Ando Masahashi
Ando Masahashi
Portrayed By James Kyson Lee
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1981
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Rooster (Chinese)
Aliases Huggerz69, Unspecial
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Current Location New York, NY, USA
Occupation Assistant to Kaito Nakamura (Yamagato Industries)
Known Relatives ?
Significant Other MERYL
First Appearance Genesis

Ando Masahashi is an assistant to Kaito Nakamura, founder of Yamagato Industries in Tokyo, Japan. He is the unspecial friend of Hiro Nakamura.


Ando Masahashi's childhood was a rather uneventful affair. Born in Tokyo, he had the benefits of a big city education and all the typical conformities thrust upon him by his culture and upbringing. He had passable grades in school — though intelligent, he was not genius material — and were good enough to land him a job at Yamagato Industries as a 3rd level programmer. It's a lot more exciting and glamorous than it sounds. He had been known to wile away his mind-numbingly dull work hours by frequenting e-stripper websites, one of his favorites being

It was at work that Ando met the son of Yamagato Industries founder, Kaito Nakamura. Hiro was a chipper, very geeky little fellow that Ando was capable of identifying with due to their own certain levels of nerdosity. Granted, the tint of their world-viewing glasses was rather different (Hiro's being rosier), however that seemed to compliment their friendship rather than shake its foundations. The two would visit a bar after work and chat about life, the universe, and everything.

It was this friendship that eventually led Ando to believe in Hiro's powers (though he was certainly very skeptical at first) and follow his friend to America, where he had wild adventures. During these adventures, he was subjected to an unwarranted beating by a high-roller and his buddies (it couldn't have been because he had convinced Hiro to help him cheat at cards); rejection from the woman of his dreams; kidnapping; semi-witnessing the brutal deaths of the previous high-rollers; more rejection by a woman; more kidnapping; being shot; travel to the future (in which he was dead); nearly having his head cut off by an insane serial killer; and being teleported halfway around the globe. All this in the pursuit of stopping an exploding man.

The excitement from his latest adventures has calmed considerably. Ando now works as an assistant to Kaito Nakamura (which is marginally more enthralling than being a 3rd level programmer), however he's been in touch with Hiro off-and-on. The latest contact has inspired him to go back to the United States in order to once again save the world (or at least help Hiro save the world). After discussing it with his boss, Ando is now fit to take the plunge again into helping all the other Average Joes not get dead.


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  • "Hiro. You look bad ass." —How to Stop an Exploding Man.


  • Bi-Lingual: Ando speaks, reads, and writes fluent Japanese and English.
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