2007-05-19: And Then...NINJAS ATTACKED!


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Summary: After being electrocuted and losing her best friend in the same week, Elena answers Gene's text and agrees to meet him in an abandoned warehouse at the wharf. She is presented with a couple of very useful gifts, as well as an adventure. With ninjas.

Watch For: Jack, accidentally LARPing. Elena, ACTUALLY LARPing. Elena deciding she should learn how to drive, and Jack being extremely scared about the idea.

Date It Happened: May 19th, 2007


Abandoned Warehouse, Somewhere in New York City

With the mighty text message sent, Gene waits outside of the small warehouse. It's an older warehouse made from brick, likely made in the early 1900's. Currently it is run down, but it's hard details around it because it has finally descended into night. Gene has sent this important message roughly at 9:30 pm and his now currently waiting for Elena to get here in the parking lot, leaned against his car (which is busted up a bit on the front right side). The geek figures Elena will take a cab, ride with one of her family members or something like that (the only thing he hasn't over thought thus far). For some reason, all the lightning around place is dimmed, flickering on and off. Oddly, despite the spooky surroundings, Gene is the embodiment of calm and confident, even giving a small goofy excuse of a smile too.

…something geeky is brewing…

"….huh." Elena is the only underaged gal hanging out in the Den of Iniquity right now, furrowing her brows at the text message sent to her. She looks over at Jack, who is busily tending the bar. "Hey nuncle, you think you can give me a ride somewhere?" she asks. What she's wearing, she could pass off as older - dressed in a snug, baby t-shirt that says 'Plunderbunny' on it, a pair of dark blue, boot-cut, hip-hugging jeans she favored, and sneakers. The jeans are a little frayed at the cuffs, she wasn't too terribly tall, and she didn't have the money to have all of her pairs of jeans adjusted. She slurps contentedly on her Shirly Temple. "For some reason he wants me to meet him at the warehouse district. Don't all sorts of shady stuff happen there at night? I hear the Triad's pretty active there."

As usual, Jack is behind the bar with a glass of bourbon and a cigarette in hand. The worry lines on his face are particularly prominant tonight, especially when Elena mentions her destination. Before replying, he scratches at his stubbled jaw and lets out a low sigh. "Uh. Yeah. It's a nasty place, for the most part. Do I even wanna know why you're goin' there?"

She scrutinizes her nuncle's face. "You doing okay?" Elena asks. "You look a little worn out." She glances at the text message. "Well, Gene asked me to go there. After all the times I called him to pick me up somewhere, I think it's my turn to go to where he is this time. Unfortunately, I don't have a car - I really should learn how to drive." Oh god. Teach Elena how to drive? New York isn't READY FOR THAT. "But I can always take a cab if you're busy." Did she just…totally miss the part about it being a nasty place?

Scary place? Whatever, man. Jack is so terrified by the series of images that flash through his head at the thought of teaching Elena to drive, he's not even going to complain about her destination. "No. NONONO. Ahem," he coughs delicately into one fist, making a poor attempt to regain his composure. "I mean, I'd love to give you a lift."

There it is. The look. Elena grins over at Jack. "I mean, it's a useful skill especially if, you know, the girls and I decide to take a trip out somewhere, it'll be cheaper to rent a car to get all the places we have to be in." She hops off the stool, adjusting her carrier bag and following Jack out towards Julia II. "I think it'll be fun. The wind on my face, classic rock blaring from the radio…" Sirens. Ambulances. Fire. A SINGLE TIRE BOUNCING OFF THE CAR AND INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.


…..what the deuce?

Elena leaves Jack's car, looking up at the warehouse and what's inside. "…what is this?" she murmurs, closing the door behind her. Stepping forwards, she walks to the entrance of the warehouse and pushes the door open. While she should be a little more afraid of this - well, it's Gene. He could be a little eccentric. So she wanders in further, pushing a lock of hair away from her eyes as she looks around. "Gene?" she calls out, glancing down on the ground and taking a careful step. "You in here?" Oh god. This was the right address, wasn't it? She pulls out her cherry-red cellphone (complete with a cartoon ninja on the LCD display….oh if she only knew) and checks the text. Yep. Right address.

"Elena, stop!" The voice of the geek rings out from the side the building. While Gene was concerned it was someone shady element that came in from a different entrance, the young man is happy to see that it is just the girl that he invited. Not moving from around the corner, Gene waves the Lovely Latino over. "Wait a second, have to show you a couple of things before we go in. A couple of gifts and then we go in." Gene pauses to see that there is not only a car here, but a person driving it… Poop List Man.

That's right, Jack, you thought Gene would forget that the time Jack got all mad at him during the conversation with Gene. Well? GENE ALWAYS REMEMBERS HIS BITTER GRUGDES. And now, he knows what car Jack drives. Clearly he can do all sorts of cruel things in order to get his bitter revenge. Like keying the side of Julia Wait, that's too mean. Slashing the tires would surely send the point across to not fu-Wait, that's overboard in Gene's mind, more so considering that Elena is one of his close, if not closest, friend at the moment. What about picking the lock, going inside and REARRANGING the CDs and/or cassettes inside? And if that, that enough, he could go in and CHANGE the quick find radio buttons to NPR and various classical stations. Yeeeeessss, that will do nicely.

Despite the schemes going on in Gene's mind, he's all smiles to the three. "Elena, didn't expect to have you bring people, but that's okay," he offers as he moves around the building, expecting Elena to come along as he moves toward his car.

"Eh? What? What is it?" Elena says, stopping in mid-step and her eyes rounding into dinner plates. What the hell? Was there a tripwire? Was she about to step on a bouncing betty or something? She freezes, and like what he says, she stops…..stops in where she doesn't move. She is frozen for the moment, but when Gene implies that it's okay to do so again, she rests her foot down on the ground. "Jesus, Gene, don't do that," she says with a laugh, tugging up the collar of her jacket as she looks around. "What are you doing here? Why here? What are you — you haven't found a way to secretly hide a rave, did you?" Aren't raves typically in warehouses anyway?

She looks over her shoulder, looking over at Gene. "Jack gave me a lift," she tells him. "He said the wharf's pretty dangerous around this time of night, I didn't want to chance it." See? She's not ALWAYS reckless. Besides, after dropping into someone's balcony the other day, she was rather keen on -not- doing anything that dangerous for a while.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think my invite was exclusive," she teases Gene as she follows him around the building. And then she blinks. "Wha? Gifts? For who? Is it someone's birthday?" she asks, trailing behind the inventor.

Gene gives a shrug as he moves toward his car. He doesn't seem dressed for a rave, he's just wearing a simple black t-shirt that states 'Ninja Master' on the front and 'It's always the quiet ones' written in white. "Well, not exactly birthday worthy gifts, really," Gene replies as he rubs the back of his head. Moving toward the front seat, he pulls out a small plastic bag from Target. Offering it toward Elena, he lets her take it before noticing the bag and its implications. "It's not from there," the geek offers as quick response before he waits for Elena to open the bag.

Once she does, she will find three items. The first is a simple watch. It is an inch wide watch shaped like a heart, a simple brass frame. It's standard clock face with a white background with the numbers in black. There are two buttons on it. One appears to be a dial for setting the time while the other one seems to be a simple button to push. If one where to think it were a normal watch, they'd think it was a Casio, because their name is placed in small font to the right of the clock's center. All in all, it looks like a normal watch. Also, there are two simple sticks that seem like flash drives (roughly an inch and a half long and a third of an inch wide). Yet they don't seem to have any way to open the lids, since they seem to be connected to the body through a plastic-like film that seems pretty strong.

Giving the second obvious comment of the night, Gene says, "They are more complicated then they appear."

She blinks at Gene. "….Gene my birthday was two months ago," Elena says with a small smile. "And I didn't know you then, you didn't have to get me anything." Yes, she misunderstands a little, but she blinks when the Target bag is handed over. Curiosity getting the better of her, she looks around the warehouse building warily, and then slips her fingers in…to draw out a surprisingly cute accessory. As she had explained to Elle in the past, accessories were sort of her shopping vice. The watch was surprisingly…well. Cute. For a guy's guy as Gene seemed to be, he seemed to peg her tastes pretty well. "Hey, this is pretty cute," she says, smiling down at the clockface. "I didn't know Casios came in shapes like these."

She pulls out the other items, that are kind of small. She blinks a little bit as the sticks fall into her palm, and she peers at them curiously. While scientific, and while intelligence, she has absolutely no idea what these extra items are. She looks up at Gene, a quizzical expression on her face.

"Okay," she says slowly. "How are they more complicated than they appear?"

"They don't," Gene replies as he looks toward the watch. "Well, they might. I dunno, I never went into Macy's." Thankfully, Elena enjoyed the style. Gene sighs, thankful he didn't go for the Hello Kitty pattern. Moving closer toward Elena, he takes the watch to show her.

"Now, this seems like your normal average watch. It is for the most part. However, I've given it the ability to have a special pair of trackers within it. When you are in trouble, press the two buttons and hold them down. While they might be the Night Glow button and clock dial separately… Together, they will cause the hour and minute hand to reset to twelve. When this happens, you know you've activated the trackers. The watch will devote all of its power to the trackers." Gene hands the watch back. "Any questions about the watch before we move on?" he says, his tone rather professional. It's like he's giving a briefing rather than a gift. It ensures that he gets through this without stumbling over himself.

She blinks, and then? Her eyes widen. Elena glances down at the watch, and then she looks over at Gene. "Gene….are….are you…..telling me this watch has some sort of GPS capability in it? But it's so…" Tiny. He was able to miniaturize something this small? She feels like she's in a spy movie. She nods, taking in the instruction. Hold the two buttons down. Wait for the hands to reset to twelve. This would come in handy especially if she ever gets into trouble again. "You….oh Gene you didn't have to do this, I know how busy you are," she says softly, cradling the watch protectively over one hand. "I….why…?" She didn't know what to say. Even if it wasn't the sort of gift a girl would -really love-, this had to be one of the most useful things she's ever gotten in her life. She couldn't help but be touched.

But when Gene asks for questions, well, it's natural someone like her would ask several. She matches his businesslike tone with her own, looking eager to learn, and rather serious about it. "What sort of protection does it have?" she asks, looking at Gene. "Waterproofing? Should I not stand too close to the microwave or magnets or…? What about voltage? In case I get tazered or anything like that, does it have…I don't know. A built in surge protector?"

Gene rubs the back of his head, looking to the ground as he speaks. It makes it harder to see the red in his cheeks as her tone softens. At least he answers the questions when they come. "Magnets shouldn't stop the device as it isn't much of a computer. Microwaves might hamper the tracking a bit, but not much else. I was able to give it basic waterproofing, but not much for tasering and being continuously in the water. That's why you have those two all-weather trackers down there. For those, you twist to the right and the left and push down for about five seconds. If they stay stuck down? The tracker is on. Like the watch, they will just run until the battery runs down, but these things are coated in rubber, so they are completely shock and water proof. I figure two are better than one and that way if you really want, you can put them on someone if they are going somewhere. Or you can keep one in your shoe and another in your pocket. If you turn them on, I'll have to build… you… another…"

Gene slows down as he looks up to hear his cell phone ringing the song 'I'm looking for a hero'. He picks up his phone and flips it open. He gives a tired sigh as he looks toward the watch. She must have turned it on when he was being all socially awkward. "…Well, now we are sure it works. I guess I can replace the power source and rebuild the watch before the night's over. The trackers are a one use only sort of thing… It's the only way I could manage the needed power."

That and it's dark, but by the body language alone, Elena knows she's embarassed him. Hopefully not in the bad way though. She nods, and fingers the watch a little bit in her hand, filing away its capabilities and limitations at the back of her mind. She slips it on, and secures it over her wrist. Better now than later, for this sort of thing. And the others were extra….trackers? She keeps her palm flat as she looks at them, scrutinizing both under the dim light. "I'll make sure I only use these ones when necessary," she says. "I….don't want you to keep generating these just because they seem disposable or anything like that. I know how protective you are about what you know. I won't spread your technology around unless when necessary." With these sorts of gifts, she knows, even without Gene telling her, that the last debacle had worried him enough to even go through these measures. And watches and trackers were small. They probably took him hours.

And at the sigh, she looks at the watch, and sees the hands pointing to twelve. Oops. "Um…how do I reset this?" she asks, in case there's a special way to do it. She can't help but crack a grin though when the cellphone chimes that familiar tone. Even in his quiet, introverted sort of way, Gene had a sense of humor.

"You don't reset it. It's a one use thing like the normal trackers, that's what I was /trying/ to explain," Gene offers with a faint frustration a tech support like Eric would give the guys that think that computers come with cup holders. He catches himself though, and just gives Elena a small smile. "Just give that to me. I'll have the new one ready for you tomorrow. The designing usually takes the most time, the rest is just child's play." For Gene, it really is.

The young inventor holds out his hand for the watch and if she gives it to him, he'll take out a mini-screwdriver and begin to open it up. Once he does, Gene just cuts the power with a tactical stab. After all, the creator always knows how to turn off his creations. Talking as he works, the older teen chuckles. "As for my work, you're a smart woman, I know you won't spread this around. In the end though, if it's your life or my secret, go with the second, okay?" Putting the deactivated watch in his pocket, he gives a faint smile. "I suppose now it's time to test the second device I've made."

"…oh. Sorry," Elena says, and for the most part she sounds a little meek in the apology. She smiles faintly at Gene, a sheepish tinge on the edges, and she unclasps the watch so she could hand it over to him. Next time, don't touch the buttons. At the very least, not together. So she watches curiously as Gene turns off the device. How….the hell does he do that? He can do it when it's dark and with just a tiny screwdriver? She can't even -see- the little goings on in the thing, it was so small. When he says if it's a choice between her life or his secret, she hesitates. "….I don't know, Gene," she says slowly. "If I had to give anyone up, you'd be the -last person- I would." Because his gift with machines, and his extraordinary understanding of all things tech….that sort of thing can't fall into the wrong hands. Compared to Gene, -she- was rather ordinary.

She reaches out after he's done with the watch, hugging him gently. "Thank you," she tells him softly, giving him a warm squeeze, before releasing him. And then…wait. It's not over? She looks at Gene. "…….second device?" she utters.

When Jack says he has to run an errand, it usually means serious business. After all, he wouldn't just drop his Scrappy off in the warehouse district and scoot for a few if he didn't have an extremely good reason. Right?

A little more than three blocks away, Jack is leaning against Julia's front bumper, his eyes fixed on the road ahead. His car is parked to one side of a liquor store, the closest one his finely honed alcoholic's instincts could home in on, and he has a bottle wrapped in brown paper clutched it one hand. That's right, he's drinking OG style. But why? And if it was so important that he have a drink, why not relocate one from the Den? Answer? He's far, far too upset and unfocused to use his Evolved ability. But why?

"Scrappy wants to learn how to drive…" he murmurs under his breath.

"Give me up?" Gene smirks at that as he returns the hugs with one hand. "I said give away my secret. If I needed to, I'm sure I could work out having people know how awesome I am. It'll just take a little doing." There would be those that would want to use him as a weapon, but if he just allied himself with the Big Dogs, his safety would be assured, right? For now though, Gene has no plans in aligning himself with governments or shady organizations of any type.

Moving to the trunk of his car, Gene pulls out a harness or two. It looks like the kinda people used to use for Lazer Tag. Mostly because it is. Even have the logo still on it. "I've modified these a bit. These have some new sensor technology on 'em that should be pretty interesting. If this stuff works, it should change the robotics world a bit because it will allow mutliple O.S.s to utilitize the same information, but without devoting nearly the processing power. That means it can devote more of its RAM toward other programs or handling additional sensor units. Can also mean that less RAM could power more machine, meaning smaller devices." Gene gives a small grin. "Wanna help me test 'em?"

"Yeah but…then they'll have to ask your name and all that, I'd rather just pretend that someone just gave those things to me and was taught to use them if that was the case." Elena looks over at Gene as she follows him around. "So…..why here, Gene? What's up?" She can't help it any longer, she was pretty damned curious as to what she was doing here in the dead of night.

She blinks when she's handed a lazer tag harness. She stares at it, and then at Gene, and then at it again….before she slowly takes it. "Is this what I think it is?" she says. "Really? But….wait, what sort of modifications? Are you serious?" She looks at the harness, and bursts out laughing, rubbing the side of her face. "Oh god. I haven't played Lazer Tag in ages!" Oh no. Oh no, Elena. If you think this is lazer tag, with Gene-style 'modifications', this is no ordinary lazer tag. In fact, it probably isn't.

She laughs, and she inclines her head at Gene. "Sure. Why not. I'm already here. But just to warn you? I suck."

Halfway through lifting the bottle to his thin lips for another swig, Jack shakes his head and instead pitches it into a bin next to a newspaper machine. Gotta stay sober if he's gonna drive Scrappy home. When he hauls himself up off of his car and climbs into the driver's seat, he finds that a quick third of a bottle on top of and empty stomach isn't really a pleasant conversation. He stifles a belch, then starts Julia up and pulls away from the curb. When he gets back to the warehouse, he parks partway down a shadowed alley where there's less chance his GTO will be seen.

This is where things get complicated for the Irishman. First he has to find a way /into/ the warehouse, which isn't always easy. Then, presumably, he's going to find Gene and Elena. Shooting at each other. He will not misconstrue this. Really.
Jack says, "I was thinking combination when I was typing that."

Putting on a harness himself, Gene moves toward the warehouse. "Now, they are already on. The idea is that these are low power things can run. The tracking stuff is in the car, so we just need to go in, wander around a bit, then go back to the car and see what the sensors I have in the car pick up. Rather simple, no?"

His 'plan' given, Gene moves toward the door of the warehouse. He opens it up. Inside there doesn't seem to be much, merely a few crates here and there, mostly in the center of the room. "There, we just walk around the crates a bit, go back out and there we go!"

With that, Gene begins to move toward the crates. Oddly enough, the windows of the place are all blocked off. There are some lights that show the way, but they are dim and flicker about much like the lights outside. Once he and Elena get to the center of the room, suddenly a piercing noise fills the air. The sound of a Japanese flute? At the end of the little song it plays, a kabuki drum plays with the tradition 'ooooooooOOOOoh' cry thing that goes with it. With a horrid acting that makes Shatner seems like Patrick Steward, Gene cries out, "Oh no, the ninja have found us, we need to take cover!" He's trying to make this seem like the real deal, but perhaps thankfully for Elena, he horribly fails.

Gene races toward the crates and tries to roll, but he kinda stops half way before he just crawls behind them. Meanwhile, the windows suddenly have… NINJA in them. From sound that seems to come from the rooftops, a menacing laugh plays.

Oddly enough, if Jack looks toward the warehouse from outside, all he will see are some sort of panels blocking the windows.

"Huh. Okay….sure, that sounds easy enough," Elena says, strapping on the harness, and tightening it around her waist, she, without knowing any better, steps into the dark warehouse. "…though….I suppose if we're playing lazer tag or a modified lazer tag, it would be dark. I guess you pulled the warehouse thing so we would have room…to…"

And then, she steps into the darker room, and right towards the middle. That's when she hears it….the sound of the flute, and the bang of the kabuki drum. And then….what Gene says. And the acting? Is terrible. Elena stares at him. "….n….ninjas?" she repeats. She almost grabs Gene by the shirt and shakes him. "What do you MEAN ninjas?!" Well, this is convincing…because she's not really acting! But then she realizes….oh lord. She's heard of this before. Was she just….dragged into a LARP? IS SHE LARPING? SHE CAN'T BE LARPING SHE WAS ALREADY BIG ENOUGH OF A DORK!

And then, the ominous laugh, and the windows? Have ninjas. Suspicion brews….is this….

So when Gene dives behind a crate, she does the same thing. Only she does this a little better. The young woman was pretty athletic, given she competed in sports teams in high school, and was still dancing actively for the college. She hurdles over a crate, and ducks behind another one.

Jack can move pretty fast when he's of a mind to, and right now he's not of a mind to hang around outside in the middle of the damn night. Though he has to traverse the length of two exterior walls, he finally finds a man-sized door that isn't locked. When he opens it and eases inside, the first thing he hears is laughter. And music. Like.. Samurai movie music? No.. NO! It's NINJA MUSIC!

You don't often hear someone laughing to a ninja track in a NY warehouse after dark. It's wierd, and it makes Jack uncomfortable. He drops into a half-crouch with most of his body concealed by another crate. Unfortunately, he can't see much from here. Scuttling from shadow to cover to shadow, he slowly begins to make his way toward the center of the building.

Yeesss, all is going according to plan. This time, there is no Desmond or other sexy meanie heads to ruin Gene's fun with an attractive lady. A silly but fun adventure that literally no one could duplicate, Gene takes a deep breath figuring that he needs to get to part two quickly. Perhaps that will be something awesome enough to cause Elena to be overwhelmed by cheer. "Well, Elena, it looks like we're surrounded by ninja. If we move out…" Gene tries to move out, from the window, in a thin slit where between the window and the screen, something fires. It's… a throwing star! It's made of dull plastic, but it will sting if it hits, that's for sure. As if on cue, it seems like all the ninja are 'throwing' the stars at the pair, but not at Jack. Hrm, perhaps those sensors Gene made have something to do with it. "…Clearly we need someone to give us a hand." Not seeing that Jack is preparing to help out, Gene calls out.


Suddenly, smoke bombs go off around one of the crates as R2-D2 leave it. Well, Master of Shadows R2, which means the droid has a ninjahoodie tied on. Of course, Jack might have enjoyed this little display if the Astrodroid wasn't making an appearance from the same crate he's hiding behind.

Unless Jack tries to assault R2-D2, the servant of Gene just gives a few beeps and a Bruce Lee 'Hiiiiiiiiya!' before coming over toward the pair. Considering it has only one way of moving, it doesn't do any cool ninja rolls. But R2-D2 is too pimp to ninja roll ANYWAY.

No no, Gene, she isn't shaking him, in her MIND she was shaking him. Unfortunately, Elena is way too nice for that, especially when she knows the inventor was just trying to cheer her up from the Elle incident. That and he was worried about her. The least she could do was have fun with him….and who knows? She might get a good workout out of this. Beach season was upon them, after all. She intended to visit the beach at some point. So this is what she does.

"….surrounded by ninja, huh?" she says. She closes her eyes, and channels the ten year old in her. Of course, it's just ONE throwing star. She doesn't realize that there are others. So Elena? LEAPS. Right on a crate, and with a dramatic gesture, points at the shadows of ninjas flitting towards the window. Now…what was that show Juanita watches on TV again? The ones with the girls and the magic powers? There was always this one phrase… "IN THE NAME OF THE MOON, I WILL PUNISH— "

And then, a MASS OF FLYING NINJA STARS pelt at her. FROM ALL DIRECTIONS. The first one pings off her forehead, and the barrage causes her to fall off the crate, a cloud of dust expelling upwards when she lands. This is when R2-D2, as the Master of Shadows, rolls out in his ninja hoodie with the mighty BRUCE LEE YELL, only forced to pause when his sensors detect a pile of twitching arms and legs behind a crate.

Phoenix Down pls?

For Jack, things happen pretty fast. Like the first time he had sex, it's a blur, and he really doesn't know what the hell is going on until it's mostly over. First, there's the cloud of smoke. It envelops him completely, leaving him choking and gasping for breath. Then there's the robot. R2 bangs against the backs of his knees, nearly sending him tumbling to the deck. "Bleedin' fuck!" he roars. All pretext of stealthiness is gone now, as he lashes out ineffectually at the cloud of smoke, unaware that his accidental attacker is less than half his height.

When he finally staggers from of the smoke, the first thing he sees is Elena, standing atop a crate and shouting her anime warcry to the wind. In less than half a second, his eyes take note of several details. First, she is completely afraid of whoever is attacking them, despite the fact she has lost the element of surprise, is outnumbered, and unaware that Jack is coming to her aid. The bartender approves of this. If one must die, far better to laugh in the face of your enemy. Second, Elena appears to be wearing armor. In his mind, this is incredible, as he hasn't even /thought/ to relocate a vest yet, much less put it on.

Then Elena is hit from every direction by shuriken. From Jack's angle, all he can tell is that someone is throwing something. Probably knives. When she collapses to the floor, his eyes grow wide. He bares his teeth, throws his head back, and growls, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The Astrodroid of the Shadows moves toward Gene, a panel opening up to to reveal a pair of gauntlets. On each plastic gauntlet, there seems to be a launcher for mini-throwing stars. Gene is about to explain how do defeat the ninja when Elena goes up and gets hit. He moves over toward her, keeping cover because he's smart. "Elena, you alright?" Provided she is, Gene will lift up his head to see, Jack screaming on the top of his lungs. "You'd think he'd lost a kid to Khan or something," he mutters to himself figuring that with Jack here, he better call off the final surprise. "Ninja program, pause!" The ninja stop throwing stars and the plastic stars stop coming. The ninja seem to be on screens of sorts, due to the stiff nature of their pause. "Shredder, get out here!"

From an empty closet, the Terminator comes out… Except he is dressed as the famed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle villain. The robotic ninja moves to stand next to Gene and R2-D2. Gene gives Jack a long pause. "Man, why did you have to come here and make things all weird…"

Yes, folks, he says that with a straight face.

What? Was that……..?

Elena shoots out from behind the crate, several of the plastic shuriken stuck to her hair. "J…J…JACK! I thought you had to run an errand?!" she cries, shaking her hair out, and looking….well. ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED. Did he….did he SEE all of that? "Jack, it's not what you think." As if explaining to a boyfriend that she wasn't dorking out with some other man. You're the only one, Jack! I'll never let you go!

And at what Gene says, she gapes at him. Make things….all weird? She would comment to that, but then Arnold steps out, stonyfaced, a full-fledged killbot dressed……..as Shredder. This? This was stuff made out of Jaden's PURE FANTASIES. Where the hell WAS he? She was half expecting him to crash through the roof a la Batman, or the sewers a la….those….humanoid turtle ninja things Luis likes watching reruns of every Saturday.

"….why's Arnold in a costume?" she asks, staring at the killbot.

"OOOOOO—What?" Elena stands up. ELENA STANDS UP. "OHMYGODYOU'RENOTFUCKIN'DEADWHOTHEFUCKISTHISGUY?" It seems a completely reasonable and cogent line of inquiry to Jack. He rushes over and touches her arm to reassure himself that this isn't some sort of elaborate ninja trick. Long since having forgotten about the time they met at the laundry, Jack glowers at Gene as he sucks in a deep breath. "WHOTHEFUCKAREYOUANDWHATTHEFUCKISGOINGONANDWHYISTHERENINJAMUSIC?" Exhale. He turns around and crosses both arms over his chest, quite literally bumping into Shreddar and seeing him for the first time simultaneously. Leaping back, he lands with his legs akwardly spread and both hands held out front in judo-chop position. "AHHHH!"

The young inventor watches Jack as he does his thing. There are a lot of things he could say, but since Elena is not trying to kill him, he must be worthy of trust. Finally answering Elena's question, Gene just gives a simple shrug with the answer that seems to explain a lot about Gene. "Why not?" he replies with a decent sized grin. "Either way, I supposee the surprise is over… You guys can head back, I have to clean up here."

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