed Voice growing frayed around the edges even as she does her best to get in /some/ position to help.

Bekah has arrived.

In the building, meeting Sam at the door, is the woman who once asked her about hearing ultrasonic frequencies and how to deal with it, but not giving much detail. Jane had been reluctant to involve anyone else. Now seeing the doctor, she remembers her vaguely. She follows her to Felix's location in that bedroom and watches as she begins to work.

Kitty sighs and shakes her head. She has done what she came to do. Watch and make sure Felix got to safety. "I must be leaving. The Kittens need me" she says and hugs Portia and then rubs Jane's shoulder and offers Ali a wink and nods at Felix, "I'll talk to you later" she offers a small smile to Sam as she leaves the group to go home.

It's an abandoned apartment building. Felix has been dragged into an empty first floor bedroom. Kitty has departed, Jane and Portia are keeping watch, Samantha is on hand to tend him, and McAlister is using her Voice as a lifeline to keep him from fading entirely. He's bleeding from a shoulder wound, pale as a sheet, in a suit now much worse for wear.

Ali pauses to touch Felix's cheek, saying a pointed - "hang in there.." in the midst of that quiet flow of words. Her focus is a simple thing - patient and firm, for all that it cannot last forever.

Bekah got the news from Sam about what was going on, and she's come to switch places with the other doctor. It's a fun game of switcho-chango medical style, really. She has a duffle bag of supplies over her shoulder as she knocks on the door, attempting to be loud enough to be heard inside without alerting the whole neighborhood someone is here.

The door is opened for Bekah by that same tallish female she met when Portia needed healing. "This way," Jane states, turning to lead her to Felix the Shot.

Really, it's an abbatoir. Because there are blood smears all over the floor. Felix is gray, almost bled-out, and he's begun to clutch Ali's hands spasmodically, as if drowning.

And Ali holds on. There's an edge to those words now - worry - and a quiet addition. "I'm here. You'll be alright, see? Just stay with me. Stay /here/." It still continues on, no trace of her worry in it.

Bekah makes her way, heading the direction Jane leads. She moves over to Felix quickly kneeling down beside him, not seeming to care if blood soaks into the knees of her old jeans. "How long ago did this happen?" She asks as she reaches first for his neck to check his pulse, leaning close to feel his breath.

"I think an hour, maybe longer," Jane replies as she follows Bekah back in and stands watching.

Felix's pulse is thready and fast, and he's already begun that fish-on-dry-land gasping for air, though his gaze has fixed on McAlister's face.

Bekah speeds up her actions as she hears that time frame. "Too long." She states as she swings the bag off her back. "I'm going to clean the wound and then close it. I don't want him to get an infection, and after that long, it's a chance." Even with her healing. She pulls out a pair of scissors, further mutilating the suit to get room to do the cleaning.

"We had an obstacle course of sorts to run getting here," Jane remarks quietly. "He was shot and pursued, happening to drop across our path, and we bolted from there through a Con Ed tunnel to get here. "I think Sam's has some blood in her gear, she asked if anyone knew how to handle it."

Oh, poor suit. Felix is surprisingly limp and unresistant, as if Ali's voice were a literal drug. His eyes have closed again, though, and he's white to the lips.

The teen girl leans against the wall, biting on her lip as Portia glances back over. "He's not going to.. die, is he?" She's not really ever watched someone die, nor does she want to have to.

Bekah nods. "Unless one of you knows how to start an IV, I'll get him hooked up to it in a few minutes." With her power, she's more worried about him not losing more. She digs in her bag for what she wants to use to clean the wound. It's actually not a long process. The liquid is squirted into the wound, washing it out. "No. Not with me here. Would someone find the blood and an I.V. kit? It should be labeled." And then she's obviously decided that it's clean enough, because she puts her hand on his shoulder beside the wound and closes his eyes. The wound starts to close up before their eyes.

She's on the move, pulling out blood and the needed materials for the IV and returning to Felix. "I'm not one for medicine, but I can take a shot at finding the vein. Give me instructions, Bekah?" Jane lowers herself to the man on the floor, ready to act, as she applies non-standard healing.

His breathing seems to ease, as Bekah works her mojo, but he still has that sunken-eyed and drawn look, and his grip on Ali's hands has gone slack.

Bekah keeps her hand on Felix as she speaks. "Cut the suit off. Wrap the rubber around his arm tightly. It'll make the veins stand out more. Feel for one and slip the needle in. If you can't find it, wait, and I will." Though she's getting paler by the second. A gunshot wound in someone as weak as Felix has gotten is not easy for her.

She begins by grabbing a pair of scissors from the items brought by medical people and cuts an area of his suit away, then Jane sets the rubber in place as Bekah instruced. Her eyes watch the man's arm, looking for a vein to try putting the IV in.

It takes a little, considering how low his blood pressure has gotten. But there it is.

Bekah finishes healing the man and takes her hand away, only to catch herself on the floor. "Have you found one yet?" She asks towards Jane. "The blood should help give him some color and strength." But at least he's not losing anymore. Bekah is white as a sheet, her eyes half closed as she looks over.

She stabs at it with her sharp, pointy needle, but Jane just can't hit the vein. After three tries she abandons the task in favor of the much better trained Bekah, grimacing. "Not my thing, really. If it were a guitar, I'd play it like I was Nancy Wilson."

Felix is gone enough he doesn't even flinch. Not a good sign. But his breathing remains stable.

Bekah leans over and takes the needle. Even though she has to steady herself with a hand on the floor, it takes here maybe thirty seconds to get the needle in and hook it up to the blood. "Hold this high." She tells Jane before she turns to lie flat on the floor, looking up at the cieling.

Following instructions, Jane keeps the blood elevated and watches the probably soon to be sleeping doctor do that which she does. Felix will get his transfusion, at least until such time as she has to rouse Bekah for starting a new unit of blood. She tries to do it herself, but hasn't the skills.

He slowly regains color - he's still pale and sweating bullets, but he's lost that horrible waxy translucence. They've done it - if he dies, it won't be here and now.

Bekah never doubted that she'd keep Felix alive from the moment she walked in the door. When she's roused to hook up that second bag of blood, she also places a phone call to one of the NYPD members working with the Alliance asking for a ride for her and Felix back to the clinic. That done she stretches out again. "Wake me if he changes or when it's time to go." She mutters sleepily before she's out cold again on the hard bloody floor.

Her reply is a nod, and as Bekah returns to resting Jane keeps watch. Eventually the transport arrives to collect the pair. As they're leaving a simple request is made of Bekah. "Tell the Teacher I'd like to meet with him, and give him the number from my call on your phone as a contact point, please."

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