Anders Skaargard
Anders Skaargard
Portrayed By Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson
Gender Male
Date of Birth Classified
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Classified
Aliases Ander, Andy
Place of Birth Oslo, Norway
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Friction-based Attachment Logistics Tech.
Known Relatives Magnus Skaargard (father) Dagmar Skaargard (mother)
Significant Other No-one, counting paperclips is a lonely life.
Known Abilities Can apparently do neat things with temperature (Cryokinesis)
First Appearance Spooked
Final? Appearance The View Is To Die For
Livejournal Here

Hes Norwegian, hes burly, he'll freeze your ass off! Its A Viking! Wait.. kinda.


Mostly Classified;
See Timeline for what tidbits are currently revealed.


  • 30 years ago- Born in Oslo.
  • ~15 years ago- Spent some time in right-wing politics (during military service)
  • ~12 years ago- Took a severe beating that also drummed him out of the military.
  • ~10 years ago- Working as a bouncer, life was going fine, then experienced odd cold feelings.
  • ~9 years ago- Moves to US to work for office supply firm in entry level position.
  • Recently- Mostly quiet for the last decade or so, only really coming to notice as being on site for some of the strange evolved occurences. Rarely seen with the same person twice.
  • 23 March- Disappears under EPIC circumstances, leaving only a giant snowball and a confused hotdog salesman.


  • Currently none.


  • Norway makes 18 months of military service compulsory at roughly age 17.
  • Anders accent has faded to the point where its barely audible, though sometimes throws up strange twists on words.
  • He is a bit of a closet geek, with a notebook or so full of ways to kill comic book superheroes and a collection of cheesy T+A and gore comics that he doesn't really let anyone know about.
  • Hes also apparently banging Angie, but, hey, office wife probably isn't only wife.-
  • Moved in to a sweet new apartment, score.

Anders' Shitlist.

  • Current Leaders; Elle, Benji, Lachlan, Hiro, Clint..
  • God help you if you're on this, half the MUSH is, though.
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